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Mark referenced a site,, that I have studied for some time.  I went back to look at my notes and do have some observations: There is no way the bench will be comprised of 4 RH hitters and 1 switch hitter.  I do not see Segedin or Thompson on the 25 man coming out of Spring.  I would project Toles and one of Peter/Muncy/Locastro to replace Segedin and Thompson.  The only way Trayce Thompson makes the 25 man is if he has a great ST and Kemp is not with the team.  I understand why Segedin might be considered as the RH backup to Cody, but that can be Forsythe, JT, Grandal, and Kike’.  Rob Segedin is the proverbial 26thman. The “team needs” section, lists setup man and outfielder.  That is borne out by the 2017 MLB rankings: Starting PitchingERA – #1WHIP – #1BB/9 – #3K/9 – #6H/9 – #2HR/9 – #4 Relief PitchingERA – #4WHIP – #2BB/9 – #3K/9 – #3H/9 – #3HR/9 – #14 HittingAVG – #21OBP – #6OPS – #8R – #12HR – #11SB – #18 The strength of the team, and the farm system, is pitching.  The relievers need to keep the ball in the yard, something that Brandon Morrow exceled at.  Alexander, being a ground ball pitcher, should keep the ball in the yard, but how will the others respond?  While I may have wanted Gerrit Cole, it was not because he is a top of the rotation pitcher, but because he is an innings eater and can save the bullpen somewhat.  But it appears that the Dodgers are pretty set at pitching, but could use a good contact hitter.  Recognizing that the Dodgers will not sign any of the premier offensive free agents, the only offensive player option via trade seems to be Christian Yelich.  However, the asking price for Yelich seems to be going up every day.  It has been reported that the Fish are insisting on Ronald Acuna (#6 overall MLB prospect) from the Braves in any trade.  The Dodgers do not have a Ronald Acuna to offer.  Therefore the offensive upgrade is going to have to come from internal options. It’s amazing to me to see so many sites that basically “write off” Toles.  He is listed as AAA in a number of sites, and even on the LAD Depth Chart he is only listed as the #4 LF.  IMO he has a very good opportunity and chance to become the everyday LF.  Even though a very small sample size, Toles does have positive splits both sides.   vs RHP .295/.247/.481/.828; vs LHP .278/.278/.500/.778. Some other observations as they relate to the minor leagues.  One of the other strengths the Dodgers have is catching.  After being totally inept with catching, FAZ concentrated on building up this position starting with the 2015 draft.  Now 4 of the Dodgers top 30 are catchers; Farmer, Smith, Ruiz, and Wong.  They should end up at OKC (AAA), Tulsa (AA), Rancho (A+), and Great Lakes(A).  There is also a fifth that deserves to be followed…19 year old Ramon Rodriguez who should start at Ogden in June. 1stBase seems to be where the Dodgers put big bats with questionable defense at other positions.  The depth chart lists both Edwin Rios and Matt Beaty as 1B.  Both have tried 3B but do not seem destined to play there at the ML level.  Rios actually has a good arm which keeps finding himself at 3B, but I think he stays at 1stthis year.  Beaty is also listed as a 1B, but I believe he will split time between 3B and LF.  Both Rios and Beaty bat LH, and both are good hitters, so a platoon seems out of the picture.  Ibandel Isabel should start at Tulsa, and this will be a key year to see if his power projects at the AA level. 2ndBase is chock full of utility players; Jake Peter, Angelo Mora at AAA and Drew Jackson at AA.  The first primary 2B is last year’s 15thround draft choice, Marcus Chiu, who is projected to start at Great Lakes.  Another utility player listed as a 2B, Kevin Lachance is also slated to begin the year at Great Lakes.  The Dodgers also just picked up another utility player, Donovan Solano.  At 30 he is organizational depth, probably for AA. Another position that does not seem to have a true pipeline is 3B.  As was discussed in an earlier article, there is very little in the way of top 3B prospects waiting in the wings.  Max Muncy, another utility player, is projected to start at 3B for AAA.  I like Muncy to get a legit shot to be a LH hitting utility infielder with the ML team.  There is no projected 3B for Tulsa, thus the acquisition of Independent League 3B, Wes Darvil.  Darvil is not a prospect, but a necessity to play 3B at AA.  ORGANIZATIONAL DEPTH.  Again the first primary 3B in the organization will start in A Ball.  As was Chiu, Rylan Bannon was a 2017 draft choice (8thround) and is projected to start at Great Lakes. SS seems to have a number of quality players, but none that stand out as an elite prospect.  Yet another utility player, Michael Ahmed, is projected to start at OKC.  Errol Robinson had a very good summer last year at Tulsa.  The projection shows him back at Tulsa, but I think he has a chance to go to OKC.  He’s a plus defender who seems to be being pushed through.  He seems to handle the pressure well so far.  I would like to see him start at OKC to see if he continues to handle it.  Tim Locastro also projects to play some AAA SS.  Omar Estevez should get the bulk of playing SS at Tulsa, and we will get a chance to see who the real Gavin Lux is…1sthalf 2017 or 2ndhalf.  Nobody hit well at Great Lakes in 2017, part of a very pitcher friendly league.  Now Lux gets the hitter friendly Cal League to try to justify his #1 draft position.  He was considered one of the premier high school hitting shortstops before he was drafted.  He has a strong arm, and the skills to stay at SS, but it will be his bat that will define him.  This is Lux’s big opportunity.  If he does hit, he can be a potential 2B. The Dodgers have multiple OF’s that will be up within the next couple of years.  The depth chart lists Verdugo, DJ Peters, Cody Thomas, and Jeren Kendall as the CF’s from AAA to A.  What seems odd to me is that Yusniel Diaz is listed as a corner OF, and should start at AA.  With Locastro, Blake Gailen, Travis, Taijeron, Henry Ramos, Jacob Scavuzzo, and Kyle Garlick all projected to be with OKC, there is very little chance for Diaz to start at OKC.  If Diaz continues to hit at Tulsa as he did in 2017, the logjam will mean nothing, and he will move to OKC.  Gailen and Taijeron would seem to be players with a potential quick exit.  Diaz will get promoted and play every day in CF or either corner OF position.  He is a natural CF without pop, so it might be a stretch for him to be a corner OF. Tulsa has three potential CF other than Diaz; DJ Peters, Johan Mieses, and Logan Landon.  Luke Raley and Connor Joe will be corner OF’s.   If it is not Diaz, DJ should get the CF position.  This will be a big show-me year for DJ.  He has the power, and is a plus defender with a plus arm, but he has a huge strike out problem.  He is going to need a little more plate discipline in order to move up quickly in the organization. I will be anxious to follow 2017 OF draft picks, Zach Reks and Donovan Casey, who are projected to start at Rancho.  Hopefully Heredia will become more comfortable and play at his skill level.  He struggled some at Great Lakes last year, but as a 19 year old in 2018, he will get another chance to show off his skills.  The most surprising projection for me was 2015 2ndround draft pick Mitchell Hansen scheduled to start at Rookie League.  IMO he starts at Great Lakes and gives it another try.  He is definitely running out of chances. We have talked about the starting pitchers so many times.  I would project the starting pitchers to be Buehler/Stewart/Owens/Sborz/Sopko at AAA; Dennis Santana, Yadier Alveraz, Mitch White, Caleb Ferguson, and Devin Smeltzer at AA; Jordan Sheffield, Dustin May, Chris Matthewson, and Leo Crawford at Rancho.  This should be a critical year for Josh Sborz, Andrew Sopko, and Jordan Sheffield.  The two pitchers I look forward to following are Morgan Cooper and James Marinen who will start at Great Lakes.  Imani Abdullah will get back into action this year, and should get some time at Rancho.  He is another to keep an eye on. The future relievers will probably come from the starting pitchers like Sheffield, Santana, Stewart, and Sborz, but there are some relievers who should get strong consideration.  Shea Spitzbarth, Yaisel Sierra, Joe Broussard, and Corey Copping will be closely watched.  But perhaps the most interesting reliever “prospect” is the re-converted pitcher Stetson Allie.  He does show some real promise as a high leverage reliever. It is clear that the Dodgers depth is extensive, and have a lot of prospects especially at pitcher, catcher, and OF that can be used to pick up players who can help the ML team in 2018, and/or balance the prospect list a little.  The Dodgers could use some legit prospects at 2B and 3B, and you can never have enough legit SS candidates.  The future is indeed bright.  

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  1. Awesome write-up, AC! The Dodgers outfield, catching and pitching depth is out the wazzzzooooo! Infield is a little light, but that can change. You covered every player in the Dodgers farm system except Logan White and Clayton Andrews, the last two picks of the 2017 draft!

    Just Kidding! 😉

    1. Since you asked…Logan White Jr. (C) turned down the Dodgers probable less than generous offer and is honoring his commitment to Coastal Carolina University.
      Clayton Andrews (LHP) also turned down the Dodgers offer and is honoring his commitment to Long Beach St.

      1. You have truly been paying attention… not that I would expect any less.

        The Dodgers drafted Logan White just out of showing respect for his father. They knew he would not sign. Logan said it was a “classy” move. Logan White and the Dodgers remain on very good terms. He did a a lot of good for them.

        1. He is the 3B to watch. Thank you. He and Caleb Ferguson are my favorite minor leaguers right now. They had him listed as a 1B with Nick Yarnall, and I passed right over him in my notes.

          1. Nice read, I enjoyed your takes. One note: Muncy and Peter are not on the 40 man but LoCastro is and Kike is listed as an OF but we all know he can play all over. If Kike is in the LF platoon who is the utility IF? There really is a need for a LH hitting complement as a ‘super sub’ who can move around as needed. I will wait on 25 vs. 40 man roster debates until we see what unfolds in ST but there are battles ahead in the bullpen and final bench spot with about 30 good candidates for 25 spots. The 40 man roster currently sits at 39.

            The streak of ROY candidates rests with 2 players: Buehler and Verdugo. Both probably open the season in AAA where Verdugo does not have much to prove except perhaps developing more power. Buehler just needs more command of his nasty stuff to be at least a 4 or 5 in the major league rotation. Both will have to impress to earn their shot but they could do it.

            Toles, Urias, Liberatore and Garcia are all coming off injuries but if they return to form could be pleasant surprises. Of course other players will get injured but that would also open up some spots and create opportunities. CT3 and Cody got their shots because of injuries to Logan and AGon.

            3 players are on the bubble: Thompson and Font because they are fringy on the 25 man but out of options and Kemp for obvious reasons. Keeping Kemp probably costs Toles a spot, at least to start the season. Keeping Font probably sends Stewart back to OKC where he gets regular starts. I can’t really justify keeping Thompson, his days are likely numbered.

  2. Someones been busy…That’s a lot good info.

    Are any of those pitchers more consistent then Baez? Or did he just wear-out last season?

  3. enjoyed the piece, AC

    any truth to the idea that sierra will never pitch for us because he’d impact the payroll if activated?

    1. That is the rumor. As things stand now, he will not be called up this year, because that will put him on the 40 man, and his salary kicks in. With his $6M AAV, that would put a dent in the luxury tax cushion. Of course if he is dominating AAA, and the Dodgers need a reliever at the deadline, he could get a call.

    1. Nice read, thanks for sharing! DiMaggio with 361 lifetime HR’s and 369 K’s averaged 34 of each over his 13 year career! In that era there was not as much emphasis on bullpens but still the difference is shocking. The slow death of the SB, double steal, squeeze play and moving the man over was lamented. Babe Ruth had 714 HR’s, 1330 K’s with a BA of .342 and OPS of 1.164 over his career and had a few very good years as a pitcher. Reggie Jackson had 563 HR’s, a BA of .262 with 2597 K’s and an OPS of .864 over his career. Different era, but both are in the Hall of Fame. The days of the contact hitter who could slap the ball into the gaps like Wade Boggs is slowly dying and that is sad.

      1. Based only on my recall, didn’t Wills bring back the stolen base that has since been made unpopular?

      2. Ruth also stole home 10 times! It’s funny to hear those that say the ‘Bambino’ couldn’t cut mustard in today’s MLB. I’m not in that group.

    1. If the Rangers chose to save payroll space for next year’s loaded free agent class, which of those free agents are a realistic fit in Texas?

      Gerry Fraley: Clayton Kershaw. He has never said a word on this but get the feeling bringing his family back home holds a lot of appeal for him. It would take a lot to make this work.
      I think that is one beat writer who has a feeling that coming back to Dallas has some appeal to him. Sportswriters were convinced that Stanton was going to be a Dodger. I think all Rangers fans wants Clayton to finish his career in Dallas, and they will talk themselves into believing that he will.
      I think most Dodgers fans realize that he loves LA (not as much as Dallas), can finish his career with one team, and go into the HOF as a Dodger. Sportswriters are already saying the Friedman will not let Kershaw go because of money. It would be a PR nightmare. Kershaw wants to win a WS, but even he has to admit that he has not been the “best pitcher on the planet” during the playoffs, and he has to carry some of that burden. He does not owe LA anything, but it would be nice if he brought a couple of WS Championships in his last 6-7 years (???) as a player. Dallas will always be his home, and he will get back soon enough.
      I do think he opts out, because it would be foolish to walk away from a 9 figure guarantee he will get from the Dodgers/Rangers and any number of clubs. There is a limit the Dodgers would go. The Rangers could offer $40M to $50M and not have any luxury tax issues next year. Shin-Soo Choo, Elvis Andrus, Mike Minor, Rougned Odor, and Chris Martin are the only Rangers under contract right now, and the combined salary is $54.6M. Even if they signed Darvish this year, they have room to add Kershaw.
      If Kershaw does leave (I do not think he will – which is also just a feeling), I think the Dodgers will take a long look at Dallas Keuchel. He is not Kershaw, but the Dodgers can win with Keuchel.

  4. Great analysis AC! I’m very grateful for your devotion to all things Dodger Blue and sharing that devotion with us.
    I think (maybe hope) that Gavin Lux may be a better player than most view him as presently. Alanna Rizzo recently interviewed him and I have to say it was one of the more impressive interviews I have observed of a younger minor leaguer. He was very articulate and focused. They also showed him working out – the young man is ripped. It changed my perspective of him and I truly hope he succeeds for the Dodgers. He is the type of player that is easy to root for. The following day Alanna Rizzo interviewed Alex Verdugo, and while not nearly as articulate as Lux, it was apparent that the young man received a wake up call from his time in the majors. He gave lots of credit to Curtis Gunderson for setting him “straight” and teaching him some valuable lessons. Let’s hope that pays off.
    The prospects I’m most looking forward to following next year, are DJ Peters, Donovan Casey, Morgan Cooper, Rylan Bannon, Melvin JImenez and I’ve always been a huge Kyle Garlick fan.
    I also hope that Muncy and Peters work out and that one of them makes the roster out of spring training. Hope springs eternal, before the first pitch is thrown.

  5. The Rangers will certainly not give Kershaw a better chance to win. The Astros might!

    Unless he gets injured, he will opt out. It would be stupid not to, but his best chance to go down in history as one of the best pitchers of all time in with the Dodgers. He currently has a career 2.36 ERA which is one of the best all time. His ERA at Dodger Stadium is 2.04.

    If he goes to the AL and Texas, his career ERA will certainly shoot up. Plus, he has roots in LA now as well.

    It makes no sense to me… but if he is bent on going home and Texas wants to sign him, good for him.

  6. I think the decision to resign Kershaw after this season will be based on how healthy he is this season and how many years he wants on the new contract. I think if he is healthy all season, puts up average Kershaw numbers, pitches well in the postseason, and is looking for a 4 (ideal) or 5-year deal than the Dodgers will sign him. If he is looking for a 7-year deal than I hope the Dodgers let him go, even if he has an outstanding season in 2018.

  7. I would consider giving Kershaw a 6-8 year $40 million deal (that is insured), so that he can end his career and go into the Hall of Famne as a Dodger. Barring injury, I think he will pitch effectively into his late 30’s as he evolves and develops a changeup. He could become a LH Greg Maddux. He’s a one-in-four years pitcher, who will go down in history as the greatest Dodger pitcher of all time, even though Koufax was better for 5 years.

    Clayton’s best years could be yet to come… if he stays healthy!

    1. Mark, I respect your opinion, but I personly do not agree with you. I do not think his best years are ahead of him, I never saw Koufax pitch, but at this point in Kershaw’s career, I will vote Koufax as the greatest Dodger’s pitcher. The Dodgers may give Kershaw 6 to 8 years like you say but I hope they draw the line at 5 years. That will mean pitching for the Dodgers at age 35 and that scares me but pitching in years 36, 37, and maybe 38, just so he can retire a Dodger is a decision I hope FAZ says no too.

  8. Kershaw may be of mind to just retiring after getting the ring. He’ll retire as a Dodger in any case and isn’t so interested in more money. He still has the same friends he had before he became the mega-super-star.

  9. Kershaw has $70,322,000 obligated for the next two years if he chooses not opt out. IF he is healthy, I would not think it would be unfair or unrealistic to add three years and $105M to the end of the contract. That would take the contract to $175M over five years which is greater than what the Dodgers offered to Greinke, and is equal to the overall contract amount for Stephen Strasburg, but 2 years less than his 7 year deal. It is less than Scherzer’s 7 year $210M, but with Kershaw’ first 5 years of his current contract and the additional 5 years, he will earn $320,000,000 over 10 years. This will take Kershaw through his age 35 year.
    I do not think that it is wise to go past the 5 years. Seager becomes a free agent in year 4 of the extension (2022), and Bellinger, Buehler, and Urias could all become free agents at the end of the 5 year extension (2024). If he can still pitch at 36, give him another 1-2 year deal.
    I am selfish, it is not my money, and I want Kershaw to retire as a Dodger.

    1. It just depends upon his thought process. I doubt the money is important except for his charitable wor. A few more millions may have value to him… or not!

    2. I agree AC! In an era where very few players stay with the team they broke in with, I would love to see Kershaw be one who retires with the Dodgers… maybe Seager and Bellinger too.

  10. … or maybe to stay under the salary cap, the Dodgers pay him $25 million a year and donate $15 million a year to his chairity. My CPA will have to verify the veracity of this idea!

      1. Not legally. It would be compensation to the player and a charitable contribution deduction on the player’s individual tax return. If the player is involved in any directing the charitable contribution, it becomes the player’s charitable contribution. I am sure that this type of compensation agreement has been thoroughly researched by the best tax minds in the country to try design a legal method to do so. I know that I have worked with some great tax minds who designed a strategy using charitable contributions that was immediately shot down by the IRS. There are also charitable contribution limitations that come into play.

  11. Baseball America has released their Top 100 for Pre-Season 2018. The DOdgers have 4 players on the list:
    #13 – Walker Buehler – #5 RHP
    #37 – Alex Verdugo
    #40 – Keibert Ruiz – #2 Catcher behind Francisco Mejia (Indians)
    #69 – Mitchell White
    This is going to give me some fun review time.

      1. i’d like to say ruiz is untouchable but nobody is untouchable

        the better question is would we trade him for archer?

        the fact we have barnes and smith and even wong might make me consider it

        but more likely after hating the santana/blake trade i’d advocate holding on to him

        1. I’d say Ruiz and Buehler are untouchable… Verdugo is close.

          Ruiz is superstar material.

          Archer is an innings-eater, but I don’t think he’s all that!

        2. I like the possibility of either Will Smith or Riz playing third base. Ruiz’ arm hopefully will get stronger in the next two years and Smith’s bat will be more like it was in the AFL from here on out. Posey is probably a HOF catcher but his career could be extended if he played more first base. After Turner’s contract expires, the long range solution for third could be shared by Ruiz and Smith who would also share the catcher position.
          One of the reasons I would like to see Taylor at second is that if his defense were to improve with more playing time there, he could be a long term solution for second. The Dodgers are loaded in the outfield but not at third or second as AC reminded us with his last post. With righties starting about 70% of games, and with questions about Forsythe being able to hit them well enough, things are not as settled as some believe.
          If Boston does not sign Martinez, FAZ might revisit the Puig for Bradley trade and include more players from both sides. Bradley could hit lefties better than Puig and the Dodgers have plenty of players that hit righties.

          1. Bum

            Puig did not hit lefties well last year, but he hasn’t had trouble hitting lefties, throughout his career.

          2. fair point about taylor in the longterm. 2018 i dont expect to see him play 2b except for in a pinch

          3. I agree Taylor could eventually move to 2B where his offense would shine IF a true CF candidate emerges from the top prospects. Jeren Kendall has all the tools and top end speed but must show he can hit enough. Diaz can handle it too if he hits enough as he moves up. Peters could probably play there but profiles more as a corner OF. I am hoping Peters can handle the jump to AA while cutting down his strikeouts. He was gassed (IMO) in the AFL where Diaz and Smith outplayed him. Verdugo had the same issue (IMO) in the AFL the year before when Cody outplayed him. I don’t think they move on from Puig for at least another 2 seasons but he could revert to knuckleheadedness.

        3. While I concur that there is no such label as untouchable, there are those that should be considered as such. I agree with Mark that Buehler and Ruiz fall into that category. Because of the importance of pitching, I am more inclined to say Mitchell White is closer than Verdugo. But neither are untouchable as long as it brings a game changer.
          Yoan Moncada and Gleybar Torres were considered untouchable, until they weren’t. Over the last couple of years the only player that I would have had a hard time walking away from was Chris Sale. If the Dodgers didn’t pull the trigger because they did not want to include Julio Urias, that would have been shortsighted, I said so at the time of the trade. But if it included Cody Bellinger, I might have had to think very long and hard, and probably would not have done it. The Red Sox traded Moncada, Michael Kopech (ChiSox top pitching prospect), Alexander Basabe (ChiSox #17), and lottery pick Victor Diaz. I do not think the Dodgers could have beat that and not include Bellinger. But if there has been a player that the Dodgers may have missed on at the trade deadline, it was not Cole Hamels, or David Price, or Johnny Cueto,…it was Chris Sale.

          1. AC

            Another great job!

            Thanks for putting the numbers out there, to show, why you think Toles, just might be more, then just another, platoon outfielder.

            Like I have said before, I hope the Dodgers do what the Astros did, and eliminate those three type of outcome hitters, in the line up.

            That should make our offense, much more productive.

            And I think our guys can do better, then rank twenty first, in average, next year too.

            Because that not only should help our offense be even more productive, that might help the team, get clutch hits easier, when they are needed.

            I agree with your thoughts, on Kershaw too.

    1. A long fall for Alvarez from last season. I think this year is a big year for him to establish whether or not he’s going to be a starter or relief pitcher.

      1. I was thinking the same thing. I had to go through the list several times to make sure I did not miss him.

          1. And the most current MLB Pipeline has him at 46, although I am not sure if they are going to update before the season.

  12. having seen Ruiz play while he was in the Midwest League, I would rather trade Barnes, Wong or Smith (Ray’s choice).
    His bat control and gap power with loft was amazing and as he adds strength his power will increase. He has ROY 2019/20 written all over him

  13. One thing on the Kershaw topic. Let us not forget that the Dodgers offered him a much longer deal initially. He was uncomfortable with a deal like that. Partly due to the size of such a deal and partly because of the Dodgers previous ownership. I think Kershaw will want to be a Dodger as long as they have the current ownership group and as long as he wants to play baseball. I know we all create these fairy tales of Ethier winding up in AZ, Gonzalez in SD, and Kershaw with the Rangers. Baseball is a business and it rarely works out that way.

  14. Dodgers will be competitive so let’s just get the season started. Never any guarantees except that every season is interesting in its own way. Lots of ifs, maybes, more than likelies and for sure things for the Dodgers this season. Like regular. Almost time for the show. Can’t wait.

  15. It’s rare these days for a player to spend his whole career with one team like Gwynn, Bagwell, Biggio, Larkin, Trammel and Pucket. If there is a Dodger who belongs in this group it is Kershaw who could go into the Hall of Fame like Koufax and Drysdale before him as a lifetime Dodger. I think FAZ would pony up to avoid the PR nightmare of letting him walk away unless his back flares up for a 3rd straight year.

  16. Agree, Vegas, the back thing will be big time monitored this year. Knowing Kershaw and him being with the Dodgers his whole career, plus the fact that with his faith being a huge part of his life, I can’t see him trying to drill FAZ for a huge payday like Greinke did. Kershaw is different.

  17. Cary Osborne of Dodgers Insider has a great post with Turner Ward who will be in his third year as the Dodgers Hitting Coach. Don’t they say “The Third Times a Charm?”

    It’s a great read as he looks for continued improvement from Puig, Bellinger, Taylor and Forsythe, but he ends with this about Andrew Toles:

    “Andrew is a pure hitter,” Ward said. “The guy can hit for average, can hit for power. There’s a lot of pop in his bat, and we’ve seen that not on a big scale but on a smaller scale. He’s just going to be chomping at the bit to get on the field and play.”

    1. nice read

      man, if we could somehow get production from toles, joc, and possibly kemp (not to mention keekay) . . . who needs a fulltime lf?!?

      we might have it covered

      (now watch us sign lorenzo cain tomorrow)

      1. and thats without even mentioning verdugo and diaz (whom BA is high on)

        im crossing lf off the needs list

  18. If we just had Joc and Kike as our sole LF’s, I would be fine. I think Joc is on the right track and Kike will kill LH Pitching.

    If we just had Toles and Kike as our sole LF’s, I would be fine. I think Andrew is a stone-cold hitter and Kike will kill LH Pitching.

    If we just had Kemp and Toles as our sole LF’s, I would be fine. I think Matt is looking for a comeback and Toles is (see above).

    If we just had Verdugo and Kike as our sole LF’s, I would be fine. I think Alex can hit and Kike will kill LH Pitching.

    But, we have multiple choices. WOW!

    SomethingMAJORwill work out! Bet on it!

  19. Here’s how this thing might go:

    Kemp and Joc get the bulk of reps in LF during Spring Training in the hopes both get off to fast starts.

    Kike is the SuperUtilityman.

    Verdugo and Toles go to OKC.

    In a perfect world, Kemp and Joc go crazy and (1) put up huge numbers all year; or (2) they get traded for a nice return and Toles becomes the Left Fielder. That’s my choice.

      1. I get the feeling, you may not be a Matt Kemp Fan.

        That makes two of us, but I won’t write him off… yet!

    1. feels likes toles in lf is the best case scenario with joc a super 4th of

      verdugo to aaa and kemp released or on the bench

      maybe we see more keekay in the infield this year

      trayce thompson and wilmer font for two bags of peanuts

      we could still add a depth piece for the rotation

    1. Doesn’t Kemp live in SD or LA? He’s been working out a Dodger Stadium. Seems a little strange that he would be part of Fan Fest in LA if he were in the plans for next season.

  20. I really think Darvish eventually signs with the Dodgers. I think he’s waiting for the Dodgers to move some salary and he might even take a one year “pillow contract” but at the end of the day the FO and Yu find a way to make it happen. AC and others are very detailed in their analysis, understanding of the competitive balance tax etc. but I just think they get this done. How they pull it off I’m not sure, but I think he will sign with the Dodgers.

    1. i just dont see it. we went all in with jansen and turner because they were core guys and hill was old enought to be affordable. dont see the numbers matching up.

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