April 4, 2017 Game Chat

I am going to try something new and it’s up to you if it continues.  Maybe you want it… maybe you don’t.

The ball is in your court. This is the place to talk about the game…

Starting Lineups:

Pos Padres Pos Dodgers
LF Jankowski (L) 2B Forsythe
CF Margot SS Seager (L)
1B Myers 3B Turner
2B Solarte (S) LF Gutierrez
3B Schimpf (L) RF Puig
RF Renfroe 1B Gonzalez (L)
C Hedges C Grandal (S)
SS Aybar (S) CF Hernandez
P Richard (L) P Maeda

Game Notes  This is all the good stuff – check it out!  This is where the bloggers and fish hacks get a lot of their info.  Most don’t share it… but we do.

Posted by Mark Timmons

We started LA Dodger Talk in 2001. This site is about giving another perspective outside of the average day-to-day reporting. We don't do game recaps or such things -- lots of sites do that well. I value sabermetrics, but don't think they are the "end-all-be-all.". This is where you should start your day as a Dodger Fan. Welcome! We'd like to hear your voice.

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  1. I like the starting line ups. Kike is starting only to give him some playing time. He needs to prove that he belongs. If not, we will see Taylor. Same with Hatcher. We will see him often in April. Roberts is good about giving players a chance to prove themselves. When they are sent down they cannot say much because they were given a chance.

    1. Maybe so but the same could be said about Joc getting a chance to hit against a lefty.
      Kike’ is going to have to hit himself into my heart because he certainly isn’t there now.
      We heard Joc was going to get many more at bats against lefties and the first time one pitches he sits. I am not a happy fan.

  2. Some very interesting notes. I concentrated on the batting statistics. It appears that all of tonight’s starting lineup have been successful against Clayton Richard, with Franklin Gutierrez and AGon very successful. Both Joc and Kike’ have been 1-2 against him; however Kike’ by a very large margin has the lowest BA against SD with 0 HR and O RBI. One other stat I noticed (which might also lead to Joc sitting) is that Joc has the worst BA at Dodger Stadium (.207), also by a fairly significant margin. This is good stuff for stat nerds like me.

    1. Both Gutierrez and Hernandez are on the roster to hit lefties
      Guess we might as well see how well they can do early in the season

  3. If A-Gon can keep hitting the other way, they will have to abandon the shift and then he can be even more effective.

    1. It was death by paper cut for Maeda in the 1st. Nothing was hit well that inning and only two his entire outing.

      You could see Turner’s pant leg move. Bad call. Looks like more wrong calls in exchange for pace of play.

  4. Wow, double plays are killing us. That’s the seductive madness of baseball that we get so addicted to. You kick a teams butt all over the field on one day, and your team looks so dang good, firing on all cylinders, then the next night you get a lefty who has bounced around the league a bit who shuts you down and just sucks the life out of the stadium. Buckle up boys, we got a long season ahead of us. Man I hate that I love this game so much.

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