Rule 5 Draft and 40 Man Roster

This year’s MLB Winter Meetings will be held December 10-14 in Ontario, Florida. On the final day of the MLB’s Winter Meetings, the annual Rule 5 draft takes place. Players eligible for selection must meet the following criteria:

  • Not on the MLB team’s 40 man roster.
  • 5thYear after signing initial contract is signed at 18 or younger, or;
  • 4thyear after signing initial contract is signed at 19 or older

Not every team makes a selection, but those that do must pay the team the player is selected from $100,000, and that player must be retained on the drafting club’s 25 man roster for the entire subsequent season. If the drafting team so chooses, they can remove the player from the 25 man roster only by placing the player on outright waivers and if that player clears waivers, he must be offered back to the original team for $50,000.  If the original team does not reacquire the player, that player can then be reassigned to a minor league team.  There is a minor league portion of the Rule 5 draft with the same eligibility requirements, but the selected player can be assigned to any of the drafting teams minor league affiliates without having to offer the player back to the original team.  The cost to the drafting team is $24,000 per player.


For 2016, in anticipation of the Rule 5 draft, three Dodger minor league players were added to the 40 man roster, Chase De Jong, Jacob Rhame, and Kyle Farmer. Chase De Jong was later traded to the Mariners before the season for Drew Jackson (SS) and Aneurys Zabala (RHRP).  Jacob Rhame was subsequently traded to the Mets in the Curtis Granderson trade.  The Dodgers did not lose any players in the 2016 Major League or Minor League portions of the draft.  They also did not select any player in the Major League portion of the draft.  In the Minor League portion, the Dodgers did select 30 year old LHRP Edward Paredes, who did make an appearance with the ML team in 2017 and is currently on the Dodgers 40 man roster, and 26 year old RHRP Kyle Grana who was released on July 3, 2017.


On November 20, 2017, at 7:00 Central Time, all team’s 40 man roster must be set. All players previously on the 60 Day DL must be re-established on the 40 man or be DFA or outright released.  Currently the Dodgers’ 40 man roster is full, including Scott Kazmir, Grant Dayton, and Yimi Garcia, players who were previously on the 60 Day DL.


For 2017, the Dodgers have two players who are eligible for this year’s Rule 5 draft that figure to be protected;Trevor OaksandDennis Santana. Both Oaks and Santana could find themselves on the 25 man at some point in 2018.  Jacob Scavuzzo is also eligible; however as he was left unprotected last year and was not selected, the Dodgers do not figure to protect Jacob for 2017 either.  Therefore, two players currently on the 40 man roster must be designated for assignment or outright released so that Oaks and Santana can be protected.  Edward Paredes, Wilmer Font, Josh Ravin, and Rob Segedin have been mentioned as potential players to be waived.  Others that some see to be on the bubble are Charlie Culberson, Tim Locastro, and Trayce Thompson.  Some may call for Scott Kazmir to be released for one spot.  While this would not shock me, I would think that FAZ is going to wait until spring training to see if Kaz has anything left.  They will not be afraid to release him at that time. One other thought is that Trayce Thompson does not have any options remaining, thus if he does not figure to make the 25 man roster, then maybe he is one who can be released.  Josh Ravin also does not have any remaining options which makes him more vulnerable. If I were selecting, it would be Kazmir and Segedin who would be released.  I like Rob Segedin, but pitching is more valuable, and Locastro and Culberson are better infield alternatives.


For those that want to read more about the history of the MLB Rule 5 draft…


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  1. Santana and Oaks will be on the 40-man in the next hour and a half.

    Thompson and Locastro would be my candidates to be DFA’ed!

  2. Josh Ravin has been let go so there is the first opening. I’m good with that move. Also Shawn Wooten has been let go from the organization. So, they need an assistant hitting coach in LA and a hitting coach at OKC.

  3. Grant Dayton is DFA’d and claimed by the Braves. I’m not a fan of this move, but let’s see how the entire off-season turns out. Oaks and Santana added to 40-man as expected.

      1. He grabbed Ravin too. The Dodgers thought they could sneak Dayton through waivers and got burned by AA. It would have been a better tactic after teams added their rule 5 guys to their roster.

  4. The 40 man is better this afternoon with Oaks and Santana. Both could see time in LA this year. I understand both Ravin and Dayton. Dayton turns 30 this week, and is probably out for all of 2018 (the latest report I read). For 2019, he will be 31 and several months and out for nearly two years with a variety of injuries including TJ surgery. I liked Dayton, but is he better than Cingrani? Liberatore was very good until he got hurt in 2016. Hopefully he comes back healthy for 2018. FAZ apparently also believes that Paredes is a better risk going forward. Avilan is still on the roster, and there are rumors of LHRP to be signed. Dayton came out of nowhere to earn that spot in 2016, but did not pitch well at all in 2017.
    Josh Ravin is out of options making him vulnerable. FAZ must not have figured that he would have been on the 25 man coming out of spring training. He will be on the Braves 25 man. He throws hard, but does not always have the command he needs to dominate with. Maybe he learns that in Atlanta.
    There could be more on the move if FA’s are signed, and a roster spot needs to be opened.

    1. I could care less about Ravin. His command is bad and he throws a fastball with no movement. Dayton when healthy was better than Cingrani, Liberatore, and Avilan. Unfortunately, he couldn’t repeat his breakout year. Hopefully, two years from now when he returns the Dodgers pen will be so strong he won’t be missed like Paco.

  5. I guarantee FAZ knew it was very likely that Dayton and Ravin would be claimed by someone, especially Anthropoulos. Like AC mentioned, Dayton likely won’t pitch in 2018, unless it’s late in the season. Ravin? Ho hum!

    This may mean that Tony Watson is being considered. He might be smart to take a 2 year deal. Avilan seems solid and Cingrani is the new LH man in the pen. If the Dodgers just leave Stewart in the pen he can be very good. He was outstanding as a reliever last year… not so good as a starter!

    The fact is, I could see Santana and Oaks in the pen next year. Maybe not early in the season… but later. The Dodgers have a plethora of arms.

    1. Oaks could be that middle innings guy that you turn to when you need a DP. I look forward to seeing Santana. I’ve been keeping an eye on him ever since he made the Midwest League All-Star team despite a terrible record at the time.

  6. I had a dream the other night. The Dodgers traded a lot of prospects to the Angels for Mike Trout. Mike became our centerfielder and Taylor moved to second base and we lived happily ever after.

    If we got Stanton and moved Taylor to the infield what would or could our outfield look like?
    I saw a big improvement in Joc’s swing and results in the Astro series. Could he hit well enough to slot in between Stanton and Puig ?


    We could have 6 or 7 guys with 30 or more home runs.

    1. I’d be happy with Toles in CF over Joc.

      We could make that lineup in a variety of different ways hitting Stanton anywhere from 3rd-5th.

    1. Well, the Astros lived by the long ball and the Dodgers died by the long ball in the World Series, so I guess your hypothesis is correct.

      Here’s the biggest difference: The Yankees were first in the AL in HR with 241, but the Astros were right behind them with 238. However, the Astros were last in strikeouts. That is a rare combination: First in HR and last in strikeouts.

      Just like the Astros, the Dodgers were just 3 HR from leading the league, so home runs are not bad. However, strikeouts are somewhat bad and unlike the Astros, who had the least strikeouts in the AL, the Dodgers were 7th in strikeouts. That’s where they can improve.

      Homeruns are not your enemy. Strikeouts are. Just ask Cody Bellinger.

  7. The Braves got hammered with their penalty. They’re losing 12 prospects who have been declared free-agents.

  8. I sense a lot of desire for Giancarlo Stanton on this site. I am one who believes it will not happen, but I can certainly play along. It appears that SF has emerged as the favorite, so it would seem that the luxury tax is not a consideration for them. They do have luxury tax concerns that run longer than the Dodgers. Names that I have seen that bandied about are 1B/ OF Curtis Shaw (Bats L, throws R), RHSP Tyler Beede (college teammate of Walker Buehler and Jordan Sheffield), and 18 Year Old OF Heliot Ramos (Bats R, Throws R). I cannot see the Giants being able to assume 100% of the existing Stanton contract, so they will have to include a bad contract. Pence at $18.5M is too much, but Span at $9M this year (luxury tax value at $11M) and $4M buyout next year.
    Shaw (24) is a poor man’s Bellinger. He has excellent power, and should hit for a decent BA, but no real defense, and even less running skills. His lack of speed probably keeps him at 1B, but that is where Justin Bour (also bats L) is set. Beede (24) is the top pitching prospect, who had a very unimpressive year at AAA Sacramento last year. Ramos is the unknown. He probably has the highest ceiling, but who can tell with 18 year olds. Shaw, Beede, and Ramos are Giants 2, 3,& 4 prospects, but none are top 100. I have not heard about Christian Arroyo being included.
    If the Dodgers want to put something together, they can certainly beat the Giants players that have been mentioned. Yadier Alvarez is younger with a higher ceiling than Beede, Alex Verdugo or Yusniel Diaz (both younger and better than Shaw), Gavin Lux,or Omar Estevez, or Jordan Sheffield. I would also include Scott Kazmir and Erisbel Arruebarrena as dead contracts. The Dodgers would retain the deferred compensation for Kazmir as that will not be a luxury tax consideration in future years, and would reduce 2018 by $8M. Arruebarrena has a $6.5M luxury tax hit so there probably will need to be some additional cash for the Arruebarrena contract (say $1.5M).
    The total cash hit would be comparable to the Span contract, but the Dodger prospects are better than the Giants.
    But I am still inclined to let the Giants have Stanton. There is no guarantee that he will duplicate last year, or even stay healthy for the full year. I do not see him opting out after 2020. It is totally out of the comfort zone for FAZ. But it is still fun to try to put something together.

      1. He has never said that he would not waive the no-trade to SF. He has only said that he would not waive the no trade for St. Louis and Boston. He may not waive it to SF, or he may, to get back on the West Coast. I have never doubted that the Dodgers cannot beat any team on a trade proposal. I just do not see them taking on that contract.

    1. Also, I would rather use whatever luxury tax room that may be available for Morrow, Minor, and Britton. I can live with a platoon of Kike’ and Toles in left if we have a Game Over bullpen.

      1. I would love that pen, but that may be as much of a dream as Stanton.

        This is kind of like “Will Kershaw opt out?”I don’t know because I don’t know if he wants to go to Texas.

        I don’t know how bad Giancarlo wants to come back to LA, but if he does, he holds all the cards.

        The Dodgers don’t have to do anything… unless it makes sense.

    2. I agree 100% let the giants have Stanton if the Dodgers are going trade away prospects and a few Dodger players then do it for Ozuna and Yelich and move Taylor to second.

      1. Ozuna and Yelich will cost more in players than Stanton, most likely.

        I am on record that you build from within. When you make a deal like for Stanton, it has to be what is best for you. Several things would have to happen:

        1. Stanton would have to reject any other trade (I have no idea how likely that is);
        2. The Dodgers would assume the entire contract, but Miami would have to take back Kazmir’s and Gonzo’s contracts in 2018 to make it fiscally possible in 2018;
        3. Gonzo would have to waive his no-trade clause (how much would that cost?);
        4. The prospects would be minimal. Toles and Pederson might be in the mix along with Alvarez and Diaz.
        5. For all that to happen is very unlikely, but there is a chance.

        That said, I would be happy with Pederson, Toles, Verdugo and Kike fighting it out for LF.

        1. I am with AC, trade Joc and Grandal for some really good arms, for the pen.

          I feel Joc has been given more then a chance, and he didn’t take advantage of it.

          He came to spring training in the last two years out of shape, and heavier, each year.

          And that is probably why his defense is not the same.

          How many young players would have loved to get the chance, that Joc was given, in the last three years, on a team like the Dodgers?

          The Dodgers need to get rid of there all or nothing hitters, like the Astros did.

  9. If I had to predict today, what the Dodger’s OPening Day Lineup would be, here it is:

    1. Taylor CF
    2. Seager SS
    3. Turner 3B
    4. Bellinger 1B
    5. Puig RF
    6. Forsythe 2B
    7. Barnes C
    8. Kike LF
    9. Kershaw

    Against MadBum!

  10. I would trade kershaw, pederson, and Forsyth to the cards for Martinez,Wong, grinchuk, Pham and Alcantra plus cash then send Wong, grinchuk, Pham, Alvarez, to Miami for Stanton and Gordon the cards would get the best pitcher in baseball plus power, and a replacement second basemen. The marlins salary relief plus a second basemen and a good starting outfielder. The dodgers get an ace right hander a base stealer and a masher. The cards wouldn’t go for it but there might be a chance for a 3 team trade with other parts.

    1. Trading Kershaw would be a major PR disaster. Stanton’s contract would be an albatross. Sign Darvish and Otani and trade for Plam or Osuna.

  11. Realistically, I doubt that Stanton will become Dodger (I hope so) so I think it is very possible that this is the line up next season.
    CF.- Taylor
    SS.- Seager
    3B.- Turner
    1B.- Bellinger
    RF.- Puig
    LF.- Pederson
    2B.- Forsythe
    C .- Grandal
    P .- Some other different pitcher (Maybe Arrieta)

    We do not need an extra bat, what we really need is a good No. 1 arm and you let Clayton handle the No. 2, even without Clayton Dodgers would have won the divisions, and even with him we have not won anything !!!

    As the great Albert Einstein said:
    ” Do not expect different results, if you always do the same ”

    1. I’m sure Clayton would be thrilled to be #2 and would jump at the opportunity to sign an extension with the club after next season. Excellent analysis.

  12. 1 – The Marlins have said that they have no intention to trade either Ozuna or Yelich. They are relatively inexpensive and good and the Fish are trying to dump payroll, not trade all of their good players. Forget them.
    2 – The Dodgers aren’t going to commit the next 11 years to Giancarlo Stanton. He’s under contract through 2028 and his salary, which will be $25MM next year, escalates annually until it reaches $32MM for 3 years beginning in 2023. The Dodgers don’t have that great a need and why would they tie themselves to that kind of a deal? It is completely contrary to everything that the Braintrust has done since they got to LA.
    3 – The Dodgers are not going to pay big $$ to any setup man. The most money that they paid to any non-Jansen reliever last year was…(wait for it)…$2.2 MM to Sergio Romo. The second most paid to a non-Jansen reliever in 2017 was $1.5 MM to Luis Avilan. In 2016, they paid the princely sum of $4 MM to Joe Blanton (!). They aren’t going to pay $8 – 9 MM/year for 23 or 4 years to Minor or Morrow. I agree with AC that the only way that they will pay out that kind of money to a non-Jansen reliever would be for 1 season via a trade (like Britton).
    4 – The Dodgers will look to cut payroll but not at the expense of losing keep players. Do they try to trade Grandal if he’s going to make $7 MM next year?
    5 – Given that the Dodgers’ vaunted “depth” consisted of numerous injury-prone pitchers like McCarthy, Kazmir, Hill, and Ryu, do the Dodgers trade from their depth given the likelihood that most of their starters will be on the DL this year for salary relief and assume that 1 or more of their young pitchers will step up this year, or do they hold on to the “depth” in light of the inevitable movement of most of the rotation to the DL?

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