It’s Only Spring Training, But…

It’s nice, but it means nothing… well… I guess it means something, but, not a lot! It’s ONE Spring Training Game.  The first one. That said, what a great game!  Baseball is back. One game means nothing… but if it did, a lot of cool things happened and you might draw the following conclusions:

  • Wilmer Font should be in the Dodger’s bullpen;
  • Logan Forsythe will have a career year;
  • Matt Kemp (The Bison) is back and looks to be in amazing shape and on pace to be the NL MVP;
  • Justin Turner is healthy and primed for another stellar season and he really uses his head to  get out of a rundown;
  • Yasmani Grandal will never get a hit all season;
  • Trayce Thompson will be the 4th outfielder but he can’t catch a cold;
  • Kike Hernandez will be the Sixth Man of the Year (Whoops, wrong sport);
  • Edwin Parades will be a lockdown reliever; and
  • Pat Venditte will be the lefty and righty set-up man.

Of course, some of that could be true, but it’s mostly fiction. Some players had a nice Spring Training Opening Day and other were Meeeeeehhhhhhh! Matt Kemp is writing his comeback story and it started out a classic!  He looks like the old Bison! Can he really pull it off?So far, I can’t see why not…

Calm down… it’s early!

Dodger Notes

  • Campy reported that Andrew Toles looked to be favoring his leg.
  • Tim Locastro is very fast – Cody Bellinger would get smoked by him (sorry, Cody).
  • Austin Barnes has an elbow issue that may be more serious than the team lets on (stay tuned).
  • J.T. Chargois is another righty claimed by the Dodgers (from the Twins). Before you mock this signing as another Dollar Store Purchase, understand that JT has a couple of things you can’t teach: (1) A “hybrid” breaking ball (like a slurve) with a lot of depth; and  (2) he can hit 102 MPH on the gun.  He’s strictly a reliever and maybe a high-leverage one.  Watch him!
  • The Giants play the Dodgers at 5 PM PDT or 8 PM EDT tonight.  Be there!  Wave to us Campy!


Posted by Mark Timmons

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  1. Just finished a post on The Sun Comes Out Today and this one popped up so before heading for the trails one more thought.
    Barnes and his elbow is something to follow, hope what Barnes is saying is the truth.

    1. I read your post. Jealous of the snow and snowmobiling… I used to have one but we don’t get enough snow here.

  2. The game against the Giants is at 12:00 PST (live) and shown on MLBTV replay at 5:00 PST. Just an FYI.

    1. Thanks. I just looked at the MLB TV Schedule, not the actual game. Guess I should have taken my dumbass vaccine today… Wait, there in no dumbass vaccine. It sucks to be me… or the Giants!

  3. It was fun to watch the first game. I just wish they would broadcast all ST games. I just believe there will be some fierce battles for positions. The announcers were saying it is a different sound when Bellinger hits the ball. I also believe there will not be an easy out in 1-8, regardless how this all plays out. I also read that Joc was hitting the ball very well. He was hitting the ball to centerfield, but did not know it. Joc has a lot of natural ability, but something may be lacking between the ears.

    Although it is snowing in Idaho, it is enjoyable to watch baseball in the comfort of a warm home.

  4. Grandal looked like he did last year. He was swinging at bad pitches. If he continues, he will never see a strike. Grandal has to change. I know it is just one game, but the same problem is there. Turner Ward, you have a job ahead of you.

  5. Not sure who thinks Toles is favoring his legs. All of the Dodger beat reporters on the radio the last 1-2 days in LA have said he’s flying around the bases, full go. No hesitation, and he feels great.

    He’ll be starting 1 of the 2 games today (hopefully it’s the tv game)

    1. Bobby

      Toles is not in the game that is televised today.

      But Roberts has already said, that they will be keeping Toles more on the back fields, so I guess it is not surprising, that he isn’t in the televised game, today.

      They might think Toles might try to do to much, in a televised game, and they want him to take things more slowly, and I can understand that.

  6. Hallelujah!! It has begun… My favorite time of the year!!! ST followed by the opener, March madness and the Masters right around the corner (I don’t watch much golf but for a few majors and last but not least the opening day for trout… Damn it’s good to be alive for at least one more fling.
    My guys Toles and Thompson, what can I say except it’s only the first game…
    Someday soon, Verdugo may be a NL ROY…

  7. For those with no life today (me), the game vs the giants is on tv/mlb app, and the game vs the Royals is on mlb audio (Royals broadcasters).

  8. P.S. Of course all my above exaltations are contingent on a one day at a time philosophy… At least Bill said so…

  9. Not much to write about today’s game Our pitchers were Stripling and a bunch of guys not yet ready for the big time. I sat behind the Giants doughnut and it wasn’t fun. BTW I mentioned that Toles favored his leg. Several of us noticed that he walked with a limp on his way to BP. Make of it what you want. As the Dodgers go from the complex to the practice fields they walk on a path through a horde of fans wanting autographs. As the different players came out they were cheered, In differing degrees, by the crowd. The loudest roar was for Kemp, others being cheered were CK, Turner,Toles Seagerand Bellinger. Of course Puig received an enthuastic greeting too. Barnes is built so slight he doesn’t look like a catcher. I hope he can hold up, I didn’t see him throw in warm ups

    1. Thanks Campy. I have had a couple of other people tell me that Toles is favoring his knee as well. I’m sure 75% of it is 60% mental.

      If Kemp stays healthy there is no way he is not the starting LF’er!

      FAZ could have pulled off the biggest heist since… they traded him for Grandal!

      Where’s AC – I miss his takes?

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