Goodbye Farhan Zaidi!

He’s not gone yet.  Farhan is still the Dodgers’ General Manager, but he is as good as gone because of the Dodgers success several teams will want to hire him as their President of Baseball Operations… and he will go because they will pay him a lot of money and he will be in complete control.  That is likely what he dreams of and has been waiting for.  It won’t be a small market team – it might be the Mets or Angels or Mariners or Rangers or Phillies, but they will come… right after the Dodgers win the World Series this year!

It’s inevitable.  He’s a bright guy… actually a very, very bright guy, who has a passion for baseball and will likely shine in his new role. Enjoy Farhan while he is here, because he won’t be here much longer.  Teams see what the Dodgers are doing and have done and will most definitely copy them.  What better way to do that than hire Andrew Friedman’s chief lieutenant?

On MLB Radio, it was asked why the Dodgers were the only team experimenting with a six man rotation and the answer was “Because they are the only team that has enough depth to do it!”  Andrew Friedman and Farhan Zaidi have built a farm system and a major league team stacked with DEPTH and everyone else wants to copy that formula.

Just think, not that long ago, I was ridiculed for supporting FAZ by people, whom I won’t say are morons – they just have difficulty when it comes to thinking. They hated FAZ and now FAZ is the next big thing in baseball.

The roadmap to success as implemented by Andrew Friedman is the next big thing EVERYONE will be doing. It will be interesting to see who Farhan’s successor will be.  Friedman has plenty of assistants to choose from, including several former GM’s.  We do know it won’t be Tommy.  It might be Alex Anthopoulos, Galen Carr, Billy Gasparino, Gabe Kapler or maybe Aaron Sele.

But, it might be someone we have never heard of either.  All I know is that I would be shocked if Farhan Zaidi is with the Dodgers next year. Like any former Dodger, I’ll root from him… except when he is playing the Dodgers.  You’ll see other teams try and take our coaches and minor league staff as well.  It’s the price of success.

Rants and Raves

  • I like winning better….
  • That was a weak, lucky swing by Jake Lamb for a Granny off the foul pole.   Lamb pulled the wool over our eyes… OK, that is  a baaaaaaaaaaad joke.
  • Even though Watson was not spot on last night, I don’t worry about stuff like that. Move on… nothing to see here folks.
  • I do worry that Baez is reverting back to his old form or maybe it’s just his pitches don’t have the “bite” they usually do in AZ.
  • I’d like to spank Greinke tonight!
  • I just saw that MLB Trade Rumors expects Darvish to get a 6 year deal. So, that would be $175 to $200 million.  If you think FAZ will resign him at that price, you have not been paying attention.
  • Rios homered and is up to .284 with .927 OPS after his promotion to AAA.
  • Tim Locastro continues to hit – he was 2-4 last night – .333 since his promo.
  • Henry Ramos played CF and was 0-2 with 2 BB – .348 with 1.075 OPS
  • Yasiel Sierra has pitched 15 innings at OKC and has a 1.20 ERA but a 1.60 WHIP.  He has walked 11 batters in that span.  For the year, he is 5-0 with a 2.23 ERA and a 1.35 WHIP.  In 64 innings he has struck out 78.  Maybe next year…
  • Josh Sborz continues to pitch well.  Last night he pitched 6 innings and struck out 6 while allowing 1 ER.

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Posted by Mark Timmons

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  1. You are a mind reader! I was thinking about other teams hiring Dodger Execs away just yesterday. Of course the result of such will be a price increase on the scraps the Dodgers have been getting so cheap.

  2. Josh Sborz is turning his year around. He started out horribly with a 8.53 ERA after 3 games (down from 14+ ERA after Game 2). He continued to pitch uninspired for the next couple of months, so much so that he has fallen out of the Top 30 Dodger prospects as published by He has been surpassed by one of my favorites, Caleb Ferguson. I have been critical of Josh for much of the year, because I was hoping for and expecting much more from him.
    For the last 10 games, his ERA has dropped from 5.09 to 3.66, or at a 2.10 clip during that 10 game stretch. But something really clicked after another poor start on July 4. Since then, he has had 6 starts and pitched 36.2 innings. Over that 6 game stretch he has allowed 7 earned runs, 27 hits, 16 walks (still a concern), and 26 strikeouts (also a concern). His ERA over those 6 games is a very good 1.72.
    While Josh has seemed to turn around his year after summer started, there are still some considerable concerns. His walks are way up, and his strikeouts are way down. For 2015/2016, his K/9 innings ratio was 9.16. This year it is 6.00. Contrary, his BB/9 innings has gone from 2.75 (2015/2016) to 4.59 in 2017. Even for his last 6 games, while his ERA is 1.72, his K/9 is 6.38 and his BB/9 is 3.93. That is a K/BB ratio of 1.63/1.00. With those kind of strikeout and walk numbers, Josh is not likely to make a move up the prospect lists, or in the eyes of Dodger Player Development Staff.

  3. Lefties hitting against Morrow are 1 for 35.
    FAZ should be credited with what they haven’t done as much as for what they have done.
    Turner has recovered from Bronchitis and is back to full strength.
    Puig doesn’t smile after making a great catch–just another day at the office doing routine stuff I guess.

  4. OK I’ll bite on the Faz possibly leaving, but I’m more worried about who he will take with him from that list of replacements or others…
    I too hate losing, especially when I thought I’d run the table!!! Zack will be on a mission today and let there be no doubt…
    Lets get ready to rumble…

  5. Farhan Zaidi can put this on his resume:
    Never resorted to slander.
    Never complained about bad contracts someone else left him with.
    Never tried to use bankruptcy to get out from self-inflicted problems like McCourt and others have done.
    Never made wild promises he couldn’t keep.
    Never pointed a finger at someone else.
    Never tried to force something big and instead made continuous improvements.
    Created a team environment with everybody working together in harmony.
    Never lied.

  6. I and probably most of you think Roberts should of stayed with Morrow. However, I think Roberts needs to find out what the two new relief pitchers are capable of doing. I am not sure what Roberts learned about Watson last night. That is why I think Morrow was taken out. Morrow is capable of getting lefties and righties out.

  7. It is being reported from numerous sources that Clayton Kershaw is “close” to returning to the rotation.

    1. I HOPE he isn’t rushing back. I think the team should seriously consider a 6-man rotation for the next month and then get your playoff 4 lined up how you want them the last 2 weeks of the season.

  8. Lamb’s HR may have been a lucky swing, but the amount of HRs given up by our relief pitchers lately is a bit concerning.

  9. I would love to know how many HRs this bullpen has given up, in the last ten days, or two weeks.

    If anyone knows how to find this out, I would love to know, because I have been concerned about the HRs this bullpen have given up, lately.

    I would say that they have given up at least 7 HRs in the last couple weeks, and that can’t happen, especially in the post season!

    I know they have said that Lamb has had problems hitting lefties, but the last time we played the Dbacks, Lamb hit one of our lefties hard, so I don’t know if the scouting report for Lamb against lefties, is a current scouting report.

    Because the last time we faced the Dbacks, the broadcasters mentioned that Lamb had trouble hitting lefties, and then Lamb went off on one of our lefties, and that only happened a month ago, when we last faced the Dbacks.

    It is hard to see a pitcher like Maeda pitch very carefully and pitch hard and well, for five innings, and then see one of our relievers come into a game, and they can’t pitch even one clean inning.

    And this isn’t an isolated incident, and that is why I am upset, and concerned.

    There are hitters, that can hit a high fastball at a high velocity, so you can’t always ask for a high fastball, and expect a hitter, won’t hit it, even if it is a little of of the strike zone.

    Bottom line, these relievers have to be much more careful.

    I don’t know why Baez gave up a second HR last night, but the Dbacks are not the Mets, because the Dbacks can hit, so our relivers can’t just throw any old pitch up there, and expect the hitter, won’t capitalize on a mistake.

    And that HR that Puig made a good catch on, was the third HR that Baez has given up, in his last couple appearances.

    This is the type of stuff that can cause an easy loss, in the post season, so they better get on these guys in the bullpen.

    The Nats went out early and got the A’s closer, and another pitcher, and they also went out late, and got the Twins closer, right before the trade deadline ended.

    And it seems like hitters have more trouble hitting pitchers that they have never seen, so I think the Nat’s bullpen might give us problems, in the post season, because most of their new relivers, are from the American League.

    And both of our new relievers, the Nat’s players, and the Cubs players, have seen a lot of.

    And these two pitchers, we recently got, were having problems giving up HRs, before we got them.

    The bullpen plays such an important role in the post season, and that is why I am worried about our high leverage relievers, except for Kenley!

    1. Since July 24:.
      July 24 1 Dayton
      July 25 0
      July 26 0
      July 28 0
      July 29 0
      July 30 1 Fields
      Aug 1 1 Ravin
      Aug 2 1 Baez (L)
      Aug 3 1 Cingrani
      Aug 4 0
      Aug 5 1 Stripling
      Aug 6 0
      Aug 8 2 Baez, Watson (L)

      1. So that breakdown is 8 HR’s in 13 games for the bullpen but an 11 and 2 record during that time. In both of the losses Baez was taken deep. Once by a pinch hitting Tyler Flowers and once by All Star Jake Lamb. Flowers was the game winning hit but the bullpen had to pitch 4 innings. Last night I question an intentional walk to load the bases for Lamb, and he hit it barely over the line and off the foul pole for a cheap home run but it counts 4 runs. All the other HR’s did not affect the outcome and are partly a result of challenging hitters and not wanting walks with a lead. This bullpen also throws a lot of innings. Roberts is experimenting with his new pitchers to see how to use them, and why not with a 15 game lead?

        I got a kick out of Archie Bradley saying ‘this is our house’! when getting a final out in an inning, and also complaining about all the ‘blue in the stands’. I have been to many games at Chase having lived in Phx and Tucson for 4 years and they have great fans but there are always a lot of Dodger fans in the good seats. I can imagine this year even more are turning out. It’s even worse in Petco and I lived in San Diego for 6 years before moving to Vegas in ’99. The Padres fans don’t come out much if the team is struggling but the Dodger fans do, and in the best seats! This Dodger team is bringing an electric atmosphere at home too, and the fans are staying in close games. Let’s all enjoy this ride they are on!

        1. Vegas

          I counted 9 since Baez really gave up two HRs last night.

          The bullpen has not pitched close to the innings, that they did, last year.

          And are bullpen, and especially are high leverage relivers, are very important in a short series, like in the post season.

          And I understand that we need to give Honeycutt time, to fix these new relivers, but they are only responsible, for two of these nine HRs.

          And the only reason some of these HRs didn’t cause us to lose, was because our guys stepped up, and got us some more runs, so we could still win, inspite that our relivers, gave up the lead, on to many occasions, in the last 14 games!

          And in the post season our relievers won’t get a month, to straighten themselves, out!

          1. Baez did not really give up two HR’s. Puig caught the ball. RF to Atlanta and all of AZ’s park are launching pads. Has Baez improved his breaking stuff this year? Some and at times it has looked pretty good. At other times not so much. Throw away his ERA, for the most part he is the same pitcher. I wish they would have added Neshek to this pen.

      2. Thank you so much AC!

        We know both Baez and Stripling, had trouble getting hitters out in the post season last year, especially in that series, against the Cubbies.

        And Baez has never been good in the last three or four, post seasons.

        I know we have to give Honeycutt time to try to better Cingrani and Watson, but there has been a definite problem with these guys in the bullpen, lately.

        And that is eight HRs they have given up in 14 days, and that is without counting the second HR that Baez gave up, that Puig caught last night!

        I will say this, Maeda really impressed me, with the way he pitched last night, even though he didn’t go beyond five innings.

        Because the Dbacks have always seemed have, Maeda’s number.

        And Maeda worked very hard last night, and he was nails, when we needed him, to be!

        1. Not the same guy he was in previous seasons. Even though he was on the edge of disaster last night.

  10. I would advise you not to take leave of your senses. Pedro Baez has a 1.89 ERA and a 1.15 WHIP. I think Pedro is going through a little rough streak right now, which will pass. Here is his ERA by month:

    April – 0.96
    May – 1.35
    June – 1.69
    August – 9.00

    1. Mark

      It isn’t only Baez, it has also been the other relivers, pitching in high leverage situations, late in games but Baez did just give up three HRs, in his last two appearances.

      And what is Baez’s era, in the post season.

      1. It was 2.57 last year. The two previous years were bad but it was only 3 innings combined.

        1. Mark

          In that one game at LA, that Kershaw started against the Nats last year in the post season, Roberts had to bring Baez into the game, with the bases loaded.

          And Baez immediately, hit the batter, and walked in a run for the Nats.

          And it sure seemed like in that one game against the Cubs in the post season in LA, both Baez and Stripling, gave up, quite a few runs, in just that one game.

          And I think Baez’s contribution was a HR with a runner on base.

          But thank you for your input, I will keep that in mind!

  11. I have a theory about last night’s loss. The Dodgers lose to teams coming from places starting with the letter ‘A’ (Atlanta and Arizona).

    That being said, it seems like the Dodgers have gone through long stretches where the ‘pen shuts their opponents down for several innings but when they get into the other teams’ bullpen, they win. Last night was the rare night when the ‘pen let the team down. I agree that it seems like for the past 6 weeks certain guys have been more susceptible to the long ball.

    Watson was a good but not great reliever for the Bucs this year. He lost the closer job after being horrible early in the season. By his own admission he hung 2 sliders to Lamb, a lefty swinger with big platoon splits who usually doesn’t hit lefties. That’s why the walk to Pollock and that’s the guy he has to get out. I don’t know if he will be better in big situations as the season progresses – experience will tell us but Roberts has to be able to find out whether he can rely on Watson in close games. Alert – he has a 4.01 ERA on the season and an FIP of 4.96, so he has been no prize this year. WHIP on the season is 1.54 which would be the highest on the team this year (yes worse than Sergio Romo or Chris Hatcher or Tony Cingrani) except for …Julio Urias.

    Cingrani won’t make the post-season roster – he has been horrible this year. His ERA is 6.04 but his FIP is even higher – 6.89.

    I have to admit – seeing Baez in the game when it’s close still makes me nervous even though his numbers are generally great.

    1. Dodger rick

      Last night was the second time, our broadcasters talked about Lamb being vulnerable to lefties, and once again, Lamb got the job done, against one of lefties.

      And I believe in the last game in the last series we played against the Dbacks on July sixth, Lamb had more then just one hit, against one of our lefties, and I believe one of Lamb’s two hits, was a HR off one of our lefties.

      So it sure seems like Lamb is hitting lefties better now, but I could be wrong, about that.

      I sure hate to go down to another team, and having to hear their fans, screaming beat LA, after they were silent most of the night!

      1. MJ, here are Lamb’s platoon splits for 2017
        Vs. RHP – .304 BA, .410 OBP, .579 SLG, 1.008 OPS
        Vs. LHP – .152 BA, .271 OBP, .359 SLG, .630 OPS

        In short, the only reason that the Dodgers went out and got Watson is to get guys like Lamb out. Last night was a big fail. Roberts has to know whether he can trust Watson to get tough lefty hitters out and so far the answer is no.

        1. Dodger rick

          Thanks, for the numbers, and your insight!

          Lamb does have really bad numbers, against lefties, so that was a good test, for our new leftie, and that wasn’t a fun result!

  12. Just last night I was going to post something about the lack of nicknames in MLB. There use to be a lot of very colorful names used by the players and there don’t seem to be so many now. Then comes an article by that gives us the following Dodger nicnames————-

    • Cody Bellinger: “CODYLOVE”
    • Kenley Jansen: “MA’MONTRO”
    • Justin Turner: “REDTURN2”
    • Yu Darvish: “YU-SAN”
    • Chase Utley: “SILVER FOX”
    • Yasiel Puig: “WILD HORSE”
    • Rich Hill: “BRICE”
    • Joc Pederson: “DIZZY”
    • Yasmani Grandal: “YRG JR”
    • Enrique Hernandez: “KIKÉ”

    guess I was wrong again…

      1. That seems odd. The Reds do not have another named 1B in Louisville, and only 1 in Pensacola (AA). Joey Votto has played in every game for the Reds. What would they do if Votto goes down for some reason? It’s not like SVS was blocking anyone. He could have at least given Votto a day off some time. I do not know the Reds Minor League system, so I do not know who else they could have DFA’d for Farrell. Or if they really needed Farrell that badly. So in essence the Reds traded Cingrani for Luke Farrell and lottery pick Hendrik Clementina.

        1. SVS was a salary match with Cingrani. Farrell released already. Could it mean Gonzalez gets activated sooner rather than later? Timing seems a bit odd or they were just trying to move him to AAA and he got claimed.

          1. Probably a little of both. If they could sneak him through waivers, great. But if not, let him go and we have a spot for AGon.

  13. As Dodger fans we have to feel very fortunate that we can complain about a bullpen giving up HRs on an 11-2 run. I went back to look at the HRs the bullpen has given up the last two weeks because MJ asked a reasonable question. I formed no opinion, just provided the facts. I can’t really fault Watson for the granny since it was really a weak hit, but it counts just the same. Much harder hit balls have been hit for outs. Things have a way of evening out. Also, the Stripling HR was a non-factor. With a big lead, I am sure that the instructions he received prior to going to the mound were no walks. His command was a tad off and he let one leak out over the plate. I also remember him blowing the ball by Nolan Arenado earlier in the year with runners in scoring position.
    We need to keep this in perspective. Since July 1, the team has played 11 series and swept 7 of them. They are 25-5 during that time, and the bullpen was 8-2. There were also 11 saves. We also know how the bullpen is used, so it is safe to say that there have been a lot of holds during that time as well. The team went something like 60 consecutive games while having a lead and not losing. The bullpen had to come through on those games.
    Maybe Watson is not the lockdown lefty the Dodgers want for the playoffs. But Justin Wilson has been no prize for the Cubs, and that was a very expensive acquisition. He has been in 4 games, and has not been clean in any of them. Sean Doolittle and Ryan Madson cost the Nats quite a bit as well, but it hasn’t been Doolittle that has dominated. It has been the righty Madson who has. Doolittle has pitched very well of late, but it took him 4 games. It is also possible that the Dodgers do have the playoff lockdown lefty on their 25 man…Hyun-Jin Ryu. He will not be in the rotation, and he is an absolute lock right now. Hopefully it continues.
    It is never easy changing teams in the middle of a pennant race. Let’s let Watson (and even Cingrani) have a few more games to get better acclimated. If we get into September and they are still having problems then bullpen adjustments will need to be made.
    I understand MJ’s concern about the playoff bullpen. It has not been good in the past. But this year it should be different. Morrow, Maeda, and Ryu will be in the bullpen this year, and Blanton will not be. I still think Watson will be there when needed. As long as Baez is used appropriately (meaning he does not come in for Kershaw), he should be okay. He was very good against Nationals, and very bad against the Cubs. Dayton was not very good last year, but he probably will not be on the playoff roster this year. Fields was very good last year in the playoffs. Avilan gave up 0 runs, but did give up a critical hit that blew a save. Stripling was really bad for one of five games he was in, but the other four he was fine. Overall, relief pitching was pretty good against the Nationals (7 runs scored against relievers – 4 against Jansen and 3 against Dayton). Not so good against the Cubs (18 runs/13 earned). Last year the Dodgers relied on 7 relievers (plus 1 relief appearance from Urias, Kershaw, and Wood). Blanton (7 games), Dayton (7 games), Baez (7 games) Jansen (7 games) Avilan (5 games), Fields (4 games), Stripling (5 games).
    There are 58 games till the playoffs, so Doc has a lot of time to sort things out. And there are a lot of moving pieces. Are the bullpen HRs the start of disturbing trend, or just a hiccup? Let’s wait and see.

    1. The run is remarkable, but talking about the most recent game played shouldn’t be off limits. They lost and we will talk about why just as if we talk about why the won a game. Honestly, I didn’t think Lamb’s ball was hit worth a shit nor did I think Flowers ball was hit very well in Atlanta. Both parks have followed the trend of making new parks ridiculously in the favor of hitters. The ball jumps out of both.

      However, if there is a weakness with it is the bullpen. Actually, I shouldn’t say weakness, I should say vulnerability. They did not pick up a dominant 8th inning guy. I’m blaming anyone because it take two to tang. I would feel differently if Dayton was pitching like he did last season. Now if you believe the all the new fangled statistics like D-ERA, ERA+, BABIP, etc they show that Baez has not pitched nearly as well as his ERA. To my eyes he looks slightly better. A little improvement in his breaking stuff, but for the most part the same guy. Throws hard and is susceptible to the long ball. On the flip side, those stats say Watson has been excellent at soft contact this year and he has been pitching better than his ERA and opponent batting averages would suggest, but the truth is he hasn’t pitched well since the Pirates dealt Melancon.

      I agree with the point that was made that Roberts is trying things out in the pen and figuring out what people’s roles will be in the playoffs. For that very reason, I would have like to have seen Morrow get a shot to work out of that inning. Stop with all the traditional righty/ lefty matchups and go with Morrow against the lefty because he has owned them. It was only the 7th inning let Morrow work through it. He needs to face tough situations. I think inevitably Watson would have wound up facing Lamb, but in the 8th without the bases being drunk.

      If our starters go 6 or 7 and not 5, I think everything will be just fine. However, come playoff time who can say at t this point that they trust Baez in a big spot. I don’t, but I will root for him and hope he proves me wrong. He’s certainly capable.

      After JT’s dinger in NY, I had a feeling that he was going to breakout of his slump. That was good to see last night.

      1. “However, if there is a weakness with it is the bullpen. Actually, I shouldn’t say weakness, I should say vulnerability. ” That is exactly how I feel. Vulnerable is the key word. It is not a liability, but it certainly is vulnerable.
        I also like the idea of seeing pitchers work out of jams. I was surprised (and pleased), that Doc let Wood work out of his jam against the Giants a few games back. How do you know if he can do it or not, if he doesn’t get the chance. The same is true for Morrow (or any other pitcher). Morrow has been great, but nobody can pitch perfect. If this is a team of grinders. then let them grind.
        “but talking about the most recent game played shouldn’t be off limits.” Agreed. You know that Doc and the coaches are going to spend time on picking it apart.
        The decision makers are making far more correct calls or they would not be winning at a .705 clip. I hated the loss last night because it was a game the Dodgers could (should?) have won, and I hate the DBacks. But I loved the Kyle Farmer walk off win. That is the game I am going to remember this year (for so many reasons), that is until the Dodgers win their 4th game in the 2017 WS.

        1. Archie Bradley got my blood boiling. The only time they sell out their house is when Dodgers fans do it for them. I took my son there and we got to see Seager’s first career HR. If you went up to the concourse to get some food you couldn’t tell who the crowd was cheering for when something happened because of the Dodgers fans having just as many fans there.

          1. Hawkeye

            What Bradley did and said, made me mad too!

            But who is Bradley anyways!

            He was a top pick, that is coming out of the Dback’s bullpen now,.

            Because he wasn’t able to be a starter, after collecting a bunch of money, from a club that believed he had so much more potential, then he really had..

            I hope our players heard or saw, what he did too!

      2. AC

        I want to thank you again, for getting me those stats.

        And I do appreciate your insight, as well as Hawkeye’s, Rick’s, and Mark’s.

        And I had just noticed this up tick in the HRs, that are guys have given up, very recently, so I was a little concerned.

        I am glad to hear the Nats pen has had the some problems too, as well, as the Cubs.

        That helps me to put things in perspective, when it comes to the post season, and our pen.

        I thought the Nats’s pen might give us a little more trouble, because most, or all of the relievers, that they have brought to the team, are from the American League, so our guys, haven’t seen those pitchers, that much.

        AC it was good to hear you say, that Ryu may be able help in the pen in the post season, if he continues to pitch like he has.

        Because Ryu has looked really good lately, and I thought about that too.

        I guess we also have Buehler, as another wild card, that may be able to help in the bullpen too.

        I sure hated hearing the Dbacks fans, screaming beat LA last night.

        The good thing about baseball, is that there is another game tonight, and I hope our guys, step on the Dbacks tonight, and don’t even let them get close.

        I like Greinke, but I like beating Greinke even more!

        1. Here’s the problem with that. Ryu is worse against lefties than righties. He could certainly help, but don’t count on him to be a lefty stopper.

  14. If the bullpen was a problem this team would not have 79 wins in the pocket. As has been noted the starters can’t go 7 innings in a game, so that means something has gone right out of the pen. If you look at a small sample size you can make anything look great or terrible. Kershaw couldn’t keep the ball in the park early in the season and has given up more home runs than any other season. Joc had a hot streak after he came of the DL but has regressed to his normal output. Utley was horrible at the start of the season but he has been productive in a platoon. A rough couple of weeks from the pen is not too concerning, if it continues through all of August then I might have some concerns. Like Always Compete said the bullpen today won’t be the same in the playoffs.

  15. Something occurred to me today . I don’t know if that is what is happening, but if I were running the club, it would be happening.

    Obviously, the Dodgers have a big lead and are a lock for the playoffs. If I were in charge, I would have pitchers throw certain pitches in certain situations or locations so as to throw off the other teams’ scouts.

    If Kirk Gibson did not know that Eck liked to throw a backdoor slider (due to a scouting report) , the Dodgers may have lost the Series.

    I would have my pitchers (at times) do things in a manner they would never do in the playoffs just to skew the scouting reports.

    FAZ and Roberts are smart – that could be some of what is happening. We don’t have to win every game now.

  16. Anyone here concerned about Wood’s velocity? I just read that he didn’t hit 92 with any fastball in the 4th.

      1. He can forget about an ERA title if he gets skipped. They may try an extra day off first. At least he’s battling without his A game. However I am concerned too.

        1. Why the hell would you pitch to Martinez with two outs? Stupid! Especially falling behind with a 2-0 count. I assume that wouldn’t happen in a playoff game.

  17. Maybe a phantom injury and a trip to the 10 day DL is in order for Alex – the Dodgers will need him at his best for the post-season.

  18. Thank you Greinke for floating one to Joc. I was about to curse Roberts for hitting Joc ahead of Puig.

    1. I’m sure those two loved hitting him after he called Joc an easy out and the butting of heads with Puig.

      1. This will mess with Greinke’s mind, if we face him in the post season.

        We have won more then he has, and by a bigger margin!

  19. It is a great moment for Joc and Puig, and the team!

    The back of our line up, brings it again!

    And of course, Mr. Cody Bellinger!

        1. I should say that I sleep until my kids wake me up. If I have golf league like I do tomorrow then I usually start earlier. If not I plan on finishing each day at the start of the Dodgers game now that I’m done coaching for this year. During coaching season my day is stop and go, stop and go all day long.

    1. That would have been nice. I thought more Dbag fans might show up to their house tonight after his act last night but they don’t have any more.

  20. 4 sacrifice flies in 13 PA for Adrian Gonzalez.
    The optimist: He’s a situational hitter who can get your RBIs.
    The pessimist: He’s lost his power, and the ball stays in the park. Even in the minors.

    1. Bluto

      We have plenty of hitters on this team who can hit one out, at any time.

      But how many good situational hitters do we have on this team?

      I would say not many, so that is a service that we could probably use, especially against good pitching, and in the post season.

      It is going to be fun to watch Yu pitch tonight against the Dbacks.

      And I hope Yu pitches a really good game in the Dback’s house, that might get in the Dbacks minds, for the post season, if we face them.

      I wouldn’t want to have to face Kershaw, and Darvish in a series!

      But I think Hawkeye is right, about mixing our pitchers up, so we have two completely different type of starting pitchers, pitching back to back!

      1. Once again I am unsure of what your point is MJ.

        What exactly is a situational hitter? Someone who gets hits in situations? I’d love that, especially in lieu of someone who makes outs in situations.

  21. At the end of the day Wood without his best stuff beats Greinke on the road to go 14 and 1. That’s part of learning to be a pitcher and the team had his back. In the playoffs it would be Kershaw he matches up with not Wood. Tomorrow is Darvish against Banda, and that seems like quite a mismatch on paper. Then the club returns home and does not face another winning team until the Brewers and DBacks at the end of the month. There are also 3 more off days this month so all of the staff can be rested even without Kershaw and McCarthy and Stewart can start if needed. Was McCarthy put on waivers as Mark predicted?

    1. I asked someone in LA if he had heard any news on who has been put on revocable waivers. McCarthy seems like a no-brainer, but he needs to go off to a rehab assignment at some point. More than likely Kershaw wouldn’t face Greinke if they have to burn him in the wildcard game. How would people set up their rotation for the playoffs. I know most people are going to say Kersh, YU, Wood, Hill but I think the two guys who are most similar need to be separated and I think that is Kershaw and Hill so I would go Kershaw, YU, Hill, then Wood if Hill continues to throw well down the stretch.

  22. It was good to see Joc get that hit last night, because no one likes to see anyone struggle.

    And that was a perfect time for Joc to get a hit.

    It was the back of the line up’s turn, to help win the game last night anyways!

    And that is how it has been most of the season, a different part of the line up steps up, and helps the team win every night.

    And Bellinger is a beast!

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