2017 OKC Recap

The OKC Dodgers finished the 2017 AAA season with a 72-69 record, good enough for 2nd place in the PCL American North Division.  However, they were 10.0 games behind the division champion Colorado Springs Sky Sox (Brewers).  The Sky Sox then lost to the Memphis Redbirds (Cardinals) in the American Divisional Series.  The El Paso Chihuahuas (Padres) beat the Reno Aces (Dbacks) in the Pacific Division championship series.  The Memphis Redbirds went on to beat the Chihuahuas in the PCL Championship.


Offensively, team PCL rankings were as follows (Pardon my formatting skills or lack thereof):

Batting Average                .262 (#13)

On Base Percentage       .334 (#12)

Slugging Percentage       .423 (#10)

OPS                                           .756 (#10)

Hits                                           675  (#13)

Runs                                      1,234 (#8)

Home Runs                           147  (#6)



Highest Average               Alex Verdugo                    .314  (#14 in league)

Highest OBP                      Alex Verdugo                    .389  (#9)

Highest Slugging              O’Koyea Dickson            .484  (#25)

Highest OPS                      Alex Verdugo                     .825  (#32)

Runs                                    O’Koyea Dickson                   70  (#24)

Hits                                      Alex Verdugo                         136  (#13 – Tied)

Doubles                               Alex Verdugo                         27  (#14 – Tied)

Triples                                 Trayce Thompson                    6  (#24)

RBI                                       O’Koyea Dickson                     76 (#20)

HR                                        O’Koyea Dickson                   24 (#10 – Tied)

Total Bases                         O’Koyea Dickson               195  (#31)


They were far more formidable in their team pitching rankings:

ERA                                        4.26 (#4)

Hits Allowed                    1,229 (#3)

Home Runs Allowed        115 (#2)

Strikeouts                          1,277  (#1)

WHIP                                      1.35 (#3)

Saves                                           37 (#4- Tied)



Wins                               Justin Masterson                 11 (#1 – Tied)

                                              Wilmer Font                        10 (#3)

ERA                                    Wilmer Font                    3.42 (#1)

                                             Justin Masterson           4.13 (#2)

Innings Pitched         Justin Masterson          141.2 (#4)

                                                 Wilmer Font                  134.1(#8)

Strikeouts                         Wilmer Font                      178 (#1)

                                             Justin Masterson               140 (#3)

Saves                                 Madison Younginer             8 (#15 – Tied)


Several players made favorable impressions and may get some additional attention in 2018.  We already know that Alex Verdugo and Walker Buehler are on the short list for roster positions in 2018.


Tim Locastro batted .388/.443/.544/.987 at OKC, and .308/.383/.454/.837 over both AA and AAA levels.  In 103 AB in AAA, he played 2B, SS, LF, CF, and RF.  He walked 6 times and struck out 12.  He had 34 stolen bases over both AA and AAA. I think at the very least, he has given notice that he intends to compete for the ML utility position next year.  He should also get some solid consideration for the 2B position.


Edwin Rios continues to show that he is a solid power hitter.  In 169 AAA AB’s Edwin batted .296/.368/.533/.901.  He did however have 42 strikeouts in those 169 AB’s (25% K rate).  For the two levels, Rios batted .309/.362/.533/.895, 24 HR’s and 91 RBI’s.  Rios has two difficult obstacles…he is left handed and has no clear defensive position.  He does have a strong arm, and could potentially play in the OF.  I would like to see him get a shot to play LF in 2018 (at OKC, not LA).  I continue to recall the LF play of Greg Luzinski and Jose Canseco.  I like defense as much as anyone, but if the Dodgers can find a LF who can hit .280-.300 with 20+ HRs, I think he could play.  It is at least worth a look.


Wilmer Font remains a curious potential.  He had a tremendous season this year, and at least warrants a look as a potential mid inning reliever at the ML level in 2018.  He did not perform well in his 2017 audition, but I still would like to see him get a shot at ST.


Trevor Oaks was on his way to a very productive season before his oblique injury ended his season.  In 19 games (91.2 IP) Oaks had a 3.83 ERA and 1.29 WHIP in the very hitter friendly PCL.  It would have been nice to see Oaks finish the season.  Trevor will get a chance to win a #5 spot, but he will undoubtedly start the season at AAA, but could become an early call next year.


Yaisel Sierra is another curious potential.  Once relegated to strictly relief, his prospect status began to rise.  He was mostly outstanding but when not very good he was NOT VERT GOOD.  He needs consistency, but with his ability, he will get a look as a 2018 bullpen candidate.


Henry Ramos will get real look as a switch hitting OF.  Trayce Thompson is still considered a potential OF prospect (#4 or #5 – SVS replacement).  Jacob Scavuzzo should get a return ticket to OKC, and hopefully re-initiate his prospect status.


Max Muncy (.309/.414/.491/.905) is a 2 year younger LH hitting version of Rob Segedin.  Joe Broussard will probably return to OKC and continue his development.  FAZ does love their relievers, which should also give Dylan Floro, Luis Ysla, and Madison Younginer some hope.

Next review will be the Tulsa Drillers.

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  1. Thank you, AC. I didn’t have anything to say today. The last few games mean nothing. I was listening to MLB Radio and they were saying how a team ends the season has ZERO relevance. They said “You have to believe that the team was built to win and then does it in the playoffs. A winning or losing streak means nothing and they proceeded to ratttle off example after example.

    I am just counting the days until the playoffs.

    As AC mentions, we have some interesting players at AAA. I think Walker Buehler needs to pitch in the bigs, not AAA. I would keep my top pitching prospects out of the PCL. Unless he really screws up in Spring Training, he will break with the team next year. He probably won’t be on the playoff roster.

    Alex Verdugo will be given every opportunity to win the LF spot in Spring Training. He also will not make the Payoff roster.

    I am very intrigued by Henry Ramos. He cooled off after putting up some crazy numbers early, so there is some level of talent that may be untapped. Rios and Ramos remain enignmas.

    There will be a lot of changes next year as the Farm System delivers. Fosrythe, Gonzalez, Ethier and Pederson will likely all be gone. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    Great Re-Cap AC!

  2. Very informative AC – good to hear we have a number of players pushing ML ready.
    Talking of Joc above, what’s happened to Bums? Did I miss something?

    Also, I’ve been thinking, with one year left before he can opt out, should we think about trading Clayton?

    We have,

    Urias (?)
    Font (?)
    Oaks (?)

    Plus a few I’ve missed.

    I know it seems ridiculous, but if he walks then we get nothing in return.
    Or do we wait until the 18 TD?
    Can he continue at the elite of the elite level he has thus far?

    1. Watford, I agree that the CK situation needs to be carefully looked at. I hate to think of CK pitching for someone else, he is just the greatest around (both as a pitcher and as a man). However, he has had extended stays on the IR the last two years for back issues. Back issues can be managed, but they seldom go away. You never know when they will flare up again, and I suspect that will be the case with CK. Then there is his contract…. Some “wise” man I know keeps saying, “Buy low, sell high”.

      1. There are lots of reasons why the Dodgers would like to have Clayton finish his career as a Dodger, but is that what Clayton wants? Does he want to pitch for his home team in his home state? We have no idea either way. He seems to enjoy LA, but some guys want to go home… some don’t. Maybe LA is home now?

        I believe that after the Dodgers have won the World Series, FAZ will sit down with Clayton and get his ideas. I suspect they will try and sign him to an extension… at what price? We shall wait and see…

        1. I thought that Clayton would test the FA market before he signed the 7 year extension because he loves his Dallas home. So I am hopeful that he and FAZ will get his contract situation clarified before he opts out. But you are right…if Clayton wants to pitch in Dallas, he will pitch in Dallas.
          Yankees – Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada, Bernie Williams, Don Mattingly.
          Phillies – Mike Schmidt
          O’s – Cal Ripken, Jr.
          Braves – Chipper Jones
          Reds – Johnny Bench
          These are players that immediately come to mind that signed and stayed with their original team throughout their long careers during the FA era. I am sure others will come to mind. I am hoping that Clayton Kershaw will join that list. I know he loves pitching in LA. He is loved by the LA community, and he does a LOT of philanthropic work for the community. I do not want to see Clayton Kershaw in any jersey other than the Dodgers.

          1. A few more:
            Biggio and Bagwell, Robin Yount, Tony Gwynn, George Brett, Barry Larkin.

            Please retire #22 as a lifelong Dodger!

          2. Sandy Koufax missed your first thoughts of this group? Sometimes the best place to hide something from me is to put it right in front of me.

          3. Vegas – Thanks for the additional names. And I know there are others. I wanted to include Jim Palmer, but he signed before the FA period, but pitched thru the 1st 10 years of FA with the O’s. He is kind of a hybrid.
            Quas – The reason I did not include Koufax, Drysdale, Junior Gilliam, Pee Wee Reese, and Brooks Robinson (My All-Time Non Dodger Favorite) is because they were not part of the Free Agent period. It is a lot more difficult to stay with one team for your entire career with Free Agency. Qualifying offers also make it very hard for the teams to keep marginal older players.
            The Yankees find a way to hold onto their stars.

  3. Any truth to the rumor(s) that Otani will sign with the team that signs Darvish? Also it’s rumored that Otani would like to play on the days he doesn’t pitch. I don’t think any team would allow that except those in the AL that have the DH.

    1. Sorry Richie,

      Dumb Computers! 😉

      Darvish is his idol, so you never know…

      I do not think there is much chance the Dodgers will sign Darvish… but you never know.

  4. Nice write up on OKC today AC! Based on Roberts comments you were right on saying Kike got the start after returning from bereavement leave and Cory needed a day and still has some elbow pain on throws.

    I believe Locastro can do everything Kike can but is a better hitter. He is at least a great insurance policy at AAA but deserves a long look in ST for the RH hitting utility role or possibly 2B. Will Forsythe be brought back? Maybe but I believe Utley will not but who really knows? If Taylor goes back to 2B then LF and CF become open questions with lots of candidates: Joc, Toles, Verdugo, Thompson, minor leaguers, or trades.

    I truly believe Kershaw put in the opt out because of ownership turmoil in his early years. Faz and Doc have shown there is a winning program in place and he does not need the money. I also believe he is the one guy they will make every effort to keep as the face of the franchise. Add a couple more years with a $3M bump in annual pay and he does not really affect the budget. Cory and Cody are extension candidates but that’s way down the line, Cory has 1 year TC and 3 years arb. Cody will be a super 2 and has 2 years TC and 3 years arb. Barnes also has 2 years TC and 3 years arb. Taylor has 1 year TC and 3 years arb. That is the nucleus of the young position players with great contracts. Joc, Puig, Ryu, Wood, Baez and a few others have good contracts as well.

    I think the bench spots will be Utley, AGon, Ethier, Barnes and Kike and they carry 12 pitchers. They want some veteran pinch hitters and will face mostly RHP. This assumes Grandy and Forsythe and Grandal are starters. They will flip flop in LF, 2B and C depending on match ups like they have all season.

    1. Vegas – totally agree with your assessment.
      I think Ryu has a shot as the #4th Starter in the Playoffs if Wood has lost velocity.
      He is ahead of Maeda in my book.

    2. Vegas

      I didn’t think it was a big thing that Kike was in that line up yesterday, and really, he only had two at bats.

      I just think we have others on this team right now, that are not producing, that are playing everyday, and they are a bigger issue.

      I don’t think Kike should play against righties either, but that was Corey’s last day off, and Taylor, was playing in center.

      I know you have noticed a glitch in Kike’s swing, that makes him more vulnerable to rightie pitchers, so I know you are frustrated with him, but like I said above, he only had two at bats, and he was not the reason, we lost that game.

      After the first inning, the players in the top of our line up, didn’t do much.

      Turner left two runners on, and Puig hit into a double play, and left three runners on base too, yesterday.

      But the whole team needs to hit, not only the top of our line up!

      And because a pitcher has a high ERA, that doesn’t mean that pitcher, isn’t going to try to pitch his best game, against a team like the Dodgers, so are players have to be ready to play hard, against any team or pitcher, they face.

      And every team we play or pitcher we face, from this point on, are going to make beating the Dodgers, be their World Series, especially if they are not playing, in the post season this year!

      But I almost always agree with most everything you say, or suggest.

      1. They could have played Taylor at SS and put Verdugo or Joc in CF for a day. That tells me they’re sending Verdugo a message if they’re willing to forfeit AB’s with Kike in against a RH pitcher. You will never hear me say this again in my life, but I would rather see Charlie Culberson in at SS. Kike against a RH pitcher is truly throwing away AB’s.

        1. Hawkeye

          I agree with most everything you said, but to get upset, over one game, that consistented, of two at bats, I think is much.

          And Culbertson is not hitting any better against righties, in the majors, then Kike is.

          The truth is Kike’s two at bats, didn’t make the team lose.

          Puig hit into a double play with two runners on base, and he also struck out, so Puig wasn’t the Puig, we have seen lately, either.

          And when Puig hit into the double play, Roberts thought that was the turning point in that game, because we had two runners on base, with no outs.

          But this loss falls on the entire line up, not just Puig.

          You and Vegas, don’t go out of your way, to complain about something so insignificant, like some do, and really Kike is far from the biggest issue, on this team.

          And Roberts probably could relate to Kike losing his grandfather quite a bit, considering Roberts, just recently, lost his father this year.

          1. To say I was upset was an overstatement. When I looked at the lineup though missing Seager and replaced with Kike it tells me they expect Clayton to shut them down and they’re willing to throw away AB’s.

            Comparing Puig to Kike is apples to oranges. Puig is going to give you a professional AB. Often Kike isn’t even in the neighborhood of hitting the ball against righties.

  5. AC – very informative post. I appreciate the time and energy you put into providing us with this information.

    I was disappointed that Trevor Oaks got injured. I thought he would be off help to the Dodgers this year. As it is, he is still the second youngest pitcher currently on the team. Next year will be huge for him as far as his development. Locastro seems like an intriguing option for a utility guy for next year. Not familiar with his overall hit tool, but since Kike seems to be going backwards in his ability and has some of the worst at bats I’ve seen from a Dodger this year(he would be the absolute worst if it wasn’t for Granderson).

    I would suspect that several of the Tulsa Drillers will advance to OKC next year and that there will be a better mix of younger players who would be fun to watch develop (Beatty, Garlick, Ahmed, Jackson, Santana, Copping, Barlow) and who would fit in nicely with Rios, Scavuzzo, etc.)

    I’m looking forward to your assessment of the other minor league teams. Thank you again.

    1. Hawkeye

      Reread what I wrote, I said you and Vegas, don’t go out of your way, to complain about something, insignificant.

  6. A C A really good run down about our minor league players, and as always, you are very complete!

    Have you been happier with the way, our pitchers, have been pitching to hitters lately?

    Because our pitchers, still seem to be giving up a lot of HRs?

    About Kershaw, I think it is still to early to think about giving Kershaw, an extension.

    I think we need to wait and see what Kershaw does, in the post season, this year first.

    I saw on the MLB. Channel today, that Grandal has been dealing with bruises to his knees lately, and that may be affecting his hitting.

    After Granderson hit that HR yesterday, I didn’t know if I should be happy, because it might be a sign that Granderson is coming around, or that HR, just might give Roberts, another reason, to continue to play Granderson!

    Because I just don’t think most major leaguer hitters, when they at struggling to hit, hit a hundred points down from the Mendoza line, like Granderson has done, since he has joined this team.

    And I think Roberts needs to give another player a chance to prove they will be an asset to this team, because we only have another 15 games.

    And I think if we are going to go with another player, they need this time, to get acclimated to playing everyday, and to get consistent at bats, before the regular season is over, to be ready for the post season!

  7. Today’s Lineup:

    Good to see Andre getting a start, Puig looked like he needed a rest. Grandal needs 1 HR to get to 20. Hopefully Yu can build on his last start, Nola has been their best pitcher. Can Grandy get a hit that is not a HR? He actually would give the team 7 guys with 20 HR’s when Yasmani hits one more, although most were with the Mets. If the formula is good pitching and defense and a 3 run HR to win in the playoffs the team is set.

      1. This just tells me that there isn’t really a battle for LF. You could see this coming. Sit Puig not Granderson to get Ethier some time. Granderson is the weakest fielder with the weakest arm so they’re getting him comfortable there.

        1. Hawkeye

          Considering Granderson’s weak arm, I don’t understand why the Mets mostly played him in rightfield, but I don’t if they did, this year.

        2. Hawkeye, I am not sure why anybody should be shocked. Without expressly voicing the actual words, management has made it abundantly clear that Granderson was acquired for the playoffs, and what he does until that time is irrelevant. Granderson and Kike’ will be the LF platoon, and Dre will be a LHPH. What might be interesting is if the Dodgers and Nats face off in the NLCS, who will play when Scherzer is pitching…Grandy or Dre. Both hit Max pretty well.
          You mentioned above that the Dodgers were sending a message to Verdugo by playing Kike’ against RHP. I think the message is screaming at Joc. I see no way he makes the post season roster. My how far has his star fallen?

  8. Yes, Bumsrap and Boxout 7 have been gone for a while… probably for different reasons:

    Boxout probably left because were were not controversial enough.

    Bums probably left because we were too controversial.

    They are both welcome here.

  9. I’m only able to get the Phillies feed today and these announcers are at least 90% them and 10% game. How do their fans put up with that?

    1. With all the regional baseball contracts and darn near every college football game on tv it makes for a lot of bad announcers. It’s like baseball after expansion and a bunch of AAAA pitchers get to throw in the big leagues. Most announcers don’t know when to shut up.

    1. What a joke! First, he should have been pulled when Herrera came up. Then he lets him pitch to Hoskins. If Hoskins could foul off Darvish’s filthy 97 mph twice and then get a hit. What did he think he would do with Baez’s flat ass fastball when he knows Baez doesn’t have the balls to throw an off-speed pitch.

        1. Hawkeye

          Roberts cares more about Baez’s self esteem, then the rest of the players, on this team!

          And Roberts better apologize to his players, especially to Darvish, and especially to the fans, who had a natural reaction, to seeing Baez on the mound, again!

          And we already know, just like we knew, with Hatcher, that this guy is a head case, and that isn’t going to change.

      1. Hawkeye

        Darvish should have thrown that kid, that same high, inside fastball,, on his hands.

        And why did they give this guy, the same low fastball, on the outside corner, after he hit the same pitch, that Darvish threw earlier in this game?

        1. Maybe. I was hoping for the slow curve myself. I will say this about that AB. First, I was glad to see Yu go after the kid instead of tip-toeing around him like Clayton did last night. Second, it showed me that Yu had more left in the tank. He’s a guy who can throw 120 not just 100. Also, we see Yu using two-seamer and slider primarily the last two games and saving his other weapons. Also give Hoskins credit. Good AB by Rhys.

          1. Hawkeye

            With the stuff Darvish has and his fastball, he should never pitch defensively!

            I wouldn’t have took him out there, especially if I knew that Baez was going to come in, and single handedly going to give this game away!

            But when Darvish threw him that 97 fastball inside on his hands, that kid couldn’t do anything!

            And Roberts better start thinking about the whole team, instead of Baez!

  10. Baez….the human fire starter. Don’t care about the numbers over the season, this guy is going to kill us in the play-offs. Hatchets step brother…World Wide..Sorry, it’s just me putting the dull butter knife to my forehead. Baez…Just….Baez…

  11. This is my opinion. Grandal is a horrible play caller. He does not make Baez work. When you throw 99% fastballs, you are not helping your pitcher. Secondly, he gives the high strike target and pitchers are not throwing them up there anymore. Third, when he gives the high target, he gives it about six inches above the strike zone. Please let Grandal sit.

    Baez just sealed his fate. Doc let him swing in the wind. I really do not care to see Baez pitch again this year or next.

    I really do not like to say bad things about Dodger players. I had enough of Baez and Grandal.

  12. We’ve gotta hope these guys can shift into a decent post season gear because they’re not in the come from behind gear we got too used to. Holes a showing.

  13. Similar result tonight, early lead evaporates late. Kershaw gives up his 1st grand slam which was a surprise. Baez getting torched was not. If it comes down to Fields vs Baez it’s an easy call for me. Dodgers had 9 hits but left guys on base, Phillies had 8 but came through in the 1 big inning. JT and Cody are doing their part, the others need to step up. Tomorrow Wood goes against Jake Thompson, seems like a mismatch on paper. 4 wins followed by 3 losses.

  14. It was like Dave Roberts came out and set the game on fire tonight. Yes, I know all of the reasons why. Trying to get Petey’s confidence back, giving auditions to players for the post-season. Blah, Blah, Blah, If they’re giving auditions, how about looking at the potential LOOGY that was up in the pen when Herrera was up to the plate. Herrera has reverse splits you say. That doesn’t matter to me when Doc tends to ignore that with every other player. So, it wasn’t about that. That potential LOOGY was Cingrani. How is it that the Dodgers and their analytics have convinced Cingrani to change throwing is Slider 3% of the time to 28% of the time, but still let Petey come into the game and throw 36 pitches with I believe 35 of them being fastballs. Here’s the deal, the Dodgers don’t need to get Baez’s confidence back. They have Baez with confidence, his name is Josh Fields. He’s the same guy and better have Baez’s spot on the post-season roster. Fields has warts too, but he has an idea of what he is trying to accomplish on the mound and doesn’t just throw. This is twice now Baez couldn’t even navigate the bottom of the order. I don’t understand why it isn’t important to win home field advantage. I know it isn’t as important in baseball from a competitive stand point, but I would think the additional revenue a team generates would be important. I would think with the off days, it would be nice for the team to be working out at home and not on the road. Last thing on Baez, I don’t want to hear how he was just converted into a pitcher. He’s been in the big leagues pitching for 4 years now and he has shown improved off-speed pitches yet he won’t thrown them. He doesn’t have the mental make up to handle it and it was never more apparent than tonight and Doc just sat there and watched it. The Phillies that Baez got out was because the Phillies got themselves out. Rick Monday said it best tonight. “He’s not missing by inches, he’s missing by feet.”

    On a positive note, two good swings by Grandal and a nice play. Two hits by JT. Cody showing a willingness to do whatever it takes even if it is dropping down a bunt to bring up the tying run. Yu pitched well, Watson got a big DP.

  15. I don’t believe Baez will be on the playoff roster so come October the bigger concern is the offense. The offense needs to come around. I think we know what the lineup will be too. Granderson will be in LF platooning with Kike. Forsythe will platoon with Utley as much some of us would like to see Barnes at 2B. The only possible competition left is at catcher.

    My roster for NLDS:




    1. If they want to carry Farmer so they can play Barnes more it gives them a decent if young RH pinch hitter but he has not caught in a game yet. He needs to learn at least the starters so that would be 4 starts and the other catchers lose AB’s. I don’t think they will carry him, taking another pitcher instead. Your pitchers I agree down the line, and would add either Ryu or Cingrani. (Yes, 4 lefties)

  16. Per ESPN.com
    ” In August and September he’s (Baez) allowed 16 runs and 31 baserunners in 15 innings (and five HRs). It’s time for Dave Roberts to stop relying on Baez to get key outs.

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