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Cody Bellinger is one of those  rare talents who come around to a team, once in a lifetime.  The thing is, the Dodgers have three of those talents… maybe four.  Some of you are going to say “Yeah, but his batting average is only .261.”  Yeah, and your momma wears army boots! This kid is the real deal, just like Clayton, Corey and maybe Julio. Three of those are generational talents and Urias may be the fourth.  We have to give credit to Logan White and Ned Colletti for acquiring them, but just as importantly, we have to give credit to Andrew Friedman for not making any dope-fiend moves and trading any of those guys.Andrew Miller was Bellingerized last night as was Boone Logan.  You will likely see 20 or 30 more times this year that a pitcher gets Bellingerized! That’s what it is called:Bellingerized!  Add in the fact that he is one of the slickest fielding first basemen I have ever seen and you really have something. This kid is Rookie of the Year bound and headed for great things.This will be two ROY’s in a row for the Dodgers if Bellinger wins.  I remember back to 1979 to 1982, when Rick Sutcliffe, Steve Howe, Fernando Valenzuela and Steve Sax won the award for the Dodgers four years in a row.  There is certainly not a lack of candidates for the Dodgers to continue the streak now. In 2018, it could be Calhoun, Buehler, White, Verdugo or whoever…The Dodgers have won the most awards of any franchise (17), twice the total of the New York Yankees, and the historical Oakland Athletics and predecessors (8).  For years, the Dodgers have been all about player development and it’s good to see Andrew Friedman put such an emphasis on it again.   It’s a recipe for success!Sure, Cody has a big swing and strikes out a lot, but he has shown a  willingness to make adjustments and he will cut down his strikeouts. He might only hit .260 this year, but his proclivity for clutch hits is amazing.  Yes, he has a big swing, but not like Joc Pederson who almost comes out of his shoes when he swings.  Joc is frequently out of control with his big swing.  Cody swings that bat like a buggy whip (so does Chris Taylor).  His swing is big, but more controlled.  Oh, and he’s OPS’ing .965 and unlike Joc, can hit Lefties!I think one of Cody’s assets is his hard work at preparation.  They say he studies film a lot.  Joc is good at video games if you catch my drift! The kid is mature beyond his years.


  • Chris Hatcher’s time in LA needs to be overNOW!  This is your final warning, FAZ.  I am like the Marines – No greater Friend, No Worse Enemy!  Don’t piss me off!  He has to go!  Romo too!
  • At least they didn’t re-sign Blanton like many of you wanted!
  • Who would have thought Chris Taylor would be the Dodger’s LF three months ago?  I suspect he can hit in the area of .280 with 20 HR.  I’ll take it!
  • Now, if Joc can just get his Mo Jo back!
  • If flipping off fans is the worst things Yasiel does, I’m fine.   It’s going to cost him though…  $$$$
  • Four Words:  Brad Hand and Brad Brach.  The team does not need starters.  Trade them for these two guys. Figure it out.

Dodger Press Release:

DODGERS ANNOUNCE SELECTIONS FROM SECOND DAY OF 2017 DRAFTLOS ANGELES– The Los Angeles Dodgers today announced their eight selections from the second day of the 2017 Draft, picking University of Houston catcher Connor Wong (third round), Park Vista Community (FL) High School right-hander James Marinan (fourth round), University of Utah right-hander Riley Ottesen (fifth round), University of Connecticut right-hander Wills Montgomerie (sixth round), University of Kentucky right-hander Zach Pop (seventh round), Xavier University third baseman Rylan Bannon (eighth round), University of Evansville right-hander Connor Strain (ninth round) and University of Kentucky outfielder Zach Reks (10thround).Los Angeles drafted nine of its first 10 players from the college ranks and through 10 selections they have taken six pitchers, two outfielders, one infielder and one catcher.The Dodgers started the second day of the draft by selecting University of Houston catcher Connor Wong in the third round. In his junior season, the 21-year-old Texas native posted a .287/.379/.494 slashline and led the American Athletic Conference with 61 runs and 26 stolen bases, while recording 13 doubles, three triples, 12 home runs and 36 RBI. Wong, who was selected to the 2017 Second Team All-American Conference Team as a catcher and 2016 First Team All-American Conference Team as a utility player, has played in 184 career games with the Cougars, hitting .280 with 152 runs, 32 doubles, eight triples, 23 home runs and 103 RBI. He has also seen time at shortstop, third base and in the outfield and was rated byBaseball Americaas the 77thoverall prospect in the 2017 draft.The Dodgers selected their lone high school player in the fourth round, taking right-handed pitcher James Marinan from Park Vista Community (FL) High School. During his senior season, the Florida native pitched two complete-game shutouts and went 8-1 with a 0.84 ERA (6 ER/50.0 IP) while striking out 66 against just 12 walks. Marinan was ranked the 58thoverall prospect byBaseball Americain this year’s draft.The Dodgers selected four college pitchers today, taking University of Utah righty Riley Ottesen (fifth round), University of Connecticut right-hander Wills Montgomerie (sixth round), University of Kentucky right-hander Zach Pop (seventh round) and University of Evansville righty Connor Strain (ninth round). Ottesen, a 23-year-old sophomore, went 5-4 with a 4.93 ERA (52 ER/95.0 IP) and recorded 72 strikeouts against 33 walks in 16 games (15 starts) for the Utes. In 15 starts during his junior season with the Huskies, Montgomerie went 6-3 with a 3.73 ERA (37 ER/89.1 IP) and collected 116 strikeouts while issuing 40 walks. Pop, a Canada native, appeared in 22 games during his senior season with the Wildcats, going 1-1 with a 3.48 ERA (8 ER/20.2 IP), while recording 20 punch outs against 14 walks. Strain went 2-5 with a 2.62 ERA (20 ER/68.2 IP), striking out 68 batters and issuing 38 walks in 14 starts for the Purple Aces in 2017.Los Angeles also nabbed collegiate position players Rylan Bannon, a junior third baseman from Xavier University in the eighth round, and outfielder Zach Reks from the University of Kentucky in the 10thround. Bannon started 61 games for the Musketeers last season and posted a .339/.449/.633 slashline while leading the team in runs (45) and home runs (15). Bannon also recorded 14 doubles, three triples and 50 RBI and was named the 2017 Big East Player of the Year. Reks posted a .352/.461/.471 slashline in 65 games with the Wildcats as a senior last season and recorded 44 runs, 16 doubles, two triples, three homers, 44 RBI and a team-leading 15 stolen bases.Below is the list of the top 10 Dodger selections from the 2017 First-Year Player Draft.LOS ANGELES DODGERS 2017 FIRST-YEAR PLAYER DRAFT
123Jeren KendallCFVanderbilt UMarty Lamb
262Morgan CooperRHSU TexasClint Bowers
3100Connor WongCU HoustonClint Bowers
4130James MarinanRHSPark Vista HSAdrian Casanova
5160Riley OttesenRHPU UtahBrian Compton
6190Wills MontgomerieRHPU ConnecticutRich DeLucia
7220Zach PopRHPU KentuckyMarty Lamb
8250Rylan Bannon3BXavier UMarty Lamb
9280Connor StrainRHPU EvansvilleStephen Head
10310Zach ReksOFU KentuckyMarty Lamb
The 2017 First-Year Player Draft concludes today with rounds 11-30 starting at 9:00 a.m. (PST).

Photo Credit: Stephen Dunn/Getty

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  1. In some ways Agon going down with his bad back indefinitely solves some dilemmas. Now Bellinger can take over first where he belongs and it gives Taylor a dedicated spot in the lineup every day. Forsythe and Joc now just have to start putting it together.

    I’m amazed (actually I’m not) that some people still find it in them to criticize this FO for it’s draft. There’s a good article by Dustin Nosler, who I think is a great resource for his prospect knowledge, about the Dodger selections in rounds 3-5. The Dodgers got really good value out of those pics. Yes, they got pitching, which they already have maybe a surplus of, but the point is they got the best available PLAYERS at those respective slots. They acquired assets. You can always trade assets, and if you have position of strength, ..i.e….lot’s of good young pitchers, you can trade for the pieces that you need. All the bemoaning because the FO didn’t target the apparent positions of need is just a silly argument.

    Ok, you don’t like FAZ. I get it. But at least try not to blame them for everything. I’m certain that Andrew Friedman and Zaidi weren’t responsible for the JFK assassination.

    1. Agree. You can’t target what you will NEED three, four or five years down the line. Too much can happen. Best thing to do is get the best PLAYERS you can get.

  2. moderation issues again. I thought after changing my email that was over with. And while you’re talking with your tech guys, how ’bout having them add a simple text editor. The ability to make paragraphs would be nice.

    1. We had server issues over the weekends when we upgraded some plug-ins, and now the Akismet Spam Plug-in is putting almost everyone back into moderation.

      Working on it!

  3. Puig and Turner hit righties better than lefties and Bellinger’s stats so far are better against lefties than righties. Interesting splits.
    Now that Gonzales is out, it looks like the Dodgers have a cleanup hitter in Bellinger that will be there for a long time.
    The Dodgers could be settling into a set lineup with the most used platoon being Utley and Forsythe at second and to a much lesser degree Turner and Forsythe at third.

    1. Bum

      Turner is hitting very well against lefties this year, he is hitting about 350, against lefties.

      And Cody is hitting at least 248, against righties, and then their is his power numbers, against righties too.

      Joc and Puig are the only two in the almost everyday line up, that can’t hit lefties.

  4. Despite all the hand wringing the Dodgers have the best record in the National League by % points and 2nd best record in baseball. It might be time to admit Faz and Roberts actually know what they are doing.

    In Denver area for next week visiting family, beautiful part of the country and cooler than Vegas! Father’s Day trip to Coors where despite the standings I will root against the Giants (some habits die hard) plus everyone here loves their Rockies. They have waited years for a good team, but I think even they are worried about the Men in Blue .

    Hatcher is like a match to gasoline and needs to go to a faraway corn field. I would think Morrow deserves his spot
    more but perhaps Hatcher will be a throw in on a deadline deal. In other words this team will probably make a handful of moves to become even stronger for the stretch run.

  5. Keep Gonzalez on the DL until the All-Star break as far as I’m concerned. If he isn’t near 100%, I don’t see him helping the lineup trying to flip opposite field singles with a broken down body. Unless I missed something it has been quite on the Ethier news. Any updates? Bellinger has the most power of a homegrown Dodger since Piazza and I think Belly has more.

    Since you were picking on Joc and I have too lately, I will say that I like some of his AB’s last night. It was trying to hit the ball the other way through the shift. Puig traded in the bat flip for a couple of finger flips. I found it funny, but I’m sure the MLB headquarters won’t. It was good to see him drive the ball to RCF. It has really been the one thing missing from his new approach at the plate. Anyone notice that he has 9 SB’s this year? Nine out of eleven.

    Last start for the #22, I complained that I would have left Kershaw in until he got down facing Harper against Washington. I’ll go the other way last night. I would have pulled him after six. It was nice to see him gut out the 7th though.

    I tend to agree with Mark. I’m less worried about starting pitching and would like to see another RH reliever to replace Romo and or Hatcher. Brach and Herrera seem like good targets to me. The Dodgers need to be proactive on that front and not wait until Washington has the pick of the bullpen pieces.

    1. They didn’t see Puig do that on the Dodger broadcast, but I saw it later, on the MLB Channel.

      What Puig did, didn’t bother me, because he backed it up with his bat, with that HR.

      He doesn’t do that all the time, so it is no big deal to me.

      It does bother me when the TV won’t show a person flipping a bird, like we have never saw that before.

      I do agree with Mark, that Cody is more mature then Joc.

      I don’t understand why Joc uses young Joc for his twitter name, when he is not the youngest player on the team, maybe that is more, then just a moniker, for Joc.

      I hope for Bum’s sake, and the Dodgers, that Joc can earn his spot, and at this point, he is going to have to do it with performance, just like everyone else have had to do, like Taylor and even Toles, before he got hurt.

      It was also good to see Puig take the ball the other way twice, because that is what he needs to do, instead of trying to pull everything.

      And like I wrote on the other thread, Bellinger 4 and the Indian’s bullpen, nothing.

      I hope Bellinger’s performance yesterday, was from something new that Bellinger has picked up in his major league education, and it was from another adjustment, he has made.

    2. Hawkeye

      The was the first game this year, that I saw Kershaw pitch better, in that extra inning, he pitched in, then the rest of that game.

      Kershaw didn’t have it, most of that game, and he actually pitched better in his last inning, of that game.

      1. It’s been as hot as Satan’s balls in the Midwest lately. Kersh was fighting it all night. Give him credit.

        1. Hawkeye

          I thought I was, when I said he pitched better, in that last inning.

          Because I would have wanted to get him out of that game sooner, but he pitched best, in that last inning.

    3. Maybe the Dodgers should bring some of the rotation talent in their minor leagues to the LA bullpen.

      1. I think Stewart and Kazmir are probably next in line to be added to the 40. As both are on the 60 day DL.

        Both could work in long relief. For a short relief supplement, I have read the team is looking for a lefty.

    4. Hawkeye

      All of the Dodgers players thought what Puig did was funny too, including the interview after the game was over.

  6. AC, and anyone else who knows:

    how good can Trevor Oakes be up here? Is he a #4 workhouse type? Or better than that?

    1. Oakes could be a #4 with most teams. He will have a hard time doing anything but relieving with the Dodgers. He will either be traded or likely converted to a Stripling-esque reliever.

      1. I disagree. I think Oaks can be a solid #3 for the Dodgers. Strike throwing pitchers don’t grow on trees. I think he can slot in for Brandon McCarthy and have a solid, albeit not flashy, career. Oaks character and drive is off the charts. He is as nice and hard working a young man you could ever meet. He may get traded, but I believe his drive to succeed will place him i the Dodger’s rotation.

        1. That’s why they traded De Jong and Cotton. I like him a lot too. I hope you are right.

    2. Bobby, I agree with Mark on this. Oaks is a back end of the rotation starter. He should be a workhorse, but he is not projected to be in any future CY discussions. If the Dodgers were not in the middle of a contentious race, the Dodgers would absolutely keep him. But they are and with all of the projectable RHP they have in the pipeline (and coming aboard) he is good trade material. By himself there would not be much return, but packaged, he could become a very valuable addition. Teams that might have some interest might be Phillies, Royals, A’s, Rangers, Blue Jays, Reds, and the ChiSox depending on where their wunderkid pitching is at. Each one of those teams have relief pitching that the Dodgers might want to look at (and I am sure already are).

  7. So – the Dodgers have the best record in the NL so everything’s rosy? Don’t try to fix any problems? All is well?

    The Nationals have had the best record in the NL until last night – so same for them? Don’t gripe – all is well? Nope. here is from MLB Trade Rumors today:
    “The Nationals’ terrible results from the bullpen have been frustrating fans all season, and it’s begun to take a toll on the clubhouse as well, per Barry Svrluga of the Washington Post. Svrluga quotes unnamed Nationals players that are exasperated by the persistently blown leads, quoting one who states, “We feel like we have to win the game three times.” ”

    Funny – Nationals’ players know when there is a problem that needs to be fixed and wants the team to do something about it. Is it unreasonable to want the Dodgers to fix their problems?

    1. The Nats problems are much bigger than the Dodgers. Injury prone Ryan Zimmerman has been carrying team all season (1.140 OPS). It’s not going to last. They don’t have much depth in the rotation. The pen is a joke and the farm is bare, especially after Adam Eaton trade and his season-ending injury. They have a good offense, but may not win their division. They have no closer.

      I think the Dodgers will try and improve, but they won’t be forced to trade their Top Prospects if they don’t want to. The Nats have no choice. The Dodgers essentially have two teams of MLB players. The Nats have one.

      Finally, no team will win it all with Murphy as their second baseman.

    2. The Nats ownership has vetoed deals to make their pen better. The Dodgers ownership got Kenley.

    3. Who doesn’t want the Dodgers to fix their problems?
      Being happy with performance and not being satisfied are not mutually exclusive.
      I’m not sure where Dodgerrick is coming from on this one.

    4. Who says there’s no need to identify areas where the team can improve and fix them?

      “Joc isn’t hitting. Include him in a package for Ozuna.”
      “Agon isn’t hitting, make him a pinch hitter and put Bellinger at first.”
      “Hatcher and Romo stink. DFA and get some new relievers.”
      “Braun, JD Martinez, Cain or Ozuna?”
      “Does the team go after Archer or Matt Harvey?”

      It seems a good percentage of the discourse here is exactly about fixing problems by playing armchair GM. I don’t know where you get the idea that there’s this bovine complacency. This “fixing” impulse is expressed constantly.

      Now, that’s different from the reflexive impulse to constantly criticize this FO…about everything…or to harp on or overstate the negative aspects of this team. This is so far a good team with a good farm and an overall good organization. Acknowledging this while at the same time acknowledging areas of deficiency and potential improvement is the rational approach.

      1. Vegas Dodger: “Despite all the hand wringing the Dodgers have the best record in the National League by % points and 2nd best record in baseball. It might be time to admit Faz and Roberts actually know what they are doing.”

        The implication is that all is rosy in Dodgerland so quit complaining (or hand-wringing).

        I certainly concur that many things are going well. The young position players (Seager, Bellinger) are going to be the core of the team in the future, which is great. They have won 5 in a row so obviously that is great too.

        I have 2 primary concerns for 2017 going forward:
        1 – The need to upgrade the outfield, preferably with a right-handed power bat
        2 – The need to upgrade the rotation – I have no confidence in Ryu, Maeda or Hill at this point.

        The first is doable – there will be sellers with right-handed bats available at the deadline. The second may not be. I don’t want another mediocre deadline deal and it is unlikely that anyone who is any good will be available at the deadline. Maybe the best help available will come from Urias, but I doubt that a real difference maker will be there to help at the deadline.

        The Dodgers’ approach to surviving the regular season (hire a bunch of injured or injury-prone guys for below market and rotate them on and off of the DL) isn’t designed to work in the post-season.

        1. Dodgerrick, I certainly was not singling you out and have defended you in the past, and have
          made many suggestions myself for the 25 man, tinkering around the edges of the 40 man, moving guys to the 10 or 60 day DL; the rotation, the bullpen, the lineup and batting order, who sits, platoons etc. I think most who post on here want the team to get better and make some moves. My point is this and is not directed at you but you seem to have taken offense:

          The Dodgers are a pretty good team, second best record in baseball as of this morning despite their flaws and imperfections and even though they could be better it may be time for some to admit that Faz and Roberts know what they are doing. That’s it! These guys and the group they have put together know how to build and run a team and organization. If that bothers you then sue me!

    1. As you have often said “Most prospects won’t make it” so Billy Gasparino’s philosophy is DRAFT THE BEST AVAILABLE PLAYER!

    2. You’er right, the FO should all be fired, and NOW. Before you complain about who Gasparino selects, you might have some LHP names that they should have selected over the RHP. Not 2-5 years from now, but at the time of selection. Unless Billy Gasparino called you personally and told you what HIS draft criteria is, why would you question an amateur scouting director who is considered one of the very best in all of MLB? Simple. You do not like anything this front office does. We get it.
      I have been following this draft class since January, and the players they are getting are good selections at their draft slot. No not all will make it, when only an average of 5 of any draft class do make it. Their 4th round selection, James Marinen, RHP, has a 70 rated fastball with a hybrid slider/curveball, that could be a plus. His changeup needs work, but how many high schoolers come out with a plus changeup when teams are looking for the 94-96 fastball. He is a fast riser and was projected by many to be a 2nd rounder. Should they have taken a LHP just to placate you and others who believe the Dodgers need LHP?

      1. Nothing like a little hyperbole, is there? Yes fire everyone. That’s exactly what I said.

  8. Wilmer Font has an amazing K/9 ratio at AAA. Not sure if he’s a legit prospect or not. Perhaps with that K rate, he’d be a solid middle reliever for us?

    Verdugo hit his 3rd. The power will start to come now

    1. Bobby, Font is not on the short list of pitching prospects, but he is a potential mid reliever as you suggest. Maybe he is a Josh Fields or maybe a Pedro Baez. We will not know unless he gets a shot. I was somewhat surprised when the Dodgers promoted Fabio Castillo to the 40 man over Font .

  9. Marty Lamb is the scout for 4 of the first 10 Dodger draft picks. Marty was the scout who signed Chad Billingsley, AJ Ellis, Bryan Morris, Eric Stults, Cory Wade, and most recently Walker Buehler, Will Smith, Philip Pfeiffer. This is Marty’s 17th year with the Dodgers draft, and with his history, he obviously has Billy Gasparino’s ear. Don’t be surprised in three years to hear the name of Jake Eden in the discussion of Dodger draft projections. Eden is one of the best prep LHP who is headed to Vanderbilt. Most scouts and teams believe he is not signable and will matriculate to Vandy. He should get drafted on Day 3…just in case. But I guarantee you that Marty Lamb will be at Vandy during Fall Ball to watch this kid.

    1. AC, Why aren’t you relaxing on the beach enjoying a Mai Tai or margarita? Oh, I get it, it’s only 9:30, your time. How about a Bloody Mary then.

      1. I am out on the balcony looking at the water. We are waiting for friends to come by for another day of sun and rain.

  10. I have been a Dodger fan for 54 years. From the beginning I sucked in all I could about the farm system. I had favorites that I wanted to make it who didn’t: Greg Brock, Greg Miller, Andy LaRoche, but along the way, I developed an “eye” for talent.

    When Adrian Beltre was a rookie, I predicted a HOF career for him.

    When I saw Clayton the first time, I proclaimed him a HOF pitcher.

    I said the same for Seager and Bellinger, only recently.

    The same prediction goes onto Julio Urias.

    Sometimes, I can just look at players and know they have “IT.”

    When I would do that at another site, there were certain _____________s who would always take the opposite tact. I’m not always right, but when I proclaim a guy HOF Caliber, I have given it a lot of thought and they pass the “eye test.”

    I was wrong about Russell Martin. I predicted a HOF career for him too, but while he has been good, he is not HOF worthy. My eye failed me there, but I’m right more than I’m wrong on this stuff.

    1. Mark

      They put Urias on the DL for shoulder soreness, and he is coming to LA to see a doctor.

  11. The Dodgers will undoubtedly look to upgrade their bullpen for the pennant run. There are some who have suggested Kelvin Herrera either to the Dodgers or Nationals. The Dodgers have Herrera. His name is Chris Hatcher. In 26 games, Herrera has pitched 25.1 innings, allowing 15 earned runs, and 7 homeruns, for a 5.33 ERA. He has not been dominant for any stretch this year. In 23 games, Hatcher has pitched 31.1 innings, allowing 17 earned runs, 6 homeruns and a 4.88 ERA.
    Brad Hand has had a poor 2 out of his last 4 appearances, but he has been outstanding until 4 games ago. With Zach Britton out until the AS Break (and many suspect longer with a severe forearm strain), Brad Brach is the O’s closer. So until they believe they are out of it, the O’s will keep him.
    The White Sox have a couple of relievers worth a look,; RHP Anthony Swarzak, and one I really like, RHP Tommy Kahnle. Kahnle was not very good early in his first two years with the Rockies, but since going to the White Sox, he has been solid. This year in 26 games, 25.1 IP, 1.42 ERA, allowing 2 HR, and an almost Kenley like 44K and 6 walks. He throws a 97.92 4 seamer.
    I would like to see the Dodgers get a look at Felipe Rivero, LHRP, Pirates. Even though he gave up the grand slam to Corey, the Dodgers should take a long look at Raisel Iglesias.
    Texas LHRP, Alex Claudio, Braves RHRP, Arodys Vizcaino, Pirates and former Dodger RHRP Juan Nicasio, Phillies RHRP Pat Neshek. Even though they are absolute long shots, they might want to inquire about SF Giants RHRP Hunter Strickland and Cory Gearrin.
    Out for some snorkeling.

  12. Trayce Thompson finally cleared the Mendoza line at OKC. It would be nice to have him as an option if they need him later in the year.

  13. Mark, today I received an email from you with a PDF attachment which asked for my email password, to which I did not respond. Was that from you, or is someone messing around?

  14. I am not sure about making any trade right now. I would give Joc until the all star game and then make a decision on him. I think Joc needs to produce or be traded. I think there are three players that could go and they are Hatcher, Gutierrez, and Romo. I said this three weeks ago and have not changed my mind. I would like to see Morrow back on the team.

    I would never complain about who they draft. I have no idea who is good and who isn’t. I would adventure a guess that most of us do not know what these players are capable of. I just know we have a good farm system and that is good enough for me.

    1. Idahoal

      I am with you about the draft picks, and really no one right now, will know what these prospects will do, for sure.

      I know being a Dodger fan, you have to keep yourself honest, because they do almost everything, the hard way.

      But I just don’t understand why we all just can’t enjoy it, when they are playing well.

  15. Urias on the shelf with a shoulder? Just saw that on the Report. Joc scrapped the shuffle. On to another stance change. Neither Kershaw nor Hatcher could hit the catcher’s mit with the fastball. Kershaw is dominant enough to overcome. Not so with Hatcher.

    1. Hopefully, they are just being over cautious with Urias and it’s not serious.

  16. Harlan, I was just typing the same thing! Mark, this is what I got as well, and of course I deleted it:

    Mark Timmons

    Trust you are keeping well. Review the attachment and let me have your opinion.

  17. It came into me yesterday from one of our largest vendors: Jacobi Carbons. I get many e-mails from them so I attempted to open it, but it took me to Google and I immediately closed it. I emailed him back and asked if it were valid, but no reply. 24 hours later to the minute. It started sending out e-mails…. over 3,000.

    We fixed it, but it took several hours. Another friend had it happen two days ago and he sent out 27,000 emails. I’m sure everyone will get this sooner than later. What a bitch!

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