Just Another Middle Infield Prospect – Errol Robinson

Last Monday when the Dodgers acquired Yu Darvish, Tony Watson, and Tony Cingrani, the Dodgers traded four players from their top 30 prospect list; Willie Calhoun, Brendon Davis, AJ Alexy, and Oneil Cruz.  That opened the door for four new members of the Dodgers top 30.  Jacob Rhame returned to the top 30 and #is now listed at #28.  Three new members of the top 30 are:

#27         Cristian Santana (3B)

#29         Luke Raley (OF)

#30         Errol Robinson (SS)

While everyone was gushing over HS SS Gavin Lux, Billy Gasparino quietly drafted a 21 year old SS from Ole Miss in the 6thround, Errol Robinson.  Scouting reports indicated Robinson had the infield actions, body control, quickness and average arm strength for the position.  Mike Bianco, his Ole Miss head coach was not surprised that Robinson was drafted within the first ten rounds.  Per Bianco, “He’s got great range. I think the thing that’s really special about Errol is he’s got great hands. If he touches it, he catches it. He just doesn’t miss balls.” “In our league, there were so many outstanding shortstops that were draft eligible,” added Bianco. “Because Errol was just a sophomore, he kind of flew under the radar.”

After his sophomore season, Errol played in the prestigious Cape Cod Summer League. Facing some of the best college pitchers in the nation, he hit .312 while using his above-average speed to be a useful, if not prolific, base stealer.  It was his summer play that improved his draft status quite substantially.

Per Billy Gasparino, “Robinson had a good track record at short, he hit in the Cape [Cod League], he’s a good find in the sixth round.”

He started out slowly as a professional, but finished with a slash line of .282/.336/.395/.732 all with Ogden.  His 2017 season did not start until May 12 at Great Lakes.  On June 9, Errol was promoted to

Rancho Cucamonga, and on June 29 he was promoted to Tulsa.  He proceeded to improve offensively at each level.  At Great Lakes he batted .247/.291/.455/.745.  At Rancho he batted .286/.342/.514/.856 (offensive league).  At Tulsa (where he has played most of the year), he is batting .309/.383/.390/.773 (more of a pitcher’s league).  So while he is batting for a less slugging % at Tulsa, his BA and OBP have improved and are very encouraging for a middle infielder.

When drafted, Errol Robinson was an off the radar SS project who has worked extremely hard to propel himself into a legit prospect.  One other thing I noticed about Errol…every picture I have seen of him, he always has a smile.



OKC  lost to Las Vegas 51s (Mets) 3-2 in 13 innings– Eddie Gamboa started his first OKC game and went a respectable 6 innings, allowing 2 runs on 6 hits, 1 walk, and 4 strikeouts.  Chris Hatcher replaced Gamboa in his first OKC rehab appearance.  He pitched 2 innings, allowing 1 hit, one walk, and 4 strikeouts.  Jacob Rhame (1 inning), Joe Broussard (2 innings) and Jeremy Bleich (1 inning) followed with scoreless innings. In the bottom of the 13th,  Edward Paredes came in and promptly hit the first batter and then followed that with three walks to score the winning run.  Max Muncy hit a pinch hit HR (10th) in top of the 9th to tie the game at 2-2.  Henry Ramos had 2 of the 5 OKC hits.

Tulsa lost to Arkansas Travelers (Mariners) 3-2 in 10 innings– Matt Beaty had yet another multi-hit game going 2-4, including his 25th double.  Scott Barlow started for the Drillers and went 6 innings, allowing 2 runs on 4 hits, 2 walks, and 9 strikeouts.

RC Quakes lost 6-3 to Lancaster JetHawks (Rockies) –Ibandel Isabel provided the loan highlight with a 3 run HR to account for all three runs.  Isabel now leads the California League with 23 home runs.  DJ Peters follows with 22/

Great Lakes 4-2 win over Dayton Dragons (Reds)– Dustin May pitched well and recorded his 7th win for the Loons.  He pitched 6 innings, allowing 1 run on 6 hits, 0 walks, and 4 strikeouts.  34th round draft choice Dan Jagiello pitched in his 4th game for the Loons, and recorded his first save, pitching a scoreless 9th inning.  Jared Walker had two hits (including his 8th HR), while Cristian Santana hit his 4th.

Ogden lost 7-5 to Billings Mustangs (Reds)– There was no memorable pitching in this game.  Donovan Casey, Romer Cuadrado, and Garrett Hope each had two hits.  Brock Carpenter hit his 3rd HR for the Raptors.

AZL Dodgers 4-1 win over AZL Athletics– Pascal Amon, Jair Camargo, Jefrey Souffront, and Kevin Aponte had two hits apiece.  James Marinan started and went his usual 1 inning.  They are being very careful with him.  Alfredo Tavarez followed with 5 scoreless innings to get the win.  Yeison Cespedes and Colby Nealy pitched the final 3 innings with Nealy getting his 1stsave.  Nealy continued his fast start to his professional career.  He pitched in his 10thgame, allowing only 1 earned run in his 15.1 IP.





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  1. Thanks for the informative writeup on Errol Robinson. I didn’t realize he had gone up through Tulsa already. Looks like he is doing well there. It’s always fun to watch rangy shortstops take away hits in support of your pitcher.

  2. A scout friend of mine absolutely lovers Errol Robinson. I have not seen him, but he says he has soft, quick hands and a very quick bat.

  3. I thought Grandal called a very good game last night. Darvish and Grandal seemed to be on he same page all night.

    Do I dare say one more time, Taylor looks tired. Hell, I will keep saying it , if he keeps hitting home runs.

    1. Idahoal

      You must have saw the list on the broadcast last night, that I saw, that Taylor was on, for what he is doing right now.

      And I saw Babe Ruth, and I believe Lou Gehrig, on that same list, so Taylor is in great company, right now, so I would say he is doing just fine.

      AC thank you for bringing your knowledge of the farm to us, like only you can do!

  4. It seems like a pitcher gives warning that a DL is around the corner and that warning is interpreted by many as proof that the pitcher is not good enough to be Dodger or have any trade value. Hatcher might be one of those pitchers. Urias gave warning before he wound up needing surgery with a slow start this year.
    Brace yourselves–Hatcher might make the post-season team if he is healed and finishes the season well.
    Every Dodger is trying to prove something and that means there will not be any coasting through the season. There is a fight going on to make the post season roster and another one about final stats. Turner will want to hit above .330, Bellinger will want to hit 40 HR, Cory will want to have a chance at MVP, Taylor will want a full season of what he has done so far, Puig wants to show consistency, Joc will want to demonstrate he isn’t too dumb and slow, and the entire pitching staff is either fighting for a spot on the 25 or wanting to step it up in the post-season.
    Can the Dodgers win 116?

    1. I don’t see, nor do I want to see, Hatcher on the playoff roster.
      Joc needs to step it up big time. I hope he does, but I’m not holding my breath.
      Clayton and Yu will lead the team to the promised land. All aboard the Yu train.

        1. ditto on Hatcher. I always get a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach when he comes in to pitch. And one time we had like a 10 run lead…

        1. Barlow had a WHIP of 1.86 at AAA – he has struggled for whatever reason, so when Stewart was optioned, he was the logical man to go down.

          1. Thanks.

            Was it an issue with a specific pitch?

            With command?

            With general stuff?

            No worried if nobody knows

  5. Have to be a fielding bible contender to get Seager out of shortstop. I haven’t seen him or heard of him so have no opinion.

    1. I take Mark’s point – very rare to see the combination of power and defensive ability that you get with Seager. Very short list that includes Lindor and Correia. I think Seager is more solid defensively than Correia. Personally, I really covet the slick fielding Lindor (who also has better hitting stats than Seager so far) but we are really lucky the Dodgers have Seager. So no complaints – just more to talk about (this is LADodgerTalk, right?)
      Given what the Dodgers have with Seager, I’m curious what their strategy is for collecting talented young shortstop prospects. Either they see how these prospects develop hitting wise and covert them to other infield positions (or in the case of CT3, even outfield positions). Or, they are building up more trade capital for future transactions. Or, if lightening strikes, and they find themselves with the next Lindor… 😉

      1. Knight

        Lindor doesn’t have better offensive numbers then Corey.

        Corey300/398/528/ 925

        Lindor 270/ 325/ 488/ 801

        1. The discussion was specifically around power numbers – how many HR’s do each of them have?

          1. Knight

            Corey has one more HR, and Corey has a higher batting average, OBA, slugging percentage and a higher OPS.

            And OPS is the stat that shows a player’s production, and Corey’s OPS is a hundred plus points higher.

  6. Mark would you post a couple of pics of a young Ted Williams. I can find them I just wouldn’t know how to put them here. I saw a resemblance when I first saw Cody but the more I see him and his swing along with his body type makes for an interesting comparison. I searched images of Ted and there were some early black and white photos that made me wonder about reincarnation.
    Looking forward to the game. I hope each of you have been enjoying these games and this season as much as I have been.
    This team will not coast after clinching the Division. They will play everyday day like they are playing now. All the way to the last game of the World Series.

    1. Still only 3 runs down. We can(will) overcome that and Hill has been fine since then with 6K’s

  7. This team is unbelievable, I mean really? Is this really happening???

    Christ and Puig, could not be happier for these two. Puig has seemed to go from a clubhouse menace to favorite.

    Bellinger, my goodness.

    And, Turner just homered


  8. Dave Roberts deserves more credit, had no idea we were getting this. He is truly an amazing Manager.

  9. When Agon comes back, Taylor to CF, Bells to LF, Agon to 1st?



    1. No leave Bellinger @ 1B because when playing 1B he’s hitting .299( not including today). Playing LF he’s at .207. I love AGon he’s been great for us but he doesn’t have the agility nor the quickness of Bellinger. Apparently Bellinger doesn’t feel confortable in LF and it shows in his splits.

      1. Our relievers need to get their act together, because they gave up another HR today.

        That was the fourth HR in five games, that one of our relivers came in, and gave up a HR.

      2. Richie

        That was just right after Cody had came up.

        He has adjusted on and off, a bunch of times, since he last played left.

        That may not be a true
        cause and effect.

        Because that wasn’t a very big sample size.

        1. The good news about having a 14 game lead is that we have plenty of time to figure it out!

          Closer sample size then I had thought:
          194AB at 1B batting .299
          121AB at LF batting .207

          But he also has 207AB batting in the clean up spot, close to the 1B AB’s, wonder if that had anything to do with it, when he was in LF, he was called up and hit all over the place.

          If AGON somehow finds himself again, his bat over Joc would be a nice upgrade, but the TURTLE is real and it’s hard to watch, but so is Joc. I feel like the next two months FAZ will experiment with it.

          Who knows

  10. Had no need to ask for what was too much to ask for. They did it just the same. The impossible.

  11. Knight

    Also Corey has better defensive metrics.

    Corey has 5 runs saved, and Linder is a negative one, on runs saved.

    Corey WAR is 4.7 and Lindors War, is 3.1.

    Corey doesn’t have bad defensive metrics at all.

    He only has one negative number, and that is not a large number at all.

    Look at both players, defensive metrics.

  12. Bases empty HR with a 4 run lead I understand as he did not want to walk anyone. Watson’s slider was filthy today against lefties. Puig looks like he gets along with everyone pretty well in the dugout. Cody is on another hot streak, Cory is on another level, nice to see JT go deep and Taylor must need some rest! Ryu against Matz tomorrow, a very winnable game as they go for another sweep and a 4 game win streak heading to AZ.

    1. Vegas, Do you remember what the Dodgers pre-season odds were to win the Series? Also, did you wager on them?

  13. The Westgate (old Hilton) which sets most early lines had them at 10-1 and they were at 9-1 other places. Watford said he got 12-1 (perhaps in England) They are currently at 2.5 to 1 (plus 250) and no I did not bet them, it has been since 1988 after all. I hate tying up betting capital for 6 months. I did have them today though and cleaned up yesterday at -120 which seemed like a gift the way they have been playing, but the odds makers were leery of Darvish and bullish on DeGrom. I sensed a playoff mentality would bring out the best in the hitters and Darvish having never been seen by the Mets would cause them problems. Some of the wins on this streak have defied logic with the comebacks and walk offs. I don’t normally bet much on favorites but 43 and 7 is hard to ignore.

    1. I’m going to have to look you up if I ever get back to Vegas and hit the race books with you. My father ran the book at the Harrahs in Tahoe during the late 50s and early 60s. He got killed (financially speaking) when the Dodgers lost to the Giants in the ’62 tie-breaker series. All the money was coming in for the Giants and he thought he had it made going into the 9th with the Dodgers leading 4-2 only to end up losing 6-4. He never liked the Dodgers after that.

    1. Good prediction of 7-3 when it was 3 to 0, almost perfect! The last team to go 43 and 7 was the 1912 Giants, 105 years ago! Of course the 42-8 streak Mattingly’s Dodger team put up in 2013 did not win the WS, still a lot of October Baseball to be played. The 1912 Red Sox beat the Giants in the WS that year. The most wins of all time was by the Mariners in 2001 with 116, who were eliminated by the Yankees in the ALCS. The regular season record means nothing in the playoffs.

      I think Faz was aware of these facts when making the move for Darvish and the lefties. Win or lose this year (and they seem like a team of destiny) no one can say Faz did not go for it all.

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