Flip the Switch – It’s Go Time!

Well hey little Hollywood
You’re gone but you’re not forgot
You got the cash but you’re credit no good
You flip the script and you shot the plot
I remember I remember when the neon use to burn, so bright and pink
So bright and pink!
Saturday night kind of pink!

Yes, the Dodgers flipped the switch. In the past 6 games the Dodgers have won 5.  They are averaging 7.8 runs scored while allowing 2.5 runs a contest.  They have flipped the switch and …

It’s Go Time!

Posted by Mark Timmons

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  1. Maybe.

    Let’s see how they do playing a team that has something to play for (Colorado – last series of the season) and not the dregs of the league (SF and SD).

  2. Brooklyn

    Of course Cody’s athleticism isn’t wasted at first, because he is a very good first baseman!

    But with his athleticism, and his wheels, he would be much better served, playing a tougher, and more important, defensive position!

    And especially if this was done, earlier in his career, or while he was still, very young!

    Can you imagine how his bat would play, in centerfield?

    The thing is that Cody is not just fast for a first basemen, he is one of the fastest players, on the team!

    But as he gets older, and starts filling out, it will be better, that Cody is playing first base, and not in the outfield!

    But Cody did make a real good throw last night from center, and I think we might have more outfield assists this year, then we have had, in quite a while!

  3. No one asked, but this is my playoff roster prediction, alphabetized for your dining and dancing pleasure.

    1. Avilan
    2. Cingrani
    3. Darvish
    4. Fields
    5. Hill
    6. Jansen
    7. Kershaw
    8. McCarthy
    9. Morrow
    10. Watson
    11. Wood
    Outside looking in – Baez, Buehler, Font, Maeda, Paredes, Ryu, Stewart, Stripling

    1. Barnes
    2. Grandal
    3. Bellinger
    4. Farmer
    5. Forsythe
    6. Gonzalez
    7. Seager
    8. Turner
    9. Utley
    10. Ethier
    11. Granderson
    12. Hernandez
    13. Puig
    14. Taylor
    Outside looking in – Culbertson, Dickson, Segedin, Pederson, Thompson, Verdugo

    1. Interesting. Going with the 3rd catcher. Definitely being debated by the front office. Taking McCarthy over Maeda? Is that due to Az’s success against Maeda. I hope we get to see Buehler tonight. The idea of a team who has never seen Buehler having to face that stuff is intriguing to me.

      1. Hawkeye,
        I prefer Farmer over Segedin because I think he provides more flexibility.
        I think Doc may have more confidence in McCarthy than Maeda, but we’ll see how McCarthy does over the next few games.
        I would love to see Buehler leap frog over both McCarthy and Maeda and make the squad. He intrigues me as well.
        I worry that Doc with find a way to include Baez but I hope not.

        1. I honestly don’t think Segedin is even in consideration. If they go 14 it is because they want to use Barnes whenever the situation calls for it and having Farmer on the bench allows for that. I wonder if we may see Farmer catch a game before the season is over. It has been a long time for him.

  4. There seems to be some very interesting discussions going on as to who will be the 4th starter, and who goes to the bullpen. I know it is not a secret to anyone how much of an Alex Wood fan I am. I believe he has more than earned a spot in the starting rotation. However, Ryu has pitched well the 2nd half of the year, and is not really a consideration for the bullpen because of how long it takes for him to get ready, and an apparent inability to go back to back games. On the other hand, Alex Wood can be (and has been) dominant for 1-2-3 innings in relief. Is the team better with Ryu as the 4th starter and Alex Wood in the pen, or Alex Wood as the 4th starter and Luis Avilan in the pen? In October, in a short series, the team has to be the center of attention, not the individual. So no matter how I feel about Wood as a starter, I beleive the team is better with him in the bullpen. I think he can go two innings if need be in Games 1, 3 and 5. Ryu cannot.
    Is the team better with Brandon McCarthy in the bullpen or better with Walker Buehler or Kenta Maeda? I do not see Maeda being left off the roster. So if the roster makeup is 14-11, I would switch McCarthy with Maeda, and Avilan with Ryu. If they choose to go 13-12, that would make Maeda absolutely the long reliever, and that would open the door for McCarthy/Buehler/Avilan. I think Buehler is the longshot, but Friedman has used a rookie in the post season before in David Price. They all need some additional appearances over the next four games to make the determination. Also, can Fields and/or Watson go again tonight?
    If the roster is 14-11, I agree 100% with your position players. If 13-12, I would leave off Farmer, but he would travel with the team as the emergency catcher if something happens to Grandal or Barnes. I think AGon proved last night that he still has a few more hits in that bat, as does Ethier. Also their experience or leadership abilities cannot be matched by Farmer.

    1. Diaz also proved he is awful. They just lit him up. Puig knew he missed a fat one that inning too. I hope we see more of that Agone for another month. I just have a hard time believing McCarthy is a real option out of the pen. Ryu for that matter too. To me Ryu is either a starter who moves Wood to the pen or he isn’t on the roster at all. Of course, who we play will matter a lot. Another interesting decision is the order of the rotation. I wouldn’t let Rich Hill throw in Arizona. It is a recipe for disaster. If the Dodgers play the Dbags, I’m thinking hard about moving Darvish to Game 3.

  5. I believe that they will take at least 12 pitchers. I think Rudy’s 11, plus Maeda or Ryu (that may depend upon the matchups).

    I can see Ryu or Maeda starting and Wood coming in from the pen. Actually, I think it will be Maeda with Ryu being hit in the arm his last start.

    Farmer will not make the playoff roster – he is not familiar enough with our pitchers.

    A-Gon turned my head last night!

    I would love to see Buehler.

    Please, Big Dodger in the Sky, No El Gasolino!

  6. AC – a hypothetical question.

    I guess the general consensus is that Kershaw will start game 1, followed by Darvish for game 2.
    Presumably, Hill will start game 3, or possibly Wood – either way they are pencilled in for games 3/4, or possibly Kershaw on 4 days rest for game 4.

    My question is this – if Colorado happens to beat AZ in the WC game, would you consider moving Hill up to pitch game 2 at Dodger Stadium, where he seems to pitch well, rather than Coors where his curve doesn’t seem to work?
    Let Darvish pitch game 3 at Coors?

    In fact, is that an option even if we end up playing Az?
    What do you think?

  7. Update: Gonzalez shut down for the rest of the regular season due to back tightness. That certainly puts his playoff spot in jeopardy, but then again he would be asked to do anything other than pinch-hit. Also, no Darvish or Wood on Sunday. Another bullpen game. Oh joy, I’m sure the Brewers are thrilled by that decision.

    Tonight’s lineup;

      1. Must be bad if they’re making this call already considering you can replace an injured player on your post-season roster.

    1. Rizzo reporting no Post-season either for Gonzalez. He plans on playing next year which means the Dodgers aren’t getting out from under that $21 million contract. I had a feeling after that awkward slide into 2B last night that this might be an issue today.

  8. That’s an excellent question, Watford and it makes sense to me.
    #1 Kershaw
    #2 Hill
    #3 Darvish
    #4 ???

    But, maybe Clayton pitches Game one on Friday, Hill pitches game 2 on Saturday, Sunday is an off day, Darvish pitches Game 3 on Monday and you bring back Clayton on 4 games rest in Game 4. He is not gassed this year and has a better ERA on 4 days rest than on 5!

  9. MJ, Cody Bellinger is an asset no matter where he plays. But I also think that first base is an extremely underrated position. As far as I’m concerned, an exceptional first baseman is worth his weight in gold. As I said in my previous post on the previous thread, first base is the anchor of the infield. A good first baseman saves countless errors, and instills confidence in every infielder making a throw to first. Living in NY, I learned to appreciate how important the first baseman was just by watching Keith Hernandez and John Olerud of the Mets, both exceptional defensive players.

    1. You’re correct especially when they’re heads above the rest at the position. How many crappy throws by Bill Russell did Garvey save? Bellinger’s flexibility is great to have, but with Agone probably out of the picture for good, there is no reason for Cody to play elsewhere other than a few start here and there.

  10. Brooklyn

    I know how important a first baseman can be, but it is still the first place any team will put a DH on the field, and that is because it is the easiest position on the field, to play!

    But I never said Cody should play other then first base, at this point in his career, but he much more talented then most first baseman, by quite a bit.

    But I always enjoy your words, and your thoughts!

    Hawkeye, I had some people all over me, because I said Russell made a lot of throwing errors!

    They also made it sound, like Russell was the best guy in the infield on defense, at his position.

    I was young, but that is what I remember Russell doing a lot!

    And they were still were using the excuse, that Russell was converted from being a centerfielder, to a shortstop, and that was after Russell had played at shortstop in the majors, for quite a while!

    1. I for one can’t believe Russell was the last one standing because he was by far the worst offensively and defensively from that infield. I will give him credit, he had some timely hits though. I hated it when they batted him 2nd but back in those days they thought it was important to have a good bunter hit 2nd. He had over 30 errors 5 different times and 29 a couple of times too. If it wasn’t for Garvey, it would have been even more. Remember, he got his index finger smashed against the bat with a pitch and it was permanently bent in a position that he could throw a baseball. I’m sure that didn’t help, but he was bad at throwing a baseball.

      1. They were all converted because they weren’t good enough to play OF. Russell couldn’t hit enough. Garvey couldn’t throw so they moved him from 3B to 1B. Lopes won 1 GG. Garvey 3 GG’s I think. Cey had a guy in Philadelphia in the way.

        1. Hawkeye

          I agree with your assessments.

          I use to hate to hear that excuse for Russell, because I liked Joe Ferguson, and I thought it would be harder, to convert from the outfield, to catcher!

          And remember the Reggie play in the World Series, I knew there was no way, Russell intentionally dropped that ball.

          I thought Cey got to anything he could, especially for his size!

          He was the key for that infield, because of all the third baseman, we went through before Cey!

          When Russell made an error, my dad would say that he married into the Omally, family.

  11. IMO, catcher and 1b are the most important positions in the infield and perhaps on the field. Those positions handle the ball much more often than any other position on the field and thus have the opportunity to save runs or give them up more often. I believe it is imperative to have good defensive players in those two positions. That’s why I like Cody at first, be just may be the best in baseball.

    1. Defensively, the Dodgers may have the best infield in baseball.

      Uhhh…. Hugh Hefner dead at 91. It is rumored that he died with a smile on his face.

  12. That was the most complete the team has looked in some time. I know it’s the Padres at home but they out scored them 28 to 5 in sweeping. Hill looked tremendous, Barnes looked great and Cory, Grandy and Puig went deep. Even McCarthy looked pretty decent. I feel bad for AGon but the team did not miss a beat. A much deserved day off tomorrow then a trip to Coors and the Rocks are about ready to clinch their WC spot after tonight.

  13. Gonna be tough to keep Barnes out of the lineup. Every bit as good a pitch framer as Grandal, better hitter, can run, less pass balls, weaker arm, probably not quite as good calling games.

  14. Hawkeyes, I agree with everything you say about Barnes except one. I think he is a better play caller than Grandal. He makes the pitchers work. He certainly makes Baez throw his slider and change up and Grandal does not. He is much quieter behind the plate. He is smaller and that may help him. He needs to start more.

  15. I just love it when players like Taylor and Barnes force the manager into more playing time. They just keep grinding and when they get an opportunity to play they do well. JT did the same thing. They start out as subs and pretty soon they have a starting job. Love it.

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