I Am So Happy Darvish is Not a Dodger!

I was never a fan of Yu Darvish… until he became a Dodger.  Then, I rooted for him. To me he screamed “underachiever!” OK, maybe I am wrong, but I think that a professional pitcher north of 30 should understand what “tipping pitches” is and should be savvy enough not to do it.  Yet, Darvish tipped his pitches or just plain chocked!  Well, tipping pitches is choking too, so there’s that!


It is what it is!  Clayton Kershaw is my favorite Dodger and he has not fared well in the playoffs.  Did he choke?  Maybe, maybe not, but what Darvish did in the World Series is Kershaw times 10! Let the Cubs have him.  I think he’s a head case.

The Dodgers did not need Darvish to get to the playoffs – they needed him to win the World Series.  That’s why they traded Willie Calhoun (who will be a great hitter) for him. He had two, COUNT ‘EM, TWO opportunities in the World Series and he upchucked both times. He didn’t just have two bad games, he just plain coughed it up and gave it away.  Good riddance.

Thank the Big Dodger in the Sky he is gone!  Move on.  There’s nothing to see here, folks!

The Dodgers have plenty of starting pitchers, regardless of what the naysayers may proclaim.  I won’t bother to list them all. It’s way more than enough.  Here’s a possibility:  Rich Hill finishes in the Top 5 for the Cy  Young Award.  Yes, that could happen. This could be his year!  Watch and see!

Could Yu Darvish prove me wrong?  Of course.  This is solely my opinion and the management of this site may not agree with this conclusion… 😉

You are only supposed to say good things about a person when they are gone.  Yu Darvish is gone… Good!

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  1. Looks as if the Dodgers may have a new candidate for LF. Way out in left field. Initials are MT. 1. Calling Yu a head case is ludicrous. 2. To say what Darvish did was 10x greater than Kershaw’s belly flop is also ludicrous. 3. Rich Hill as a top 5 candidate for CY…enough already. Wow. I am happy the Dodgers didn’t sign Darvish but I would never be so callous as to denigrate the man as you are doing. Mean spirited. You’re better than that, I thought.

    1. Mean?

      If reality is mean… then it was mean.

      Kerhsaw pitched MANY innings and got hit in just a couple.

      Darvish was hit in every inning, every pitch!

      I mean every word of it, and I am sorry if you don’t agree.

      No offense intended. Just reality!

      1. If you were talking about Yu in the 5th and 6th years of his contract I would more fully agree with your post. I think you and AC agree that Stewart is a reliever because he doesn’t have a forth pitch and his third needs work. If the magic number is 4 solid pitcher, maybe Darvish suffers from having 8 and more is just as bad as less?
        I want to watch a group of players that started their early careers in the majors with the Dodgers and stayed together for 10 years. A near future rotation from Kershaw, Urias, Buehler, White, May, Stewart, Stripling, Alvarez might not need an expensive free agent.

      1. I have never been in on Darvish.

        Clayton Kershaw is maligned and he had a 4.02 ERA in 15.2 innings in the 2017 World Series.

        Darvish could only manage a 21.60 ERA in 3.1 innings and he lost 2 games!

        21.60 ERA!

        Red Sox, Yankees, Giants, Astros, Dodgers. There is not enough spin in the world to explain that away!

    1. I guess it was Darvish who couldn’t close out game 2. It was Darvish who blew the leads in game 5. Saying he single handily blew the WS is the dumbest thing you’ve ever said on here.

      Darvish won’t make excuses but we’ve all heard from pitchers and broadcasters who held those WS balls and they were different and tough on slider pitchers.

      I hope Darvish loses every start he makes next year because he’s a Cub and I hate the Cubs.but he’s the number 2 the Dodgers currently lack and the RH pitcher they need. Maeda belongs in the pen.

      I defend Kershaw but blowing the huge lead had against St Louis was a far worse.

      1. I own one ballcap that doesnt have an L.A. logo on it. I bought a Cubs WS cap, on sale, for under $20, when I bought 2017’s Dodger cap. I’ve never worn it, it just sits on the shelf of this dusty old farm house…It’s slowly becoming buried, because I dust around it.

          1. No! Not You! Yu’all is nice and pleasant, even the Puig supporters. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…Yu know, supporting Puig!

  2. 2 World Series games – 4 innings. Can you say small sample size? Darvish is a better pitcher than anyone on the Dodgers’ staff except Kershaw of course. He has great stuff – he has the hightest K/9 of any starting pitcher in baseball history. The Dodgers would of course be better with Darvish than without him and he immediately makes the Cubs better – he’s their #1. But there was never any way that the Braintrust was going to sign him – no to 6 years, no to over $20 MM/year, no to over the luxury tax cap. I never thought that he was coming back. But it’s just wrong to put him down as some inferior pitcher.

    Rich Hill is not finishing in the top 5 for the Cy – i would be amazed if he managed to match the 133 innings that he pitched last year (the 2nd most innings that he has thrown in his career). Even Zaidi has said that the Dodgers will not have the “depth’ among starters that they have had in the past. Urias won’t be back, if at all, until August. Buehler wasn’t ready for prime time last year – only 97 pro innings in his career. He will be back at some point but will have to show that he’s ready. No to Tom (the faucet) Kohler as a starter. Maybe Stripling – he has starter’s stuff.

    1. Darvish may put up great stats in the regular season … or not.

      Let’s See!

      That’s my prediction for Rich Hill. Pile on if I am wrong. I can take it… but you can’t pile on YET! 😉

      1. Let’s see – you just know that Darvish is no good because of his 2 game track record. But Hill has a 13 year track record but it doesn’t count?

    2. Darvish may make the Cubs better than they were yesterday, but not better than they were last year. He is a career 56-42 pitcher with a career 3.42 ERA and one year with a sub 3.00 ERA, his one great year in 2013. Since 2013, Jake Arrieta has been 69-33 with a 2.86 ERA. Darvish is less than 6 months older than Arrieta. Arrieta has not broken down. He has had 3 straight years with 30+ starts, more than Darvish. The one thing that Darvish has over Arrieta is strikeouts. He also may tip his pitches better than Arrieta.
      Maybe Hill being in top 5 CY was a little hyperbole for Mark. Maybe not. But it is irrelevant if Hill only pitches 133 innings, because that is all he is asked to do. For the last two years Hill has been 24-13 with a 2.78 ERA, while Darvish was 17-17 and 3.70 ERA and all of 46 IP more. So if Darvish is the Cubs Ace, and Hill has outpitched Darvish (per the numbers, especially Wins and Losses), what does that make Hill? Alex Wood was 16-3 with a 2.72 ERA last year, better than anything that Darvish has done. There is absolutely no comparison between Darvish and Clayton. So why the love for Darvish. He would arguably be the #4 pitcher for LAD. He is an outstanding strikeout pitcher, but so is Chris Archer. And Archer is younger and a lot less expensive, and is certainly on the Dodgers radar.

    3. Hill has spun the ball with much more success than Yu. They’ve both struggled in doing so, but Hill has been better. They both can completely shut a team down or implode.

  3. Yu Darvish would have been a luxury the Dodgers can do without. He was lights out in the NLDS and NLCS, and stunk up the yard in the WS. I do not give credence to the “slimey” ball for his problems. Both teams pitched with the same ball. Was he tipping pitches? Ask the Astros.
    Jake Arrieta had a 4.35 ERA in the 1st half of 2017, and a 2.28 ERA in the 2nd half. That’s Claytonesque. He was outstanding in the playoffs last year (1 ER in 10.2 IP), including a win against the Dodgers. There is no way that I can be convinced that Darvish is a better pitcher than Arrieta this year. The Cubs are not better with Darvish and Morrow than they were with Arrieta and Davis. I also do not know if Tyler Chatwood is better than John Lackey. Maybe in 2018 he will be, but Chatwood has not yet put it together. Every team needs a #5, and Chatwood is probably better than any #5 the Nats will throw out, but not better than Ryu.
    As far as WS choking, how many hits has Chase Utley had the last two playoff years. And yet, I would love to have him back on the team. I will agree with Mark that Darvish was acquired for the playoffs and he just did not deliver when he needed to. But there is a lot of blame to go around in that series. Perhaps one of the biggest is Kenley in Game 2. And of course my biggest gripe was Alex Wood not getting enough pitch time. I think he should have started Game 7.
    I am not down on Darvish for his WS, but I also do not believe he is a $21M AAV pitcher for 6 years, and I am glad the Dodgers did not pursue him any further.

    1. Let’s remember that the Dodgers couldn’t pitch Hill in AZ last year because he gets destroyed in AZ. Yu is a luxury we may not need, but he allowed the Dodgers to put Hill in a better place to succeed.

      1. I agree that Hill has not pitched well in AZ. But during the season, that is a maximum of three games (two before the deadline). I submit the Dodgers can work around Hill in AZ, and if not, it is one game. They face the DBacks in the first away game (Games 5-7) on the schedule. The Dodgers could throw Kershaw, Wood, Stripling, and Hill against the Giants, and start the series with the DBacks with Maeda followed by Kershaw and Wood. Ryu could rejoin the rotation next series. Or the Dodgers suck it up and pitch Hill in AZ for one game.
        I still believe the Dodgers will do something at the trade deadline to get a top of the rotation RHSP who can pitch in AZ so that if they meet in the playoffs, Hill will not have to pitch there. I also think it is possible that the Dodgers try to get a RHSP before the season to throw at the RH hitting heavy Giants, or maybe they stay with Stripling who has had success against the Giants, and is usually stronger at the beginning of the year.
        There are ways around beating the DBacks without Hill pitching in AZ that will not cost $126M.

  4. I am not trying to be mean or harsh, but at some point you have to say “Who do I want to go to war with” and it’s not Darvish… Kershaw is still on the list… but barely!

    Even if he was tipping his pitches, with his stuff, it should not cause you to have a 21 ERA!

    1. Kershaw isn’t just barely on that list…He is still, the epitome, of any such notion, of any such list… Kershaw will get a few more chances to right the ship. Kershaw will never play for any other organization and will never relinquish his spot, anywhere to anyone…Not on the list…not gonna go to war with Kershaw. Really?

  5. I’m a bottom line guy.

    You do or you don’t do. Yoda said that!

    When I interview job prospects, I tell them I have 4 rules:
    1. Show up
    2. Step up
    3. Shut up
    4. We don’t tolerate assholes.

    Show up means be there on time. Step up means give me value. Shut up means no drama and the last one is self explanatory!

    Darvish did not step up. In fact, he did the opposite. Bottom line guy that I am: He’s gone!

      1. 😉

        It works for us. It’s part of our core values. It is a little crass… but people get it.

        We get good people and they stay with us.

        We debated #4 a lot!

        1. Just to be clear, I have no objection to the core values. I was referring to how I matched up to the values. I have the 1st three down. It’s the 4th thatmaybe a little iffy for me.

  6. Love #4! Every company/organization has WSM’s- whining, sniveling, malcontents. Yes, they are assholes and yes they should not be tolerated. Where can I get an application?

  7. #4 came about after our sales manager who had been with us for 11 years (and was really, really good) started drinking (on the job). I busted him twice and fired him the third time. When he was sober he was a little obnoxious, but when he drank he was an a-hole. Everyone came to hate him. He was also married to my wife’s niece…

    It’s on my mind right now because he just texted me (about two hours ago) and apologized for “being so self-centered and an asshole.”

    Yu Darvish is a good guy, but I am happy he is a Cub.

  8. AC,

    This is right out of our Employee Handbook:

    • We are vested and care about our customers, each other and our industry
    • We work Hard – We want to work smart -We get it done
    • We don’t panic – we stay calm
    • We are fair – but not suckers
    • We’re creative and adaptable
    • We’re good humored and value fun
    • We don’t allow room for assholes (selfish, divisive, snarky)

    1. I worked for this place where I unloaded sheetrock off of a truck 10 hours a day. They had rules, but those who could follow them, wouldn’t unload sheetrock off of a truck for 10 hours a day. You kinda figure out what not to do, along the way.

      I could read them. I just happened to of lived with the owner, the past 18 years free of charge. I had no choice, in any such matters.

      He also through us through a loop and hired a bunch of prison inmates one time…some of them were missing fingers.

  9. By the way, Rich Hill wants to pitch deeper into games and while he has always been a hard worker, he has really worked this off-season. He thinks he has his blister problem solved and I think he could pitch north of 160 innings.

    In 2007 (when he last was a starter before 2016) he pitched 195 innings. In 2016 he pitched 110 innings and last season he pitched 135. He only has 746 IP on his arm for his career… and it’s been re-built. 160-180 sounds about right if you are an optimist, like me.

    Darvish is younger but has more innings on his re-built arm. It may surprise you, but like Rich Hill, he has surpassed 195 innings just once.

    1. I like you’re presentation, just as I like Hill. I still [in-the-hill], think he will need some help along the way. I sure hope I’m wrong…I was a high school hurler, and I’ve always loved that part of the game. Hill can fool people and slip a ball past the best-of-them, when he’s on.

  10. Darvish signs with the Cubs for 6 years at $21M a year. I do believe the Cubs will regret this signing.
    Kemp or Pederson, I’m hoping Toles.
    I really hope the Dodgers sign Utley.

    1. Who was this a few years back?
      Scouting grades: Hit: 55 | Power: 55 | Run: 55 | Arm: 55 | Field: 55 | Overall: 60
      Played in the 2013 All-Star Futures Game, and his .497 slugging percentage was the best in the Southern League.
      While none of his tools truly stand out, he has the potential to be a five-tool player. He has a patient approach at the plate and big raw power. He has proven to be vulnerable against left-handed pitching, and he will need to shore up that part of his game. He is a solid runner, and he makes good use of his speed on the basepaths and in the outfield. He has the range to play center field and an arm strong enough for right field, if necessary.

    2. Copied from:https://www.minorleagueball.com/2016/8/22/12575332/mlb-rookie-report-andrew-toles-of-los-angeles-dodgers
      MLB Rookie Report: Andrew Toles, OF, Los Angeles Dodgers
      By John Sickels@MinorLeagueBall Aug 22, 2016, 2:40pm EDT
      Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
      Catching up with our 2016 MLB prospect profiles, we turn our attention to Los Angeles Dodgers rookie outfielder Andrew Toles. He was originally promoted to the majors on July 8th, sent back down on August 3rd, then came back up yesterday. Toles has a unique story as a prospect, so let’s take a look.
      Toles was first drafted by the Miami Marlins in the fourth round in 2010 from high school in Tyrone, Georgia. He didn’t sign, then went to the University of Tennessee and hit .270/.296/.368 with 21 steals as a freshman in 2011. He ran into disciplinary problems and was dismissed from the team, landing at Chipola Junior College. He hit .387/.447/.565 for Chipola in 2012 but continued to struggle off the field and was suspended by the team at one point. He was drafted again that spring, this time by the Tampa Bay Rays in the third round.
      Toles had an impressive season in the Midwest League in 2013, hitting .326/.359/.466 with 62 steals, but saw his stock drop quickly in 2014, hitting a less robust .261/.302/.337 in High-A while missing almost three months with vaguely described “personal issues.” His problems were bad enough that the Rays released him in spring training 2015.
      The realities of the non-baseball world seemed to wake Toles up: he didn’t like working in a grocery store and wanted to get back into the game according to Barry Lewis at the Tulsa World:
      “It was tough watching on TV and following guys I had played with,” Toles said. “I was at home in Atlanta. I spent three weeks working at Kroger (grocery store), but that just wasn’t for me.”
      Toles signed with the Dodgers as a free agent last fall. With his personal life apparently back in order he’d rediscovered the ability that intrigued scouts in the first place, hitting a sharp .331/.374/.511 this year with 23 steals between High-A, Double-A, and Triple-A. And he’s continued to hit well in the majors, at .317/.404/.390 so far in 41 at-bats.
      Listed at 5-10, 185, Toles is a left-handed hitter and right-handed thrower born May 24, 1992. David Hood at TrueBlueLA filed a scouting report on Toles back in June, worth quoting at length:
      Toles might have the most unique skill set that the current Dodgers’ regime has been seeking to develop in the system, namely game-changing speed. In a recent Drillers game, I clocked Andrew Toles at 4.07 seconds home to first from the left-hand side… on a double. Toles also clocked a 3.9-second time tagging up from second to third on a fly ball to center.
      Toles isn’t just fast, he’s an instinctive runner that knows when and where to apply his speed. He has excellent closing speed and a second gear when stealing bases, and he’s been caught only five times in 27 steal attempts this year. Toles also has the range to track down balls in the gaps in center field or either corner.
      His defensive tools, though, are still developing. Toles doesn’t always make consistent reads and occasionally needs his speed to bail him out. Toles also tends to drift on balls rather than anticipating their location. His arm strength is average for center or left, but may be stretched in right field.
      The biggest positive on Toles is that he’s not just a slap-and-run speedster; he has real offensive tools. Toles’ power is more gap power, but he has enough strength and bat speed for ten to twelve home runs a year in a starting role.
      Toles isn’t the most patient hitter around but he makes contact, hard contact, and he can run like the wind. I agree with Hood that Toles has some surprising pop in his bat. His track record, when focused, is quite good. If Toles can keep his personal issues under control he could end up having a long and successful career.

      1. I like Toles…I hope he succeeds. My issues with him were covered in the above section.

        “His defensive tools, though, are still developing. Toles doesn’t always make consistent reads and occasionally needs his speed to bail him out. Toles also tends to drift on balls rather than anticipating their location. His arm strength is average for center or left, but may be stretched in right field”. In order to make the play, you need to be in position. Toles can have the best arm in the world, but if he’s offline, it won’t help any. He hustles though and that speed and stick are way, likable.

        1. Idaho

          You are wrong about Tole’s arm, he has a strong arm.

          He made one bad throw in the play offs, other then that, he has been very accurate with his arm.

          1. I would classify Toles’ arm as “above average” or maybe a little above that. His speed was his greatest asset, hopefully, he hasn’t lost it.

            I would say the odds are he starts in OKC and shows he can hold up, but he has a shot at making the team… especially if Kemp doesn’t!

          1. Idahol

            I understand, it is hard to get something out of your mind, in a game like that.

            But before that, he had threw out, two or three,

      2. Bum

        Most of this post that you posted here about Toles, was from 2013.

        And you just picked and choose anything you could, to try to make Toles look bad.

        Toles has a very strong arm, and actually Toles has a much stronger arm, then Joc does.

        And you already know that, but you purposely tried to deceive people here, about Toles.

        He also is not just a slap hitter, either.

        Turner Ward just said, Toles was a pure hitter, with quite a bit power.

        Toles hit as many HRs as Puig did last year, in the first month of the season, and they both hit more HRs then Joc did.

        Roberts has said many times, that Toles might be the strongest guy on the team, so his diminutive size, might be deceiving, to some.

        And if you were really trying to put out a fair analysis of Toles, you would have posted his numbers, from the last couple years.

        But you posted something about Toles from five years ago, when he was only 19.

        But like most young guys, he has grown a lot since then, and it is very apparent, when you watch him, on the field.

        But Tole’s recent numbers don’t back, what you are claiming about Toles, so you tried to discredit him, anyway you thought you could.

        Toles does not have an attitude problem like you would like people to believe, either.

        He is well liked, by the entire team, including Roberts, and all of the coaches.

        Bottom line, your true goal here today, was to try to discredit Toles.

        But most here, already know why you did your best, to try to discredit Toles.

        This is all about your affinity, for Joc!

        You are very threatened, when it comes to Toles, because of Joc.

        And if you really thought Joc was better then Toles, you wouldn’t be trying so hard to discredit Toles, like you did here today!

        But Toles is not the only player you have tried to discredit, because of Joc.

        You practically try to discredit Puig almost everyday, for this same reason.

        Because you try to claim that Puig is the reason, that Joc’s defense, has went down.

        But Joc has had issues, with the other outfielders, on this team, other then Puig too.

        The truth is Joc didn’t report to spring training in shape, the last couple years.

        And during that time, Joc gained forty pounds, and that is probably the reason Joc has had trouble on defense, not Puig!

        1. MJ,
          What Bums posted was a 2016 scouting report from John Sickels, one of the best talent evaluators around. I thought it was a very favorable and accurate report. Toles’ greatest tool is his speed. He does not read the ball off the bat as well as Joc, but his speed allows him to track it down. No Dodger CF goes back on the ball as well as Joc. Joc is a natural CF who allowed himself to get out of shape, which is why he had very little confidence in getting to balls in the gap, causing problems for Puig, and Taylor, and Belly not calling them off in time.
          Neither Toles or Joc have a plus arm, but both are at or above average. See Puig and Verdugo for plus arms. Okay, plus plus.
          Toles is a better hitter and has much better speed. He is not a 20+ HR guy. He so far appears to hit RHP and LHP. Joc has power and the innate ability to play the OF, meaning Joc reads the ball off the bat better than Toles, but Toles can still run it down.
          The Dodgers value power more than speed, which is why Joc is favored to win the LF platoon role. IMO, Joc will be nothing more than a platoon player for LAD, while Toles has the ability to play full time. I truly think the best thing for Joc would be to get out of LA, but FAZ like his power potential so he is staying and hope that the WS version of Joc is what shows up in ST.
          While I agree that Bums wastes no opportunity to be negative to Puig, I do not remember him ever saying anything negative towards Toles. He is defensive when it comes to Joc (overly so), but so was I when it came to Alex Wood and Brandon Morrow. While he is not a favorite of mine, I do hope that Joc rises and plays to the level that Wood and Morrow did, because that would help the Dodgers.

          1. AC

            You know I respect you, and I respect everything, you say.

            But Bum has tried to compare Toles to Milton Bradley, more then a couple of times.

            He also went as far to say, that Toles and Verdugo will ruin the chemistry, of the team.

            I thought Toles had a good arm, because that is what I heard.

            And because Fangraphs , had rated Tole’s arm, pretty high.

            But I never thought his arm was better then Puig, or Verdugo.

            But I thought his arm is better then Joc’s arm,
            but I trust you.

            AC you have favorite players, but I have never saw you put another player down, to try to build up, your favorite players, like Bum does.

            And Bum does this, quite a bit.

            He just does it in a round about way, so he is not so obvious.

            And maybe because I am a woman, I can see right through this.

            I like all the Dodger’s players, not just one player, so I try to be fair to all the players.

            AC, I always appreciate your thoughts, about any player, because I value your knowledge, and I know you will always be fair, so thanks again.

          2. MJ,
            I have never read where Bums compared Toles to Milton Bradley, or where he said that Toles and Verdugo would ruin the chemistry. If he did, that is outrageous and absolutely undeserving. But I honestly do not remember ever reading that. Everything I have heard tells me that Andrew has totally changed from the immature young man growing up. He is appreciative of what he has and is thankful that he has a second chance to show his talents. He is a positive voice in the clubhouse as I have been told by people I trust. Verdugo on the other hand has been described as an entitled child, but was set straight by the vets in the clubhouse, principally Rich Hill. He also appears also to have changed.
            Bums does like to tear down Puig, and I do not get that. Tearing down Puig is not going to get Joc anymore playing time. Puig may be knucklehead, but he is a quality human being who cares deeply about his community, whether it be LA, Miami, or Cienfuegos. I was a critic of his baseball playing, but I am glad that he turned it around and I was wrong. But I would never say anything bad about Puig as a person. In fact, I would think that if Puig stays on his current path, that he would be a strong consideration for an extension. Puig has had his run-ins with a manager, a Dodger, and a Giant, but many had a problem with Mattingly, including one of my all-time Dodger favorites Andre Ethier. Many have had problems with Kemp, so he is certainly not alone there. And who can blame him for his attitude towards Bumgarner. Puig wears his emotions on his sleeve. That is what makes Puig, Puig. He is learning to harness that emotion, but not to the point where it hurts his game. The Dodgers’ patience with Yasiel is paying off. Let’s hope the same is true for Joc.
            By the way, I do not remember how Toles graded out with his arm. 50 is average, and 55 is slightly above average, which is where I would grade both of them. Conversely, Verdugo has an arm grade of 70, which is plus plus. After seeing him throw more than a couple of times, the 70 grade is well founded.

  11. Darvish didn’t live up to his potential. Plain and simple. Kershaw didn’t either. The Astros on the other hand were instrumental in winning what just might be the most exciting World Series of my time. I still worry about the health and agility of our front-line…and the ability of the depth behind them. I’m not saying, “Hill, Maeda and Ryu – won’t get us through…” I’m just concerned is all. It’s hard keep winning without consistancy from the starters. Most of the conversation here has been enjoyable to follow. I’ve been under the weather so, I haven’t read it all this past week.

  12. I occasionally read other blogs and comments and he’s one that amazed me:

    You know, I just realized that my problem with FAZ is that they never just get in the game. They let everyone else in and then do nothing. I do not think the Dodgers will be as good as they were last year as they lost too many players and have not so far replaced them. They would cause a good fan to just give up. They are not an LA group. They care nothing about the team chemistry and nothing about the tie between the fans and the team. Winning is important to them but how is not important. I think the team and fans need to be together. FAZ will not build a team for the future. I give up.

    Wow – Just Wow! I don’t even know what to say…

    1. Holy smokes, Mark, is this off the Giants blog? What kind of Kool-Aid is this guy drinking, I want some!

    2. I read stupid posts like that every day on the Dodgers site by quite a lot of so-called Dodger fans. Many that post every day know nothing about baseball, and even less about the Dodgers. One poster on the Dodger site is very good, knows the game and the Dodgers, wish he was over here, his post would be welcomed by all.

  13. I agree with mark on Darvish. I think he would have been a good regular season addition but not a post season weapon and not at that price. Arrieta on the other hand has been a post season stud but there again too pricey. They are going to get under the luxury tax so we will just have to live with it. Maybe the trade deadline will provide an opportunity to get that post season guy. I also agree with always compete let’s get bumgarner when he becomes a free agent if he does. Highly unlikely the giants will not retain him. Had Jansen and Kershaw delivered in games 2 and 5 we would have been world champions. Jansen I didn’t see coming Kershaw well more of the same. Roberts could have started wood or Kershaw in game 7 but didn’t. Did he really have confidence in Darvish or a lack of confidence in the other 2. I know that is behind us but I guess my point is we could have won the World Series without Darvish and we don’t know if he was the problem but we know he wasn’t the solution. Let’s try somebody else and that guy might already be on our roster in say Urias, Buehler, or who knows.

  14. Kemp will begin auditioning for a DH spot somewhere in just a few days. He can still hit a baseball is my guess, and someone will, in return. be willing to relinquish a piece that will help the Dodgers going forward? Or he will hit so well, Magic Johnson will trade hil to Indiana for Reggie Miller?

  15. #4 – still trying to figure out who would include that in an interview.
    Do you prefer to hire Norwegians??
    No one wants to look at game #5…
    I’m glad the Darvish drama is (will be) over soon…
    2 days and a wake up…

    1. I prefer to hire humans… who show up, step up and shut up (I explain that means no drama) and are not a-holes. We are a small company with about 30 employees and they stay with us. We have no problem hiring qualified people as we pay well to people who have all 4 attributes.

  16. Dang Mark, way to stir up the fellas on a Sunday morning, put a little snap in our shorts! This thing with Darvish reminds me on a lesser scale a couple of years ago when the D-Bags swooped in and grabbed Greinke. Everybody was up in arms that FAZ choked on the deal and got back doored. I was reading an article on MLB a few weeks ago, and this one writer was saying how much he trashed FAZ for their failure to land Greinke. Then he mentioned how much that contract has hamstrung the D-Bags in trying to land J.D. Martinez and other players. He also said, which blew me away that a sportswriter would actually admit it, how wrong he was about Grienke and how FAZ made the absolute right call in not going higher for Zac. As fans , we get all butt hurt, myself included, when the guy we want doesn’t get signed. Colleti’s book gave me new insight as to what FAZ has to take into account. What kind of value would Darvish bring for us in say, year 3 or 4 of his deal? At a 56-42 career record as AC says, is that worth 6 years and $125 mill? How would his contract impact us signing or trading for a key piece on July 31st? I got a feeling the Cubs are not going to be digging Darvish in year 4 or 5. And I agree with AC, I would take Arrieta over Darvish. Arrieta is a proven play-off pitcher. Cubs just plugged a hole by getting him, they didn’t get better.

    1. I can neither confirm nor deny that I may stir the pot! 😉

      While not as dumb as the Greinke deal, it was “UnTheoLike” and borders on dumb!

      Well, maybe they are all in for 2018. Their farm system is depleted in the bottom 3rd of baseball and they are going to have little payroll space.

      The Dodgers are in the Top 5 of all Farm Systems and if their rotation is healthy it is one of the Top 3 in baseball and there is some depth.

      I think you will see further decline from Jon Lester as well. Darvish is the Cubs Ace! Ouch!

      I still like the Dodgers rotation better. I would not be surprised if Ryu had a better record and ERA than Darvish!

      1. It was not un Theo like. He has never been shy about opening up his wallet in Boston or Chicago for Free-Agents. He’s made good signings and some bad ones at the end of his term in Boston. Lester isn’t a #1, but he got big money to come to Chicago.

  17. It is now rumored that the Dodgers are looking at Arrieta, Cobb, and Odorizzi for their RHSP. They recognize that with the heavy RH bats in the NL West, they need another RHSP. Originally I could not understand why the reports continued to say the Dodgers were looking at pitchers who received a QO, knowing they would lose a #2 and #5 draft pick, plus $1M international signing dollars. Knowing how FAZ values draft picks I just could not see it. But perhaps they are thinking Arrieta or Cobb could be worth the cost? Especially if they can spin Ryu into a #2 & #5 type player to replace the two picks they will lose. If they can get Arrieta for less than $20M AAV, they could trade Ryu and Joc to the O’s for the equivalent of #2 and #5 and some international signing dollars. That would save LA nearly $9M, to help offset the pitching cost. The O’s could use both Ryu and Joc who could be a 40 HR guy at Camden. I recognize that Arrieta’s contract would be multi year and the last couple might be bad. Most FA contracts for players generally are. I am not saying I am in favor of such a move, but I can see justification and reason for the speculation.
    As far as Odorizzi, I can see why FAZ would have interest. Jake has always been a favorite of mine, but he is a #4 or #5. Every team needs one, so Jake could fulfill that role as well as anyone. The Dodgers could still move Ryu for prospects, and be in a position to still go after a big RHSP or big bat at the deadline. I would be willing to trade Josh Sborz, and Imani Abdullah, or Ibandel Isabel for two years of Odorizzi. Ryu could get part of that in return. Again, not necessarily in favor, but I can see how it can work.
    The Dodgers have enough in the farm to move some players if they can acquire enough talent to win this year. It is time to play for the Trophy this year. 2019 and 2020 will take care of themselves.

    1. I think I would rather have Lance Lynn.

      He has a better career ERA and more wins than Darvish and is younger.

      I think he will cost half of what Darvish got.

      1. I don’t want Lynn his swing and miss numbers are on a decline. Stuff is meh. Get Colombe and Archer from the Rays or else the Dodgers will just be dealing away prospects for another rental this deadline unless Buehler takes the league by storm.

  18. Ryu may be my favorite pitcher on the staff…The guy has grit and pitches away from trouble, well, most of the time. I don’t think he pitches well in cold weather. Therefore limiting what he can do early and late in the season. Just my opinion.

  19. Odorizzi is just so-so. Career ERA 3.83, career WHIP 1.219. career FIP 4.23, career K/9 8.2. Numbers are OK – but we already have this guy (Maeda, who’s actually a little better – career ERA 3.80 with a better defense playing behind him in a pitcher’s park), career WHIP 1.145, career FIP 3.79, career k/9 9.0).

    Dodgers could use a #2 starter who’s RHP. Darvish would have fit the bill nicely; so could Greinke. They don’t have that guy now – people hope that Buehler will be but the jury is out.

    If Kershaw opts out after 2018 and the worst happens and he doesn’t return, who is Dodgers’ #1? 39 year old Rich Hill? That would have been the other advantage to signing Darivsh – a backup plan/backup ace.

    Chris Archer? Potential, I guess but he’s not that guy right now either. Last year he was 10 – 12, 4.07, WHIP 1.259. Lifetime 51 – 63, 3.63, WHIP 1.214.

    Lance Lynn missed 2016 with arm surgery and his return last year was OK, but Hawkeye is right – his FIP rose to 4.82 (up over a run/game). Was last year a hickup due to 1st year back after Tommy John, or is this the new Lance Lynn?

    1. I remember watching Archer a few years ago and not being all that impressed. I seen his stats the other day and thought? Nothing much has changed.

    2. I am not anti-Darvish, but to consider him an Ace is unwarranted, and is certainly not worth $126M for 6 years. What about his career stands out as an Ace pitcher? He is 56-42 with a 3.42 and 1.179 WHIP in his career. His last two years he has been 17-17 with a 3.70 ERA and 1.146 WHIP. I think we can find a lot of pitchers with those numbers. For example, Kenta Maeda for the past two years is 29-17 with a 3.80 ERA and a 1.145 WHIP, and he is 18 months younger than Darvish, and he will probably cost less than $60M for the next 6 years. H has a lot of strikeouts? So does Jeff Samardzija, and he is overpaid at $90M for 5 years.
      Darvish is a good pitcher with a lot of movement of his pitch, but not an Ace. Jake Arrieta is more of an Ace than Darvish, and he is no longer an Ace. Verlander is more of an Ace now than Darvish is, and Justin is no longer as Ace. Kershaw, Bumgarner, Scherzer, Strasburg, Greinke, Keuchel, Kluber, and my favorite non-Dodger pitcher, Chris Sale are Ace’s. Syndergaard, Robbie Ray, and Luis Severino could be, and are all better pitchers than Darvish. The Dodgers do need a stud RHSP, but not before the trade deadline.
      If Kershaw’s back holds up, he will opt out, and the Dodgers will probably offer him the same contract or just slightly more than the one he signed, but with no opt outs and a no trade clause. Kershaw is the one player they will break the bank for. And if he does sign for the same amount and years, his AAV will not change. The Dodgers were willing to go 10 years before, which is 5 more after 2018, so why not add two more to keep him as a Dodger for his entire career. If any Dodger is worth an albatross contract for the last two years, it is Clayton Kershaw. I can see the Dodgers and Kershaw agreeing on an amount, and then adding one more year to get the AAV down.
      But if not Kershaw, I would expect the Dodgers to look hard for a trade for a top of the rotation pitcher, or look to see what it would cost to sign Dallas Keuchel, which would not cost any prospects in a trade.
      I like Jake Odorizzi, I always have. I started to follow him as a minor leaguer in the Royals system after being included in the Greinke trade to the Brewers. He is not an Ace and would not be a TOR pitcher with the Dodgers. But he evens out the rotation and could be one of the best rotational #4 or #5 pitchers in the NL.
      Buehler is not an Ace, but could be by the time he is 26. The Dodgers were patient with Kershaw and will be with Buehler.

      1. He’s got Ace stuff but isn’t an Ace right now. What was nice about having a Darvish was that he mowed down AZ twice and come playoff time having him on the roster allowed the Dodgers to put Hill in a better position to win by pitching in LA and not AZ. Hill’s stuff has never worked in the desert. I too am a Ryu fan and rooted for him to win a spot more than any other player last year, but unless he succeeds in re-inventing his fastball(adding a two-seam) he and Maeda are both #5’s on paper to me.

  20. M.T. is right!!! The LAD trading is over. We have alot of great players to look at and alot of ballbusting decisions to make…
    Kemp makes things just a lil more difficult possibily in a good way, but I’m not losing sleep over it… Go toles… Kudos to Idaho!!! Ryu will have a helluva year and he’s a warrior..

  21. Two of us in Idaho like Ryu. I have said several times Ryu will have a good year. This is his second year after shoulder surgery. I just like the way Ryu competes.

  22. I say go and trade for Archer. He’d be the ideal #2 and in the event that CK left he could slot into the #1. Who would it take? I don’t know but you have to give up something to get something. Like someone mentioned above, it’s about the trophy this year. LA’s window is closing with the select veterans we have and while I have faith LA will contend every year you gotta strike while the iron is hot. Would Grandal, Joc, and 2-3 top 25 prospects work?

    1. Howdy Gonzo!

      Grandal is too expensive for them. They would take Joc and ask for Verdugo, Diaz and Buehler.

      I think they value Archer too high. Other than the fact he pitches a lot of innings, I don’t think he’s a #2.

      1. I agree that TB assesses Archer too high. They value his contract more than him as a player, which is why they want a lot. Archer is a good pitcher who eats up innings and is a strikeout pitcher. So is Jeff Samardzija, but at a much higher cost. Archer and Odorizzi are pitchers needed for the season, but are not necessarily potentially good playoff pitchers. If the Dodgers trade for someone like Archer or Odorizzi, it would be to balance out the rotation. The Dodgers are too LH pitching dominant against a RH dominant offensive NL West. The Dodgers do not need an Archer or Odorizzi to win the NL West. They need a stud RHSP at the trade deadline that could dominate in the playoffs…you know someone like Justin Verlander did.

  23. Gonzo, you know they’re gonna ask for Buehler and God knows after… I have a dream!!! Buehler will be our ace if Kersh takes a monopoly run and our #2 by Aug. or thereabouts… You heard it here!!

  24. I think the Cubs may have done us a favor with Darvish.

    I changed my mind about Darvish, even before the Cubs signed him.

    Because I am not so sure he would be a workhorse, in our rotation.

    And that is what I think we need more then anything else, especially for that many years, and that type of money.

    Darvish does have good stuff, and that is why it was so frustrating, when Darvish didn’t rise to the occasion, when he didn’t have his best stuff.

    Because Darvish has a very good fastball, and other pitches, he could have used, instead of his slider.

    Darvish could have done the same thing Verlander was doing, because Darvish does have good velocity, and good movement, on his fastball.

    But Darvish looked defeated, once he got on that mound, in those two games.

    1. No doubt someone will be available, but at what price?

      Buehler could be ready… or not. Urias could be healthy… or not.

      Alvarez is allegedly getting serious. Santana and May could make fast progress.

      Health will have a lot to do with it… just like every other teams starters.

      But, OK, you want a RHSP? I’ve got one who is cheap and under team control until 2021. He could slot in well as a #2 for the Dodgers, and the Dodgers would not have to shed any payroll. He would cost (at least) Alvarez, May, Kendall and Ferguson.

      That RHSP is the Detroit Tigers Michael Fulmer. It’s a lot to pay, but he’s cheap.

  25. Mark, just would not make that trade. Why do we want to trade for a starter when we are sitting here with 4-5 young pitchers ready for their debut. At least one, two or three will make it. They will be cheap and they are home grown.

    1. 1. Fulmer is proven and young (24); and
      2. To balance the rotation THIS year.

      But, Buehler could be ready …

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