Memo to Self: Don’t Second Guess!

I have been really busy this week and have not had time to post, so this evening I had some time, and I sat down and was going to ridicule the fact that Dave Roberts did not put Austin Barnes in the lineup.  I started it and then the Dodgers scored 6 runs in the first two innings. Here it was:

Of Course, You want the Best Hitter in Baseball Against RHP on the Bench!

That way you can use him as a pinch hitter!

Among hitters who have more than 80 AB’s, Jose Altuve, who is leading the AL in hitting, is second in all of baseball in batting average against RH Pitching with a .353 BA.  The number one player for hitting RH Pitching in all of baseball is Austin Barnes who is hitting .356 against them.  Altuve has a .414 OB% while Barnes has a .472 OB%.

Well, it didn’t make any difference as the Dodgers came out and took care of business.  So, back to the drawing board! I will never second guess again… until the next time!


  • Andre Ethier is looking for a spot on the playoff roster.  He’s starting to earn it. Maybe Kike and Andre platoon?
  • Alex Wood is getting by with off speed stuff – his stuff is not filthy like earlier this year.
  • One of the biggest differences between the Dodgers and Nats is that Edwin Jackson couldn’t start for OKC and he’s the Nats #5.
  • My, oh my!  How Yasiel Puig has grown!
  • It does look like the worm has turned- it looks like the Dodgers are back… just in time for the playoffs!

Here’s why I have been so busy:

Our Kitchen – August 23rd until today:

Not 100% done but about 97.8% done.

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  1. Ethier has hit Edwin Jackson fairly well in the past. His slash line before tonight was .294/.333/.647/.980 (18PA/17AB) with 2 HR’s. I hope he gets a shot at AJ Cole on Saturday. I doubt that he gets a shot at Strasburg as he is 1-10 lifetime.
    The Dodgers are not going to see Scherzer or Gonzalez this weekend, and the Nationals are not going to get a late season look at Kershaw or Darvish.
    While many on here wanted to bench a 15-3 pitcher with a 2.69 ERA, 1.06 WHIP, and a 3.89 BB/K ratio, I wonder how many Nationals fans want to bench a pitcher who is 14-6 and a 2.59 ERA because he has had back to back bad starts. I am sure all is forgiven with Scherzer, expect him to pitch next week, and expect a strong performance and win. After 6 shutout innings against the Nationals and facing the top 4 in the lineup for the third time, with 1 walk and 8 strikeouts, maybe some could hold off wanting Wood benched so he could have at least one more start. Maybe Alex is actually learning how to be a pitcher instead of a thrower. While not drawing a comparison, Greg Maddux didn’t crack 90 all that often.
    The Drillers were shutout by the Midland RockHounds 2-0 in Game 3 of the Texas League Championship Series. Brandon McCarthy went 6 innings allowing the 2 runs, 5 hits, 0 walks, and 2 strikeouts and got the loss. Josh Sborz went the final three, 0 runs, 0 hits, 3 walks. Blake Gailen had 2 hits for the sole offensive highlight.
    Rich Hill vs. AJ Cole. Dodgers should be favored.

    1. The bench Wood stuff is silly. I want to see more Andre. I’d like to seem him against some good pitching. Not just Edwin Jackson and Joey Pancakes. I want to see if he has the bat speed to hit the plus heater.

    2. Alex Wood went from throwing 95 with filthy stuff to 91-92 with good stuff and great control – he IS really evolving as a pitcher. I was hoping that he could pitch like he did in the first half, but I think his body would not take it – it was unsustainable. I mean, his stuff was as good as about anyone earlier this year. Now, he is dialing his fastball back and being very effective. He is becoming more like Rich Hill and Clayton Kershaw. I would say he’s the #3 now. No question about who #1 and #2 are. If Rich Hill can continue to improve, the playoff rotation is nearly set…. and maybe the Dodgers will peak at the right time.

    1. My opinion is “once a knucklehead, always a knucklehead. ”

      It just that now he is on meds for it! 😉

  2. Puig is just impressing the hell out of me right now. A couple months ago I was all for trading him for a warm six pack. Now the guy is getting flat out dangerous in the lineup. Maybe Joc could take some lessons on how Puig turned himself around. If not, I don’t think he will even make the play-off roster. Had such high hopes for my boy Jocy, what the heck happened?

  3. Utley

    Verdugo was late yesterday so he’s in the dog house. Is it too much to see Andre once every four days. These guys have about 50 AB’s left in the season to find a groove.

    1. I was thinking when Puig made that throw to 2B nearly getting Zimmerman it would put some hesitancy in the Nats minds about trying to run on him in the playoffs.

    2. Hawkeye

      I think Ethier needs to be out on the field to see how he will be on defense, with just coming back, after not playing everyday for two years, almost as much as he needs at bats, including the reason you talked about, Hawkeye.

    3. Hawkeye

      Why is Granderson hitting ahead of Barnes, should be the question?

      Barnes is not going to get many good pitches to hit, with Granderson hitting in front of him, and Joc hitting after him.

      Both those guys, are hitting 100 points lower then the Mendoza line, in the last couple of months.

      And it is to bad Verdugo did that, because he is a much better hitter, then Granderson or Joc.

  4. I thought some of those 19’s would turn to 20’s this series in that park and the likes of Edwin Jackson pitching.

  5. This will be an interesting game for Hill, because when Trea Turner got on base, in the post season, when Hill was pitching, Hill couldn’t stop Trea’s running game, and Hill didn’t pitch very well, when Trea was on base, and running, so let’s see, if he has prepared himself, for Trea’s running game!

    The only reason I think Joc is in this game, is to give a day off to Taylor.

    Because on what was suppose to be Taylor’s last day off, Roberts ended up using him.

    And Taylor has been scuffing a little lately, so he probably needs this day off, to get some rest, along with a mental rest from baseball.

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