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There comes a time when you realize that if you do what you have always done, you are going to get what you have always gotten.  I may be crazy, but I am only slightly insane.  So, I am starting up LA Dodger Talk again after about a year absence… but this time it will be under different rules.I am all for spirited discussions and disagreements… especially when you can frame and articulate your argument.  Life would be boring if everyone thought the same things.  However, some people have an “end game” in that you can generally predict that what they say will always be negative.  Maybe someone crapped in your Wheaties – but when every comment you make is negative and you utilize every opportunity to say the same thing… over-and-over, well I just won’t tolerate that.Some aren’t welcome here.  You know who you are.  Go wallow in your misery somewhere else.  I don’t enjoy miserable company and these are my rules.  You can disagree with me and even say that what I wrote is “dumb.”  I do write some “dumb” stuff – most of it on purpose to spur discourse.  I will stir the pot and you are welcome to so as well, but when everything you write is bitching about Friedman and Zaidi (FAZ),  well that is just plain stupid and I do not tolerate fools here.FAZ has made some good moves and some bad moves, but overall, the organization is in great shape.  The Dodger Top 1-20 Prospects are as good as some teams Top 10 prospects.  The future is bright and that includes 2017 where the Dodgers are already one of the top teams in baseball.  Of course, they want to get better.This is not a site for Grumpy Old Men or for people who think misery loves company – be miserable somewhere else.  This is a board where we treat each other with respect and have a take, but we do not suck.  I look forward to hearing what you have to say and maybe even have someone who wants to write for the site do so as well.Maybe no one will come… that’s always a risk.  I guess we will find out.  I will have nothing further to say about anyone or any other sites.  That is all for now.  Go Dodgers!  Politics are also strictly off limits.  Period!P.S. This site is a work in progress.  It might take me a month to finish it, but it will be functional in the interim. 

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  1. Looking forward to the new season. I really think we ought to start Toles in left field and try him leading off. I also think we got too carried away with the sabermetrics and platooned way too much. Guys like Joc needs to play against left handed pitching for a season, no matter how much he struggles. Let him figure it out like they used to back in the day, let him earn that confidence.

  2. Glad to have you start this blog up again. The other blog became insufferable with all the petty bickering. It had come to the point that every time I would go there, I felt as if though I was in a kindergarten sand box.

    I’m a long time Dodger fan, whether the team is good or bad, they remain my team. Hope always springs eternal as February rolls around.

    As to moving Andre, make it clear that he no longer has a role with the team. I believe that his pride will cause him to accept a trade. Especially if it is to a team that has a “hitters” park.

    1. Thanks Demeter!

      Glad to have you. I think Andre would love to go home to Arizona and they are not a threat to the Dodgers.

      I think the Dodgers would have to pay $10 million of his deal and accept a prospect like Jamie Westbrook (#17 in the AZ system).

    1. I probably will be a stranger. There are two or three people I am so done with. Nothing personal. I’ll have my links up soon. LA Dodger Report is one of them. Good Luck!

  3. Thanks for letting me in on the comeback Mark. Scott has been a friend for several years and I plan on remaining a part of that shindig but I really missed ladodgertalk during it’s absence. Glad you’re back at it brother! Let em all dump it right here on me – I can take it! Haaaaaaaaaa! I just am having it with all the difficulties within my reach but there is light beyond the darkness!

  4. Welcome back and thank you for spending your time and resources to make LADT live again. In case you have forgotten my last comment of old was: “Mark, you can’t leave, your work here is not finished yet”. I’m glad you have seen the light.

      1. Hey Mark, what is your take on the current roster? It seems to me there is not alot of talk about getting another starting pitcher (maybe a 2 or a 3?). I think we have a short memory on how we went out in the play-offs. Because of our lack of solid starting pitching, we had a bunch of guys who could only go 4 innings max, totally putting a strain on our bullpen(Joe Blanton got way overused, to the point of being ineffective). The Cubs proved how solid starters totally set the rest of the game up. Just a little concerned we might be drinking the koolaid again, then paying the price later on.

  5. Great to have you back! Can’t wait for Spring Training. Let the youngsters play and see who can make the team. We have a roster now that can win it all. That doesn’t mean it can’t be improved, but not at the price of trading away our future. Sometimes the best trade is the one you didn’t make.

  6. Mark, glad you are back up. I self banned myself at the other site because I said some things that I was not proud of, were not me, and I felt bad about. I really had nothing against anyone at the site (especially the one I was hot at), but I have learned that if I cannot control myself, it is time to remove myself. That being said, you and I have not always agreed, but the disagreement never got contentious. I love to talk Dodger baseball and I hope that I will be welcomed here. Good luck to your renewed sit.

    1. AC – thanks for your words on the previous thread – much appreciated.
      I have left a comment.

  7. Mark

    I know we argued back and forth, about Agone, but I do like you, so I just wanted to tell you that.

    1. 😉

      It’s all good. Don’t be a stranger!

      I really like A-Gon too. He’s just in his declining years, but with the right guys around him, it’s fine.

  8. Glad you are back big Tim ,I was always reading dodgertalk comments until it was taken off . Again glad you are back much success.

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