Clowns to the Left of Me…

Jokers to the right;

Here I am – stuck in the middle with you.


  • Scott Kazmirthrew a 5-inning simulated game on Thursday and said he felt better.  The only problem was that his fastball was at 82-84 which is 10 to 12 MPH off of what it should be.  Of course, if he is pitching in pony league, he should do well.  I don’t think he’s going to be a factor THIS year.
  • The Dodger Offensemanaged just 3 hits on Thursday – one each by Barnes, Taylor and Calhoun. They couldn’t jump out of a boat and hit water!  Oh well, this shall pass.  Some days it’s like that.  Hopefully, it’s not too many…
  • Adrian GonzalezandYasiel Puigare also clowns.  I don’t have a big problem with a little emotion, but if the pitch wasn’t a strike it was close.  I can’t take credit for this, somebody else wrote it and it’s perfect:  “In 24 hrs Gonzalez went from criticizing players for not participating in the WBC to saying he will never play in it again. He sounds like a big baby.”— Hawkeye Dodger   Amen!  Would you like some cheese with that whine?
  • Another clown is anyone who wantsDerek Norrisas our backup catcher. I wouldn’t trade Austin Barnes for two of him. He put up a -0.4 fWAR last year while slashing .186/.255/.328.  Put down the crack pipe – I like Austin Barnes.
  • The final clown suit goes to anyone who thinksFranklin Gutierrezmight not make the team.  I have been saying that since they signed him.  Dave Roberts just made it official.  Now, if he doesn’t hit, well that’s another story.


  • Yasiel Sierralooks like he can pitch at this level as a reliever.  He’s not on the 40-man, but he has turned some heads.  He could be in the mix later in the year.
  • Hyun-Jin Ryulooks strong.  I may be wrong that he will have to go to AAA.  I’m walking that prediction back.  I wasn’t wrong.  I just wasn’t right.  OK, Dang it!  I was wrong! The way he looked today, he’ll be in the rotation.  In two weeks, he should be able to go five… or more.  So now my season opening rotation is Kershaw, Maeda, Hill, Ryu and McCarthy.  Wood and Stripling are long men in the pen.
  • With the batWillie Calhounis a stud.  With the glove he’s a dud.  Maybe that can change.  I doubt it.  Bring on the DH!
  • Chris Tayloris OPS’ing 1.327  – what more can he do?  Hit .520?  He is.  Kike Hernandez?  He’s only hitting .750 while OPS’ing 2.000.  It’s a very small sampling though.  Kike likely will go to AAA…  maybe.
  • Grant Daytonis sick!  I mean, he’s on track to be the 8th inning guy, especially if Romo’s back is still stiff.
  • Finally,Darnell Sweeneywon’t make the team, but he’s having a good spring.  TrueBlueLahas a great article on him.

Stuck in the Middle:

That is all of us Dodger fans as we wait with baited breath to see how this team shakes out. The thing is, this team has so much depth and so many options that it’s scary… and unpredictable.  I hope the best for Yasiel Puig, but down deep, I think he’s a Knucklehead and knuckleheads don’t change (as a rule).  I think that anyone not named Seager, Bellinger. Buehler, Alvarez, Kershaw, Jansen, Turner and White are tradable.  I am not saying it WILL happen, but it COULD – The Dodgers outfield could look like this by year end:

  • LF  Toles
  • CF Thompson
  • RF Braun

You never know…

Corey Seager is improving and maybe this will be a blessing disguise in that he might not be quite a worn-down at the end of the season.

So, here’s my Daily, Changed, Revised Pitching Staff Prediction:

Starters (5):

  1. Kershaw
  2. Maeda
  3. Hill
  4. Ryu
  5. McCarthy

Pen (7):

  1. Wood
  2. Stripling
  3. Avilan
  4. Dayton
  5. Liberatore
  6. Romo
  7. Jansen

Yeah, that’s 4 LH pitchers, but most of their splits don’t reflect that.  That is subject to change… because… what about Eric Gagne?  Should the Dodgers consider signing him? He pitched well for team Canada (small sampling).  Yeah, it’s crazy, but…

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  1. We all need to write down our values when we are at peace and things are going well so we can look at them when the future is foggy and let them help us stay true to our values in a fog.
    There are players that I value and I am not about to throw them under a buss at first sign of fog.
    Yes, the Dodgers only got three hits yesterday. Some want to say as a result that the Dodgers are not all that.
    AGon proudly plays for Team Mexico and wanted them to do well and was clearly upset that the WBA interpreted a tie breaker in a way that seemed to be unfair to Team Mexico. Give him some time to get over that.
    Most players have timing mechanisms to help get ready to hit a ball. Joc may have found something with his back foot that will help him make another adjustment to his swing. Little Leaguers move their back foot backwards to get further away from home plate because they are nervous about getting hit by the pitch. Joc is not moving his back foot back. He is lifting it straight up and putting it straight down. He might not do this by the time spring training is over. He is working on his swing. This is the time to do this.

  2. Your ‘years-end’ OF is intriguing……..
    Never been impressed with Jocs high strike out rate. He also seems to strike out often with runners on. Thompson can play, but can he stay healthy, doesn’t he have a history of Dr. visits??
    Looks like Toles probably starts with AAA, but if he continues to hit, and with his speed and improved defense he needs to be in LA. If so who moves, because sitting guys who think they should start only breeds discontent.
    Puigg? When is this guy ever going to put it together, and how long is his leash? He needs to play to be content, but he seems to always trip over himself to everyone’s detriment.
    McCarthy hasn’t looked very good, but sounds like he is the #5 guy. Meanwhile Ryu has looked very good but probably starts at AAA to increase his innings. When Ryu appears in LA where does McCarthy go?
    Urias just needs to pitch, the Dodgers are creating unwarranted drama with him. And when he makes his later appearance in LA there is more sitting for another displaced starter.
    And the disgruntled AG continues his downward slide with respect to his BB skills.
    It all sounds like a blockbuster trade at the deadline.

    1. I would love to see Urias sit until May 15th and by then maybe we can work out a trade for one of our starters and an outfielder along with prospects for whatever our greatest need is. Then Urias can pitch into the World Series.

  3. Agone was also upset when he was called out, at the plate, in the fourth game against the Cubs, in the play offs, when the replay, showed, he was safe.

    Was he right to be upset then, yes!

    And what is going on right now, will be in the past, by the time the season starts.

    And I don’t see Agone being traded, anytime soon.

    Bellinger still needs to prove that he can hit AAA pitching, consistently.

    He has showed flashes of good things in spring training, but he still needs more seasoning.

    This long spring training, is starting to even out, some of the early results, from certain players and pitchers.

    And a major league season, is a even bigger sample.

    1. Of course, A-Gon won’t be traded, unless something horrific happens to some other team’s 1B. There’s no market for an aging, declining, 35 year-old 1B who is guaranteed $43 million over this year and next! If FAZ could trade him or Ethier, they would.

      1. Mark

        You should take a look at what other teams, and see who they have, at first.

        We could do much worse!

        And I don’t want to hear about the money, because there is wasted money, for others on this team, who still haven’t produced, since they joined the team.

          1. MJ, my friend, what does Kazmir and McCarthy have to do with Gonzo? If McCarthy is healthy there may be a market for him though. He’s cheap. The Dodgers have already eaten more than half of his bad deal. Anyways, I think Gonzo has one decent year left in him. I’m hoping someone else can step up so they can move him down the batting order a bit and SVS can give him some well deserved rest. I don’t neccesarily agree with Mark that they would jump at trading him now, but he is right when you look at the market for 1st Baseman this past offseason. At year’s end, I do think the Dodgers will look to move him if Bellinger is ready and if Gonzo’s numbers don’t spike up. Those are big IF’s though.

        1. Like the Cubs, Giants, D-Backs, Reds, Braves, Indians, Blue Jays, Tigers, Red Sox, Royals, rangers or Rockies?

          A-Gon WAS once a TOP 5 1B, now he’s not TOP 10… in my opinion, but he is the Highest Paid!

          1. Mark

            Agone isn’t the highest paid, first baseman.

            Prince Fielder, Pujos, Mauch, Cabrera, Votto, all make more then Agone.

            I just don’t think Agone’s salary is our worse problem.

            And I have to give more credit to a player that goes out there, almost everyday, and does make a decent offensive contribution to the team, and has for a while.

            I like that the front office wants a certain type of player for the team, but I don’t think McCarthy, and Kazmir, is the right type of player.

            Maeda was hit by a batted ball, on his fingers last year, and he still pitched four more innings.

            I don’t see either of those pitchers, doing that.

            And I don’t think they were worth there risk, unlike Hill.

            And it does look like Bellinger, needs to face better pitching, before he is ready for the majors.

  4. All players. Not just Puig need to protect with 2 strikes. Puig got some horrible calls against him earlier in the count but time and time again I watch players look at borderline pitches, get rung up, and then complain about it.

    I’m an advocate for a computerized zone for consistency and pace of play but protecting with two strikes is taught to 8 year olds. Protecting with two strikes when the umpire has a crappy zone is a no brainer. I get Puigs frustration especially when they want him to be more disciplined but you could see strike 3 coming in that situation.

    It will be interesting to see if Ryu has enough time to wrestle away the #5 spot from Wood before opening day. I imagine Ryu starts on a rehab assignment while they showcase McCarthy and Wood. Kazmir is a sunk cost who is going to cause roster problems.

    I’m going to tonight’s game against the Mariners.

      1. Will try. We’re on the lawn tonight though. I’ve got better seats Sunday and Tuesday. I wish Otani was playing Sunday.

        1. Hawkeye

          Don’t you think that that umpire, was calling that same pitch a strike all day.

          That Puig took for his third strike, on his last, at bat?

          1. To be honest I was flipping between NCAA and Dodgers yesterday. I will say the pitch the ump called a strike earlier in the AB was definitely not a strike. Much worse than the one he called strike 3.

    1. Hawkeye

      I agree, when a pitch is close, when a hitter has two strikes, they need to at least, protect the plate,

        1. I took AZ. I’m struggling in my pool though. We do a fundraiser for my sons baseball team by selling brackets. Half goes to the team. Last year we raised $1000 for his team. This year $970.

    2. Hawkeye

      Mark always seems to bring up the money, when he is talking about Agone, but he never brings up the money, that has been lost, on McCarthy, and Kazmir.

      And Agone has earned most of his money, unlike Kazmir, and McCarthy.

      And I might be wrong, but some people make remarks, based on if they like, or don’t like this front office.

      And I don’t do that.

      I just base my opinion on what the issue is.

      I don’t care where Agone hits in the order, but I think Roberts is going to bat him fourth , unless someone steps up big, or if Agone, isn’t doing his job.

      Hawkeye who do you think will step up?

      1. MJ,

        I actually like A-Gon as a person and a player, but is he hit’s #4 we have big problems. At this stage of his career (Unless he suddenly turns it around), he is a platoon player. Maybe he will turn it around – hope he does. I just don’t think it is likely at 35.

        Comparing pitchers and position players is like comparing apples to pineapples. Unless you want to sign long-term deals of $85 (Mike Leake) to $120 million (Johnny Cueto) to $206 million (Zack Greinke) you have to sign guys like McCarthy and Kazmir and risk injury.

        If FAZ knew McCarthy would be injured at least two years and and that Anderson would take the QO and that Kazmir would be injured, they would not have done it obviously, but they still would not have signed Cueto, Greinke or Price – all those deals will be like Crawford’s and A-Gon’s deal.

        The fact is, neither pitcher is making an obscene amount of money.

  5. Joc is doing the step back drill in the batters box. It’s a drill that I teach kids to get their lower body into their swing. I have a hard time believing that can be done live against top pitching.

  6. There’s a concept called “confirmation bias.” It is defined as “the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one’s existing beliefs or theories.” You can see this in play in many different areas – but especially in baseball. You can see it cut both ways for our discussion on the Dodgers players. For those who think there are problems, any mishap is a confirmation of that belief. For those who think a player walks on water, any positive outing is a confirmation of that belief. In either case, the original opinion can be correct. However, in order to make correct decisions (as we expect the Dodgers FO to do) you need to be aware of and guard against confirmation bias. I think sometimes we go too far with advanced metrics, but one good use of advanced analytics is to counter this notion of confirmation bias.

    1. Knight

      I think you are right, but I also think, everyone is probably guilty, of doing that too.

  7. I have been like all other Dodger fans trying to predict the opening day roster. Like Mark, I have changed my prediction several times. Here’s how I see it:
    Kershaw, Hill, Maeda, McCarthy, Wood
    Comments: I wouldn’t sit Urias. He is one of our 3 best pitchers. He gains nothing from sitting around for a month or 2. I am concerned about Hill – yeah, I know it’s Spring and he’s working on things but he won’t suddenly flip a switch and start throwing strikes.
    I really thought that Kazmir would be able to be the pitcher that the Dodgers thought they were signing last year, but probably not. Ryu isn’t ready yet – we don’t know that he can throw 6 innings every 5 days. He should get the chance to show that he can do that in the minors.
    McCarthy – no thanks. I’m not really impressed.
    Comments: Baez starts the year on the DL. They won’t DFA Hatcher yet. They like Stripling as the long man. Morrow has impressed this spring and Fields and Ravin have options left. They carried an 8 man pen most of last season – maybe they go 7 man to start the season as they have more off days in the beginning of the year. If so, a guy with an option left like Liberatore or Stripling stays in AAA.
    Starting lineup:
    Comments: Ethier will be given a chance to win his job back as a platoon LF. Puig will get the chance to play almost every day in RF; same with Pederson in CF.
    If they go with a 7 man pen and a 5 man bench then Van Slyke makes it as backup 1B/OF. Given the health of Seager in early going a real backup SS is a necessity and Taylor beats out Hernandez. I think that the signing of Utley and Gutierrez are huge mistakes – they are really one-dimensional players – Utley is a reserve INF who can’t play SS and Gutierrez is a poor defender at this point in his career who can’t also be a right-handed 1B who can spell Gonzalez.

    If you ask me next week, I may change my mind again.

  8. After seeing him this week, I have concluded that Urias should be sent to AAA with about a 75 pitch count max. He has to pitch against real hitters with real umpires. No bullpen or EST. I say no to Kike. He can’t do the things that Taylor can do, and we don’t need another outfielder unless a miracle happens and Puig just disappears. Pederson’s back foot “timing” drill hasn’t worked, and I would think he would do that in the cage not in a real game, even a practice game. He has always fooled around with this type of stuff, with only limited success. If it weren’t for his power, he, too, would be somewhere else. I can’t believe that Toles has such a hard time making this team. He looks like a player that can be good for a long time.

    1. But for the likes of Utley and Gutierrez, maybe Thompson or Toles has a chance to make this team. By the way, Toles needs to learn how to run good OF routes. He has the speed to make up for mistakes (like Matt Kemp did before his injuries), but really he can do much better. Same with Thompson.

      1. Rick

        I think your right about both, Toles and Thompson.

        It is good for anyone to improve, and imagine how good Toles, and Thompson would be, with better routes.

        But we should keep in mind, that these two guys, don’t just play one position in the outfield, like Puig and Joc does.

        And that also makes a difference.

    2. I don’t think Joc will keep it. Has it worked? .815 OPS (anything over .800 is very good), 3HR (tied for first on the team), 7RBI (3rd on the team).

      1. Bum

        Do you think that Joc is messing around, to much with his swing, to close, to opening day?

        1. Beats me. I suffered along with Loney too. I don’t now what it is about some players that make me like them. Its obviously not because they are Hall of Famers.

          1. Bum

            I am the same way.

            The big stars on a team, are not usually my favorite players, either.

            But I find now, that I don’t have one favorite, player.

            I like most of the players, on the team.

    3. Bobbie 17

      You must know, that I agree with you, about Toles.

      I think we need a player to be able to get on base, and to keep the offense going, so it is more productive, and Toles might be that guy.

      We have plenty of guys in our line up, that are capable, of hitting the ball out.

  9. 3 points on Gonzo:

    1. He came across as a big whiner.

    2. He’s right; the WBC is a joke. Always has been, always will be.

    3. If Gonzo wants to play in the WBC he should play for USA. All these Americans who play for other countries make me mad. I don’t care where your grandma is from; if you’re here you’re an AMERICAN.

  10. Wow! Great takes today across the board. I agree with most all of it too. I agree Urias should not be held back but understand the reasoning. I admit the brain trust has a lot more info and insight than us arm chair types. I like the way the bullpen is shaping up-7 or 8 plus the AAA shuttle. The bench-4 or 5 with the AAA shuttle. I don’t think Ethier is quite ready yet but there is still time for him to gain his timing. AGon will get the bulk of playing time but is not ready yet either and then there is Seager. So the runs may be choppy the few few weeks but will come around. Turner, Forsythe and Grandal are ready right now and Joc and Yasiel will chip in here and there. Could be a different hero every day if the pitching holds up. I agree with Rick on the rotation-McCarthy is not impressive but with his contract and apparent health he’s in. Wood gets a shot while Ryu stretches out and management probably feels someone will get injured and they have plenty of arms to step in. If they are all healthy a great problem to have-Roberts will have to manage the egos and Faz is free to make deals-someone will need our extra arms. Kazmir may be a lost cause or may be ready in a month or 2. With 2 weak links in our division the only dark horse team is the Rockies, so a good start is very possible but this team is built for the long season and the playoffs.

  11. Urias has already shown there’s nothing for him to learn at AAA. He is a man among boys there.

    If he is going to start the season at AAA, he might as well start in the majors. Innings are innings, no matter where you pitch. AAA is not easier on your arm and the pitches count the same. The Dude doesn’t need to learn to pitch better at AAA – he was unhittable there. What can that teach you? He has a 3.39 ERA in MLB last year – that’s a run BETTER than Clayton did his rookie year.

    Urias does not need to learn to pitch at AAA . The reason you hold him out is simple:You want him to be available in October.As Clayton said, the only goal is to win the World Series. It’s felony stupid to use him up so that he can’t pitch in the offseason – that may have cost the Nats a World Series a few years ago when they had to hold Strasburg out of the playoffs.

    Urias should pitch no more than 170 innings this year. .. and I am on the high side. The best way to do that is start him later. Pitching in AAA does nothing to help that – it makes it worse, which is why it won’t happen. You could shut him down a couple of times during the season, but that could be unproductive too.

    I think the way that FAZ is doing it (shutting him down to just working out in April) is the smartest way to protect his arm and yet have him there when you need him. Nothing else makes any sense to me. They still may have to DL him for two weeks in August.

    The other thing is: This allows them to show case other starters.

  12. My favorite current Dodgers:
    1. Kershaw
    2. Seager
    3. Turner
    4. Forsythe
    5. Gonzalez
    6. Grandal
    7. Taylor
    8. Toles

      1. Andre really used to be an ass, but in the past 5 or 6 years he has matured and is a good guy who just can’t hit lefthanders and is old. People think I don’t like Gonzo and that just isn’t true.

  13. Split squads with 2 night games tonight about 7 pm. Kershaw goes against the Mariners and all eyes will be on Wood against the Madres. I hope Alex has a good 4 innings tonight! Roberts is away following the passing of his father and Geren and Haselman will be tonight’s skippers. Haselman got a huge promotion to AAA and is a future ML manager IMO. This should be fun but UCLA is playing at the same time in March Madness so I have to put my eyeballs there. Lonzo Ball is a player that I can’t stop watching but please tell your dad to chill a bit. He would look great in a Lakers uniform next year if the balls bounce right in the lottery!

    1. Vegas

      I like watching Ball play too.

      His shot reminds me of Jamal Wilkes, and the way he brings the ball down the court, reminds me, of Magic.

      The thing that worries me about UCLA is that they get a big lead, but they let teams, get back into the game at times, so it seems like they don’t have a killer instinct.

      1. IU is going to try and steal your coach back!

        I watched him at a game at a High School Game where he dropped 53 points on the Anderson Indians.

        1. Mark

          I was just reading about that.

          I was going to say, that is the largest high school gym,
          in the country.

          But that gym is in Green Castle right, and you said in Anderson?

          I read that UCLAs coach, is thinking about taking that job.

          Personally I think that he isn’t as good of a coach, as he was a player.

          I think if UCLA had a better coach, they would be a better team.

          1. I am not sure which was the largest gym – New Castle or Anderson. I am pretty sure it was in teh Wigwam at Anderson. It’s been over 30 years and I was at both so…

          2. I can tell you stories about Alford. He can get away with being the ahole that he is out in LA. They may treat him like a god for awhile at IU but his act will wear thin in a smaller college town. He and his wife are despised in Iowa City.

  14. For those of you that have seen Brandon Morrow pitch this spring, how has he looked? I know the stats say he’s been great aside from his first appearance , but how does he look?

    1. OK, but he has been hit hard at times, but the balls were caught.

      He has struck out 9 in 6 innings, but teams are hitting .280 against him. He will get better. I would have no problem using him. He could make the team, but he has not been spectacular. His first outing was bad and the rest were fine, but they did hit the ball hard at people at times.

    2. Mark

      Indiana has the five biggest basket ball gyms, in the world.

      New Castle is the biggest, but it is not much bigger, then the Anderson gym, which is second.

  15. Saw Angels at Texas today. Both teams can swing the lumber. Line drives all over the field. Angels had B team; Rangers, a lot of A players. James Loney is playing for Texas. He hit a monster HR. He looks to have put on some muscle. I would like to see him make that team, even as a platoon player. I always liked him. On Urias: he doesn’t have anything to prove in AAA, but he has to pitch, and he won’t sitting in the bullpen with the big team. Nor will he pitch much in extended ST. He has to pitch. I still think he has a lot to learn. Someone who is at the Pederson game tonight can give his thoughts on the Pederson 2 step.

  16. I saw Morrow yesterday. He had a fairly clean one inning line, but balls were hit hard. No swing and miss potential. To me, just another arm. Maybe pitch in a lost cause game.

    1. Ya. Not the type you want coming into the game with a 1 run lead

      Oh well. Maybe he can work on his stuff at AAA for a while

  17. B17, I purchased 2 season tic this season (and going forward I’m sure).

    When Mitchell White gets called up to the bigs I’m bringing you as my guest!

  18. We are now getting to the final two weeks of ST and the starting pitching should start to lengthen out. Tonight Kershaw starts his 5th ST game and Wood his 2nd (4th overall ST appearance). I suspect that Kershaw tries to go at least 5, and Wood at least 4. McCarthy, Hill, and Maeda should also all be in position to go 6+ opening week. Ryu has 5 IP with 2 appearances. He may have three more opportunities, but I do not know if he has enough time to build up his strength, stamina, and better command/control to start the year in the rotation. I have not been able to find any reports as to how hard he was throwing yesterday. So I am assuming not much has changed. I think it makes more sense for Ryu to start the season on the DL with a rehab assignment (and two additional starts in AAA). Those starts should determine if he is ready to join the LAD rotation, or if he needs to go back on the DL and head to extended ST.
    I think it is obvious that Urias is headed for extended ST. I agree with Mark that it makes no sense for Julio to go to AAA. An IP in AAA costs the same to the arm as an IP at the ML level. I also agree that he has nothing to prove in AAA. There are enough SP that Urias will not need to start his season until mid- May. I still like his return date to be May 8 at home against Pittsburgh, or May 18 at home against the Fish with one August 10 day DL. I still believe that FAZ wants Urias to max out at 150 IP before October.
    SP (5) – Kershaw/Maeda/Hill/McCarthy/Wood
    Relievers (7) – Jansen/Romo/Dayton/Avilan/Stripling/Liberatore/Morrow or Hatcher…Baez starts the year on the DL and has 2 options (as does Liberatore).
    Bench (5) – Barnes/Utley/Taylor/Gutierrez/SVS
    IMO Ethier starts the year as the starting LF with Toles to AAA. Thompson to start at AAA and his status will be dependent on the play of Gutierrez. Kike’ goes to AAA (1 option) to increase value and backup Taylor. I would stick a first baseman’s glove on Chris Taylor to see if he could also play there, making him a true super utility guy.
    Bums, I agree that we like players we like regardless how others feel. You like Joc and as far as I can tell, always have. I was never a Loney fan, but I understand perfectly why he would be a favorite. I agree with Mark on Kershaw and Seager being my #1 & #2, but from there…I just ordered my Forsythe jersey so he is now officially one of my favorites. Chris Taylor (because he was traded for a favorite Zach Lee), Alex Wood (I have no idea why), Brandon Morrow (I have no idea why), Andre Ethier (because he is a life-long Dodger – I do not count his A’s minor league days), and O’Koyea Dickson/Rob Segedin (they remind me of my son) are also favorites.

    1. AC

      I feel that way about Turner.

      I know he played for other teams, but he didn’t become the player he is today, until he joined the team.

  19. MJ, haven’t heard Jamaal Wilkes mentioned in awhile. He did have a similar unusual release but was silky smooth and he played for both UCLA and the Lakers like I hope Ball does. Both of Lonzo’s younger brothers have already committed to UCLA. After USC pulled an upset today over SMU I think the Pac 12 was underrated in the tournament. USC has had 13 double digit comebacks this year including 2 in the playoffs. Mark, UCLA is lucky to have Steve Alford as their coach with his Indiana roots and also his son Bryce who just set the all time record for 3 pointers in UCLA history and the #5 all time scorer. Now back to the Dodgers!

    1. Vegas

      With Magic in charge, maybe the Lakers, will get him.

      There are not a lot of good point guards, around.

    1. My Trojans upset SMU earlier today. They are not at Duke’s level but we Trojans love to see them still playing and at least in the discussion.

  20. It hard to get the perspective here, but I am sitting at my desk with Gameday on one monitor (Seattle game) and Kershaw pitching on the 55 inch across the room (Padres game). This is heaven!
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  21. That’s why Gutierrez is on the team.

    He owns LH pitching.

    2-0 Dodgers!

    … but he should not try and steal.

    1. You are probably right about Franklin and running, but he was safe.
      Alex was outstanding for 3, and very good for 4.1. That is .1 more than I thought he would go. No BB and 5 K.
      Spitzbarth should be in Tulsa in June.

  22. Hard to do much scouting in CF with a 4 year old crawling all over you. The biggest thing I took from the game is that Forsyth will be a huge upgrade on the pivot especially and overall defensively. CK looked in mid season form for 3 innings. Third base coach made a horrible decision. The LF had the ball well before Thompson touched 3rd.

    My son snagged autographs from Karros and Ethier prior to the game. I almost didn’t recognize Grandal when we were watching their batting practice on the back fields. He’s lost A LOT of weight. Ethier looked pretty good hitting in those workout but of course he was hitting off Jose Vizcaino.

    1. Hawkeye – I noticed that about Grandal

      He is gonna have a good season.

      Overall I’m really optimistic.

      Wish I was in Glendale with you…,

  23. No rhyme or reason to favourite players.

    For me, when we signed one of my all time favourites last year, Chase Utley, that was great news. Just love the Old School way he plays the game. Probably more of a respect thing.

    The other player I’ve really taken to is Rich Hil. Firstly I absolutely love watching him pitch, the fact that it’s not all about power, the finesse of his pitches.
    Secondly, I find his total honesty when interviewed very refreshing. The fact that he has been on such a rollercoaster ride of a career means that he appears to be really enjoying himself in the spotlight.
    It was a great shame he didn’t get to pitch the deciding game against the Cubs last season.

    I’m growing to like Taylor and have a soft spot for SVS who was very friendly when I met him once.

    Ready for the season to start now.

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