April 10, 2017 LA Dodger Game Talk

April 10, 2017

Tonight’s Lineup Providing there is actually a game…  I turned down free Box Seats Tickets 3 rows from the field tonight (1B side) from a friend because Chicago in April is the coldest and rainiest place on earth.  It’s as cold as SF Bay in December.  Bone Chilling.  I think it will be a rainout! Pos Dodgers Pos Cubs 2B Forsythe LF Schwarber (L) SS Seager (L) 3B Bryant 3B…


April 7, 2017 DodgerGameTalk

April 7, 2017

Wow!  Dave Roberts is shaking things up.  Sitting Gonzo and Seager and putting Puig at Cleanup.  Well, he knows Puig better than I do, here goes: Pos Dodgers Pos Rockies 2B Forsythe CF Blackmon (L) LF Gutierrez 2B LeMahieu 3B Turner RF Gonzalez (L) RF Puig 3B Arenado 1B Van Slyke SS Story C Grandal (S) 1B Reynolds SS Hernandez LF Cardullo CF Pederson (L) C Garneau P Ryu P…


April 6, 2017 Game Chat

April 6, 2017

Todays’ Lineups Pos San Diego Padres Pos LA Dodgers LF 1.  Jankowski (L) LF 1.  Toles (L) CF 2.  Margot SS 2.  Seager (L) 1B 3.  Myers 3B 3.  Forsythe 2B 4.  Solarte (S) 1B 4.  Gonzalez (L) 3B 5.  Schimpf (L) CF 5.  Pederson (L) RF 6.  Renfroe 2B 6.  Utley (L) C 7.  Sanchez (S) RF 7.  Puig SS 8.  Aybar (S) C 8.  Barnes P 9.  Weaver…


April 5, 2017 Game Chat

April 5, 2017

Lineup: Pos Padres Pos Dodgers CF Margot LF Toles (L) 1B Myers SS Seager (L) 2B Solarte (S) 3B Turner RF Renfroe 1B Gonzalez (L) 3B Schimpf (L) 2B Forsythe C Hedges CF Pederson (L) SS Aybar (S) C Grandal (S) P Cahill RF Puig LF Jankowski (L) P Hill (L) Game Notes


April 4, 2017 Game Chat

April 4, 2017

I am going to try something new and it’s up to you if it continues.  Maybe you want it… maybe you don’t. The ball is in your court. This is the place to talk about the game… Starting Lineups: Pos Padres Pos Dodgers LF Jankowski (L) 2B Forsythe CF Margot SS Seager (L) 1B Myers 3B Turner 2B Solarte (S) LF Gutierrez 3B Schimpf (L) RF Puig RF Renfroe 1B…