Who Will be on the Playoff Roster?

Let me dispel a rumor:  Curtis Granderson will be on the playoff roster.  Bet on it!  I don’t care if he hits .000 the rest of the way.  He will be on it.  The playoffs start new season and Grandy will be there.  That’s why the Dodgers traded for him in the first place. Also, I think he will be ready!

Here’s what I see in my crystal ball:

Starting Pitchers:

  1. Kershaw
  2. Darvish
  3. Wood
  4. Hill

It’s pretty nice to have a pitcher like Rich Hill as your Number Four Starter.  Last year, he was the Dodger’s Number Two Starter.


This is where it gets tricky.  Hyun-Jin Ryu deserves a spot and will get one.  So, does Kenta Maeda, and Brock Stewart is very effective out of the bullpen in two inning stints.  Then you have Ross Stripling who has been there all year.  Of course Brandon Morrow is the 8th inning guy and so he has to be there.  Baez will be there like it or not, and then you have the lefties:  Watson, Cingrani and Avilan.  What about Josh Fields and Edward Parades and Josh Ravin? Here’s my final cut:

  1. Ryu (L)  he’s the long guy
  2. Stewart (R) – I picked him overt Maeda which is controversial – I just think Stewart is more effective as a reliever
  3. Stripling  (R)
  4. Morrow (R)  8th inning
  5. Baez (7th inning)
  6. Cingrani (LH Specialist)
  7. Watson (LH Specialist)
  8. Fields (if healthy)

That mean that Maeda, Avilan, Parades and Ravin don’t make it. That is thirteen (count ’em, 13) Pitchers.  I think  the Dodgers could take all of them, because of their position flexibility with Barnes, Forsythe, Bellinger, Granderson and Hernandez, but it likely means that either Andre Ethier or Joc Pederson does not make the roster – Neither does A-Gon. Nobody takes 13 pitchers do they?  This could be the first time!

Position Players:

Adrian has been hurt all year, so you can’t trust his back in a critical series.  Great guy, but you can’t have him on the roster.Here’s the twelve I have:

  1. Grandal
  2. Barnes
  3. Bellinger
  4. Forsythe
  5. Seager
  6. Turner
  7. Granderson
  8. Taylor
  9. Puig
  10. Hernandez
  11. Utley
  12. Ethier or Pederson – Pick one

That’s my 25,  Do you have a better idea?

Today’s Quote of the Day:

I know there are people who believe you should forgive and forget. For the record, I’d like to say I’m a big fan of forgiveness as long as I’m given the opportunity to get even first.”  – Sue Grafton


Posted by Mark Timmons

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    1. You are right. I can’t count. I guess that is why they changed the math log in. OK, then Maeda makes it. I am still going with 13 pitchers.

  1. At this point I would rather have kershaw in centerfield as pederson. He has absolutely no business on the post season roster. I also don’t care for Hernandez but I guess he may be needed but probably not. Against lefties Forsyth could play in left. You have to take Ethier over pederson because he might possibly get a hit but he will probably hurt his back brushing his teeth.

    1. I agree with Ethier over Pederson. Joc has lost it (not sure he ever had it) and now is no time to try and right his sinking ship. Not the biggest fan of Hernandez but they will probably find a place for him on the playoff roster.

  2. Nice hard fought win today with a playoff feel. The Nats are sounding like the Dodgers were by saying home field is not as important as being healthy and rested. There will be some more auditions but the Blue are now playing to win, at least in this series. The 2 wins in SF took the pressure off and a badly needed off day set them up for their best in DC. I think the playoff rotation is now settled, agree with Mark there. Good to see Ryu getting a start tomorrow over Maeda but Strasburg goes for the home squad. Utley and Cody led the offense today, Puig was quiet at the plate but huge in RF. Grandy looked better with a hit and a walk and a nice sliding catch to end the game. Joc still looks lost at the plate.

    If Maeda and Ryu both go to the pen I’m not sure they take both Stripling and Stewart. Could be Avilan or another bench player. Grandy is in, and Ethier, Joc and Agon are the options for 1 or 2 spots, I vote Ethier and Agon for veteran bats. McCarthy is interesting as well, have to see how he pitches out of the pen in the next 15 games, but his bouts of yips concern me.

    1. Vegas

      I think if we didn’t have both Granderson and Joc in this line up, we would have scored more runs!

      I just wish they didn’t skip Ryu’s start last week, because the more he has pitched, he has gotten better.

      And a bullpen session, is not the same as pitching in a game, so Ryu might not have his good command tomorrow, but I hope he does.

      The Nats don’t
      play in a hard division, and with the Met’s pitchers, having so many injury problems, they have not faced, that much, good pitching.

      Amazingly we have faced more top teams, and top pitchers, then the Nats have, in the western division.

      About Chase, I am surprised he hasn’t ever thought about bunting against the shift, are learning more to hit the ball the other way more, because he is always trying a way to help the team anyway he can.

      Even against lefties, Forsythe looks over matched at times, and he strikes out way to much!

      And I agree with Mark, that Watson was not that impressive.

      He doesn’t look like he attacks hitters, he pitches to tentatively, but Corey had some issues, with his fielding,in that inning too.

      The Nats kind of looked like we did last week, when we weren’t playing that well.

      After all, they already won their division.

      Baseball is so amazing, we were at the ends of our ropes, only a week ago, and now everything feels so much better now!

  3. I agree with most of your predictions.
    SP – agree
    RP – Jansen
    Baez (yikes)
    Cingrani (I would have Avilan over one of them myself, but because they were deadline pickups, they will be there)
    Maeda (over Stripling or Stewart)
    If they keep 9 RP then it’s Stripling over Stewart
    Position players
    Starters – Grandal
    Either Pederson or Farmer
    (this assumes 13 position players and 12 pitchers)
    Farmer gives them the option to pinch hit with Barnes or Grandal and still have a catcher on the bench.

  4. Avilan not making because of Watson, Cingrani, and Ryu? Not going to happen. Ryu isn’t a guy you can just get up in the pen. With the off days they don’t need that many long men Especially in a 5 game serious. Watson has been mostly terrible.

  5. Things to ponder:

    So far in September, here are some ERA’s:

    Jansen – 1.69
    Cingrani – 1.59
    Watson – 1.50
    Ryu – 1.50

    Avilan – 3.68

    As a reliever for the season (18 innings), Brock Stewart has a better ERA than any other reliever on the team except for Kenley Jansen at 2.04 and a 0.96 WHIP. To me, he has to be on the Post-Season Roster.

    1. ERA not so important for relievers except over a season. How do they do with inherited runners? What is the WHIP? How many HR’s allowed? If a lefty, are they good LOOGY (if you need one)? Avilan has had a better season than either of the new guys.

      Stewart doesn’t have many relief appearances over the season or even in the last 2 months. He has been hit hard this year. Yeah, I know, he has started some games but they were 2 or 3 inning starts, no different than long relief. Stripling has the management’s confidence as a reliever this year and has had all year.

      Good point about whether Ryu or Maeda can throw in long relief. They both did well in that role (small sample size) when they were dropped from the rotation in mid-season.

    1. I agree it was a great move. I would love to see him in LF for the Dodgers, but I would not give up Tardy Alex for him.

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