Brandon and Brock

In a game which saw Brandon McCarthy drop his ERA to 2.87 and the Dodgers score 12 runs, Brock Stewart quietly showed why he could be a very valuable piece in the Dodger bullpen.  The bullpen is his role… at least this year.  I think he can be a starter in the future, but his exceptional control (1.4 walks per 9 innings in 2016), and arsenal of pitches makes him a perfect fit for the bullpen.  He has a two-seamer and a four-seamer that touches 97 with movement, and his changeup is also a plus pitch.  His slider is really a cutter and is also a very good pitch for a pitcher who can pitch multiple innings.

Dave Roberts waited for the perfect opportunity to bring in Brock and last night was it.  I think it was important that he start his 2017 MLB season with a successful outing and that was it!  3 IP/0 Hits/4 K’s and 1 BB was his stat line and it was a resounding success.  I think he will switch roles with Ross Stripling whom the Dodgers believe can be a set-up man.  Brock is fresh and strong and able to go multiple innings after missing a third of the season. He’s a horse and able to pitch like that.

I see him as a key bullpen piece. You will still see the bullpen shuffle to AAA or the DL and back.  Morrow, Fields, Liberatore, et al will flip and flop back and forth.  Personally, I don’t see the Dodgers adding an arn in the rotation or the bullpen.  Too much depth.  The Mets had the best starting rotation in baseball according to many, but the depth was lacking and look what has happened!  Their rotation is a trainwreck as are lots of other teams.  I believe that many other teams will follow the FAZ blueprint.  By the way, how many Number two starters have an ERA  below 3.00?

It was nice to see Corey Seager get his MVP-Type Game back!

Minor Leagues

  • Ross Stripling again pitched one inning at AAA last night – it was his second perfect outing in a row – all 1 inning!
  • Alex Verdugo went 2-4 again at leadoff and played CF.  It was only his second game of the season in CF, so don’t think he will play Center in LA – he won’t!  His BA is .335 and OB% is .413.  It was predicted by someone yesterday that the Dodgers likely won’t call him up until after the All-Star Game and I agree with that.
  • Rios hit his 14th HR and drove in all four runs for Tulsa last night.
  • Walker Buehler went 4, allowing 5 hits and 2 ER, while striking out 5 and walking none.
  • Yasiel Sierra went two in getting his 3rd save, allowed 1 hit and struck out 4.  His ERA is 2.79.  You could see him min the dodger pen this year as well.
  • DJ Peters and Will Smith both got hits in the Cal League All Star Game and Dennis Santana pitched a perfect inning.  Istler allowed 2 hits and 1 run in his inning of work.
  • In the Midwest League All-Star Game, Dustin May pitched a scoreless inning and Ruiz got a hit.

Photo Credit: Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers

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  1. Tonight it is Hill’s turn. Hope he does well.

    Felt sorry for Taylor last night. You can see where they are trying to pitch him. Outside and low. I thought some of the called strikes were outside. He does not complain.

    When you are ahead 4-0 and no out recorded, it was going to be a long night.

  2. Grandal might lead MLB in cheap hits this year but when he is streaking hot, he hits them hard. Looks like he is on the upswing again.
    I have been saying that Stewart would be in the rotation and I still believe that. I think Stripling will excel in the bullpen whether as a Miller type pitcher or as a pure setup guy. Maybe Ryu can take Wood’s place in the bullpen and excel there as well. Wood is locked into the rotation.
    The rotation will do well with Kershaw, McCarthy, Wood, and Stewart and one of Hill, Maeda, Kazmir, Ryu will wind up in the rotation as well.
    A bullpen of Jansen, Stripling, Baez, Ryu, Maeda, and one more lefty should be a good one. I like players that always wanted to be Dodgers so I hope Romo can at least stay on the team through the All Star game.
    Puig is going to try to catch everything he thinks he can get to and do it without deference to the center fielder. Puig needs to play center field for some team or he is going to kill somebody if he stays in RF. That is why I would trade him. Verdugo can play RF if the Dodgers want to bring him up to take the place of Puig. Thompson could play RF as well. Hopefully Bellinger stays at first instead of returning to the outfield and Agon becomes the clutch pinch hitter every team needs–the next Manny Mota, Dave Hansen, Lenny Harris.

    1. Bum

      I knew you were going to be upset with Puig today.

      And I don’t think Joc appreciated what Puig did last night, either.

      Joc didn’t look at Puig, after he did that.

      And I do think Joc called that ball last night.

      But that doesn’t matter, because the right and left fielders, need to defer to the centerfielder, if a ball is in between, or close like that.

      And Puig is not going to do that, all of the time.

      Because Puig tends to revert back, with his behavior, even after four plus years.

      1. This could not be more slanted, and mysterious.
        First, how do you assume that Joc “called that ball”?!?! What is this based on? Did you hear something that may have been a call? Did you see his lips move?
        I bet the answer is no and no.
        What does it mean “defer to the CF” especially when one is running at full speed and tracking a ball?
        And what is Puig reverting to in such an action? A RF with range? Hasn’t he always had that?

        1. Bluto, Puig is dangerous. I wouldn’t want to go all out for a ball if I thought Puig had a chance to get near it.

          1. Bluto

            And the last time this happened, the catch was an easier catch for Joc, then for Puig.

            That is what the metrics said.

            And Puig’s metrics on that catch last time, was a three or four gold catch, I think it is called.

            In other words, Puig made a very hard catch, last time.

            And like I said above, it would have been an easier catch, for Joc.

          2. Bum

            It doesn’t even matter if Joc called the ball, anything close, is always the centerfielder’ ball.

            And Bluto, Puig is not the only right fielder, that can cover a lot of ground, but you don’t see this happening, that often.

            And that is because any close ball, is the centerfielder’ ball.

            Do you see Betts crashing into, JBJ or coming this close, this often?

        2. Bluto

          The centerfielder is the captain in the outfield!

          And if any ball is close between any of the outfielders, and the centerfielder, the ball is the centerfielder’s ball.

          And that is true, even if the centerfielder didn’t call the ball, because that is always assumed.

          1. This is ridiculous. The ball was hit in the gap equidistant from two players running at full speed. To blame Puig for anything is nonsense. If Joc or Puig KNEW they had it they would have called for it. It’s obvious neither knew for sure until the last second. Puig and Joc were joking on the way into the dugout. I’m sure it was scary and dejavu for Joc, but blaming Puig is nonsense. Let’s not act like this was some sort of lazy fly ball. It was a gapper.

  3. Well, you never know what this front office is up to – you could see a blockbuster deal, or nothing!

    It’s not like the team has to do anything, but if they do they can deal from surplus. I could see some of the following players moved in the right deal:

    Forsythe (although his clubhouse persona is outstanding)

    I do not see them trading Verdugo or Buehler… They should be able to get a couple of difference makers without compromising the system.

    Barring some significant injuries, I do not see Stewart in the rotation THIS year.

      1. Hawkeye

        Isn’t the centerfielder the captain on the field?

        And if there is a ball close between the centerfielder and the other outfielders, it is the centerfielders ball.

        1. Yes, the CF is the captain and if it is a routine play the RF should back off. Not a routine play and I have to think if Joc knew he had it he would have called him off. Let’s not forget that Joc and Bellinger collided too. Some balls are hit so hard and in spots that neither know they’ve got it for sure. Let’s not criticize Puig for hustle. If Joc called him off and Puig purposely ignored it then I would have an issue with the play.

          1. Hawkeye

            Did you read what I wrote?

            I acknowledged that Joc ran into Bellinger in that one game, and Puig.

            And because Joc ran into Bellinger and Puig in that game, I said that was on Joc, at that time.

            But I was looking at the feed, and it said it was a four star catch for Puig.

            And it was a much harder catch for Puig, then Joc.

            And that is because Joc was much closer, to the ball, then Puig.

            And that kind of change my thinking, on that one play, after I found that out.

            But Ihave looked at the video not to long ago, and you and Mark were right!

            It was just one of those hard plays, for both outfielders, from where they were.

            And the angle was much different for both players too!

  4. A very pleasant read, first thing in the morning! Is this what a Juggernaut looks like?
    Here is something interesting.
    Best run differentials in MLB:
    1. Dodgers +114.
    2. HOU +113.
    3. NYY +103.
    Worst run differentials:
    30. SD -118.
    29. Phillies -97
    28. SF -88.
    I remember when people were telling us Midget Management knew how to build a winning team! NOT!!

  5. I have liked Brock Stewart a lot too.

    And it was good to see him pitch again.

    Since Urias is not pitching right now, Brock may pick up some starts, even in the bullpen.

    I read that the Dodgers still consider Brock as a starter.

    But this is the way the Dodgers use to get their young pitchers feet wet, by bringing then up, to pitch in the bullpen.

    I hope we face one of the Met’s real major league starters, to get ready to face the Rockies, this weekend, because the Met’s pitching, isn’t very good right now.

    We are not the same team that faced the Rockies and the Dbacks, earlier in the season.

    Both of these teams, are in for a surprise, when we face them again!

    1. Right now, the Dodgers have six starters:
      1. Kershaw
      2. McCarthy
      3. Wood
      4. Hill
      5. Ryu
      6. Maeda

      Ryu will be back soon enough. I think Brock will stay in the pen this year. Even with and injury, we still have too many starters.

      1. Mark

        The Dodgers said he would be used in the bullpen, but there ultimate goal is to have Stewart, be a starter.

  6. How many FAZ detractors were screaming for the FO to trade Cody Bellinger for Brian Dozier? There’s no arguing about winding up with Logan Forsythe (and giving up JDL) instead of landing Brian Dozier (and giving up Cody Bellinger). And how stupid would it have been to trade Corey Seager for Cole Hammels? Just sayin…

  7. Right Knights27. Some people wanted to trade Seager and Bellinger. Not me. I think some of our prospects can be trade. However, FAZ should know which ones cannot be traded. It looks to me like Calhoun can be traded and Verdugo cannot be traded. Calhoun just does not have a defensive position he can play. He would be better in the American League. Verdugo looks like a contact hitter, but he is now developing some power. There must be some good players at AA. To have nine on he all-star team says a lot.

  8. This is the best Puig has looked at the plate since his rookie season. Much more control at the plate. Much more relaxed. McCarthy was efficient with his stuff. Looked like the seasoned veteran we have been looking for a couple of years. Stewart was incredible. Lots of swings and misses. This stretch of games starting about a month ago was supposed to be tough. No one expected the offensive explosion. Bellinger is the reason. Rockies series this weekend will be mid season playoff atmosphere. I’d like to see Kershaw sharper. Should be a million runs scored tonight. Can Hill go 5?

      1. From Joe Davis calling the game last night “The Dodgers are on pace to win more than 100 games while the Giants are on pace to lose more than 100 games.”

  9. Brock Stewart just an injury or 2 away from a starter role. This is, after all, MLB. And in MLB you never know nothin.

  10. I said above that Grandal probably leads the league in cheap hits. He seems to be fooled more than Barnes does but gets enough bloopers and seeing eye soft grounders to keep his average decent.’
    We might guess that Bellinger or Seager or Turner has the highest average exit velocity on hits on the Dodger team but they don’t. The person that has the highest average exit value also has an average launch angle of 10.4 degrees. Bellinger however has an average launch angle of 20.3 degrees.
    Here is the site that tells us the mlb leaders:
    Click on the column labeled average exit velocity to sort by that category.
    That’s right, Joc leads the Dodgers in average exit velocity but is the player with the 10.4 launch angle. Joc has always had a high average exit value but this year’s launch angle is low for him, probably still adjusting to what Ward is doing with his swing. Joc has the 11th highest average exit velocity in the MLB.
    Grandal is way down the list with an average exit velocity of 88.3 mph.
    Sometimes we think players are doing better than they really are and sometimes we think players are doing worse.

  11. FAZ catches a lot of grief for perceived errors in player evaluation judgement. I think this has a lot to do with certain pitcher FA signings and trades, as well as not making a trade for an ACE at the trade deadline. FAZ bashers are great at reminding all of us about Mat Latos & Jim Johnson, but NOW ignore Alex Wood and Luis Avilan who came with Latos and Johnson. I say NOW because while everyone is jumping on the Alex Wood bandwagon, Wood was not appreciated at all, especially after the 2015 NLDS Game 3. Some started to see what he could do last year before his injury, but then blasted FAZ again for trading for an injury prone pitcher.
    Kazmir does not look like a good FA signing, but I agree with Bums and others that I beleive he will be heard from again. I have already labeled him the 2017 version of Ricky Nolasco. Will he ever be worth the contract cost? Absolutely not!! Everyone blasted the Brandon McCarthy FA signing. I think most are happy he is a Dodger this year. Will he ever be worth the contract cost? No!! But if if he gets the Dodgers into the WS, nobody will care what the cost was. Anderson is not a Dodger and we do not need to rehash a player who has no impact on this year’s team. Signing Anderson did not cost the Dodgers any other pitcher FAZ would have wanted. I think it is clear that FAZ would have loaded the team up with 7-8 starting pitchers if they thought there were others available not costing $150M+.
    But as much as I am a fan of what FAZ has done (not all but in total), I am more of a fan for what they did not do. They have never panicked. They could have traded for Cole Hamels but it would have cost at least Seager and maybe Urias. Those that believe that the best player the Dodgers would have had to trade was JDL are delusional. The second non-trade was last year at the deadline – Puig/McCarthy/Prospect for Ryan Braun. I think most believe that would have been disastrous this year. Instead they went for Hill & Reddick. Some liked it, some do not. The Dodgers could have traded for Brian Dozier or Ian Kinsler this Winter/Spring, but the cost would have been Bellinger. Seager and Bellinger are the future face of the team (after Kershaw), so as a fan, I am very glad FAZ did not panic and trade the future to satisfy some fans desire to do something.
    I think the secret is that FAZ do not react on emotion. I think they look at their player assets objectively, determine their value, and look for equal or more value. If they do not get their perceived value, they do not make the move. I think in their mind, no player is untouchable, including Kershaw, Seager, and Bellinger. But the return would have to be astronomical/impractical/irrational to make them seem untouchable. We fans are emotionally invested in certain players, and do not want to see them moved for anyone. That’s why I have so many Dodger jerseys. But FAZ cannot afford to be emotionally involved in any player asset.
    FAZ has put together a very good 40 man roster. Can it be improved? Sure. I do not beleive they HAVE to make a trade, but there are impact arms and bats that could make a difference. If they do make a deadline trade, some will love it, some will hate it. Just the nature of the business of sports. I enjoy trade rumors. I like to project them and to respond to others’ trade alternatives. But I beleive that FAZ will only make the trade if they truly believe it will help the Dodgers this year and perhaps future years.

    1. Yet another excellent post, AC.
      “That’s why I have so many Dodger jerseys” put a smile on my face.

  12. I appreciate the varying points of view here on this blog. We have glass half full people and glass half empty people. That’s OK – everyone has a point of view. The reason I started this blog was because I was tired of the incessant trying to belittle FAZ no matter what they did. Some people just have an irrational view of anything FAZ and contort and distort the facts to fit that warped view.

    It turns out that are doing a lot right – Quite a lot!

    I appreciate everyone’s input!

    On a side note, I have received some e-mails from some of you asking if Dodgerpatch would be interested in writing some blogs. So, here it is: Would you, DodgerPatch?

    1. uh what? Wow!

      Yeah, I usually put a couple of paragraphs together when I’m inspired and have time, which is somewhat sporadic, but sure.

  13. Just my 2 cents but if either Joc or Puig has to be traded I trade Joc. Puig makes a great play on a ball and he needs to be shipped out? Just let him have any ball he can get to. I don’t think Joc called it either based on Puig’s reaction. Since both have struggled against LH pitching this year the team needs both. Puig is batting .298 in June with a .927 OPS.

    Rich Hill has been putting the team in a bad spot and he was horrible against the Indians his last start (and the teams last loss) I don’t understand why he struggles to get his curve balls in for strikes and guys are going to feast on his 90 mph fastball when he gets behind. I am hopeful he pitches a good game tonight but not confident.

    I think the Dodgers take 3 out of 4 from the Mets and 2 out of 3 from the Rockies. Then a 4 game home and road with the Angels and 2 games in San Diego and following an off day get 6 at home against the DBacks and Royals before the All Star break. They also have a very favorable schedule for the rest of July, and will make their move.

    Bellinger and Aaron Judge are off to ridiculous starts this year and should be runaway ROY in both leagues. My question is who will be the ROY for the Dodgers next year? Verdugo? Calhoun? Buehler? Oaks?

    1. Vegas, have you ever played with a person that was a constant threat to collide with you on plays you would make?

    2. Vegas

      I didn’t say Puig had to be shipped out, but Puig is not suppose to go after any ball he thinks he can catch, especially if the centerfielder, is right there too.

      The centerfielder, is the player that is suppose to cover more ground, and is the captain in the outfield.

      And anything that is close, is the centerfielders ball, not the right fielder!

      And in the collusion that Puig and Joc had, Joc was actually closer to the ball, that Puig caught.

      And I know that because of

      Puig got a four star catch because of where he was, and how difficult the catch was.

      So right there, we know that Puig went out of his way, to catch a ball, that Joc could have caught more easily, then Puig could.

      And I didn’t actually take Joc’s side when they had that collusion.

      Because I saw Joc and Cody have an issue, in that same game, so I assumed that Joc was not taking charge like he should, or he wouldn’t be having this happen, with two different outfielders.

      And even if Joc doesn’t call the ball, it is still the centerfielder ball, when it is close.

      Did you see the look on Joc’s face, he didn’t appreciate what Puig did?

      Joc wouldn’t even look at Puig after that, even though Puig tried to play it off, with Joc.

      There is a reason why Puig plays rightfield, and Joc plays centerfield, and it isnt just because Puig has a good arm.

      How many times have you seen Cody or Taylor almost run into Joc?

      And both Taylor and Cody are fast, but you don’t see that.

      And although I do have doubts with Joc on offense, he is a good defensive centerfielder, and he also can cover a lot of ground.

      1. I don’t think Joc is a take-charge type of guy that is needed in CF. I’m not even sure he would have caught that ball last night, having to use his backhand. I guess we’ll never know.

      2. How many times have you seen Cody or Taylor almost run into Joc?

        IIRC, Cody and Joc collided on and Cody catch a couple innings before the infamous Joc/Paige collision

      3. We have seen Joc run into Cody. If it was an easy catch for Joc and he didn’t call it then it is his fault. Joc is an above avg CF. If that ball drops because Puig didn’t go after it, then fans would have been on him for that too.

    3. Puig made the play if he backs off the ball falls for a hit. There was no way Joc was going to catch up to it. Despite what Vin might have said, Joc I’d not the best Dodger center fielder ever. Right now I would rather see Taylor in center. Once AGon comes back Bellinger goes to left, Taylor to center and Joc to the bench.

      1. Ron

        And I have never said that Joc is the best Dodger’s centerfielder!

        I am the one that said Vinny took that back!

        Joc is not my favorite player!

        I am just saying the truth.

        It is the centerfielders ball.

        And you don’t know that for sure, because Joc slowed down , and changed his path, because of Puig!

        1. It’s who can get to the ball and Puig did. I don’t think Joc would have. Puig caught the ball before Joc slowed down. Did not say you were the one to quote Vin just that Vin’s quote has been used.

    1. The Dodgers have now signed Picks 4-10. Draft pick #6 RHP Wills Montgomery signed for $197,500, $34,400 below the slot bonus. They are now $122,200 over their bonus slots. The contracts for Riley Ottesen (5), Zachary Pop (7), and Rylan Bannon (8) have not been announced, so their true position is not published.

  14. Just a note on the Joc/Puig outfield incident. If you watched the game on ESPN last night, a former three time All-Star, Rookie of the Year, Cy Young winner blamed Joc on not getting out of the way of Puig and said Joc is going to injure someone if he does not stop playing the way he is in the outfield, wreckless.

    Just saying…..I love our takes, but Sutcliffe has been around awhile.

    1. Truth

      Jerry Hairston said different, and he played in the outfield.

      And you know if a ball in the outfield is close, it is the centerfielders ball

  15. Truth

    Jerry Hairston said different, and he played in the outfield.

    And you know if a ball is close, it is the centerfielder’s ball.

    And you know Joc is not my favorite.

    I am just telling the truth.

    And I am sorry you had to watch the game on ESPN!

    1. No MJ.
      You are telling your opinion.
      You have no way of knowing if Puig called Joc off, or if Joc said anything, or if Joc got a late jump and Puig thought he had to make up for it….

      1. Bluto

        It is a fact the centerfielder is in charge of the outfield, that is not my opinion, that is the truth!

        And if anything the centerfielder, is the one outfielder, that covers more ground.

        This isn’t about Puig or Joc, it is the truth.

        Google it!

        Jerry Hairston said that too.

        1. But, what if Puig called it and Joc didn’t like someone said? You don;t just automatically defer to the CF if you are sure you can catch it and he says nothing!

  16. I think it’s pretty clear Hill would do a better job pitching from the DL. At least till he figures it out (elsewhere) it is just painful watching him.

      1. I put that up immediately after the 2nd pitch and thought we getting more of what he’s been giving. Perhaps I should jump the gun more often. Hope he don’t lose it…….again.

  17. Did anyone notice Joc’s bit of humour in I think it was the 8th, when he waved Puig off a Flyball to CF when Puig was about 50 yards away.
    I thought it was quite funny.
    We really have a tough lineup to pitch to when we are playing like this.
    6-7-8 were great last night.
    Ward has done a great job with Joc & Puig who seem to be having much more professional ABs.

  18. I played softball for 25 years, most of it as an outfielder. One year I played 123 games. I don’t know what Joc and Puig said on those plays but on any team I ever played on or got picked up by for a tournament the rules were always the same. If you’re not the centerfielder you go for the ball in the gap until the centerfielder calls you off. If you call for it and the centerfielder calls you off then it’s his play and you get out of the way or back him up. It’s the centerfielder’s job to call for it or call you off early to avoid a collision. If he doesn’t do one of those he needs to let you make the play. If Joc called for it then Puig was wrong. If Joc didn’t call it or called for it late then Joc was wrong.

    1. Jimbo

      Thank you!

      This is not about these two players, that is the truth.

      But if there is any indecision, it is assumed the centerfielders, ball.

      1. You can’t assume anything on that type of ball. You hustle and if the CF didn’t take charge or waited too long it is on him.

        1. Hawkeye

          You have to look at the angle of both outfielders, going for the ball.

          Mark is right, it was one of those plays.

  19. Too much ink spent on Puig… He really doesn’t care… He doesn’t listen to Mota, AGon or J.T and Cespedes and Reyes = No comprende… We just put up with him… He’s narcissistic and dumber than a fence post, but boy oh boy the ‘Potential”…

  20. I just finished a 1,000 word post and then it evaporated. I lost it. Maybe i’ll put it up later… or not. I’m so pissed!

    On Puig:
    1. Hitting 13 HR and 40 RBI from the bottom of the order is something I will take every day. If he can keep that up, this team will be just fine.
    2. Yasiel is the best RF in baseball.
    3. Puig caught the ball behind Joc, which means Joc would not have caught it.
    4. I don’t think either player called it, because they were not sure they could catch it.
    5. Joc has had issues with calling balls before .
    6. It just happened and I can’t put blame on either player. It’s just one of those plays.

    1. Agree. During the ESPN broadcast last night Sutcliffe said that he would want Puig batting higher in the order. We’ve seen Roberts do that and Puig hasn’t hit very well. I’m fine with Puig batting 8th as it lengthens our lineup but if we do want to move Puig up I think we need to gradually work him up the order because I think he feels he needs to do more the higher he is in the order and presses as a result.

      If Hill can keep pitching like he did last night he’ll be fine. He was at 45-48 pitches through 3 and ended up throwing 98 over 5. He needs to cut down on his walks. He got put in a bad spot when the bases were loaded but got through it.

      1. Interesting because Puig whistles instead of calling for the ball..
        Joc was going to catch all three of the balls, one that Bellinger caught and the two that Puig caught.
        The crowd was cheering and yelling. It is hard to hear someone call for a ball until they get fairly close.
        Anybody that has ever chased a ball down knows that you don’t call for it until you think you can catch it. So, enough about Joc not calling it soon enough. Puig and Joc didn’t know if they were going to catch up to it and Puig has to know that if he is making a long run toward center the CFer is going to have time to cover ground as well.
        On that near miss, Puig never looked for his CFer.

    2. Mark, I feel your pain. Recently I was rereading a short story before sending it off to the publishers when, Poof, 4,000+ words disappeared into thin air. I didn’t even bother trying to recreate it…I just moved on to the next story. Life’s too short.

    3. Mark


      That is a really good point!

      And you are right, Puig didn’t call the ball.

      About Joc, Joc changed his path and slowed down, at the last second, because he saw Puig coming at him.

      And if Joc didn’t have that fear, he would have run all out too, and caught that ball, but he had that fear of getting hurt again, so he slowed down at that last second, when he saw Puig coming.

      All I am saying is that Puig needs to have respect for others on the field, because he is bigger then most of the other players, on the field.

      Puig is built like a line backer, and if he had someone bigger then him, run into him, with his speed, he would have second thoughts too.

      Just imagine Kenley running into Puig, with Puig’s speed.

      Mark I agree with most of what you said, but I think Betts is a better defensive rightfielder, then Puig is.

      He was the best defensive player in all of baseball, last year.

      And right field in Boston, is much harder to play, then rightfield, in Dodger stadium.

      Betts covers more ground then Puig does.

      And Betts already has more defensive runs saved this year, then both Puig, and Heyward.

      Puig ranks third in defensive runs saved, this year.

      And Puig’s arm is taken in consideration, when it comes to runs saved.

      Betts is also a better two way player, and he hits at the top of the line up.

      But thanks again!

  21. Hill looked like himself last night, and really battled in the 4th with 3 K’s after loading the bases with no outs. I’m not sure what Ryu will bring tonight, the Mets will be playing hard to avoid the sweep. AZ exploded on the Rockies last night and it was moving day for the Dodgers. bringing guys back and forth from the minors is expanding the Dodgers staff and the callups are providing useful innings. Romo looked better last night, Morrow is still nearly perfect this season.

    Part of playing CF is knowing who the guys on either side of you are, where they are positioned and how far they can go on balls in the gap. Joc tracks the ball well and gets good jumps but often loses where the other outfielders are and as Jimbo stated he needs to call the other off or let them make the play. Kike is not as good an OF as Puig and is even worse on balls in the gap, both from CF and left and RF. Taylor is as good as Kike in CF and faster. After the HR last night on national TV Puig’s value is high right now if they choose to sell. Lots of teams would like to have him and I hope that includes the Dodgers.

    1. Puig is fun to watch, even knowing there will be some bonehead plays. Have to admit that every time the ball is hit to right, I hope a runner will try to take an extra base. Love watching him throw.5

  22. Lots of great commentary regarding Puig and his clubhouse turnaround last night on ESPN, including his interview and ability to pick up English so quickly. I was even amazed at how well he was speaking. Love the kid and hope he continues hitting .300 like he has the past month.

  23. The center outfielder is the captain of the outfield and has the authority to call off the corner fielders when he has a better chance to catch the ball.

    Joc didn’t call it. If Puid did… and Ron Fairley says he did, it was Puig’s ball and after all… he did catch it.

    Case Closed!

    1. Mark

      They both were not in the camera together, until the last second.

      How does Ron know that Joc didn’t call the ball?

      And if Joc did call the ball, the ball is his!

    2. Mark

      I just saw the video twice, and you are the one that was right, not Ron!

      Neither player called it!

      And I book marked it, but I don’t know how to transfer it here, from my iPhone.

      1. And the video I just saw, it shows Puig running from where he was in right, to the ball

        And it also shows Joc running from where he was in center, to the ball.

        And we didn’t see that particular film on the broadcast, that night.

        And like I said, Mark is the one that is right!

        1. During last night’s game they showed a replay of Puig and you could see him calling I got it. Orel also was saying I got it along with Puig. I never said Joc didn’t call for it because he was not in the frame. What I did say was Joc would not have caught the ball. It was over his head and past him when Puig caught. Your dislike of Puig is putting words where I didn’t put them.

          1. Ron

            I just saw the video and this is a different video then what we saw in the game.

            It showed each outfielder, from where they were, running towards the ball, and no one called it.

            I don’t dislike Puig.

            And Joc is not my favorite player, either.

            I think I just sent the video to Mark if it worked.

            Mark is the one that was right, not me, and no one else!

  24. I agree with most posters regarding Puig, two outfielders going 100% for a gapper, one of them caught it, case closed.
    No comments on our 13 man bullpen being lights out once again? Well they were. This talk of an overworked bullpen is silly when you can expand your bullpen like we are seeing. Good job FAZ!

  25. Maybe somebody can help me out here, but Rich Hill set new record last night, never before happened in the history of MLB?
    I heard Orel say it, but didn’t quite get all of it.
    It was something to do with a pitcher achieving 4 wins in a season without pitching out of the 5th innings….

    1. Watford

      I think I heard this right, Hill was the first pitcher in five or nine consecutive starts, not to record an out in the sixth innings.

  26. A sentence of caution:
    The red-hot Dodgers have only faced 3 LHP starters in their last 30 games, and their last 11 games have been against RHP starters.

  27. Just throwing this out there but would anyone want to see Verlander in Dodger Blue? I believe the remaining contract is 2 years 56 million. Maybe the Yankee’s would be the other team interested if he becomes available. But because of his contract, he may not require top tier talent back in return. Any Thoughts???????

    1. Verlander has thrown 87 innings of 4.52 ERA and 1.45 WHIP in 2017. I think he is better than that, but $28M/yr? I think FAZ will pass on Verlander because of 2018 salary. I still believe FAZ will get Dodgers out of luxury tax hell in 2018. Too much downside to paying luxury tax, including loss of draft picks and I believe FAZ wants to be a potential player in post 2018 season free agent market.

    2. Is he better than what we have already? If I have to ask the question then he probably isn’t. I think he has 2 years left at 28 million or something close. Ethier, Crawford and Guerrero come off the books and save us 41 million but I don’t want to spend that money on a pitcher on the backside of his career. I can’t imagine FAZ wanting to do that either. I have no idea what we would have to give up prospect wise to get the Tigers to pay down his contract so we only on the hook for say 14 million a year.

      Earlier someone said that we would probably see Kazmir again this year. Could he be the bullpen lefty we need?

    1. Jimmy Dugan was wrong, lots of crying in baseball.
      And not only in Girls Baseball League, like you I coached Little League, etc. lots of crying there.
      Even our beloved Dodgers have probably made all of us cry at some point.
      But agreed, Mets are crybabies! After an intentional walk to Pederson to pitch to Puig, Puig deserved to enjoy his bomb.

      1. Too much. I often wear a there’s no crying in baseball t-shirt. We tell the boys it is ok to cry if you’re hurt or you’re sad that the season is over, but crying over an error or a K is putting yourself ahead of the team. It brings everyone down and it hurts your play. It equals an inning on the bench for our squad. Twelve years old is way to old to be crying over mistakes.

      1. Even if he is a career minor leaguer he was still capable of getting major league batters out, he wasn’t knocked out in the first inning. if what Puig did was wrong then about 90% of the guys that crush one are wrong, especially Cespedes. Just one more chicken s thing to pick on Puig about.

          1. Because you can! And the fans love it! C’mon admit it MJ, you would love seeing the Dodgers KILL the Midgets this year wouldn’t you?

          2. He wasn’t kicking anybody I’ve seen Harper , Arenado, Machado, Turner and others watch the ball when they smoke one but Puig is the only one that catches any flack for it

          3. Seriously? They walked Joc to get him. He responds with a HR. He didn’t do anything wrong. Hell, there wasn’t even a bat flip. He watched it for a few seconds. Jose Reyes and Cespedes being the teachers of morality and sportsmanship was hilariously hypocritical. He didn’t stand there admiring the HR any longer than the pitcher who gave it up. Pitchers can fist pump when they strike a guy out, but batters have to be robots?

        1. Ron, they were talking about the same thing on Sirius today. Machado was pimping a double the other night and no one say boo. I’ve seen Joc pimp what turned out to be a non-HR, Cody too in Cincy. Puig is a lightning rod for attention. Some deserved, most not. I do agree with their assesment that he is a better ball player when he’s playing close to crazy instead of trying to be Mr. Perfect Citizen that must “respect the game”.

          1. Hawkeye

            I have seen Puig think he has hit one out, and he didn’t, more then any other player,I have saw.

            And that is not a criticism, that is the truth!

          2. Your absolutely correct. He has and it is stupid, but I’ve seen other players like the ones I mentioned and darn near nothing is said about it.

  28. A few comments
    1- Gee it’s been fun winning by lots of runs the past couple of weeks. The resurgence of the Dodgers’ offense by Bellinger and Taylor and Turner’s return from the DL reminds me of the 2013 season when they went 42-8, fueled by Puig’s promotion from the minors and Hanley Ramirez’ return from the DL. 30 homers in the last 11 games. Totally insane.
    2 – Interesting article on the misuse of young Julio Urias by the Braintrust.
    After noting that the Braintrust apparently didn’t have a “plan” for Urias this year and that the inconsistent use has probably messed up his routine and may have messed up his arm (and his head) Dustin Nosler concluded “Regardless of what happens, it might be best not to temper expectations for the rest of his 2017 season. If he comes back strong and earns a playoff rotation spot, great. If he throws 20 innings the rest of the season and has no impact on the playoffs, that’s less great — but also more likely.”.
    3 – Puig has been a plus on the Dodgers this year. He has been productive on offense and is the best defensive RF in baseball. He’s never going to be as good as we’d hoped, but what else is new? You can say the same about dozens of players who turned out to be pretty good but not great.
    4 – No Justin Verlander please. We don’t need a 34 year old, one who’s expensive and on the downhill slope of his career, one who is 4-4, 4.52, with a 1.45 WHIP and 86 K in 82 IP to go with 45 BB. Even with the recent near no-hitter, he is 0-0, 4.58 with a 1.73 WHIP in June.
    5 – Still not impressed with Hill. He went 5 innings last night. He’s the 1st guy in baseball history to go 5 innings or less in his 1st 9 starts of a season. (This per TrueBlueLA :”Rich Hill is the 1st pitcher in MLB history to last 5 or fewer innings in each of his 1st 9 starts of a season. (via @EliasSports)”.

    1. Speaking of Puig, one of the announcers last night said that Kenley Jansen thinks Puig is the most talented player he has ever seen. Quite a comment from someone who has faced everyone.

  29. From Passan:
    Sources: Christian Yelich, Marcell Ozuna not yet available. Other Marlins who are: A.J. Ramos, David Phelps, possibly Kyle Barraclough.

    1. More stuff from around:
      A note on those who may see anyone sweating high draft pick signing. Bear in mind that last year two players didn’t sign in the top ten rounds. Unless a guy flunks a physical or was never going to sign anyway, he’s signing.
      Fan-Graphs on the Dodgers getting a favorable strike zone, thanks in no small part to Grandal’s framing:
      www DOT
      Keith Law had a chat:
      http://meadowpartyDOT com/blog/2017/06/22/klawchat-62217/
      He likes Bellinger > Judge long term. Had a cryptic comment on Verdugo, comparing him to Joe Flacco (which means he’s on the edge between good and elite.)
      The Ringer (and Effectively Wild’s) Ben LIndbergh on Kenley Jansen’s awesomeness:
      theringer DOT com/2017-mlb-los-angeles-dodgers-kenley-jansen-walkless-streak-7f9e0249940b
      “With 50 strikeouts and zero walks, the Dodgers’ closer is displaying historic control and bat-missing ability”

  30. Boxout

    The Giants are different, but they are even more pathetic then, the Mets right now!

    I just want us to be ready for the Rockies this weekend!

    I just wish Puig would save it, for a bigger thing!


    1. Dino

      I not that bad at all, but I did have a back surgery, so I know how it can be.

      I am sorry that you are going through that!

      Agone is a proud guy, so I know he will make the right decision!

    2. I hate to seem uncaring, but if Gonzalez needs to retire, how does his 2018 salary effect the luxury tax next year? Any different than Crawford?

      1. Crawford retired after he was DFA’d and no one signed him (even at ML minimum) so he got his full contract. AGon could be paid but the Dodgers would not be obligated to. Remember Barry Sanders leaving many millions on the table when he retired? If it’s because of medical reasons there could be an insurance payout if there is a policy in place. The pain must be pretty severe for him to be considering that option.

        1. I don’t think Carl put in his retirement papers in did he? It would be a blessing in disguise if Adrian actually retired after the season. I hope he recovers and can play ball, but if he can’t not paying him $21 million next year could help the team if he officially retired.

          1. Hawkeye

            It is never the money it is always the amount of years in a contract, so I think your right concerning, Agone.

          2. I can’t swear to it but I think if he just retires he forfeits his salary. If he retires due to injury he gets paid think Prince Fielder. Crawford was released Dodgers were obligated to pay his salary. Not sure if an injury retirement counts against the luxury tax or not.

  32. Damn Kenley!!! Really??? Too many home plate collisions at the Inland Empire or Puig has pictures…

    1. It’s very apparent that his teammates have rallied around Puig this year. It has resulted in a more focused and relaxed ballplayer and a better teammate. I expected higher average and less power, but this new approach at the plate has definitely produced more power. I hope he stays focused because having him hit 6-8 is the sign of a deep lineup.

    1. At some point the lack of production has to out weigh the front office’s fear that Hatcher will put it together with another team.

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