The Dodgers ARE in. HOW is the Question…

September 30, 2018

We should know the answer by later in the afternoon (EDT). The Dodgers will play: At the Brewers in the Wild Card game; At the Cubs in the Wild Card game; Verses the Rockies in Game 163; or Verses the Braves in Game 1 of the NLDS. It could take me until this evening to explain it all, so we will just wait and see what happens, but the best…


Player Development is not Always Linear

September 29, 2018

Pitchers and hitters don’t progress from one stage to another in a straight line. That’s what we would like, because we like predictable.  We like things neatly arranged and sequential, but baseball player development happens so differently… and sometimes, so maddeningly different than what we like, that we are frequently frustrated beyond belief. This time last year, Striker Buehler, who was then named “Walker” Buehler,  was stinking up the joint…


What Do You Do When You Fall Down?

September 19, 2018

The Determined Dodgers fell down several times this season, but they got back up and kept themselves in the running. This Band of Brothers understand that as long as you are within striking distance, it’s how you finish, and they are now finishing what they started… and stumbled… and got back up – they never stopped running! In 2008 Heather Dorniden-Kampf, the favorite,  was competing in the 600 meter race in…


The Joc Pederson Show

September 18, 2018

Evidently, there are worse things than not being able to hit LH pitching.  Many of us on this blog were growing weary of Joc’s two steps back after his one step forward. Well, last night, Joc hit his 22nd and 23rd HR, as the Dodgers leadoff hitter and is currently OPS’ing .843. So that we don’t forget, here is how most baseball people rank OPS: Rating OPS Excellent 1.000 Great…


You Can’t Win ’em All!

September 17, 2018

I guess we should be happy with 3 out of 4 in St. Louis… but I was hoping that the boys would just win out the rest of the season. Adam Wainwright looked like an Ace again after missing about four months. The biggest difference between Wainwright and Kershaw is pitch selection.  Wainwright is not afraid to walk a guy and doesn’t try and get that first strike in everytime. …


The Master Plan was Diabolical…

September 15, 2018

Maybe Guggenheim and Company invested heavily in a pharmaceutical firm that had a new blood pressure medication and the plan was for the Dodgers and their coaching staff to do whatever was necessary to keep to Dodgers treading water, choking in the clutch, implosions of the bullpen, freaky lineups to drive up Dodger fans’ blood pressure so that they would seeking this new wonder drug to lower their collective blood…


Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

September 14, 2018

That phrase was popularized in the United States by Mark Twain (among others), who attributed it to the British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli. It seems that there is a stat for everything and we all have our own opinions. I voiced my displeasure with Dave Roberts not playing Yasmani Grandal last night after his breakout game against the Reds on Wednesday. Many other Dodger fans voiced the same displeasure over…


Legends of the Fall

September 13, 2018

I always use that title once this time of year. This is where legends are made and you never know who will step up when you least expect it. What better legend to feature that one Sanford Koufax, as his protegee goes tonight. If New Orleans is really The Big Easy, then St. Louis is The Big (It Ain’t) Easy for the LA Dodgers. With just two weekends left in…


I Am Ashamed To Be A Dodger Fan

September 11, 2018

I remember 1988 when the Dodgers won it all, and also remember every year since the last Championship.  I remember Mike Piazza, Pedro Martinez and Paul Konerko being traded away.  I remember Steve Finley, Manny Ramirez, Kevin Brown, Mark Ellis and a billion other players.  I remember the Big Red Machine and getting into a fist fight at Riverfront Stadium when the Dodgers beat the Reds.  I remember when wearing…


Get a Grip on Reality!

September 11, 2018

The best team does not always win… well, maybe I should rephrase that: The team with the best players does not always win, but the best team usually does win. By far and away, the Dodgers have the best players in the NL, but currently they do not have the best team. Certainly, the players have execute, but the players also have play as a team.  Too many times I feel…