Dave Roberts Heard You All Loud and Clear…

He is no longer batting Curtis Granderson #2.  

Corey Seager is back, so… Granderson is at leadoff.

Be careful what you wish for.

  1. Granderson  LF
  2. Seager   SS
  3. Turner  3B
  4. Bellinger  1B
  5. Puig RF
  6. Pederson CF
  7. Barnes  C
  8. Forsythe 2B
  9. Darvish  P

Oh, Taylor is sitting…


Posted by Mark Timmons

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  1. As Mark mentioned the other day, there is no reason to panic. The Dodgers have several highly respected veterans who no how to handle adversity. They know what to say and when to say it. Just a look at he following players tells you all we need to know going from here:


    I think that says it all

  2. Doc certainly has more confidence in Granderson than I do. Doc sees him every day. I do not.

    Forsythe should never play against righties. Joc should never play against lefties. Right now we have a LF, catcher, and 2nd baseman not hitting. Every game there seems to be one relief pitcher not performing up to standards.

  3. Taylor could probably use a breather. I have to say this for Roberts – he’s giving Grandyman and Joc every chance he can to get them going. Time for a big game for Darvish so I can jump back on the Yu train. Dodgers by a knockout.

  4. Hell, I would hit Forsythe leadoff before Granderson and I wouldn’t do that either. Hopefully, tomorrow he has a scheduled day off.

  5. How about putting Grandy hitting 8th and just slide everybody else up 1. Figured I’d throw my 2 cents in there.

  6. I am so over wondering how to fix our nosedive. It’s happened, yeah it sucks, but we are WAY too talented and gritty for this to continue. Like I said before, we are one come from behind game to turn things around, to get the juices flowing again. Don’t care what anybody says, we are still the team to beat in the play-offs. Hell, bring on the D-Bags, I don’t care, pitch Ray and Grienke twice each. We either run from it or we go to it. I would rather go to it. I know, I KNOW this team has no quit in it, just some rocky times right now. Trust me, nobody wants us in the first round, order will be restored. Besides, the only time you use the word “panic” is when your season ends. Don’t see that anytime soon. Call me crazy, crazy like a fox.

    1. Sanity!

      There are over 3 weeks left in the season. Plenty of time to start a hot streak…

      I will officially be worried if this keeps up another two weeks.

  7. It was asked if anyone thought the Dodgers could just flip a switch.

    Yes, it appears that they can.

    That question has been asked… and answered!

    First time in 19 games that Cody and Corey have played together.

  8. And there it is, we are up 4-1 with Darvish comng around, D-Bags getting hammered by the Madres. Balance being restored.

  9. If the postseason started tomorrow, this would be my rotation:


    The pen would include Maeda, Darvish, Buehler, Morrow, Cingrani, Watson and Jansen

  10. Well – I saw that the team finally put up a crooked number and took the lead in the 1st. Unfortunately:
    1 – they haven’t scored more sense;
    2 – the pitching didn’t hold up.

    I was away from my computer for 20 minutes and they were down again.

    No reason to be frustrated – no, none at all.

  11. Unreal. Turner and Cody leaves two stranded in scoring position , Granderson butchers a ball in LF and then Darvish just loses it.

    1. Joc should have caught that ball, he cost us two runs!

      That is why people think Joc is so good on defense, he makes balls look harder to catch then they are, because he is so slow for a centerfielder.

      Taylor would have easily caught that, and most centerfielders, would have caught that!

        1. Hawkeye

          I love you, but even if Taylor or any centerfielder were standing where Joc was, they would have easily caught that.

          Para the Rockies leftfielder, would have caught that!

          Joc is negative 11 in defensive runs saved, for a reason.

          1. I’ve never said Joc was anything but an average defensive CF. Defensive metrics mean nothing to me though. They’re garbage. Some don’t account for shifts. There’s been a big over correction toward the negative this year for UZR for all of baseball.

          2. And yes I think he should have caught that ball and I think Granderson is bad out there in the OF too even worse in CF. I will take Taylor in LF or CF.

    1. He was hitting 97. I just re-watched the 5th. Only ball hit hard at all was Blackmon’s. Rewatch after the game. He is definitely pitching behind in the count too often.

  12. Tough loss but great work by the bullpen. This was the first game in awhile the team played to win from start to finish. The Diamondbacks winning streak is finally over. The breakthrough will have to wait another day but the signs are there. Great match up tomorrow with Wood going against Bettis.

    1. They look beat as soon as they fell behind. Don’t look now but Nats are on their tail. Hoping Taylor puts Granderson to bench tomorrow.

      I thought Darvish made progress. He was mowing them down for 4.1 then all hell broke loose. Granderson and Joc did him no favors. I should say was making progress. Not sure how much more of this I can watch.

  13. A loss is a loss. You don’t get extra credit for effort – if you did then the Giants would have extra credit points instead of their crappy record. There will be no “breakthrough” until they start winning regularly again.

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