There are several sites that I routinely check daily (or several times per day) for coverage of the Dodgers – TrueBlueLA,, Dodgers Insider, LADodgerTalk (of course), the Dodgers team page, and others. I also check out national sports news sites to see how the national sports press is covering the Dodgers, but am frequently confronted with no national news about my team at all. I suspect that the national sports media doesn’t care much about my Dodgers.

To check out my hypothesis about how the nation’s sports media covers baseball and how that coverage effects coverage of the Dodgers, I started by looking at’s MLB page on 7/16. Here are the top stories:

  • Coverage of Yankees/Red Sox game
  • Coverage of Cubs’ victory over Orioles after obtaining Jose Quintana
  • Coverage of A’s plans to rebuild
  • Coverage of Nationals in light of new bullpen acquisition.

Of the 54 stories listed on ESPN’s MLB page, 2 covered the Dodgers – one about Rich Hill in light of Sunday’s performance (was it for real?) and the weekly power ranking listing the Dodgers #1.

23 were about the Yankees or Red Sox. 5 covered the Cubs.

So then I looked at CBS Sports and Fox Sports. CBS Sports had 18 stories on baseball on its MLB page – none about the Dodgers.

Fox Sports had 29 baseball stories on its MLB page – none about the Dodgers.

Mind you the Dodgers had just swept the Marlins. The games were played in Miami meaning the 3 hour west coast time delay which allegedly affects sports coverage of west coast teams didn’t apply. The Dodgers had just won 9 in a row; 29 out of 33. The team is 1stin W-L percentage, 1stin run differential. They are 3rdin OPS, 1stin team ERA (by nearly ½ run/game) 1stin WHIP, 2ndin strikeouts. They are on pace for 111 wins this season – yet nearly no national coverage.

(By the way – the best team in baseball had no one voted to start in the All Star Game – funny how lack of coverage might affect fan voting?)

So, given the recent lack of coverage of the best team in baseball, I looked back at some old research on the same subject.

  • In an article in the Orange County Register 9/9/10, the author noted that in 2010, the Yankees ranked 2nd, the Rays 3rd, the Marlins 5thin Webgems (the defensive highlights shown on ESPN’s Baseball Tonight). The Dodgers were 25th, the Padres 26th, the Giants 27thand the Angels were 30th.
  • In an article in Baseball Continuum 5/10/12, the author listed the teams with the most appearances in Sunday Night Baseball between 2007 and 2011. They were:
  1. Yankees
  2. Red Sox
  3. Cubs and Cardinals (tied)
  4. Mets
  5. Phillies

The Dodgers were 7th, Braves 8th, Angels 9thand Tigers 10th.

In another article covering the same subject between 2005 and 2014, the Yankees appeared on Sunday Night Baseball 51 times – 10.3%. The Dodgers were the top west coast team – 7.1%. Two teams (the Mariners and Blue Jays) hadn’t appeared a single time in a decade. The Marlins D-Backs, Rockies and Twins had appeared once. Pittsburgh played twice, but only in 2014 after making the playoffs in 2013. Oh – and by the way, although the Yankees were shown most often, Fenway Park was the stadium where the most games were hosted on Sunday Night Baseball and the Sox were shown 2ndmost. Of the 248 Sunday Night Baseball games televised in the decade in question, 31 of them featured the Red Sox playing the Yankees (12.5%).

So – is there an east coast bias when it comes to baseball coverage? Of course there is. The Dodgers are lined up to be the best team (regular season) in years and one of the top in the expansion era – but not many people outside of LA are likely to know it. We’ll continue to get stories about Aaron Judge and the Cubs going for it, but the Dodgers will largely be left out of the discussion.

— Written by DodgerRick

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  1. There is a bias…but the time difference plays a large part in it. Whenever I have to go to the East coast, it’s all about East and Midwest teams. I don’t find out how the West coast teams fared until the next morning.But I don’t let the bias bother me too much. It is what it is. What they don’t know won’t hurt them…until the Dodgers romp in the playoffs.

  2. Mark

    I bet your thoughts about how hard it was for you to get Dodger info in NY, back when, gave you this idea.

    Just the fact that most people in the east are not up when the west coast team’s play at home, has to be part of the bias.

    On the MLB Channel, they have mentioned the Dodgers in there news every morning.

    And Quick Pitch has began there broadcasts, with the excerpts of all the Dodger games, in the last week, and that is on the MLB Channel too.

  3. I completely agree. All you have to do is look at ESPN Sunday night baseball games. Best thing team in baseball and how many times have the Dodgers been on? Even when they do broadcast the Dodgers, the announcers want to all about other things. I am really happy they do not broadcast Dodger games. They just make me mad.

  4. I completely agree. All you have to do is look at ESPN Sunday night baseball games. Best team in baseball and how many times have the Dodgers been on? Even when they do broadcast the Dodgers, the announcers want to all about other things. I am really happy they do not broadcast Dodger games. They just make me mad.

  5. Funny how you guys brought this up, i have been searching MLB, FOX, and ESPN, for the last week, not a damn thing about the Dodgers, Ken Rosenthal has no recent articles at all about them. Think about it guys, this is a team that has won 9 in a row, is absolutely on FIRE, and…. nothing. If this was the Yankees, Red Sox, or Cubs you would be hearing about the coronation of the next dynasty, how the players on some of those teams are locks for the Hall of Fame. Where is a story about how much the depth factor and the farm system has spawned a new age of thinking in the baseball world, or how Roberts is one of the top 3 managers in the game. But let’s get real, the rings do the talking. As much as I hate the Giants(Down to my baseball soul), they rode the current group to 3 titles, and I know they suck right now and the window has closed, but I would take those damn rings in a Vin Scully minute just to suck for a few more years after. Damn I want a ring.

    1. Most of the baseball “pundits” (Ken Rosenthal types) are rumor mongers especially this time of year. Right now, most Dodger rumors are those started by Dodger fans. FAZ is not talking much, and most of the talk about the Dodgers is probably started by the other teams wanting to get the Dodgers to build up the trade value. I think that was a lot of the Twins & Brian Dozier discussions. Most of that was supposedly generated by the Twins to get other teams interested to build up Dozier’s trade value. I have no evidentiary facts to support this, but it seems logical. The Yankees and Red Sox are always a story, just as NY Giants/Patriots or Knicks/Celtics. The rings comment is supported by following the Lakers when they were good and winning NBA championships vs. the last several years. Good or bad, the Knicks are always in the news, as are the Celtics…Lakers not so much. New York and Boston are the two big sports towns.
      I get my fix with all of my Dodger spots. There are enough Dodger only spots. I am more concerned with East Coast bias when it comes to College Sports. The West Coast teams are always going unnoticed, and do not get good (fair) seeds in playoffs. That is where bias can be a problem.

    2. If it was really all about the rings then they wouldn’t be talking about the Mets or Yankees – and you would hear more about the Giants than you do.

      1. You did hear about the Giants when they were winning. At least I did. Even numbered years, Madison Bumgarner everywhere. I hear all the time about the GS Warriors and the looming dynasty. But as soon as they start to lose again, they will be yesterday’s news. The Mets are NY. The Yankees are NY. NY is the hub of journalism (especially Sports Journalism). The only national sports network not based on the East Coast that I am aware of is Fox. It might be interesting to see the viewer demographics for the national networks to see where the viewership is. The networks are going to play to the viewership for maximum advertising dollars.
        DR, I agree with you on the east coast bias. I stopped watching ESPN years ago because of their SEC Football bias, and their blatant disregard for West Coast college football in general and specific disdain for USC football. UCLA and Arizona basketball never get the same attention when they are winning as Duke, North Carolina, or Syracuse even if they are losing.
        Even the MLB Network baseball personality lineup is strategic (my definer). East Coast – Ron Darling, John Smoltz, Pedro Martinez, Carlos Pena, Cliff Floyd, Mike Lowell, Bill Ripken, …St. Louis to East Coast – Ryan Dempster, Sean Casey, Al Leiter, Joe Magrane, Dan Plesac, Jim Thome…West Coast – Harold Reynolds (who still has nothing good to say about LAD), Eric Byrnes, Tim Flannery, and Dave Valle. Tim Flannery and Dave Valle just do not have the same name recognition as Ron Darling/John Smoltz/Pedro Martinez…Other than Pedro (who hates the Dodgers), who ever played one inning with the Dodgers? Admittedly there does seem to be a lot of love for Kershaw and Seager (especially Billy Ripken with Seager). Cody has been getting a lot of pub, but he is overshadowed by Aaron Judge, and that will continue. Does Kenley ever come close to the attention Mariano received?
        So yes there is bias, but with the number of Dodger sites available, I just turn off the uninformed and read/watch from those intelligent enough to follow the Dodgers.

        1. Rick

          I agree Ripken has changed when it comes to the Dodgers, since Corey came into play, because Corey reminds him of his brother.

  6. Simply put its the Eastern Sports Propaganda Network I personally would just as soon not have the Dodgers on Sunday night baseball. You just know they would be I New York and have an all night flight to San Diego, San Francisco or some other west coast town.

    1. I would trade Alvarez and Verdugo or Calhoun (and I would hate to do that) for Rivero. He’s THAT good!

      1. I said Felipe Rivero was fantasy thinking, and I hope I can come back to eat those words. The loss of Alveraz and Verdugo and/or Calhoun would be an overpay and would absolutely hurt, but there would be no finer 8th/9th inning duo anywhere in baseball. Win while it is there for the taking. Tomorrow will present itself with other opportunities if the Dodgers stay the course. I heard the Rays are closing in on Justin Wilson, so I hope this is more than just gossip rumoring.
        Watford, thanks for the story. I had not seen that one.

  7. Both great points AC and Dodgerrick, I guess I am just a little frustrated about the lack of national coverage. These guys deserve way more coverage than they are getting, I guess we will have to see how it plays out. But despite what the douchbag said about FAZ on the previous comments, yeah, I love those dudes, and it aint ass kissing, it’s pure results. For the first time in 10 years, we have hope, and I mean alot of it, for years and years to come. I totally get it and pure props to Colleti for hanging on to and not trading Joc, Cory and Cody and a bunch of other below the radar guys. FAZ is just building on what he set up. And just like FAZ, Ned made some mistakes, like the endless contracts to Kemp and Dre, along with Jason Scmidt, and my personal favorite, Brandon League. Being a GM is a thankless job, but the current front office is not afraid to screw up, and with that, get guys off the scrap heap like Toles, Taylor, Morrow, etc. Gotta go big sometimes or go home.

  8. Get this – from an AP story:
    “The NL West leaders start a two-game series at the White Sox on Tuesday with a nine-game winning streak and baseball’s best record at 64-29 (.688). They have won 29 of their past 33 games (.879).

    That’s some surge. Or not.

    ”We’ve been pretty good all year,” third baseman Justin Turner said. ”To say it’s a five-week thing I don’t think is fair to the team.”

    If the Dodgers play .879 ball the rest of the year, they would finish with 125 wins. Don’t tell them they won’t.

    ”Clayton’s quote about, ‘Are we on a hot streak, or is this just who we are?’ – I never really thought about it that way, but I’m starting to think maybe this is just who we are,” unbeaten left-hander Alex Wood said with a laugh. ”We have a different guy doing it every night, whether it’s pitching or one of the guys in the lineup. It has been incredible.”

  9. It would be nice to have a good LHRP. However, we do not need to make a trade to win the WS. If a trade is made, it will be on FAZ’s terms.

  10. Well written Rick. Good job of finding a new topic as well.
    I have been living on the east coast for the last 7 years and have yet to bump into someone who has an interest in the Dodgers.
    As a 18, 19, and 20 year old I worked summers in Yosemite and had to bare with newspapers that were not their final copy and therefore would not have final game coverage of the Dodgers. No Internet so I was a day late in getting Dodger news.
    I used to have XM radio and their MLB station was 80% Yankee coverage.
    While in NH I have either subscribed to Extra Innings or and watch all Dodger games either live or within a day of the game and can fast forward as often as I want. Those networks and this site and other Dodger blogs do a better job than anything I ever had access to when living in Southern California.
    Red Sox fans here bemoan the late start and late end of games played on the west coast.
    This is the year when the Dodgers start forcing the east coast networks to cover them and do so for a long string of years.

  11. Maybe someone needs to start an ESPN Competitor on the West Coast. ESPN fired the Dodgers beat write (Doug Padilla) a few weeks ago along with most of their baseball analysts . Up until then, they had lost of info on the Dodgers – now it’s practically zip!

    1. You know anybody to start that competitor? How about the LADT Network?
      I would also absolutely love Rivero, the filthy stuff and especially the years of control would make him VERY expensive. However, I would be shocked if they traded both Alvarez and Verdugo for him, maybe Toles instead of Verdugo. Remember how FAZ assembled the top bullpen we have now, a bunch of other people’s flotsam

  12. If we send them a stud OF for Rivero they would need to free up some space, right? Enter McCutchen? What would that package look like to land both?

      1. I don’t know, McCutchen is expiring, although there is a 2018 club option at $14M, with a $1M buyout. Yeah, McCutchen should be included if they want both Alvarez and Verdugo. Do it FAZ!

  13. If you are stuck watching the East Coast Media. You probably haven’t heard this.
    On the mend
    Grant Dayton pitched a scoreless eighth inning for Rancho Cucamonga, inducing a ground out, a pop out, and a strikeout. It was the second rehab game for Dayton, who also pitched an inning in the Arizona Rookie League on Saturday. Dayton was placed on the disabled list on July 6 with neck stiffness.

    1. Grant Dayton is not the caliber of Felipe Rivero, but he’s solid. His peripherals indicate he should pitch well the second half of the season… if healthy.

      McCutchen is having a good year, but he’s not better (overall) than Puig in RF. Taylor is not a big step down in LF. The only question is whether Joc can keep it up.

      If the Dodgers were to trade for McCutchen and Rivero, I suspect it would have to be Alvarez, Verdugo or Calhoun, Joc Pederson and Sheffield…. and maybe Ryu (to help offset salary a little).

      1. Taylor LF or CF
      2. Seager SS
      3. Turner 3B
      4. Bellinger 1B
      5. McCutchen CF or LF
      6. Grandal C
      7. Forsythe 2B
      8. Puig RF

      What say you?

      1. My thought was if FAZ thinks they need a right-handed outfield bat (to replace Gutierrez/Thompson), McCutchen would be nice and a package of Verdugo, Alvarez and fillers should be enough. However, I don’t think we need McCutchen, to me, he would replace Forsythe (with Taylor moving to second). I would like to trade only for Rivero and think a potential #1 (Alvarez) or Verdugo and someone with high upside like Sheffield (plus a filler) should be enough. But what do I really know?
        You now putting Tree Trunks Calhoun up there with Verdugo?

        1. Boxout

          Mr Tree Trunks, as you called him, has lost quite a bit of weight, and Mark hasn’t been calling him that, anymore!

          And it is a fact, that he is our best hitter, in our minor league system, so I think he deserves a little more respect then that, since he has made an effort,to slim down, and he is killing AAA pitching.

          1. Yeah, thanks HawkeyeDodger.
            I wouldn’t tell a woman she has tree trunks for legs, but a guy, in a heartbeat! I bet Calhoun would laugh, if not, I would tell him Mark started it.

      2. Mark

        I have to give Joc credit he has seemed to make a change and he is making much better contact, then he has, in the past.

        He has also been hitting more consistently, in his last thirty games.

        I don’t know if he can keep it up, but it looks to me, that he has adapted a better philosophy, when he comes up to bat.

        He isn’t always trying to work the count, because he is actually swinging early in his counts, at times.

        I know the pitchers will probably start adjusting on him, but it looks if he stays with this philosophy, he might be able to adjust back better, then he has in the past.

        But I know it has only been a month, but this is one of the best months, I have seen Joc have overall, because he is getting hits, consistently.

        But like Idahoal has said, just when we think Joc or Puig has finally figured it out, they may look bad in their next at bat, and then you don’t know what to think.

      3. I like Cutch, but that’s a steep price and moving Joc could disrupt the chemistry. I would not give up 2 of Verdugo, Calhoun or Alvaraz for Rivero either, just too much. Not sure what the Bucs are looking for, and no telling how Faz views those 3 long term but Calhoun has a bat we could really use. DJ Peters has not been talked about in trades but that is another bat that should be held on to. I believe Faz is offering lesser pieces than what everyone is asking for or a deal would have already been made.

        1. I agree with you. FAZ values, as does all teams, the prospects very highly. They are the Gold Standard. While we fans ALL want a lights out LHRP and a World Championship guarantee, we may have to settle for Avilan, Dayton, Libertore and Ryu. It could be worse!

  14. Rick

    Most fans on the west coast probably rather not have the Dodgers broadcasted on ESPN, because of their announcers and their broadcaster’s bias, against the Dodgers.

    And in the post season, that bias gets even worse!

    We will really find out this year, because all we heard all year last year, was about the Cubs, and their curse of the billy goat.

    Rick another good job by you, sorry I didn’t read more carefully to know you wrote this at first!

  15. Would the Pirates have interest in Forsythe? They are in possible need of a 3B since Kang is most likely not coming back and Freese has been struggling as of late. Also, I see that the Red Sox are looking for a 3B – could that open up a 3-way trade?

    Per SI: “The Red Sox are scouting Josh Harrison and David Freese of the Pirates, Mets infielders T.J. Rivera and Asdrubal Cabrera and Eduardo Nunez of the Giants in search of third baseman. (Michael Silverman, Boston Herald).”

    So how about this?

    * Dodgers get Rivero and Cutch – they send Pittsburgh Verdugo and Alvarez
    * Dodgers send Forsythe to Boston since they want a 3B
    * Boston sends a prospect(s) back to Pittsburgh

    Sorry for dreaming, but it’s fun to be an internet GM!!

    1. Let me ask everyone, why I’m the World would a small market team trade Rivero? They would have to be blown away by an overpay. He is exactly what small market teams need to compete. Low-priced talent under team control. Watson? Sure he’s an underperforming vet on an expiring contract. Cutch? Maybe, because they want the money off the books.

      1. I will take a shot.
        Yeah small teams need low-priced talent, but a reliever isn’t going to be the face of a small market team. If FAZ is willing to give them a potential ace, Alvarez or young Tony Gwynn, Verdugo and fillers, isn’t that just the kind of trade they need? Especially, when you consider they are about to start a rebuild (I think).

  16. Thanks to DodgerRick for an interesting topic today. I have long admired East Coast Dodger Fans, would hate to see Dodger Games start at 10PM, to be honest, I don’t always make it through the 7PM starts before catching a few ZZZs, 10PM starts would really be a burden. Also a big Thanks to Mark for this great site. It’s nice to be living in 2017 and be able to access a site like this, instead of having to rely of East Coast/ESPN FAKE NEWS!!
    I know I would want to vomit listening to those Easterners bragging about the:

    .516 winning Yankees
    .553 winning Red Sox
    instead of the
    .688 winning Los Angeles Dodgers.
    Long live the alternative media!!!!!

  17. Rivero is under team control until 2021 & Kenley is signed through 2021 as well.
    That would give us potentially a lock down 8/9 innings partnership for the years ahead which is very tempting.

        1. Hawkeye,

          I wish I were joining you in Chi-Town, but the last 4 years we have went to baseball games on our anniversary. So, if I want to say married, I won’t be going.

          That would have been a nice 2 game set!

          1. My son and I are sitting behind home plate tonight. I’m taking my daughter and niece with us tomorrow night. My Mom lives in South Bend so we drove there last night. I can imagine the south side of Chicago isn’t exciting for the Mrs. on her anniversary. Its my son’s new stadium for this season. We try to do at least one new one a year. Hopefully, I will live long enough to knock them all out with him. Cinci and MN is all we have left in the Midwest. We’ve also hit Dodger Stadium and AZ.

        2. Hawkeye

          Who cares what he looks like, he can hit.

          That is why baseball is such a good sport, anyone any size, has the chance to play.

      1. Mark

        I don’t watch the AAA games, but it looks like he has gained some weight back, unless it is the uniform that makes him look heavier.

        He looked smaller at the end of spring training.

        But the point is that he can hit!

        1. Thick in the middle? What is that, a nice way to say he’s fat? Well at least his tree trunks are nicely proportioned to his gut!

          1. Boxout

            He is a little chunky, but he does have a lot of power, for his size, and he isn’t a big guy, in that sense.

            He can’t be much taller, then 5″9.

          2. There are guys that are barrel chested and there are guys that have tree trunk legs, and there are guys that have a beer gut, and a few of us are just skinny. Funny, the opposite of beer gut is six pack.

    1. There are a lot of fans there disguised as empty seats!

      Calhoun will probably have an adjustment to big league pitching but after hitting 27 HR’s last year at AA he has 20 already in AAA while cutting down his K’s and increasing his average! With Utley as the LH 2B they don’t need him there this year but I would love to see him compete for the job next ST. He could also compete with Toles for a LH OF spot. His defense is not as good as Toles but a lot more pop.

      Any odds on another Dodger sweep? Kersh today and Maeda tomorrow before coming home for 4 against the Braves and 3 against the Twins. The Braves just swept the Snakes and the Twins are in a battle with Cleveland and KC for 1st place.

      1. Vegas

        That fact that he doesn’t strike out a lot, and hits with so much power, is a pretty good sign, that he is a really good hitter, not a lot of hitters, do that!

  18. I forgot to mention the Lakers winning the Vegas Summer League last night without Lonzo Ball. Kyle Kuzma won MVP of the Championship Game with 31 points and Ball won the MVP of the tournament. They will be young but exciting to watch this year and Ball has a big shot at ROY. If healthy he will play a ton of minutes and pile up the triple doubles. His defense is underrated too, blocks a lot of shots.

    1. Vegas

      I was listening to James Worthy yesterday, and he was talking a lot about Ball.

      Like you probably already know, the Lakers really wanted Ball, to change the culture of the Lakers.

      That is why they didn’t have any problem, trading their other point guard.

      Because Ball is such an unselfish player, and he is truly is a true point guard, in that sense.

      There are other point guards in the NBA , but even those point guards, are more oriented to shoot baskets, then make their teammates, better.

      And like you pointed out, Ball still makes a difference on defense, and he adds rebounds, blocks shots, and steals, to his game, and he can score points, when he has the opening, to do that.

      I still think he shoots a lot, like Jamal Wilkes, too.

      And the Lakers still think they made a real steal, with Kuzma.

  19. The truth of the matter is we all have rabbit ears when it comes to our favorite teams. The guys on SiriusXM and the MLB Network have given both a lot of time and love to the Dodgers. The reporters out east are probably giving more to the Nats because one they’re local and two they go to bed by the time the Dodgers are winning games. I assume the same is the case out West for the Dodgers. I for one am okay if we fly under the radar to a World Series.

  20. Hawkeye,

    We like Chicago. Love to eat at Ditka’s and there are lots of fun things to do there…. she just doesn’t want baseball this year and I’m OK with that.

    Cincinnati is an awesome venue. You can stay downtown and walk to the stadium. Lots of good food there too.

    1. We have free lodging in Indy too so every year I look at Cincy right away and it just hasn’t lined up with my son’s sports and or school schedule. Last time the Dodgers played in Minnesota it was April and I wasn’t doing April in Minnesota. They wound up getting snowed out and playing a doubleheader in the rain.

    1. Good to see Utley get a start as the DH. Forsythe has started every game since the AS break and a leftie is going tomorrow. Chase has had 1 PH appearance in the last 3 games, flying out to RF with the bases loaded and 2 outs so Roberts still trusts him in big situations. The White Sox have some guys with pop, hopefully Maeda keeps the ball in the park tomorrow. Rodon has only pitched 16 innings all year with 16 K’s but an ugly 4.32 ERA and a 1 and 2 record. Today Gonzales makes his first appearance after a DL stint, he’s 4 and 8 with a 5.15 ERA and has lost 7 of his last 8 starts. Kershaw should have an easy time getting his 15th win and extending the winning streak to 10.

  21. If you are feeling down, a number to ponder
    2.01 – Max Scherzer’s MLB-leading ERA in 19 starts this season
    2.01 – Clayton Kershaw’s ERA over his last 170 starts

  22. For what it’s worth, the Dodgers games against the Giants on July 30th, and against the Mets on August 6th , both originally afternoon games, have been moved to ESPN Sunday Night Baseball.

    I think that I remember Rivero having nasty stuff when I saw him earlier this year. If I’m right, he would be a welcome addition to the back-end of the Dodgers pen. And because he’s young and controllable, surrendering some young talent becomes a bit more palatable. And if there’s a way to get McCutchen without gutting the farm system, I’m all for it. Besides, I trust that FAZ knows what they’re doing.

  23. I like the versatility of Taylor at LF and 2B and Forsythe at 2B and 3B therefore I might prefer McCutchen in RF in place of Puig if McC is obtained. That would mean Puig to Pittsburgh.

  24. Tony Gwynn was’nt exactly a runway model, but boy could he rake.. A couple years ago, the Dodgers had a pinch hitter we all called “Mas Tortillas Por Favor”… Lord he could he hit and with power…
    Was the aforementioned neccesary??? Probably not, but I feel better now…
    The Lakers Exciting, you betcha!!! Being a ND, Dodger and a Laker I have/must practice patience…

  25. On TV coverage: how about winning a championship before complaining about TV coverage? So far we are division champs along with 5 other teams. That’s it.

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