It is somewhat stunning to see Clayton Kershaw serve up three long balls in a month, let alone one game!  Like I said yesterday – peaks and valleys!  Yesterday we were on pace to win 97 games.  Today we are on pace for .500.  The Rockies are a juggernaut… running away with the division.  Alas, all is lost!  Now back to reality.  It was pretty amazing that it took Clayton 10 years to give up back-to-back homeruns.

The Dodgers are first in the NL in team ERA at 2.60 and WHIP at 0.94.  They are 16th in batting average and 3red in runs scored in all of baseball, but almost half their runs came on opening day.  Since then, the bats have been silent.  This too shall pass.  Peaks and Valleys.  It’s about 30 days short of hitting the panic button.

Actually, some of it is just plain bad luck.  When the Dodgers hit the ball hard, it was often at someone or someone made a great play.  This will pass.  So, maybe Maeda can keep the boys above .500 today.  I don’t want to face elimination by April 15th!

Franklin Gutierrez is starting to hit the ball well.  A-Gon is getting hits, even though he is favoring his elbow and Toles got a jack. Puig looks good, but just about everyone else is lost or missing in action.  They couldn’t jump out of a boat and hit water. Speaking of that…


Just a few highlights and the Boxscores.  I’ll leave the details to AC.


Cody Bellinger went 2-5 with his first HR and Verdugo and Dickson both had 3 hits, while Pedro Baez got beat like a rented mule.


Fernandez had 2 hits and Ahmed had 3


Nothing to see here folks… move along.


Davis was 2-3, Cruz had 2 hits and Ruiz scored 3 runs

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    1. any problem? How about a problem catching the ball? Put Kendrick in LF and Kemp in RF and you would have the worst outfield in the majors. Plus, with two sulking clubhouse presences, the team would be elated and I am certain that Kemp will continue his .500 BA all year Howie will hit .444 all year. Yep, that will happen.

  1. Pretty much saw the whole game last night, and it was a classic National League game with good defense and good pitching on both sides. The Rockies look better this year pitching wise, and you have to tip your hat at some of the defensive plays they made in the outfield to rob us of some hits. We had a few hiccups, but I didnt’ see any slumped shoulders in the dug out. We will be fine. Hatcher still scares the crap out of me.

    1. Roger

      We never have to worry to much about Hatcher, if we are behind, in the game.

      So I guess that points to Hatcher having a problem, in his mental game.

  2. Speaking of tanking, a lineup of Ball, D’Angelo Russell, Brandon Ingram, Julius Randle, and Ivica Zubac has the potential to do some great things down the road.
    I wonder if the Lakers could trade their 1st round pick they got with the Williams trade plus another player to get back their own 1st round pick they gave for Nash?
    They will eventually lose that latter pick when they arent picking in the top 3 and they have a 50% chance of losing it this year.

    1. Lots of folks bashing various FAZ trades, but that Steve Nash trade by the Lakers will really put things in perspective. Steve Nash had an injured back almost the entire time he was on the Lakers. I think he even injured it dragging his luggage through the airport. The Lakers paid him a ton of money and got zero production in return. Nash leaves and is now an advisor for the Warriors. Meanwhile, the Lakers risk losing their top pick because they traded for Steve Nash. smh. FAZ has done nothing to come close to this level of incompetence.

  3. The Rockies are always tough at home and with their outfield dimensions need guys who can go and get the ball and they do. They have beefed up their pitching and always seem to hit. The Dodgers have limited the damage and kept the games close, no reason to panic. Kershaw has given up 3 HR’s in a game 3 times in his career, twice to the Rockies. This is the first time ever he allowed back to back dongs.

    How Maeda pitches today and Wood and Urias fare tomorrow give us a pretty good idea of where the top 7 starters are now effectiveness wise, the bullpen has been consistently good. The bats have been up and down and Roberts has rested everyone except Puig which tells me something about his attitude so far. Next time Seager needs a rest maybe try Forsythe at SS?

    Hatcher is getting opportunities and has pitched pretty well, Fields struck out the side in his one inning and had good velocity, Dayton has not allowed an earned run. Who goes down when Baez is activated?

    Rockies and DBacks atop the Division and the Giants in last? Rockies are streaky and prone to both long winning and losing streaks-Peaks and Valleys! DBacks will falter and probably pretty soon and Giants will get back on track before long. Dodgers will be tested in Chicago bit it will be good to see how they handle the challenge. It is important to win today and avoid a sweep at Coors and climb back above .500

    1. Vegas

      The Dbacks have been beating the Indians, and the Indians have good pitching, and they are a good team.

      Maeda has pitched really well in Colorado, so I hope he keeps it up, today.

      It was good to see Gutierrez get that hit, to the right side, and to see Agone, get another hit, against a leftie.

      Turner was quiet yesterday, but he won’t be quiet much longer, because he is such, a good hitter.

      Watching Scotty’s two at bats, was frustrating!

      He needs to protect the plate with two strikes, and have better at bats, when he gets a chance.

      Kershaw has given up four HRs, in his last two games.

      Kershaw wants to stay around the plate, so he doesn’t walk anyone, but that makes it easier, for hitters, to yank one out, especially in Colorado.

      Kershaw has been so dominate against lefties, that I think at times, he isn’t as careful, as he needs to be, but that is, understandable.

      Bottom line, Puig is a terrible judge, of knowing whether he hits one out, so he needs run, every ball out.

      And because he didn’t run that one out, I think that is why, he tried to steal third, to make up for that.

      But I am sure that Puig felt bad right after the ball didn’t go out, so he will be running every ball out, from now on.

      New day, new game, so we only have a few hours, to get back at them!

      The Dodgers have a very tough turn over from Colorado to Chicago, so I hope we win this one today, to help them keep there energy up, for there quick turnover.

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