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Today, you get to pick the topic because I am just so dad gum considerate and want what is best for you.  OK, that’s a lie – I’m busy today and have early meetings.

So you pick the topic.  Hopefully, it will include the fact that the Rancho Cucamonga beat Madison Bumgarner like a rented mule last night:

  • 4 IP
  • 9 ER
  • 4 HR
  • Yeah, he’s ready.
  • Isabel and Mieses each hit one and Peters hit 2 – his 17th and 18th.

Or rejoice over Alex Wood being 10-0 with a  1.67 ERA – he should not just be in the All-Star Game, but he should start the All-Star Game!


Posted by Mark Timmons

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  1. By Mike Rosenbaum / MLB.com
    No matter what becomes of DJ Peters’ career, he’ll always be able to say that, if only for one game, he got the best of Madison Bumgarner.
    The Dodgers’ No. 18 prospect become the first player ever to hit two home runs against Bumgarner in the same inning on Wednesday, when he connected on a pair of homers in the fourth inning to power Class A Advanced Rancho Cucamonga in a 14-1 rout over San Jose. It was Peters’ third multihomer game this season and his second in his last four contests after he erupted for three home runs on Sunday.

    1. DJ is a solid RH Power Bat who is a couple years out. He is 21, and is 1.6 years younger than the average Cal League player. His 18 HRs now lead the Cal League, and is #1 in slugging (.556) and #1 OPS (.942). He is #3 in RBI with 55, and is #6 in OBP (.386). But before we push for him to be elected to HOF, he is going to need cut back on his strikeouts. His strikeout percentage is at 32% (111K in 347 PA). Both Peters and Yusniel Diaz should be promoted to AA before the year is out. Luke Raley might also be deserving.

  2. I know it’s a big surprise, but I agree that Alex Wood should start the ASG. He won’t. I think Max Scherzer will get that honor, and that is very much deserved. Max is having a fantastic year, but so are Wood and Kershaw. Chris Sale probably gets the start in the AL. Wood is closing in on the minimum pitching requirements to qualify for league leaders. Wood has 80.2 IP, but needs 86 to be a current qualifier (1 inning per game). He will need 162 IP before the year ends. Wood is projected for another 14 starts, so if he averages 6 innings per start, that gets him to 164 IP and would become a qualifier.

    1. AC

      I knew last night’s game would help bring Alex more of his due, and it has.

      Now we just have to wait for Wood to get the call, for the Allstar game.

      I want him to get his innings in, but he will need some rest in the second half, to keep him fresh for the post season, if we make it.

      Because he hasn’t pitched in the rotation for the whole season, in the last few years, as you know.

      He pitched really well last night, but what is scary for our opponents, is that Wood still hasn’t pitched his best game yet!

      The good thing when Wood is pitching, we don’t have to worry to much, about him allowing a HR, because he is stingy when it comes to HRs!

      What a first half!

    1. David SchoenfieldESPN Senior Writer: “Amazingly, the Padres claimed him off waivers last April from the Marlins, who grew frustrated with Hand’s inability to develop into a starter”.
      So the Padres found Andrew Miller before he became Andrew Miller. Darn, I liked it better when FAZ was the only ones dumpster diving. He would still look awfully good in Dodger Blue. What would it take?

      1. The key point in the article for me was “Cubs starters pitched seven innings just three times in 17 postseason games and went fewer than five innings five times even though the starters didn’t give up more than three runs in those games. Indians starters went seven innings just one time and fewer than five eight times in 15 games.” I am sure that DR doesn’t want to hear that.
        Brad Hand could be a true difference maker for the Dodgers. I like Justin Wilson, but I like Brad Hand more, plus Hand has one more year of team control over Wilson. The Padres say they want at least (probably more) than what the Brewers got for LHRP Will Smith (Phil Bickford – best Giant pitching prospect, and Andrew Susac). Susac is having a horrible year, but at the time of the trade, it was thought that he was a viable backup catcher at the ML level. So the cost probably starts at Yadier Alveraz.
        Maybe FAZ can get very bold and reach out to the tumbling O’s and try to get Zach Britton. It will take Alveraz plus plus plus. Britton is someone I would overpay for. Morrow to Baez to Britton to Jansen. Not going to happen, but I could get used to that. Britton could be the Chapman and Miller of this year’s trade deadline.

    OKC – 8-0 win over Iowa Cubs – Justin Masterson went 7 innings to get his 5th win. He allowed 0 runs on 2 hits, 2 walks, and 10 strikeouts. He threw 108 pitches. His ERA is back under 4 at 3.94. Offensively Willie Calhoun, Max Muncy, and Bobby Wilson each had two hits. Muncy (8) and O’Koyea Dickson (18) each hit home runs.
    Tulsa – 12-3 win over Frisco Roughriders (Texas) – Walker Buehler went 4.1 innings, allowing 2 runs on 4 hits, 2 walks, and 5 strikeouts. His ERA is now sub 3 .00 at 2.98. He threw 73 pitches. It is clear that Walker has a cutoff of 70-75 pitches regardless of where he is in the game. Pitcher wins and losses are no consequence to management. Copping, Kowalczyk, and Sierra closed out the final 4.2 innings. Yaisel Sierra pitched the final 3 and picked up his 4th save.
    Rancho – 14-1 win over San Jose Giants – Mark discussed the outstanding MadBum effort. 4 IP, 9 runs on 9 hits, 1 walk, 5 strikeouts, and 4 HR. As I say with the Dodger starters that go down for a rehab start, results are not important. They are just trying to get in work , and get their rhythm. But you know MadBum was trying a little more because it was a Dodger team. And to be fair, he tired in the fourth when the Quakes jumped on him for 8. Offensively, the Quakes pounded out 17 hits. Ibandel Isabel and Luke Raley each had three hits, while Peters, Johan Mieses, Omar Estevez, Drew Jackson, and Brandon Montgomery had two hits each. Besides DJ’s 2 HR, Isabel (16), Jackson (6) and Mieses (4) all hit HRs. Caleb Ferguson went the first 6 innings for his fifth win . He allowed 1 run on 4 hits, 1 walk, and 5 strikeouts. His ERA is down to 3.10 on the year. Dean Kremer and Daniel Corcino finished the final three innings, each allowing no runs and 1 hit.
    Great Lakes – 5-2 win over South Bend Cubs – Dustin May went five innings for his fifth win. He allowed 2 runs (1 earned), 4 hits, 1 walk, and 2 strikeouts. His ERA is at 3.24 for the year. Vinny Santarsiero pitched 3 innings allowing 0 runs on 3 hits, 1 walk, and 2 strikeouts. Angel German finished the game for his 5th save. The 21 year old RHRP from Bani, DR, has now pitched 22.2 innings, allowing 3 runs on 11 hits, 10 walks, and 29 strikeouts. He is now at 1.19 ERA/ .149 BAA/ 0.93 WHIP. Offensively, 10th round draft pick out of Kentucky, Zach Reks, had two hits. Christian Santana now has a 13 game hitting streak, and 14 out of 15 to start the season. Cody Thomas and Carlos Rincon each hit their 14th HR.
    Ogden – 17-3 win over Idaho Falls Chukars (KC) – The Raptors pounded out 19 hits. Luiz Paz and Ed Yarnall each had four hits. Paz hit his league leading 5th HR (tied with Christian Santana now at Ogden). Rylan Bannon continued his hot hitting with three more hits, and is now batting .444. Starling Heredia was promoted earlier in the day to Ogden, and he had 2 hits. Moises Perez also with 2 hits. Osiris Ramirez started with three pitchers following to close out the win (Kam Uter, Zach Hartman, and Patrick Duester).
    DSL 1 – 3-2 loss to DSL Royals – Sauryn Lao had three hits. Orlandy Navarro started and went 4 innings. He allowed his first earned run of the year, and his ERA jumped to 0.40. For the year, the 18 year old 6’2″ 175 lbs. RHP from Maracaibo, Venezuela, has pitched 22.2 innings, allowing 1 run on 14 hits, 11 walks, and 26 strikeouts.
    DSL 2 – 7-1 loss to DSL Pirates – Frank Sanchez had two hits including his first HR on the year.

    1. What no Verdugo statistics?
      You made me go look up the box score. Verdugo only one for five, with a double while leading off. So that is what a bad night looks like.

      1. Yaisel Sierra has his ERA down to 2.54 in 49.2 IP. Does he have a future with the Dodgers? Can he earn his salary?

      2. No, a bad night is Yusniel Diaz (one of my favorites), going Ofer. The only Quake without a hit.

    2. AC, thanks for the excellent summaries on Dodgers MiLB. You make it a lot easier for me to be aware of what and who is going on down on the farm. Thanks.

  4. Two thoughts:

    The AS game comes at the wrong time for us. We have been hot and I hate to see us take a break at this time. i wish we could just keep rolling. Who knows, we may anyway, but the AS break has a way of resetting things and changing trends.

    Bellinger is beginning to look a lot like Joc in his rookie year, and I hope I am really mistaken. I would like to see him take the AS break to reset himself, relax and work on getting his swing back. The last 6 games he is 4 for 24 with one extra base hit (a double) and no RBI’s plus 8 SO. He hasn’t even been hitting the ball hard, SO and slow rollers.
    It would be different if he were hitting the ball hard but right at people, but that isn’t happening. The parallels between Joc and Cody are hard to overlook— wish he wasn’t in the HR hitting contest, and hope he regains his swing before he becomes a head case.

    1. I think Cody needs to accept that he isn’t going to get as many pitches to hit and be more selective and take his walks. Bonds walked many many times when he had his big home run year. Everyone has to let the game come to them and trust that when it comes to another player, that player will come through.

      1. Bum

        I think Orel talked about Cody doing that, but I don’t know anything beyond that.

        I was hoping Cody would put a bunt down, to get him back on track.

        But I still think Garvey was right to say, he would have gave Cody a day off, in that last game against the Padres.

        He needs a mental rest right now, because he won’t be resting to much, next week.

        1. He is 21. Doc told FAZ when he was interviewed that he would have sent Joc back to AAA to get a reset. Trout was sent down his first year up. He could use a break. The All Star break could have been that break but he will gain from that experience. HR derby will be fun for him.
          As you know MJ, quite a few times I suggested trading Agon to give Bellinger a chance. It worked out for him and now he probably could use a three game break after the All Star break.
          It is hard for a 21 year old to be prepared for the mental and physical rigors of a MLB season. One advantage Bellinger has over Joc is Cody does not dream of home runs in his sleep like Joc did in his first year up. Joc still has a hard time keeping a huge smile off his face when he hits a home run.

          1. Bum

            Schwarber was also finally sent down, and he is older.

            But he is up with the major league team, now.

            I hope Cody can enjoy his time, at the Allstar game!

            But knowing what he is going through now, it might have been better to have Cody participate in the HR derby, but not in the Allstar game, so he could come home, and get some rest.

            And about Agone, at least he is good enough person, to wish Cody and the team, the best and also be supportive, in anyway he can!

  5. What an 8th by Baez, heart of the order and he mows them (including Goldy) after giving up that walk. Roberts came out and said something that turned the switch on after the walk, it worked, he looked like a brand new man, was an impressive sequence of events.

  6. Truth – thought the same thing.
    Doc was proactive – got out there to the mound and took charge.
    He changed the momentum. Really good management.
    Hope life is good.

  7. First hand observation:
    Dodger Stadium is still a great place to watch a game, and Dodger fans were rocking all night!

    Other than Kershaw there were more Puig jerseys than any other player. Puig got a tremendous response when pinch hitting before flying out to LF.

    Wood was tough all night, making big pitches when he had to. He kept the ball down with movement.

    Bellinger may be pressing but other teams still fear him. He forced a pitching change to get Godley out of the game and bring in a leftie. Roberts is showing patience with him as he will bust out of it soon enough. He is pulling his head a bit and seems to be out in front, hence the slow rollers.

    We put a clock on Baez and he was taking 30 seconds or more to go through his nonsense routine and throw a pitch to the hitter. The fielders behind him were doing little routines too out of boredom.

    Jansen got a huge response when he came in for the 9th inning, cheered the entire walk from the bullpen. He did not disappoint the fans.

    1 to 0 is not my preferred type of game to watch but that was a heck of a game and entertaining!

  8. I am not worried about Cody Bellinger.

    I have watched him adjust and adjust and re-adjust. He is a voracious video watcher and he will figure it out. Right now, it’s simple: They are not giving him much to hit. He will adapt. Of that, I am certain.

    1. Mark

      He could still use a mental rest.

      He has to deal with a lot more, then just hitting right now, with all the media, around him.

      1. the difference between Belly and Joc is that Belly has had the same batting stance the entire time. Joc, as b17 has astutely noted, has a weird shuffle and dance that varies with every at bat for the last 3 years.

        Belly won’t ever hit .350, but he will hit .280 or higher with 40+ hr and gold glove d at 1b. Good enough for me!!!

        1. Bobby, you keep repeating that Joc is doing something with his feet when he swings. He has played 2.5 years now and only lifted his back foot and set it down again to start his swing for about a month this year. He hasn’t done that for a long time. There were hitting experts that explained the advantages of what Joc was doing. It wasn’t weird to experts, just you.

    1. Think of that, an all star playing on an All Star team. Nice when the two come together.

  9. A few days ago, I was listening to MLB.TV and one of the analysts there said that “Within 2 years, Cody Bellinger will be mentioned in the same breath with Mike Trout!”

      1. I love the speed from a first baseman though. Some teams have really slow players at catcher, first base, and third base. I’m looking forward to Wil Smith bringing speed to the catcher spot as well. Barnes is much faster than most catchers for now.
        Bellinger will touch the ball on defense many more times at first than he would in the outfield so good to have good athleticism at first too. we have been spoiled with Loney and Gonzales defense at first. I’m rambling now, but there were some that wanted the Dodgers to get Cecil Fielder. Never understood that desire.

  10. 1) Forsythe…..2B
    2) SEager………SS
    3) Turner……….3B
    4) Taylor………..LF
    5) Barnes………C
    6) Kike…………..1B
    7) Puig…………..RF
    8) Thompson CF
    9) Hill…………….P

    Good Righty Heavy lineup and gives Cody a break. Kike has 3 HR’s off Ray and Puig, Barnes, Taylor and Thompson have hit him in the past. Hill will Thrill tonight! Get out the brooms!!

  11. Minor League Pitchers tonight:
    OKC – Scott Barlow
    Tulsa – Chris Rearick
    RC – Dennis Santana
    Great Lakes – Leo Crawford
    Ogden – Adelberto Pena

    1. The last sentence sums up what it was:

      Contrary to the belief of some, this wasn’t “one of the worst trades in Dodger history.” It’s one of the best trades in Dodger history.

      There’s a lot I could say, but hopefully the morons don’t read here, so there’s no need for me to say it.

      1. I have been saying that since July 30, 2015. It’s just taken two years for most of the others to catch on. It is funny how certain people now say how they knew how great Wood would be, when all I remember was catching a lot _______ for supporting him.
        Dustin writes…”I have to wonder if the Dodger front office played the Braves’ FO on this one. Olivera never looked like a $60-plus million player, but when they gave him the large contract that included a signing bonus that was paid up front, meaning there was no future commitment for that $28 million. It sure seems like Andrew Friedman and Co., had their sights set on Wood (or Julio Teheran) and hoped to use Olivera as the big trade chip to get a deal done. If so, it was a genius play and just another way the Dodgers used their financial might to their benefit.” I said the same thing a few weeks ago. I believed it at the time of the trade, and I still do.

        1. AC,

          I got an e-mail from someone on another blog who cut-and-pasted a comment about FAZ:

          Actually I am more worried about the FAZ making a stupid mid-season trade.

          I mean, when someone is so disconnected with reality… what is there to say?


    – The Los Angeles Dodgers today recalled infielder/outfielder Scott Van Slyke from Triple-A Oklahoma City and placed left-handed reliever Grant Dayton on the 10-day disabled list with neck stiffness.

    Van Slyke, 30, returns to the big league club for his second stint, after hitting .233 (31-for-133) with 24 runs, eight doubles, three home runs and nine RBI along with a .346 on-base percentage in 40 games with Triple-A OKC this season. In 28 games with Los Angeles this year, he has gone 5-for-41 (.122) with six runs, one double, two home runs and three RBI.

    Dayton, 29, has gone 1-1 with a 3.63 ERA (9 ER/22.1 IP) in 27 relief appearances with the Dodgers this season, while holding the opposition to a .171 batting average (13-for-76) and posting a 1.12 WHIP.

  13. Barnes just reminded me of something that I do not think we do well. Lead off double and Barnes strikes out, failing to advance the runner to third. We fail to move a runner over to third far too often. Guess if that’s our worst failing we are doing OK, but it is still important to execute that maneuver.

  14. Wow

    As I sit here in my car watching that at 06.20am, the hairs on the back of my neck are standing up!!!
    Thought the game was up after Field’s balk.

  15. Watched Doc’s kids doing the pre match ceremonies on his Bobblehead night.
    That girl can sing – he must have been very proud.
    Memorable night for him.

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