Ginger Thor

March 22, 2018

A few days ago Mark suggested a trade in his column. The trade included a few Dodger prospects for right-handed reliever Raisel Iglesias of the Cincinnati Reds. Iglesias would be a valuable acquisition as the 28-year-old has had two consecutive very successful years with the Reds. Although I tend to be overly-protective of Dodger minor leaguers, I thought it might  indeed be a good trade with one exception. Mark included…


Spring Training is Just Like Christmas in February.

February 13, 2018

Okay now that Yu Darvish is signed, sealed, and delivered to the Chicago Cubs, who is the next domino to fall?  21 of the top 50 are still unsigned, and 6 of the top ten.  Interestingly, 5 of those 6 are represented by Scott Boras (JDM, Hosmer, Arrieta, Moustakas, and Holland).  Is it collusion, or is it anti Scott Boras?   So what does that mean for the Dodgers?  The…