Let’s Build a New Building To House All the Rumors

As usual, we fans probably don’t have a clue what the Dodgers are up to.  Just because we hear rumors from the media, doesn’t make them true. Rumors are just that, and if you expect a straight answer from FAZ about who they are interested in, you are likely smoking something that may be illegal in certain states. I have targeted Marcell Ozuna as a player I want, while we have heard Andrew Friedman say he is targeting pitching.  While it is likely true he is seeking a LH arm in the pen, I think the starting pitching is just fine.The Dodgers need a RH power bat – someone who can hit 5th – that’s what they need!I think it makes a world of sense to trade Kenta Maeda for a lefty in the pen. What teams need starters and have a very good LH in the bullpen?  Lots of teams!  I wouldn’t mind Andrew Miller… but that’s not happening!The Dodgers have Verdugo and Calhoun in the pipeline and both are LH hitters, so the more I think about it, the more I understand why it makes sense to trade Joc Pederson.  Remember, Andrew Toles will be back next year and he’s LH as well, so moving a LH bat makes a lot of sense.  Baseball people understand slumps and Joc’s value is higher than many might think.I do think Willie Calhoun’s bat can play very well right now in the major leagues. He only has 3 errors at 2B this year, compared to 21 last year, so he has improved in some ways.  He has lost weight and moves a little better but his range is very limited.  I still cannot see him at 2B in the Major Leagues.  He’s a perfect DH.  Edwin Rios is another LH power bat who could be solid at the next level, but he’s also a 1B or DH.  The Dodgers have a plethora of LH hitters and desperately need a RH power bat, but Andrew Friedman is not going to say that.Ken Gurnick of Dodgers.comwrote this:
Manager Dave Roberts has been pretty clear that Pedersonnot only needs to fully recover from the effects of the concussionfollowing his collision with Yasiel Puig and the outfield wall,but his bat needs to recoverthrough a Minor League rehab stint and, although unspoken, possibly a Minor League option. At the time of the injury, Pederson had a disappointing slash line of .200/.309/.314. Roberts played him in 14 games against left-handed pitching and the slash was predictably worse — .174.208/.174, with no extra-base hits.Pederson earned a fast track to the big leagues with a 30/30 season in 2014 at Triple-A. He’s stolen only 10 bases in two-plus seasons with the Dodgers. Pederson combined to slug 51 homers while playing nearly every day in 2015 and ’16.But with only two homers this year, he needs to find those 2015 skills or Taylor figures to keep the job. 
Alex Verdugo went 3-5 last night with his 2nd HR and is hitting .307 with a .385 OB%.  His bat may play at the big league level this year.  Right now, he’s a singles hitter, but gets his share of walks as well.  Willie Calhoun played LF for the second straight game and was 2-4 with a HR, triple and 5 RBI.  He might be ready as well. But, that’s two more LH hitters.  This makes it all the more imperative for the Dodgers to get a RH bat.  Chris Taylor’s bat is in the lineup to stay.  When Justin Turner comes back, Forsythe will go to 2B.  Logan has been mired in a big slump, but he will come out soon and be “smoking hot.”  The same is true with Cody and Corey – both of those kids show huge ability to make changes in the game and during individual at bats.  I don’t worry about them.  I worry about players like Puig, Pederson and Kike who don’t always make quick adjustments.No matter what, the Dodgers are going to have to get a RH bat and Ozuna makes the most sense to me. Miami is asking for the moon as well they should.  It’s going to cost the Dodgers Alvarez and two of these players:  Verdugo, Pederson, Calhoun or Rios.  That’s the price.  Maybe even Trevor Oaks!With each passing day, a return by Andre Ethier appears more unlikely.  The Dodgers could use Verdugo or Calhoun, but one will likely get traded.  I have come to expect that.

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  1. Mark Timmons: “I have targeted Marcell Ozuna as a player I want”.
    Yeah, nothing but the best for us Dodger fans! Just like me at the pistol range targeting a Hillary or Lois Lerner silhouette . Nothing but the best! All kidding aside, it sure does seem like we could match up pretty well with Miami on Ozuna and/or Yelich.
    Good debate on maximizing “trade value” on last thread. 50/50 on perception of future value going up or down on a player tells me we don’t have a clue what FAZ is cooking up.

  2. 1 – I agree that the Dodgers need a RH power bat in the OF. I would prefer JD Martinez to Ozuna. I fear that this year is an outlier for Ozuna. Here hare the past 3 year’s numbers for Ozuna and for Martinez:
    Ozuna—– HR —– BA —–OPS

    What about this year?
    Martinez—10—–.289——1.125 (He’s just off of the DL)

    Martinez’ numbers are better in his career and Ozuna has never put up particularly good numbers until this year. Is this just the year that he’s coming into his own, or is this just an outlier and he’s ready to revert to the mean? I don’t know.

    I fear that you may be right about the need for a LHP in the ‘pen. Liberatore and Avilan can’t seem to stay healthy and Dayton seems to have lost what he had last year.

    I don’t know if Joc is salvageable either. I could see the Dodgers trading him as part of a package to get what they need. Same with Forsythe who has not impressed so far this year (and it would give Taylor a place to play – he’s not a CF). I’m still not so sure they unload Maeda. The Dodgers’ model for building a rotation is to prefer quantity over quality and given the number of injuries and the risk of ineffectiveness of the hordes of starters, they need lots of arms. I could see them tinkering with Maeda to see if he could be rehabilitated so that when (not if) McCarthy, Hill, Ryu, Wood et. al. go down, they can plug him back in.

    1. Rick,

      Here’s what is lost in that translation: JD Martinez was 26 in 2014. He is now 29. He came into his own at age 26 and is now almost 30.

      Marcell Ozuna is now 26 and obviously coming into his own. Yes, this is his best year, but he is coming into his prime years. Martinez is ready to leave his. Ozuna has cut down on his strikeouts, improved his pitch recognition and walks. Martinez is a free agent. We would have Ozuna for at least two years.

      1. That, and the defense of Martinez in the OF last year was actually worse than Matt Kemp’s.

  3. Pederson is not the natural hitter that Bellinger is. The adjustments he has made over these few years leads me to the conclusion that he is no where close to figuring it out. Paralysis by analysis, for sure. He probably will figure it out eventually, but for another team. We know the power is there but the contact is not. Losing him in trade would be no loss for the team, but the return, at this point, will be minor leaguers, and not top ones, at that. At the risk of pissing a lot of you off, Urias is no longer untouchable. I think the team has seen something in him that it knows may take time to play out. I still think he is a couple of years away from cracking a starting rotation, be it our’s or someone else’s. It’s probably more of a maturity thing than a pitching thing, but his pitching has regressed. This may be due to his sporadic use, but I think that is just an excuse. He is NOT ABLE to make the pitches necessary for success. I’ve seen a lot of young pitchers lately, about his age, and they are WAY BETTER than he is. Look at the Rockies and all of its young starters. They are terrific. Minnesota. It seems that quite a few teams have young 20somethings in their starting rotations, and they are better than Urias. Anyway, he is no longer untouchable, in my opinion. I can’t see this team beating the Rockies. They are loaded. The Tulowiski deal and some of the others have yielded some players who are major league good. Senzatella. Hoffman. Gray. The bullpen is loaded with bruiser type, 96mph guys. The Rockies will win going away. Our best hope is the wild card.

    1. Bobbie17

      I was watching the MLB Channel yesterday, and the former pitchers on there, said that they didn’t see these young rookie pitchers, in the Rockie’s starting rotation, holding up, for the entire season.

    2. Bobbie17, people certainly do not piss me off because they disagree with how I perceive a player. I have no idea what Julio Urias ever did to you, but you are gauging him as if he was 22-24, not 20.
      You wrote…”It seems that quite a few teams have young 20 somethings in their starting rotations, and they are better than Urias.” You mentioned both Colorado and Minnesota.
      Let’s look at Colorado…Hoffman is 24 and Gray is 25, and Senzatella is 22. You left out Kyle Freeland who is 24. That is one young 20 somethings and 3 mid 20 somethings. Urias is 20. Not 20ish, young 20s, just 20.
      Jon Gray has a career ERA of 4.76 (earned between the ages of 23-25).
      Urias has a MLB career record of 5-4 over 100 innings with an ERA of 3.86 as a 19-20 year old.
      In 2016, at 23, Hoffman was 6-9 with a 4.02 ERA at AAA, and 0-4 with a 4.88 ERA for Colorado. He started the year in AAA and was recalled with a 3.68 ERA. His career minor league ERA is 3.58.
      Urias’ minor league career ERA is 2.64.
      Now Minnesota. Jose Berrios and Adalberto Mejia are 23. But Ervin Santana (34), Hector Santiago (29), Kyle Gibson (29), Phil Hughes (30) are not young 20 somethings.
      At 22, Jose Berrios was in the Twins’ rotation for a lot of 2016. He came away with a 3-7 record and 8.02 ERA. I am not sure but I do not think those numbers justify Berrios as a better pitcher than Urias. I cannot imagine what you would say about Urias if he had an 8.02 ERA last year. But somehow because it is Berrios and not Urias it is acceptable to you.
      Adalberto Mejia is young but his 2017 ERA is 4.18. He has started 7 games and pitched 32.1 innings. That’s an average of 4.6 innings per start. There is nothing special about Mejia.
      Let’s say you are right and the Dodgers saw something and it is going to take 2 years before he is in the rotation. I disagree with that assessment, but let’s go along with it. That will make him 22, the same age as Senzatela is now. Urias’ problem is his control. He did not have the problem when he was first coming up, but he did have an issue when he first came to the Big Leagues. Control is teachable. Not one of those pitchers in the Rockies or Twins organization was a better pitcher when they were 20 than Urias is now. If Urias is not untouchable, then you would have had to consider Kershaw as not untouchable when he first came up. It looks like Kershaw worked it out, and I think that Urias will too.

      1. Excellent point comparing Urias and Kershaw. Patience is needed. Kershaw wasn’t the second coming of Koufax when he first came up. These things take time. Hell, Koufax wasn’t Koufax when he first came up. Urias may or may not be the second coming of Kershaw, only time will tell. But I believe he has the stuff to be better than 90% of the other pitchers in the league.

    3. I think Urias is as untouchable as Kershaw!

      Urias is one of the youngest pitchers in MLB which is why they have been limiting his innings.

      Limiting his innings is one of the problems with his control. He will get it back. He’s just too good.

      Last season, after the All-Star Game, Julio Urias had a 1.99 ERA for the second half.

      Look at Kershaw’s stats as a 20 year-old and Urias is better. I’m not sure what you are seeing.

  4. YAZ says he is looking for pitching. What it really means is he is not looking for pitching. He has three left handed relievers. They are Dayton. Avilan and Liberatore. Joc has to be included in the trade. It is time to move on from Joc. He has had three years to prove himself. He cannot hit lefties. So at best he is a platoon player. Some of you throw out stats that he was the third best player last year. I am not a stat person. I think BA, HR, and OBP tells me all I want to know. Joc fails in 2 out of 3. I do not know if Joc, Calhoun, and Verdugo would get it done or not. I would add Oaks if I had to.

  5. I would nix any trade involving Alverez. But then, ya’ll are so much smarter than me. But then Ozuna doesn’t leave me breathless either.

  6. Good takes all around, hard to say what Faz will do and what other teams want from players being shopped and what the return would be. Faz has shown patience in the past to wait for a decent return. I think Joc is fixable but he has to cut down that big swing, take the ball the other way and have a better plan when he walks to the plate. I could say the same thing about Puig but at least he has made some progress this year on his plate approach.

    I like Ozuna but the price will be steep, JD Martinez would be cheaper as a rental and his defense was not good last year but was better in previous seasons. He could be what they thought they were getting in Gutierrez, a RH bat to play against LHP in LF. SVS and JG have not filled that role very well and neither has Eibner. Kike has lost the CF spot to Taylor but could play there if a deal can’t be made. Maybe someone in the minors can step up like Dickson or Segedin if he ever gets healthy.

    I agree with several that Maeda is good insurance for the likely injuries to other starters. Urias has too much potential to be discarded just yet, he has the tools and needs to refine them. He needs to challenge hitters and work his off speed pitches in the strike zone better to set up his fastball.

    Forsythe has been a disappointment but has also not been fully healthy to get his rythym going. He had 20 HR’s last year but has been striking out way too much and his power has deserted him. For now a platoon with Utley seems likely with JT coming back and Kike will get some AB’s there. JT will also need frequent days off to keep him healthy and playing down the stretch.

    A LH relief pitcher should not cost too much and is needed with the current health and performance of the 3 guys they have now. Romo is expendable and has no trade value. Hatcher eats innings, is inconsistent and expendable but his trade value uncertain.

    Dodgers get the Reds and the pitching match ups strongly favor the Blue. They are fresh off a sweep of the Cards, have won 4 in a row and are only 2 games out of 1st place. Dodgers need to take care of business because the Rocks and Snakes are playing very well.

    1. Should be FG and SVS in LF have not filled the role very well and that Kike could also play LF since he has lost CF to Taylor.

  7. AC: the point is that Urias is not ready to be a starting pitcher in the big leagues. Maybe at 22/24 he will be. That’s why he is not untouchable. And he apparently doesn’t like the minors right now. Roberts and his people have said he has some learning to do. I see a kid who is easily frustrated. And he shows it on the field. If the price is right, I think he is gone. A proven power bat will do it.

  8. For this exercise, I have arbitrarily selected 25 and under to be considered young. Of all the hitters 25 and under on the 40 man or at AAA, every one of them is LH. Joc (25), Toles (25), Edwin Rios (23), Corey Seager (23), Willie Calhoun (22), Alex Verdugo (21), Cody Bellinger (21). Okay I cheated a little, Rios is in AA, but IMO he should be at AAA. There are no “young” RH hitters on the 40 Man or AAA. Trayce Thompson, Yasiel Puig, and Kike’ Hernandez are the closest at 26. So I have adjusted my thinking a little on the need of a RH power bat. I was inclined to go with a rental for 2017 because the cost would not be as great. But with no clear RH hitter in the pipeline, the need to go outside the organization is greater than the less cost in prospects for a rental (Cain or Martinez). So I am inclined to agree that the Dodgers should aggressively pursue Marcell Ozuna. At 26 and team controlled through the 2019 season, the cost will be tough, but a solid RH bat is a necessity, not a want. I do not believe there are any other youngish RH hitters that may be available other than Ozuna.
    Most of the talent evaluators are saying the Dodgers are going for pitching. They probably are. But for 2017, I would prefer the RH OF bat. The Rockies, Cardinals, and Blue Jays figure to look at OF help at the trade deadline. Probably only the Rockies have the prospects that can force a bidding up of Marcell’s value. The Cardinals do not have a deep farm system, and they will be without any draft picks until Round 3 this year because of Dexter Fowler and cheating. So I cannot see them offering some of their top talent for Ozuna. I do not believe the Blue Jays have a realistic chance for the playoffs, and I do not believe that they will spend much of their talent pool for Ozuna on an outside chance.
    The Dodgers can put together a nice package of players on the current roster and prospects to get him. The Marlins have arguably the worst farm system in MLB. They are also 28th in MLB in attendance. Only Oakland and Tampa are worse. I do not see how Yadier Alveraz is not included in any deal for Ozuna. And while I know there is some bad blood between Mattingly and Puig, this might be one of those situations where Loria tells Mattingly to back off or else. Loria needs fans in the stands, and Puig gives him more of an opportunity than Mattingly. If the Marlins only want prospects, then Yusniel Diaz is logical.
    I posted this yesterday, but since Mark made Ozuna the subject today, I thought that I might repeat it.
    For 2017, in 248 PA Ozuna is batting .323/.327/.570/.957. He has 15 HR and 41 RBI. His OPS+ against league average is 157.
    With 2 outs and RISP (30 PA), he is batting .391/.533/.652/1.186.
    With the game late and close (35 PA), he is batting .323/.400/.355/.755.
    He hits both RHP and LHP. Against RHP he is .310/.363/.587/.950. Against LHP he is .385/.489/.487/.977. Much smaller sample size because there are not as many LHP in the NL East, but he looks like he can handle LHP.
    His BA is greater than .300 in every inning except the 6th (.241) and 9th (.143). The 9th makes sense, since the Marlins are often losing, and are facing a lot of closers.
    His BAbip for 2017 is .363. With 0 outs it is .315, with 1 out .429, and with 2 out .352. Bottom line, there are not too many holes in his 2017 production. How many of those close low scoring games might he have made a difference?
    If the Dodgers 26 year old RH OF was putting up those numbers, we might not be having this discussion. But he isn’t. Instead while some think that this year may be an outlier year for Ozuna, others are still saying that Puig is going to reincarnate his 2013 & 2014 seasons. I am still waiting on Puig, while Ozuna is doing it and then some.
    Ozuna is not going anywhere until after the All-Star Game. The game is in Miami, and Ozuna is likely to be the lone Marlins All-Star. And since the Marlins will be hosting the Dodgers the first weekend after the All-Star Game, the earliest anything will happen with Ozuna will be July 17.

      1. Ah, DodgerRick is taking us into yesterday’s conversation.
        You are correct, the Marlins would be trading him at an all-time high.
        //Bluto ducks and leaves

      2. Marcell broke into the majors at age 22 as a wild, free-swinging , undisciplined player. In his rookie year he walked 4.7% of the time and struck out 21% of the time. In his second year he hit 23 HR and walked 6.6% of the time while striking out 27% of the time.

        His 3rd year saw him stay at a 6% walk rate and his strike out rate drop to 23%. In his 4th year, he dropped his strike out rate to 19% and his walk rate moved up to 7%. This year, his walk rate is 10% and his strikeout rate is at 21%,

        It can be argued that he has grown every year. JD Martinez had a huge leap forward when he was 26. Ozuna has just gotten better every year. So, can he regress? Of course! But I like the path he is on.

    1. So Alvarez and Puig for Ozuna, unless Miami only wants prospects, then Diaz? Don’t we need to ADD an outfielder, maybe two? I think we need Puig in 2017 even if we get Ozuna. Alvarez is a potential super star starting around 2019.
      Oh course Miami will want top dollar for Ozuna and we could be buying at an “all-time high”, but we need hitting this year and Ozuna could put us over the top. I keep saying it, how about dealing from where we are deepest and sell Wood at an “all-time high? I like Wood, but we have several potential two’s this year, McCarthy, Hill and Urias. Question is like noted in last thread, who’s value goes up and who’s value goes down from here.
      Wood, Pederson and Diaz for Ozuna and Yelich.

      1. Let’s swap outfields.

        Ozuna, Yelich and Stanton for Puig, Pederson, Toles, Verdugo and Alvarez.

        1. Yelich CF
        2. Seager SS
        3. Turner 3B
        4. Stanton RF
        5. Ozuna LF
        6. Bellinger 1B
        7. Grandal C
        8. Taylor 2B


        1. Yeah, I would like their outfield. Taking Stanton’s salary should allow us to keep Alvarez I’d think. How about Stewart and Oakes instead? You think we’d be buying “high or low” on Stanton?

      2. Taylor, 2nd
        Seager, ss
        Turner, 3rd
        Bellinger, 1st
        Ozuna, LF
        Yelich, cf
        Grandal, c
        Puig, rf

        1. Yelich, RF
          Turner, 3rd
          Seager, ss
          Ozuna, LF
          Pederson, CF
          Taylor, 2nd
          Bellinger, 1st
          Barnes C
          I just traded Toles, Puig, Gonzales, Forsythe, McCarthy, Oaks, and Alvarez in a three team trade involving the Yankees, Marlins, and Dodgers.


    – The Los Angeles Dodgers today reinstated third baseman Justin Turner from the 10-day disabled list and optioned outfielder Brett Eibner to Triple-A Oklahoma City.

    Turner, who missed 19 games with a right hamstring strain, appeared in one rehab game with Single-A Rancho Cucamonga on Monday going 1-for-3 with an RBI. In 39 games with Los Angeles this season, he is batting .379 with 18 runs, 13 doubles, one home run and 17 RBI. Prior to his stint on the DL, he led the Major Leagues in batting average, while ranking among the senior circuit in hits (53, T-1st), doubles (T-2nd), on-base percentage (.453, 3rd) and hit by pitches (7, T-4th).

    In 17 games with the Dodgers this season, Eibner has gone 6-for-33 (.182) with two home runs and six RBI.


    – The Los Angeles Dodgers today reinstated left-handed pitcher Luis Avilán from the 10-day disabled list and placed right-handed pitcher Sergio Romo on the 10-day disabled list (retroactive to June 8) with a left ankle sprain.

    Luis Avilán, who missed 14 games with left triceps soreness, last pitched on June 6 in a rehab assignment with Triple-A Oklahoma City against Iowa (Cubs), striking out one in a perfect inning. He made two rehab appearances with the OKC Dodgers, allowing two runs in 2.0 innings, while striking out three against one walk. Avilán has made 23 relief appearances this season for Los Angeles, going 0-1 with a 3.00 ERA (5 ER/15.0 IP) and has struck out 20 batters against eight walks.

    Romo, 34, will make his first stint on the disabled list this season after going 1-1 with a 6.41 ERA (14 ER/19.2 IP) in 24 games in his first season with the Dodgers. He has struck out 23 batters against nine walks in 19.2 innings, while holding batters to a .240 average.

      1. Hill doesn’t/didn’t get hit hard, he just loses his command quite easily.
        There doesn’t seem to be the variety of curves/arm angles that there usually is.

    1. More good news is that Hill is starting to get the feel for his curves again. In another start or two he will be there. His ERA is down to 3.77… and NO BLISTERS! He threw 98 pitches. He will get his control back and then some fans will have to find something else to bitch about!

  11. We are having problems with the blog this morning. I can’t post a new blog, so….
    Minor League Report:

    Joc Pederson hit a solo HR in his first AB at AAA, Willie Calhoun also hit his 12th. Freeman was 3-4 at SS and Maggi was 4-4. The final was 12-6 in favor of OKC and it was at Round Rock where the ball flies!

    Tulsa lost 5-3. I notice that Fernandez is hitting .313.Spitzbarth pitched 2 shutout innings.

    RC lost 4-0 and Santana had his second poor start in a row, but his ERA is still at 2.90. Nothing else to see here. Move along!

    GL beat the South Bend Cubs 4-0. Here’s what I don’t get: South Bend is in Northern Indiana. North Vernon is in Southern Indiana and French Lick is not what you think it is. Back to our regularly scheduled programming. Sheffield pitched 5 shutout innings. Rincon hit his 10th HR and Hanson hit a 3 run shot. Cruz and Ruiz each had 2 hits.

  12. A Few Takeaways From Last Night
    1. Gutierrez is a difference maker, when healthy. Can he stay that way?
    2. Hill is not easy to hit. As soon as he is comfortable he will lights out!
    3. Maeda’s trade value just soared…. I’m just saying….
    4. It’s nice to have JT back.
    5. Cody needs to sit a couple of games.

    1. Simply saying that Maeda’s trade value may have been raised (much less soared) after a single long relief stint, after being removed from the starting rotation, against a poor lineup is a testament to how low it is.

      It’s always up from the bottom.

      1. Bluto

        The Reds players and their offense, isn’t bad, it is their starting pitching.

        In fact the Reds might have better offensive numbers, then the Dodgers have.

        And it made a big difference that Maeda can go all out, because he has a different mind set as a reliever, because he won’t be pitching as many innings.

        And that is why his fastball was 94 at times, last night.

          1. Part of the reason they do is because of playing in hitter-friendly Great American Ballpark. It’s a launching pad.

    2. Mark

      Your right about your site having problems.

      The only way I could get here, was from some old history of one of your previous, threads.

        1. Mark

          I knew you were working on it, I just thought if I told you how I was able to get here, it might be a clue, to the problem.

  13. The Yankees want Forsythe and the Dodgers have Taylor and Utley.
    The Yankees absolutely suck at first base.
    Forsythe and Gonzales and Maeda and Hatcher to the Yankees for Betances.
    Puig and McCarthy and Verdugo for Matt Harvey.
    Alvarez and Diaz and Maeda for Osuna

    1. So basically you are proposing:
      Forsythe, Gonzalez, Maeda, Hatcher, Puig, Mc Carthy, and Verdugo for Harvey and Betances?

      1. Why would we want another starting pitcher that is not performing very well, that is coming back from a risky surgery that pitchers have, which takes out a pitcher’s rib?

        1. I’m with you on this one, MJ. There’s a reason he’s even trade bait. Hill showed great stuff. McCarthy changed his pitches and saw a rise in his velocity. Harvey is still damaged goods. Pass

      2. Yes. Improves depth of relievers, greatly reduces payroll, adds a jerk ace, puts Bellinger at first and Taylor at second. That accomplishes quite a bit.

          1. Can’t say I like Harvey’s demeanor anyway and now that prognosticators are saying he won’t get his 96 mph fastball back like I thought they were saying, I agree–no to Harvey.

    2. You can’t trade Marks to the Yankees and Marlins. The Mets don’t need another corner outfielder they need a center fielder. So insert Peterson instead of Puig and Stewart to the Marlins and it might work.

  14. The pitching match up favors the Dodgers again greatly today if their bats cooperate. Wood will probably come back lights out as long as he gets past the 1st inning or two command wise. For some reason the Dodgers have their way with the Reds, but Peraza and Schebler would love to do some damage.

    Roster move needed to activate Wood and with FG having a big game it will be a pitcher either optioned or to the DL. Fields and Morrow have pitched well and Dayton is needed as a LHP in the pen, so it looks like Hatcher will join Romo with an injury of some kind, just my gut feeling. They are carrying 13 pitchers and will not go to 14 so someone has to go later in the day. Romo and Eibner were the most expendable pieces and were very good moves yesterday.

    When Joc is ready there will be another move needed and then FG vs Forsythe would seem to be an easy call as positional versatility favors Forsythe plus his veteran and contract status. Kike came through with a HR and seems to have passed Puig in RF against LHP for now. Not sure if the extra offense makes up for his defense as Puig is near elite in RF. Utley needs to keep playing against RHP and Taylor needs to be in there most every day. JT will need days off and Forsythe can slide over against RHP with Utley at 2B. Kike could also play LF against LHP and Bellinger play 1B to give AGon a day off. Or a 10 day DK stint for someone which the Dodgers have done pretty well at picking.

    Every one of Bums trade proposals is an overpay, although trading Forsythe would be ok with me. Only problem is whatever they get back from the Yankees is essentially for De Leon.

    1. Kike must have finally got a fastball last night, to hit one out, is that true, I missed that last night?

    2. I have learned that unless I propose an overpay I will get quite a few replies that the other team would never do that trade.
      Here is a different trade: Toles, Diaz, Grandal, Maeda for Yelich instead of going after Osuna.
      Mark tells us that the Marlins owner wants more Cubans.
      Barnes and Farmer can do the catching for the Dodgers.

      1. I’m not so sure Toles isn’t better than Yelich and they would take Diaz, but not Grandal because they are rebuilding and they would not want Maeda.

        Yelich is LH and we already have too many, but trading an All-Star Catcher for another Lefty is crazy.

        The Dodgers need a RH power bat and other teams want Ozuna too. You can bet they will drive up the price and like AC says, if the Dodgers want Ozuna, they will have to give up Alvarez. To me, there are too many questions about Alvarez. I would trade him for Ozuna.

        The Dodgers would be in a much better position with Ozuna. The Marlins would want 3 or 4 top prospects who are not in the majors (well they would want Bellinger, but they won’t get him).


        That really doesn’t hurt the team because they have such depth and I doubt anyone can put together a package that rich.

        Ozuna is worth it.

  15. While waiting on server issues to be remedied, a couple of comments on discussions above and other random thoughts.
    1. Thanks to Bluto for that Dylan Hernandez article. I do not subscribe to the LA Times so I do not get a chance to read him much. But I do respect his knowledge of the game and Dodgers. Most of the players in his article should not be a surprise to many on this site. They have certainly been discussed. What I was most pleased about was Dylan’s inclusion of Caleb Ferguson. Other than minor league junkies like myself, he goes largely unnoticed. He was not a high draft pick and does not get a lot of attention. But if there is a dark horse candidate to make it to the ML, it is Caleb Ferguson. I have been pulling for him since his Great Lakes days.
    There was one comment about Yadier Alveraz that caught my eye…”There has also been a cultural adjustment. Alvarez, who politely declined to be interviewed for this column, has developed a reputation for showing up late to the ballpark.” We have seen this before. I hope this gets nipped in the bud at Rancho. If Drew Saylor cannot accomplish that, I am not sure who can. There is no question that Yadier Alveraz has a superstar arm. But superstars also need superstar heads and hearts. Time will tell if Yadier can develop those as well as his arm.
    2. Box, I am one to say “never say never”, but there is no way, no how the Marlins would trade Ozuna and Yelich for Wood, Peterson, and Diaz. Many (if not most) consider Alveraz untouchable. I am okay with that, but there is no way that the Dodgers will get Ozuna without Alveraz. They will either have to find their RH bat elsewhere, or hope and pray that Puig is able to resurrect his 2013/2014 season. Not likely. He might in Miami, but not in LA. I do find it interesting that so many want the FO to stay patient on Puig on hoping that he can be that 2013/2014 player, but have no patience for Joc to return to his 2nd half 2016 season. I am not an apologist for Joc, but it does smack of double standard. This was not directed to anyone in particular, or any particular statement. It is just an observation from comments I have read on this site and others.
    3. Dodgerrick asked, “Do you believe, like Mark, that he (Ozuna) is a player who is coming into his own.” I do. You have often sited (criticized?) when FAZ has chosen to stay with unproven prospects rather than use them to acquire proven ML players. This is one of those times. With no RH bat anywhere close to the ML in the Dodger organization, IMO he is worth the risk that he will continue with his bat this year, and two additional years going into FA (just in time for DJ Peters). There is always risk in every trade. I have not heard anyone say that the Dodgers do not need a RH bat to help propel them closer to the WS this year. So if not Ozuna, who? You mentioned JD Martinez. He will definitely be on the Dodgers radar, and will cost less than Ozuna, but he will not be cheap, and the Dodgers will not re-sign him. While I personally like Lorenzo Cain, he is a long-shot, and does not have power. Braun is still possible, but his health and contract say no. Admittedly, I have no idea where a RH bat will come from if not from Ozuna, Martinez, Cain, Braun, or Puig. I am hoping for Ozuna, but I am betting on that it will be Puig.
    4. It is great to see the Giants fall so far down. There is a selloff coming. Eduardo Nunez’ days as a Giant are numbered. It will be interesting to see what happens with Cueto, Melancon, and Moore (LHP are always wanted). The Nats are looking at Melancon again. I think it is possible that Pence will be moved as well.
    5. Every team in the AL still has hopes on the Wild Card. The White Sox are the last team in the Wild Card Standings, but are only 6 games out. In the NL, only one team is within 6 games of the wild card (Cubs at 5.5 games out). I do not expect a lot of early July trades, especially from the AL. There should be a boatload of moves the last week in July.

    1. AC

      I agree with you about the double standard with Puig, and Joc.

      If anything, everyone should expect more from Puig, then Joc.

      Because this is Puig’s fifth year in the majors.

      And even though he has finally decided to put the work in this year, he is still not producing that well, offensively.

      And Roberts can’t even bat Puig, much higher then seventh in the order, because he is not good under pressure, and doesn’t usually have very good at bats, in the clutch situations.

      And Puig seems to be merely a platoon player, like Joc is.

      But since we have three outfielders on the DL right now, I do understand why Puig is playing, everyday.

      And since Puig has out produced Joc at this point, I understand why some people are being harder, on Joc, then Puig.

      1. AC

        I like Cain too, but he isn’t hitting lefties any better then Puig is.

        That is to bad, because he does have good numbers against righties.

        He is batting just under 300 against righties, and his OBA is 360 plus, against righties.

      2. It’s not a double standard if you consider that Puig had his debut, which everyone remembers, but he also followed it up with a very solid 2014. Joc, aside from the first few weeks of his rookie season, has struggled. Yes, the second half of last year he pulled it together a little, but he has never had the track record that Puig has had, though that success is more and more becoming a distant memory.

      3. I think you have the double standard backward. Joe gets a pass where everything Puig does is so over analyzed and criticized its ridonkulous. Joc isn’t near the defensive player as Puig. I don’t think this season where Puig hits in the order makes as much as past. There seems to be less anxiety. He is what he’s. A guy working on a new plate approach this year and playing great ,great D.

  16. I thought Hill’s mechanics were not good. He throws standing very upright. His follow through is hardly ever square. It looks sometimes like he is falling backward. This causes the fastball to sail. No 2 motions in a row are the same. Total inconsistency. High pitch counts. I’m sure the coaches are working with him, but until he has a consistent and balanced pitching motion, I don’t see him keeping his spot in the rotation. Unless we keep running out pitching lines like we did with Maeda last night.

    1. Hill does look a bit off with his command. I read that Barnes had a chat in the dugout after the 3rd inning and he pitched much better the last 2 innings being aggressive. Speaking of Barnes he is really coming around with the bat against LHP and needs to be in there more, it will keep Grandal fresher as well.

      I see a lot of far fetched trade proposals which is like doing mock drafts, a fun waste of time because of what we don’t and will never know. Who can tell me who the Dodgers move to make room for Wood later today? I said Hatcher with some sort of injury but that’s just a total guess.

  17. Bobby and Vegas I agree. Very little follow through. I thought Wood’s motion was a little weird, but Hill is really weird. Nothing is the same. If you cannot repeat your throwing motion I do see how he can have good command. Did Wood have a start in the minors before tonight’s game? If he did not, that is a shame.

    Maeda looked really good last night. He attack the strike zone. The HR was just a good hit. Maeda wanted it down just a little more, but a pretty good pitch.

    I am starting to see something good come out of puting starters in he bull pen. When they come in they have to attack the strik zone. It happened with Ryu and it happens with Maeda. When Ryu came back as a starter he attacked the strike zone right away. Put Hill in the pen and let Maeda start the next time.

    1. Idahoal

      I know that when Hill is pitching well, he does pitch in a hurry.

      But I would think he would slow down, and try to make better pitches, to try to get his command back, instead of rushing his pitches, like he has, when he isn’t pitching well.

    2. So far still just 7 starters this year and the innings are being limited for the long season:
      Kershaw: 90 IP, 8 and 2, 2.20 ERA
      McCarthy: 57.2 IP, 5 and 3, 3.28 ERA
      Maeda: 56.1 IP, 4 and 3, 4.95 ERA (1 SV)
      Ryu: 53 IP, 2 and 5, 4.08 ERA (1 SV)
      Wood: 48 IP, 6 and 0, 1.69 ERA
      Hill: 31 IP, 3 and 2, 3.77 ERA
      Urias: 23.1 IP, 0 and 2, 5.40 ERA; OKC 25.2 IP, 2 and 0, 2.45 ERA

      Looking at the above, Urias was least effective when sent down but has turned a corner at OKC. His total combined innings are not out of line with the other starters and he currently is not needed unless there is an injury.

      Wood needs to get the ball as often as he can, even if he only goes 5 or 6 innings he is our most effective starter. He is really the #2 starter right now and in the playoffs.

      Kershaw is his normal dominating self but might benefit from having a start here or there skipped looking at his innings totals. Then again he has a shot at 20 wins and a Cy Young award so the standings may dictate usage.

      McCarthy and to a lesser extent Hill have both been more effective than Ryu or Maeda so the right guys were sent to the bullpen based on performance.

      Wood is the only one to not complain about his role, not when he started the season in the pen or when he skipped a couple of turns. Everyone else has complained about the DL, the bullpen, the minors or even being pulled ‘early’. The fact that all 7 have healthy arms is a nice problem to have and if Wood stays healthy a playoff rotation of 3 lefties Kershaw, Wood and Hill and the righty McCarthy matches up pretty well with anyone. Ryu and Maeda can go to the pen and Urias is a wild card. Not too bad really and a stark contrast to even a year ago.

      Kazmir is getting closer to a rehab assignment, Stewart is back, Oaks is grinding along and Jurrjens, Masterson, Font and even Castillo have had their moments. This is an embarrassment of pitching riches but only Ryu, Maeda or Kazmir and the Minor League pitchers listed here should be included in any trade for a RH bat or LH relief.

  18. I think Roberts speaks a little Japanese and isn’t his mother Japanese? Maeda is inexpensive and Japanese. Shohei Otani may like that the Dodgers have both Maeda and Roberts enough to sign with them for 2018. Let’s hold off trading Maeda. Maybe the Dodgers should trade for Yu Darvish.

    1. I cannot remember who (Bobby?), but someone has been talking about wanting the Dodgers to go after Darvish for quite some time. Ironically I just saw an article in Bleacher Report entitled “One Realistic Trade Each Contender Should Make”. The authors designed a calculation to determine what the current greatest weakness each team had, based upon some algorithm comprised of WAR and Expected Primary WAR. I have no clue how they come up with these methodologies, or why, but clearly some have too much time on their hands.
      Regardless of the methodology, it is an interesting read, and it is fun to see who might be available to fill those weaknesses. For the Dodgers, the study determined that the greatest weakness for LAD is the bullpen. The author disagreed with this and decided to go with SP instead.
      There are multiple talent evaluators and MLB writers that have indicated that their sources say that the Dodgers will go after SP. One such writer, Nick Cafardo (Boston Globe) stated that most believe the Dodgers will make a run at the top SP available. They argue that while Jose Quintana and Gerrit Cole might carry more value, Yu Darvish may be the top starter available. There were four contenders with SP considered as their greatest need and projected their trade target. Cubs (Jeremy Hellickson), Indians (Jason Vargas), Astros (Gerrit Cole) and Dodgers (Yu Darvish). I can understand the Rangers not wanting to trade with the Astros or Indians, but I cannot believe that the Cubs would settle on Hellickson if Darvish was attainable. So if in fact the Dodgers would be interested in Darvish, I would expect that they would have a bidding war with the Cubs. The author thought that Verdugo, Calhoun, and a couple of high ceiling lower level prospects should start the negotiations.
      There were a couple of scenarios that actually made sense and a couple of head scratchers. The three that made the most sense to me were Zach Cozart going from the Reds to the Orioles, Eduardo Nunez going from the Giants to theto the Red Sox, and David Robertson going from the White Sox to the Nationals.

      The very curious scenarios involved the Yankees, Rockies, and Tigers. The determined weakness for the Yankees is 1B (Totally Agree). Their trade recommendation was Todd Frazier. That makes absolutely no sense. It was determined that the Rockies need is an OF, and thought their target should be John Jaso. And the Tigers need was relief pitching and their target will be Craig Stammen.

      1. I would love to get Darvish. Of course, he’s a FA to be , so let’s see what the cost is

  19. Tonight’s Lineup
    1) Utley- 2B
    2) Seager- SS
    3)Taylor- CF
    4) AGon- 1B
    5) Cody- LF
    6) Grandal- C
    7) Forsythe- 3B
    8) Puig- RF
    9) Wood- P

    JT out of the lineup already? Other than that I like it.

  20. Brandon Morrow to the 10 Day DL, my guess was Hatcher as Morrow has been very good so far. Oh well, the musical chairs continue.

    1. I’d guess that’s a legit injury, as Morrow was pretty good up here so far.

      Perhaps he needs to rest up a bit like everyone else on our squad

      1. Vegas and Bobby, Morrow was optioned not placed on the DL. He is back on the OKC roster.

  21. I have to confess that I never had high regard for Joc. I predicted he was a 4th or 5th outfielder, at best.

    I also wanted to trade Puig after his Rookie Year. I said that his value was the highest it would be and you cannot believe the flack I took for that.

    However, if you look at talent levels, Joc can’t carry Yasiel’s jock! Puig is way more talented and with that level of talent, there is a double standard.

    It boils down to this and it’s my opinion: Yasiel is very talented Knucklehead and Joc is not nearly as talents, but also not very smart!

    Cody and Corey are very smart players… and that is the difference. Just my opinion.

      1. Bum,

        I think Joc is your favorite player. Grandal is not mine. It’s just that I stood up for him when the trade happened and a bunch of irrational haters blasted him… and still do! Joc is not one of the TOP 25 Centerfielders in Baseball, butYasmani is one of the TOP 10 Catchers… maybe TOP 5. I don’t get why you always want to trade him.

        He is the catcher for the best pitching staff in baseball. Chumps can’t do that. People blast his pitch blocking skills, but he has 1 Error and 5 PB while having more PO than any catcher in baseball and throwing out 59% of the runners who try and steal.

        I don’t get what’s not to like. His teammates, especially pitchers, love him.

        1. 1. I like Barnes better.
          2. Grandal has trade value now and I don’t think it will go up.
          3. Grandal is doing better than I thought he would but he is very streaky.
          4. When I say Joc is to me as Grandal is to you, I didn’t mean that they are respectfully our favorite players and instead meant that we have confidence and lack of confidence for these two players but we don’t agree on which ones.

          1. You can call him streaky, but he had an RBI every 5.4 AB’s while the two team leaders in RBI last year had an RBI every 7.3 AB’s. He was the team leader in HR per AB, BB per AB and RBI per AB.

            And… I can’t emphasize how important he is to the pitching staff. On CERA (Catcher’s ERA, Yasmani is #1. His CERA is 3.05! Austin Barnes is 3.46 CERA and is throwing out 30% of the runners.

    1. Mark

      I think you got it right, when you said that Puig was our lovable knucklehead.

      Puig is has more athletic talent, but he is not a talented hitter.

      I don’t know if he will ever be, or he will get it when he is in his thirties, when he is out of his prime years.

  22. 2 things about this bottom of the 5th here:

    1) Puig’s double was the hardest hit ball I’ve seen in a long time! Man if that was in the air it may have left the stadium
    2) Utley swung perfectly in that situation: he knew he had to get a fly ball for the run, and that’s what he did. What a smart vet!

    Oh, and also, Wood looks great

  23. FYI, Joc homered again today with OKC. Willie Calhoun also homered there for the 3rd straight game and Urias struck out 8 in 5.2 IP (2 R)

      1. he’s still years from being ready. There are other 20something year olds (with 5ERA’s for their career so far) who are much better than him

    1. Fields has looked a bit shaky in his last 2 outings. I predict a 10-day DL stint for Josh Fields.

  24. Mark, I agree with you on the four players. Seager and Bellinger are smart players. Puig is a knucklehead, but playing pretty good right now. Joc has not improved and has not changed. He is not smart baseball wise. I wish Joc would change and become a hitter. If he would do it, the home runs will come. What nice hitting by Seager last night to hit the ball down the left field line. Seager is a hitter first and slugger second. That is what Joc needs to learn. I hope he does. I hate to say anything negative about Bellinger, but I wish he would choke up on the bat after two strikes and not swing so hard. Seager chokes up on the bat.

    1. Idahoal

      I think you hit the nail on the head about Joc.

      It seems like Joc is out there more to try to hit one out, then just get a hit.

      And that is why it is not good news to me, that Joc has hit two HRs in AAA in two days.

      I would be more happy if he went two for three, or two for four in AAA.

      Joc also hit quite a few HRs in spring training early, but both he and Puig, were not hitting well at the end of spring training.

  25. We are still having Server issues. We can’t post new blogs. AC has a great piece prepared on the Draft – hopefully it will get fixed today.

  26. Yelich, RF
    Turner, 3rd
    Seager, ss
    Ozuna, LF
    Pederson, CF
    Taylor, 2nd
    Bellinger, 1st
    Barnes C
    I just traded Toles, Puig, Gonzales, Forsythe, McCarthy, Oaks, and Alvarez in a three team trade involving the Yankees, Marlins, and Dodgers.

  27. Morrow has an opt out in his contract so must have agreed to the minor league assignment. Good for him, a team player! Fields has always been prone to the long ball, I forgive the bases loaded one where he came in because Hatcher had loaded the bases with one out. The second one that game was a no no, throwing a fastball down the middle to the next batter. The one yesterday was a big no no too, and the Dodgers were fortunate to get the walk off and it cost Wood the win. Up to this point he has been very solid in the middle and set up role.

    Ryu is really struggling today and does not belong in the rotation. I believe Urias is pitching better than both Ryu and Maeda right now but may have to wait awhile longer for the opportunity to be back in the big league rotation. 6 hits and 4 ER in a 4 inning start by Ryu really puts the team in a hole, especially when they have struggled to score runs.

    Taylor looked pretty good in CF last night, and has finally fallen below a .300 BA, .298 through 4 innings today. Compared to Jocs .200 I would take that every day, however Taylor is probably not used to so much usage and could use a day off here and there. I could see Joc spelling Taylor and Puig as part of a platoon and easing him back in. I agree that hitting HR’s in 2 straight games is not the best outcome because it encourages his tendency to go for the long ball and be pull happy. Also Forsythe’s prolonged slump is not helping the lineup when he plays.

    I really like Barnes and along with Grandal gives the team one of the best catching combos in the major leagues. They both are young and pretty cheap, combining offense and defense and game calling in a nice package.

  28. Hot take:

    Team needs at least 2 of these four to get their act together:


    1. I would add Forsythe to that list. I’ve given up on Puig….

      Pederson too.

      Call me crazy!

    1. Mark

      Bellinger hit another one, so there is hope.

      But with the others, I don’t blame you.

  29. Horrible pitch calling. Nothing but high fastballs. With runner at 3d and less than 2 outs, call for a high pitch. Guess what? A run scoring fly ball. Next guy, another called for high pitch. Out of the yard. Grandal has his head up his ass.

  30. This entire game has been high fast balls with Stripling and curveballs with Ryu. Terrible pitch calls all day. Ryu was pitching scared again. Afraid to throw the fastball.

    1. Bobby

      Exactly give credit when credit is due, and Kike’s at bat, was the second biggest thing, in that inning.

  31. That was a wild game, made more difficult by Ryu’s short outing and Stripling pitching multiple innings, both victimized by the long ball. A great game for the fans with 8 HR’s combined and a very nice and scrappy come from behind win to complete the sweep. Nice games by Utley, Seager, Bellinger and Grandal offensively. The Rocks lost and Az up 11-0 in the 8th.

    With an off day to sort things out and then 3 winnable games in Cleveland and then 3 in Cincy they need to go 4 and 2 or better on this road trip before coming home to face the Mets for 4, Rocks for 3 and then 2 in LA and 2 in Anaheim vs the Angels and then 2 in San Diego. This is a very good time to make a move with a soft part of the schedule ahead.

    1. Vegas

      Yes I just realized that that was the second HR Stripling has given up, in two weeks.

      And that was the third HR that Fields gave up in two weeks too.

  32. The Dodgers’ starting pitchers have given up too many runs early. The Dodgers were lucky today to score 6 in the 8th. Good for them, but it’s not a formula for success. They have 3 consistent starting pitchers now, and that won’t get it done. I have no faith in Hill, Ryu or Maeda.

  33. Whoa, what happened! I gave up in the middle of the 8th and went outside to get some work done.

    Guess I’ll go read and watch a recap.

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