Thinking Outside the Box

The Hot Stove is Cold… We are all going stir-crazy!

OK, let’s get really crazy:

The Dodgers trade Matt Kemp, Pedro Baez and Clayton Kershaw to Texas for Cole Hamels and Jose Leclerc.  That frees up $35 million in 2018.

Next, they sign Yu Darvish as a Free Agent and trade Yadier Alvarez, Yusneil Diaz, Jordon Sheffield and Kenta Maeda to Pittsburgh for Andrew McCutchen and Gerrit Cole.


  1. Hamels
  2. Darvish
  3. Cole
  4. Wood
  5. Ryu

Hill, Urias, Buehler, Oaks

Hill goes from the #2 to the #6 starter. Leclerc is a candidate to be the 8th inning man. He has some amazing stuff.


  1. Taylor  CF
  2. Seager  SS
  3. Turner  3B
  4. Bellinger  1B
  5. McCutchen  LF
  6. Puig  RF
  7. Barnes/Grandal  C
  8. Forsythe  2B

Here’s the rationale:

  • The Dodgers lose their Ace and end up with 3 Aces and several more starters in waiting.
  • Maeda fills a spot in Pittsburgh’s rotation.
  • The Pirates get salary relief and prospects.
  • Texas gets a Hometown boy and a big bat.
  • The Dodgers maybe lose the best pitcher in baseball but will be stacked for the playoffs.

Clayton Kershaw is my favorite Dodger, but this is about winning.  I think this gives the Dodgers a better chance at winning it all.  They are stacked for 2018… and beyond with this.   Hamels comes off the books in 2019 and Cole in 2020.  No long-term lock-ups.

It’s been calm… up until now.  Let’s get crazy!

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  1. What if Clayton stats throwing that curve as a primary pitch and reinvents himself as an even more dominant pitcher than before? No? Well, it’s no sillier than what you wrote

  2. Dodgers sent me (and every other season ticket holder) a coffee mug with “2017 NL Champions” on it for Xmas

    I may send this right back to them and say I don’t want this crap

  3. I wish Dodgers would of won the World Series. That would of been great.
    Being National League Champions is pretty special too. Dodgers provided a pretty awesome season for their fans.

    1. I wish the Dodgers actually played a game seven in the World Series because that was the most non-game played during the shindig. In other words the Dodgers didn’t deserve to win and that’s something they’ll take to their graves.

  4. I know I’m new here, but this seems to be more in line with thinking upon the doctors sofa…

      1. It’s all good! I was eagerly awaiting my coffee and truly hoping you were gonna update the article with Dazzy Vance walks out of the Cryonics Institute and onto the Dodgers 40 man.

        1. On the Sci-fi subject. What if the owners started secretly freezing the best players in their prime, saving them for some future Universe Series. They replace all the players with clones, but all the clones have glitches such as hip ailments…

  5. BTW, I never said I would do any of the above.

    Just ideas for conversation and reasons for me to seek help.

    1. i’m no executive but the way i would play this is try to win it all in 2018, let kershaw have his free agent experiences afterwards, then decide if we are willing to match

      it’s easy to say money is no object but we have no idea how high the numbers could get

      of course if he’s willing to negotiate now do it but i find that unlikely

  6. Mark, that is a good conversation starter. The answer is no and hell no. You are just reshuffling the cards. That does not make us better and we are giving up prospects. McCutchen is a non starter for me. Hamels is getting old. McCutchen is getting old.

  7. There is a difference between thinking outside the box and thinking outside your mind. I am guilty of throwing out some whopper trade scenarios but I never went that far. You win, I am not worthy.

  8. If I were to suggest a crazy trade it would be that the Dodgers would trade for Stanton after the 2018 season if the Yankees signed Harper.
    The Mets need an infielder. Forsythe?
    The Orioles need rotation help. Hill?
    The Re Sox need a power bat for LF. Kemp?
    The Cardinals need a closser. Maeda?
    Crazy, but the Dodgers could reduce payroll greatly with those trades.

  9. LOL…it is outside the box.

    The Pirates will want more for Cole. ..and his stock has dropped. He’s not the pitcher he was 2-3 years ago.

    Dervish is risky just because of his inconsistency. Are the Dodgers going to get game seven performances from him for 150 million? Whether it’s because he’s tipping pitches or not, that performance sealed it for me. No thanks.

    The wheels are about to come off of the Cole Hamels wagon. He’s well past 30 and he suffered from injury and poor performance last year. I diidnt want him for Seager, Joc Urias. I dont want him now. And you’re cheapening the return on Kershaw by throwing in Kemp. If you’re going to trade the best pitcher of a generation in his prime, you better be getting a lot more than Cole Hamels and some relief pitcher.

    Get back in your box, Timmons! LOL.

    1. A 2018 request for the blog:

      Paragraphs please.

      …emojis would be nice, too. That’s all millenials use to communicate these days. You need to get with it, Timmons.

  10. As great and popular as Kershaw is, I think there is a possibility that he gets traded in a blockbuster deal. This front office seem willing to do just about anything to make sure we improve our team

  11. Dodgers rumored to be in trade talks for KC lefty Scott Alexander. Also looking at taking a flyer on Kris Medlen.

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