It Turns Out That Borass Is The Devil

Scott Borass is all about Scott Borass.  He can say he is just looking after his client’s best interests, but in a free agent market, the top free agents “set the market” and Borass said his top three free agents were worth $200 million dollar contracts.  I drive a 2013 Ford F-150 which now has 94,000 miles on it.  I take good care of my vehicles and it still looks like new and yes, I can put a $40,000 price tag on it, but that doesn’t mean it’s worth that.  Someone might give me $22,000 for it, but $20,000 is more likely, no matter what I am asking. There might be a sucker who would pay more, but why?

It used to be Scott Borass could find a “sucker GM”and sell him a 2013 Ford F-150 for $40,000, but in the days of super analytics and sabermetrics, those “sucker GM’s” are now “advisors to the Chairman.”  No names will be mentioned in the interest of protecting the guilty. I hear that KC has an offer of $147 million to Hosmer and I would say if that is true, he’s a fool for not making Borass take it.  Arrieta and Martinez and Hosmer are not getting $200 million… nor should they.  This is not collusion. It is common sense which is evidently not so common with Scott Borass. 

The market is slow because of him asking for ridiculus amounts of money for his players.  As soon as one signs, the others will follow and then the next tier of free agents will follow.  The problem is that Borass is so ego-driven that he might hold his guys out for Spring Training and the MLBPA will be outraged that players are not being signed because the owners are “blah, blah, blah!”  This is all on Scott Borass.  There are other market issues at work as well, including:

  • Several teams are standing pat this year as they want to be involved in next years FA class;
  • A large number of teams are in varying stages of rebuilding and some are in the process of “tanking” like the Cubs and Astros did before their current success. No one can say this is wrong, because it does work;
  • Teams are reluctant to dole out big FA contracts to players on the wrong side of 30 (L-Cain will be a really bad deal the last 2 or 3 years, but Milwaukee sees and opportunity to WIN NOW and to heck with the future); and
  • The two teams with typically the biggest payrolls in basreball, namely the Dodgers and Yankees are determined to stay under the $197,000,000 Luxury Tax Threshold.

As it stands right now, well over one-third of the teams in baseball are in different stages of rebuilding and have no shot of winning. The other third have very little chance of winning and I would venture that (as the teams are constructed now) only the Nationals, Dodgers, Yankees, Astros and Cubs have a real shot of making it to the World Series.  Out of 30 teams, 5 have a good shot, maybe 4 more have an outside (way outside) shot and the rest of the teams have no shot!  That is not healthy for the game, in my opinion.  The solution is to pay the young stars sooner (like the Bellingers and Seagers) and do it like the NBA does it: Your  home team can pay you more than any other team can pay you.  

Get the youngsters paid sooner and have max contracts that escalate with time.  The MLBPA likely won’t agree and I think it will get contentious. Our own Kenley Jansenhas went on record threatening a strike.  Here’s my message to Kenley:

“We love you as a closer, Kenley, but never miss a good opportunity to shut the hell up!”  That was dumb… and wrong!  You are way over-reacting.  This is the market Scott Borass has created.  Just play ball or you might seem like a whiney little (rhymes with “witch.”)  Have a nice day!

Baseball may seem healthy to you now, but there are going to have to be changes to the game and the way players are paid.  Players like Bellinger and Seager should not have to wait until they have 6 years of service to make bing money and then get paid for  what they don’t do, like Carl Crawfish and A-Gon at the end of their contracts.  Figure it out or you are going to kill the goose that laid the golden egg.

I can’t wait for Spring Training to start… but I guess I have to – they won’t start it early!

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  1. Agree with you about the younger players getting paid Mark.

    The disappointment for me, and I totally understand the rationale behind getting under the Luxury Cap, is that two top end players, namely Stanton & Darvish, have made it very clear that they would love to join the Dodgers, and we are unable to get it done.

    Knowing for certain that they are keen on coming makes it worse.

    Still, it is what it is, and I’m looking forward for it to get going now, having just about got over Game 7…

  2. On your though about changing the way players are paid. Contracts can be paid on year to year production, Do away with guaranteed contracts. MLBPA MAY and will cry collusion , But changes are needed. I along with all fans don’t want to see a strike .

  3. Kenley says ” maybe we need to go on strike “… Really??? We’re a year short of seeing a player getting 400 Mill… And you know Harper will find a sucker… Monopoly $$$ and it makes me spit up a little in the back of my throat…
    God knows I don’t want a strike, but there comes a time!!! I’ll just double up on my Rancho games…

  4. I posted this response to This is All Andrew Friedman Fault.

    AC is absolutely correct, the overvalue being placed on this year’s free agent class in the amount of money and length of the contracts they are asking for is not reasonable, but unlike in years past the organizations are not listing. One of the problems with the way FAZ is building a team that is a contender every year without the addition of huge money and lengthy contracts that are good on the front end but in most cases a disaster for the organization on the back end is that most of these players are for the first time eligible to make up for the years of productively were the money was not in line with the players true value. Players like Seager and Bellinger and many others like them on other teams are being paid around league minimum and are greatly underpaid. It will be very interesting at the next collective bargaining talks if this trend continues.

    The owners and union need to start thinking about this issue and how to be fair to both sides before the next collective bargaining talks or the game will be in trouble. The owners and the players are guilty of pure greed and the fans are the big losers. They are paying for this greed on both sides and unlike both sides, all the fans want is to be able to go to a game and root for their team without the very high cost of a ticket.

    This very real problem needs to be dealt with as soon as possible before emotions and thoughtless comments from both sides cause a dived that will do nothing but harm baseball.

    Jansen fired the first thoughtless comment, let’s hope that is the last from anyone.

  5. As long as the owners are making bank I don’t see any reason why the players, who actually are the game, should get paid any less than whatever the owners and the fans will bear. Want the players to get paid less…quit watching or going to games. Watch darts or pool or bowling.

  6. I have a question regarding the payment process for young players??? If the Dodgers, or any team, for that matter, were to choose to pay their younger players well above the scale for the number of years of MLB time the player has accumulated would this be permissible under the rules? If a team were to begin to do this regularly to their best young talent do you think that (1) this would encourage the players and their agents to show any loyalty to that team and agree to an equitable long-term contract in the future, and (2) would such a pay policy force the other teams to adapt the way their young players are paid or would the offending club just get “booted from the good-ol’ boy network.”

    1. Yes they can and do pay young stars early. Chris Archer, Christian Yelich, Chris Sale, Madison Bumgarner, Kyle Seager…all signed contracts before getting to free agency. As an example, after 3 1/2 years in MLB, Kyle Seager signed a 7 year $100M contract. After 3 years, Madison Bumgarner signed a 5 year $35M contract, with 2 $12M options. The Giants are very happy to have MadBum for $12M each for the next two years. The same year, after 3 years in MLB, Chris Sale signed a 5 year $32.5M contract with two options; 2018 for $12.5M for 2018 and $15M for 2019.
      There is a risk for both the owners and players. Corey Seager and Cody Bellinger are both represented by Scott Boras, and he is not about to leave any money on the table, so unless the Dodgers overpay the players, Boras is just as happy to wait until free agency and then ask for ridiculous amounts.
      The other problem facing teams like the Dodgers that have lived above the luxury tax line, they need the younger players and there “minimum” salaries to keep them below the line. If LAD offered, and Seager signed for what his brother got, his AAV becomes $14M+ which just about wipes out the luxury tax safety that they now have. But if Boras wants $200M for JDM, what do you think he would require for Corey to lose a couple of years of FA. It will be well north of $100M.
      If the MLBPA were to restructure the luxury tax to allow the high market teams to sign some of the pre-arbitration/pre-FA stars without penalty, I think you would see a more balanced salary structure than now exists. There has to be a salary floor, and there has to be a measured review as to how the teams spend their revenue sharing dollars.
      Smarter people than me can structure something that is fair for both the teams and the players. But for the next CBA, the MLBPA must get someone other than Tony Clark, and the small market teams cannot dictate what the luxury tax levels should be. If the owners cannot make a go of it, get out and sell to someone who can. MLB needs to act sooner to allow teams to move. If MLB is set on revenue sharing, they should create a fund to facilitate the move. The two parties’ negotiators need to be more concerned about the sport and its connection to the fans rather than infighting for every nickel for their own cause.

  7. You should trade that truck in on a true baseball car. You’d look good driving around in a Red 1980 308 GTS.

    1. Of course, you will need to activate the chin strap on that hat…

      You all keep up the good discussion…I’ve enjoyed the reading once again.

    2. I’m a truck kind of guy. 4-WD with a Twin-Turbo Raptor Engine (computer chip enhanced to 435 HP). It gets me there… in a hurry!

  8. im no expert but there is something seriously wrong with the system if teams are disinclined to give young players multiyear deals because it would impact the current annual payroll tax. damn near mark-to-market accounting.

  9. The cause of the slow market is multifactorial and includes:
    1 – all teams’ use of analytics and the resulting disinclination to sign free agents to long term deals (especially past 30)
    2 – the fact that 1/3 of teams are not trying to win
    3 – “rich” teams like the Dodgers, Yankees and Giants not having room under the luxury tax to sign players that they might otherwise be inclined to sign
    4 – waiting for next years’ allegedly richer free agent market

    The flip side to not paying old players for past performance is either to compensate them better for earlier years with better performance or to allow them to become free agents sooner. It is so expensive and time consuming to get a single player to the big leagues that my bias is that teams have to be able to benefit from the process and control players for a reasonable period so I am against earlier free agency. Either increase the major league minimums or make players who play a certain amount arb eligible earlier.

    While on one hand, MLB wants to tax the “rich” teams to increase parity, too many teams are tanking. I dislike the luxury tax and would get rid of it; at the very least, all of this “tanking” has to stop. I would impose league minimums for salary outlay by MLB teams. The current projected league average payroll is $109 MM for 2018 ( While Philadelphia is hardly a “small market” the Phillies’ projected payroll for 2018 is only $44 MM. That is unreasonable, especially in light of the fact that they are probably receiving $$ from the Dodgers for their payroll! The league minimum should be something like 50% of the luxury tax max. If the tax is imposed after $195 MM this year, the minimum payroll would be at $97.5 MM.

    1. Much of what is said about Boras is true, but he was also on MLB radio yesterday with Casey Close with the exact numbers of team’s revenue. There are a lot of owners just shoving fistfuls of money in their pockets rather than putting a decent product on the field. Between the revenue sharing money that about half the league gets to Disney money and exorbitant parking prices, the owners a making a lot of money before anyone even steps foot into the ballpark.

      1. Some truth in that, but consider this:
        Look at the teams payroll to revenue ratio:

        In 2016, the Tigers spent 72% of their total revenue on salaries, which is unsustainable. Look at some others:

        Dodgers – 54%
        Yankees – 42%
        Cubs – 39%
        Red Sox – 37%
        Pirates – 37%
        Marlins – 36%
        Rays -32%

        The consider that the Yankees total revenue was $542 Million while the Rays is $205 million.

        Here’s their operating income:

        Some teams are abusing it (Pirates), but the disparity is dramatic.

  10. if the dodgers win it all in 2018 the league can go on strike for ten years for all i care

    didnt the braves sneak in their only championship right around the time of the last strike?

  11. I’ll cut my interest of baseball completely if they go on another strike. This fan eats rice and beans towards the end of every month and I’m one of the guys that pays what players make. If the players care so little about us fans I’m going to follow suit and care little about them like several friends that pay them no more attention since their last strike. And baseball was a big part of their lives until then. Kenley just talked me into players being charged a luxury tax where the fine is paid to the fans and if anybody really has real reason to bitch it’s the fans. Especially Dodgers fans! Talking about support to strike at ‘Fan Appreciation’ I feel tells a tale and it’s one that angers me because it reminds me too much of what is wrong with the guys playing a kids game and think their that deserving. Eat those words Kenley or I might quit and won’t have to eat rice and beans with what I’ll save.

    1. what????? you mean we can’t judge someone based on 1 line?? (unless that line is “you can even grab them by the pussy”)

  12. AC– Thanks for the response and the info. What would happen to Kemp’s AAV if he signed a three year $30M extension. My thinking is that the extension would increase the contract length to 5 years, the contract value to $70M, and the AAV to $14M. I think that this would increase the likelihood of a trade of Kemp; especially if the Dodgers would agree to pay $30M of the contract in 5 annual payments of $6M. A salary of $8M/yr for a former all-star OF/DH with still solid hitting skills and recently demonstrated increased motivation, improved physicality and supportive former teammates doesn’t seem unrealistic. Such a deal would decrease the amount the Dodgers would be responsible for in each of the next two years by 14 million although they would have to accept owing a former player $6M each of the last three years of the deal.

    1. My understanding is that the extension does not eliminate the first contract. Therefore the AAV of the original contract would stay intact, and the extension contract would start once the original contract ended. Admittedly I am not as certain as I was with the original query, but after speaking with a couple of former players, that was there understanding. However, they never had that situation to worry about.

  13. We gotta give these ballplayers a break…Alot of them are not exactly magnum cum laude… It’s like a SEC player vs. a PAC 12 player interview on any given Saturday… Ya just scratch your head and go hmmmmmm!!! Kenley should his quotes checked by his agent first…

  14. Hey Mark , just read on MLB,com that Hosmer , age 28, is seeking a 7or 8 year contract, courtesy of your BFF Scott Borass.(Hell to the No, what fool ass GM would take that?) You called that shot right out of the gate. There is no collusion, just the ILLUSION that Borass has in his head of how much he wants to punk all the teams for his overpriced clients. Looks like a game of chicken between Borass and his massive ego and all the new thinking GM’s in the league. Hope the GM’s win…

    1. This is the slowest offseason I can remember. Doubly so because of the lingering memory of how last year ended. Maybe once Yu signs the logjam will ease up a bit and some lower level starters will sign. There’s no way we go into the season with Maeda & Ryu as our #4/#5 starters. Just based on previous experience that’s not going to happen.

  15. Sooner or later good teams have to deal with Boras, devil or not. He represents Cory, Cody, Urias and Ryu. I think either Kemp gets moved in the next few days or Darvish signs elsewhere. Kemp and Ryu getting moved makes sense if it means signing Darvish. I don’t think moving Grandal and Forsythe makes the team better even with Darvish. Moving Kemp means throwing in some prospects so they eat less salary. Maybe throw in Joc if that makes it work. I am not holding my breath though.

    Poetic justice would be Hosmer, JD, Arrieta and Holland being unsigned as ST opens. Someone has to blink first between the teams, players and agents and teams usually are the ones to blink. FAZ is pretty good at not blinking.

  16. MLB Trade Rumors has this to say about Darvish:

    Yu Darvish is still on the radar for both the Cubs and Dodgers, though with some caveats. Chicago “seem to be hoping that Darvish will choose them for reasons that are not economic,” which implies that Darvish would drop his asking price to play for a World Series contender. In the Dodgers’ case,there is “some ambivalence by at least some” at the ownership levelabout bringing Darvish back in the wake of his well-publicized struggles during the World Series.

    Translation: Ownership does not want Darvish back.

    Utley will be back – not Darvish! Maybe….

      1. If not Utley maybe FRAZ could bring David Copperfield into the clubhouse once a week to elevate the locker room.

    1. We fans need to realize that the 25th man on the roster is not always a young stud. On a rebuilding team, certainly the young stud is preferable to the 39 year old vet. The contending team looks at what else the 25th man can give them. As long as Logan Forsythe is the Dodgers 2nd baseman, the only left hand hitting young studs the Dodgers can throw out there right now is Jake Peter and Max Muncy. Locastro is an option but not until (if) Forsythe is gone.
      Let’s assume that Utley will hit around what he hit in Sept/Oct last year…234/.294/.426/.720. Peter and Muncy probably not a whole lot better. But what Utley can add to the dugout and clubhouse far outweigh the minimal additional BA and OBP that either Peter or Muncy can add. Chase has already accepted the reserve role and is willing to agree to it again with the Dodgers.
      The Dodgers do not have any true young studs at 2B (or SS or 3B). And if they did, they are not going to come to LA to sit on the bench behind Forsythe, when they can play everyday at OKC. That is why Verdugo is headed back to OKC rather than sit on the bench for spot starts and PH.
      Utley is a player/coach and mentor. Probably the best in MLB. The ultimate professional. I know a lot out there say the Dodgers do not need another coach in the dugout, and I disagree. I have said it before, there is a natural divide between player and coach. Not one of animosity, but nevertheless a divide. The player/coach can (and does) take the struggling youngster to dinner and talk things out; not the coaches. On days off, it’s the players that hang together on the road, not player/coaches. That is exactly what Chase did with Corey.
      The Dodgers will be a better team with Utley as the .220 hitting Rabbi rather than Peter or Muncy hitting .230 and offering no other intangible skill. Who is going to be a better example for Corey/Cody/Joc/Toles/, Utley or Peter/Muncy? Utley wants to come back to finish his career with a WS ring as a player, and then become a coach. While I hope it would be with the Dodgers, I think it could be more likely in some capacity with Gabe Kapler and the Phillies.

  17. Without saying this would be the best outfield or that this would be the outfield after spring training results are in, I think it is most likely at this point in time.
    Versus Righty pitcher/Lefty pitcher
    LF Joc/Kemp
    CF Taylor
    RF Puig/Kike’

    1. Kike’ is not going to platoon with Puig. Doc has already said that CF and RF are set with CT3 and Yasiel. The only OF position open for competition is LF. Again, that is not what I think or say, but what Dave Roberts says, and since he fills out the lineup card, I will go with that.
      You are probably right that Joc is currently penciled in as the left hand hitting LF to start. However, I would not quit on Toles. Doc seems very excited to see him back, and I think he will get a more than a fair chance to get the rust off (again Doc’s words) in ST. ST competition will decide who the regular or regular platoon player(s) will be in LF. Kemp/Joc/Toles/Verdugo/Kike’/Thompson/Ramos/Segedin have all been identified as part of an open competition for LF. Kike’ is probably not really auditioning for a regular LF platoon spot as he is far more valuable as an all over the field utility guy. Verdugo will have to play way over his expectations to win the spot as an everyday LF, because he is not going to platoon for LAD when he can play everyday in OKC waiting for 2019. I am still not convinced that Kemp will accept a platoon role, and the first sign of being a malcontent he will be gone. Kemp will go to ST to showcase whatever he has left for a late Spring trade for the best possible deal.
      That would leave Joc/Toles/Thompson/Segedin/Ramos as the competition for two/three OF spots. Ramos is a longshot who will get more out of playing regularly at OKC, but he is very capable. Thompson has no options remaining and if he shows any semblance of what he showed before he got hurt two years ago, he would have to get some serious consideration as a platoon LF against LHP. Segedin has an advantage as he can play 1st and 3rd as well as LF and RF. I think Toles is an everyday player and if he does not win the LF spot outright in ST, I can see him back at OKC playing everyday until he is needed in LA.
      Going into ST without any upcoming trades, I can see a LF platoon of Joc/Thompson, CT3 in CF, and Puig in RF, with a bench role for Segedin. If Utley is signed, there is less of a need for Segedin as a corner infielder, and it might come down to wanting a LH hitter (Toles) or RH hitter (Segedin) on the bench.
      With the current roster, I am going with:
      1B – Cody
      2B – Forsythe
      3B – JT
      SS – Corey
      LF – Joc/Thompson
      CF – CT3
      RF – Puig
      C – Barnes/Grandal
      Bench – Kike’/Utley/Segedin (or Toles)

      1. i agree that segedin has a relatively clear path if he looks good in spring training, especially if kemp is dropped and segedin can be a rh bat off the bench. i also think utley coming back probably spells the end for locastro’s chances. i’m hoping we are surprised by some guys in spring training. i’ve always coveted that josh harrison on pittsburgh. funny that culbertson actually feels like a fairly substantial loss.

      2. FRAZ did platoon Puig towards the end of the season due to his reverse splits. Based on that history, either Puig changes or FRAZ changes.

        1. I am not sure where you get that Puig was platooned at the end of the year. The Dodgers had 29 games in September, and Puig played in 25. Of the 25 he started 22.
          09-02 – 2nd Game of DH with Padres. Many starters did not play 2nd game. He came in the 7th.
          09-10- Colorado – Came in the 7th inning. Tyler Chatwood started, a RHP.
          09-22 – Giants – Came in the 9th inning. Jeff Samardzija started, a RHP.
          09-05- DBacks – Did not play – Zack Greinke started, a RHP.
          09-19 – Phillies – Did not play – Aaron Nola started, a RHP.
          09-24- Giants – Did not play – Chris Stratton started, a RHP.
          09-25- Padres – Did not play – Travis Wood started, a LHP.
          Your position is that Puig cannot hit LHP and was therefore platooned in September? Of the 7 games he did not start, one was the second game of a DH, and 5 of the 6 starting pitchers in the other games were RHP. In the 25 games he played in, Puig slashed .289/.341/.530/.871 in 91 PA. He struck out 14 times in those 91PA (about 15%). It does not appear to me that he Puig was platooned at all, and certainly not against LHP.
          As I said before, in making out the lineup, only Doc matters, and he has said Yasiel Puig is his everyday RF, and Chris Taylor is his everyday CF. So I think the R in your FRAZ has spoken.
          And as far as Puig changing, I am assuming that you mean that he will go back and hit LHP as he has done every year except last year. Last year was the anomaly, not his career.

          1. I would look for Yasiel to improve dramatically against LH pitching next year. Last year was an anomoly. He will revert back to his career averages… or better!

          2. AC, you keep fighting the facts that Puig was terrible against lefties last year. I said he was platooned because I remember him getting benched last year against lefties. How often? Enough for me to remember that he did. Will he be better this year? I hope so.

  18. AC,
    What do you see Farmer’s role to be? Will he make the 25 man roster? Or will he be headed back to OKC? It seems like they have so many young players that there is no way they can all get a shot at the 25 man. Some will need to be traded, just to be fair to them, is Farmer one of those?

    1. As long as the Dodgers have both Grandal and Barnes, Farmer already has a ticket to OKC. They need catcher with experience at AAA to work with the Buehler, Stewart, probably Sborz and Sopko, and maybe Stripling. Neither Smith or Ruiz have done anything at AA, and that is the most important developmental leap. I am sure Farmer will not be happy about it. But the best thing for the Dodgers is for Kyle to go back to be the starting catcher at AAA.
      I also do not see him moved in a trade. If either Barnes or Grandal get hurt, Farmer will be needed. Depth is great for the organization, not necessarily for the player on the cusp.

      1. Sometimes I feel for the player who is stashed in AAA purely for insurance, but Farmer is not one of those guys. At best he’s a fringy back-up catcher so it’s not like his career is on hold while he’s in AAA for us. Also, Culbertson’s late-season appearance last year should cement the idea forever in fans’ minds: s— happens in baseball and sometimes you just need an understudy.

  19. I saw a video over on Dodger Blue of Urias throwing for the first time. He looks soft and pudgy. Not that he ever looked like he was really in great shape but I sure would like to see him with a little better muscle tone before he starts throwing. I know pitchers are different, but just saying…

    1. I saw a video of him working out with a medicine ball about a month ago and he was slimmer than I have ever saw him…

      I just watched the video and it is my opinion that he is slimmer than he was the past two years. He has been training very hard at Camelback Ranch for a couple of months. I actually thought he looked good.

      Here certainly is not a fat boy like that Fernando!

  20. Yasiel Puig was horrible against LHP last season. In fact, he was as horrid against LHP last season as Joc Pederson has been for his career (.183 vs. 184 BA). Here’s the difference: Puig has a .260 BA against LHP for his career, so he has shown he can hit LHP. Against LHP, Joc can’t jump out of a boat and hit water… in his career. So, there is logical reason for hope for Puig.

    Insofar as a platoon, Puig was never platooned in 2017. He started 46 games against LHP and 106 games against RHP. That means he only sat out 10 games so that is hardly a platoon.

    What I find incredible is that one would try and “manufacture” playing time for Joc Pederson, who has a NEGATIVE 0.3 WAR in 2017 while trying to trade or sit Yasiel Puig who had a 3.7 WAR in 2017! I’m just sayin’….

  21. Bums, Puig started 135 games in 2017, and played in 152 games. Of the ten games he did not play in 8 were started by RHP and 2 were started by LHP. Of the 17 games he played but did not start, 8 were started by RHP and 9 were started by LHP. In one of those games he came in the 1st inning and batted against Jon Lester. In another game he came in the 3rd inning and homered in the 4th against the LHSP, Kyle Freeland.
    Games Not Played
    04-28-17 Jared Eickhoff RHP
    05-13-17 Tyler Anderson LHP
    05-20-17 Dan Straily RHP
    05-31-17 Carlos Martinez RHP
    06-09-17 Zack Wheeler RHP
    06-27-17 Jesse Chavez RHP
    09-05-17 Zack Greinke RHP
    09-19-17 Aaron Nola RHP
    09-24-17 Chris Stratton RHP
    09-25-17 Travis Wood LHP
    Games Played but not started
    05-21-17 Vance Worley RHP
    05-28-17 Jon Lester LHP, but came in the 1st inning to PH for Franklin Gutierrez
    06-04-17 Zack Davies RHP
    06-09-17 Amir Garrett LHP
    06-23-17 Kyle Freeland LHP – Came in the 3rd and HR off Freeland in the 4th
    06-25-17 Tyler Anderson LHP
    07-01-17 Dillon Overton LHP
    07-05-17 Zack Godley RHP
    07-16-17 Chris O’Grady LHP
    07-23-17 Sean Newcomb LHP
    07-28-17 Matt Moore LHP
    08-10-17 Anthony Banda LHP
    08-19-17 Michael Fulmer RHP
    08-27-17 Jimmy Nelson RHP
    09-02-17 Jordan Lyles RHP
    09-10-17 Tyler Chatwood RHP
    09-22-17 Jeff Samardzija RHP
    Out of 27 games he did not start or play, 11 were started by LHP, while 16 were started by RHP. Of the 135 games started, 37 were against LHSP and 98 were against RHSP. The Dodgers faced 48 LHSP and 114 RHSP. Puig started 37 of the 48 games that had a LHSP. That is more than 75% of the games started by LHP. That is hardly a platoon.
    Joc started 74 games; 10 against LHSP. That is less than 25% of the games started by LHP. He started 64 of the 114 games started by a RHP. That is a platoon at best.
    You cannot make Joc look better than he is by trying to tear down Puig. There is not a MLB GM who would take Joc over Puig. You like Joc…great. You should be happy about his WS and happy that he at least has a chance to compete for the LF OF job. But Puig is the RF, and no matter how you may not like it, the only person who counts has publicly said that Puig is the starting RF.

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