If You Feel The Need to Panic, By All Means Do So!

I just don’t feel that need. This losing streak has gotten to the point of where it is almost comical. Yes, it is probably from that lack of adrenaline like Watford opined, but at least 50% of it is 80% mental (as Yogi used to say). The psychological side of baseball is just as important as the mechanical side. I have no direct information about that, but knowing how progressive the Dodgers front office is, they are undoubtedly doing some things on that side as well.

It may seem like the Dodgers will never win another game.  I assure you they will.  The starting pitching has been generally good this month, so that is a plus.  It was good again last night.The pen has slipped, but I suspect it will return as the players are auditioning for the playoffs. Walker Buehler will be in the mix and Tony Cingrani has been filthy his last 2 or 3 outings.

You can feel free to panic, I just don’t feel that need.  I am surprised that DodgerTherapy is not back up and operating.  Writers like Bill Plaschke and Howard Cole write what the masses love to hear: negative news.  If you write that, you are assured of good readership.  Fans clamour for it.  This reminds me of a blog I wrote last year at LAdodgerReport.

Losses aren’t any fun.  I don’t enjoy them, but Kershaw goes tonight.  Corey will likely be back by the weekend and hopefully Yu Darvish figures out his mechanics.  If not, the Dodgers still have enough pitching.  It’s getting close to “Go Time.”  This team will answer the bell when necessary.  Baseball is a crazy maddening game:  the fact that a team is capable of winning so many in a row and losing so many in a row makes this game what it is: addicting.

Hide your guns. Put away sharp objects.  This is going to pass soon.

Doc believes in Curtis Granderson.  Remember, it’s not how you start – It’s how you end!  It was nice to see Joc get a hit.  It’s sounding more-and-more like A-Gon will not make the playoff roster as he is still having major back issues according to TrueBlueLA.

At Tulsa last night, Mitch White went 6 innings and allowed 4 hits, Zero runs and had one walk, with Zero strikeouts. That’s a strange line for a guy with his stuff.  The Driller bullpen then coughed up the game.  Sound familiar?  Mitch White might be ready for the Dodgers rotation next year.

Posted by Mark Timmons

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  1. I’m not in panic mode. I do believe the team will win the division. But…after that it’s anyone’s guess. The team looks lost at the moment while the D-Bags look like we used to a short while back. Trailing going into the ninth last night, I didn’t have any confidence that they would pull it out. Someone needs to step up. Haven’t been hearing much from FAZ during this tumble. Roberts continues to say all the right things but it’s beginning to sound like blah, blah, blah.

    Eithier has no bat speed.

    Fields has no movement on his fastball.

    Bringing Ravin into a pressure situation was a little strange (although it worked out).

    Taylor seems best suited for LF.

    Credit due: the D-bags are on a roll. They have five legitimate starters, a good bullpen, and plenty of offensive firepower. They have a chance to go a long ways in the playoffs (unfortunate for us).

    One win won’t change things around, but a 3-5 game winning streak certainly wouldn’t hurt.

    1. Rudy

      Remember we lost three games to the Padres, I don’t think the Dbacks are as good as they look now.

      I think it is more about the way we are playing, or we wouldn’t have lost to the Padres.

      1. MJ, At this point in time the D-Backs are better than we are. We have the better record but so what? One team is hitting on all cylinders while the other team seems to have run out of gas. Roberts and others can spin it all they want but I doubt when they look in he mirror they repeat the same rhetoric with conviction. The Dodgers need to make their move before it’s too late. Winning the division only comes with the guarantee of home field advantage and you saw how intimidated the D-Backs were these past three games…even without their best player.

  2. Comical is a great description. That is exactly how I felt last night. Just like the great win streak of the summer of 2017, these losses cannot be sustained. Christ Taylor, JT, and Cody are all having tremendous years, but there is no doubt in my mind that Corey Seager is the offensive catalyst/leader of this team. He has been out 10 games with a 1-9 record. In those ten games the team has scored 25 runs including 1 shutout and 4 games where they scored 1 run. The run differential is 25-59.
    There is no doubt that Doc believes in Granderson. I have respected Curtis from his Detroit days and all of his charity and inner city dedication. He also seemed to get timely hits/HRs. He has brought that same dedication to LA where he is already making his philanthropic presence known, especially with inner city kids. But I still want to know why he is batting 2nd. After an 0-3 night, Curtis is now 2-34 while batting 2nd for the Dodgers, and 2-40 on the year. Those numbers cannot be lost on FAZ or Doc. The last time Grandy was productive in the #2 hole was 2010-2012. He has primarily been a leadoff hitter for his career. I would just like to hear an explanation as to why.
    I agree…good for Joc. I hope he starts to heat up.
    Mark touched on it, but both Tulsa and Rancho lost their opening playoff games. Tulsa lost 3-1 to NW Arkansas (Royals) while RC lost to Lancaster (Rockies) 7-3. The AA game featured two highly respected pitching prospects, and neither disappointed. Neither Mitchell White or Foster Griffin figured in the decision. White went 6.0 shutout innings, 4 hits, 1 BB, and 0 K. Griffin pitched 6.1 shutout innings, 2 hits, 2 BB, and 8 K. Layne Somsen gave up 3 runs (1 earned) in the 7th and took the loss. The Drillers offense consisted of 3 singles and 1 double on the night.
    For RC, Caleb Ferguson picked a bad time to have one of his uncharacteristic bad outings. He went 6 innings, allowing 5 runs on 9 hits, 2 BB, and 4 K. Offensively the Quakes were led by young 3B, Cristian Santana, who went 3-5. Keibert Ruiz and Ibandel Isabel had 2 hits each. Luke Raley hit his 1st playoff HR.
    In other Dodger minor league news, the Ogden Raptors finally clinched a playoff spot in the Pioneer League (Rookie) in their 11-7 win over Grand Junction (Rockies). Every Raptor player had at least 1 hit in their 17 hit attack, with Luis Paz leading with a 3-5 night. Donovan Casey, Romer Cuadrado, Carlos Rincon, Brayan Morales, Gersel Pitre, and Connor Heady all had 2 hits each.
    Bring on the Rockies.

    1. I think this is really hard because we haven’t lost so many games, in such a short time, for a very long time.

      The good news is when Corey comes back, Granderson won’t be hitting second.

      It is hard to watch our players, trying to do to much, like they have on the bases, lately.

      Roberts needs to help the players, to get back, to slowing the game down.

      Taylor just needs to get on base, even if it is only a walk, because he seems to be over swinging, like the rest of the team.

      And the players need to start having the pitchers, pitch to them, and start having better at bats.

      Our starting pitchers have turned it around in the last couple weeks, now it is time for our players, to turn the offense around too.

      I do think Corey is the key, but I don’t expect this to turn around in the first game Corey starts, but that would be nice!

  3. Panic about the Dodgers season? No Way. If you live in Miami maybe you are entitled to a little bit of panic right about now, but not about Dodgers baseball.

  4. What’s with these teams that get better as the season goes on and why can’t the Dodgers pull THAT off. Dammit. A month ago I said Dodgers chances were good. Considerably less than good now. Oh well, such is the life of a Dodger fan.

    1. Jorge

      Thanks for posting that thread, I have already read that article, and I think everyone should read this, it might make everyone feel a little better, concerning the Dodgers.

  5. I do not get the LA Times (and I often do not have the time to get it on the internet) so this was a great read for me. Thank you for sharing. I am not familiar with Houston Mitchell and do not know his bona fides. However, it appears that Houston is saying the same thing that many are saying on this site. Dodgers miss Corey Seager. The offense runs thru Taylor/Seager/JT/Bellinger. He offers sage advice to not bat Grandy in the two hole (or Kike’), and that Logan should not hit against RHP. Many were saying the same thing about Logan during the winning, so it isn’t just during the last 11 games. He also opines that it is okay to have these questions and still be very loyal to both Doc and the Dodgers.
    Jon Gray , a RHP, pitches tonight for the Rockies, so we may get one more game with Grandy batting #2. Corey should assume his regular #2 position on Friday.
    The most important line in that entire article is “Enrique Hernandez worries about his family in Puerto Rico because of Hurricane Irma. ” Puerto Rico was hit hard, but not as hard as many projected as Irma stayed mostly off the coast. But I have not heard about how Kike’s parents came through this.

    1. AC

      I didn’t realize how much Taylor’s offensive numbers, had went down, during this time period, and I just think our players, just need to slow the game down, and get back to what they were doing, before Sports Illustrated featured them, on their cover!

  6. Curtis Granderson is in a slump, and would be hitting the same no matter where he was in the lineup. If he’s hitting, there’s no reason he can’t hit 2nd. If he’s not hitting, he probably is not going to hit anywhere in the lineup.

    In the 2015 NLDS Granderson led off for the Mets in all five games and hit .389/.476/.976. He also led off in the WS and hit .250/.360/1.060. So it’s pretty clear that Granderson has had success at the top of the order. When Granderson came to the Dodgers this year he had been hitting well since the middle of May, and continued so early on with the Dodgers. Just because he wasn’t hitting 2nd at that time doesn’t mean he couldn’t have. Batting Granderson 2nd now simply coincides with his being in a slump, and nothing else. Maybe he’s finally lost it, and maybe not. But I’m not going to use a small sample size over a limited amount of time dictate to me where he should hit. And as I pointed out earlier, Doc does not make his lineup decisions in a vacuum. I can assure you that his coaches have input, and I don’t believe that he is too hard headed to take that input seriously.

    As for the Dodgers hitting, I suspect it’s a combination of things. Certain players have had slumps, but most importantly it’s been a while since Cody, Corey, JT and CT have all been in the lineup together. A large part of the Dodgers’ offensive success this year has come from the length of their lineup. That’s been missing lately. Get all of those guys clicking together, and it will be felt up and down the lineup. A chain is as strong as it’s weakest link, and for the Dodgers there have been one or more weak links in the chain recently.

    1. Granderson has less business hitting near the top of the order for a good team than Grandal has batting 5th. Granderson is hitting .209 this season. It isn’t about a slump.

      2017- .209/.321

      Nothing about those numbers suggest that he should be in the top of a batting order. That is a huge sample size. Can he catch lightning in a bottle and get hot? Hell, yes! However, he shouldn’t be hitting near the top of the order EVER! Anyone think Grandal was going to get a hit with 2 on and 2 out last night? He’s clutch numbers are horrific this year and we keep sending him out to hit behind Bellinger. If we can hit Puig 6th, we can hit him 5th. Puig’s clutch numbers are world beaters either largely do to his start, but they are significantly better than Grandal’s.


      That would be my lineup. Getting tossed was a dumbass thing to do by Turner last night. Yes, it was a bad call and yes the ump followed up a bad call by making it worse and tossing JT, but Turner has to know his teammates need him on the field.

  7. I posed this question yesterday:
    “So – exactly how badly do the Dodgers have to play and how many more do they have to lose before it’s OK to be concerned? I’m just wondering – the general tenor of discussion here is that only uneducated baseball bumpkins would deign to be concerned about what they are seeing.”

    This is the tenor of today’s post too. But it has been the tenor of nearly every post for a while now. Here are some examples:

    Yesterday: “Here’s how this game works: A guy like Pedro Baez suddenly steps up and is lights out in the playoffs. Stuff like that doesn’t happen occasionally in baseball – it happens a lot! From June 7-Aug. 19, the Dodgers went 52-9. In the last 11 days, the Dodgers have lost more times than they did during that 61-game stretch. Same team, but the manager has suddenly become an idiot?”

    Tuesday: “Right about now, the Diamondbacks own the Dodgers, What does that mean? What did it mean when the Mets were 11-1 against the Dodgers in 1988 going into the playoffs? Ponder that! What the D-Bags are doing is called “peaking too soon.” Payback is a bitch.”

    Monday: “All over the Dodger Baseball Blogs, fans are losing their minds about the lineups Dave Roberts is rolling out there. They are questioning his batting orders, substitutions, resting players and use of minor leaguers….
    “Dave Roberts is getting some good intel on his players so that he can best pick the 25 for the playoffs. Doc has not lost his mind and neither should we – it’s all parts of his plan and that plan is Total World Domination in 2017!”

    Sunday: “It would be nice to have the old Yu Darvish, but I still happen to believe that the Dodgers can win it all without him. The lineup is just not potent without the Big Four clicking: Taylor, Seager, Turner and Bellinger. Belly is back. Turner appears to be out of his slump. Taylor has been there a good part of the year. We are just waiting for Corey Seager to come back. It might be another week or more. He just needs to rest and not push it.”

    Friday: “The Dodger starting pitchers were beat like a rented mule by the D-Bags this week. Kenta Maeda, Hyun-Jin Ryu and Rich Hill were all pounded without mercy.. and yet (Drummmmmmm Roooooolllllllllll), the Dodgers are still #1 in all of baseball in Team ERA (3.38)and Team WHIP (1.16). The Nationals are second and the Bags are third! By the way, the bullpen is even better and is also #1 in all of baseball with a 2.90 ERA and a 1.06 WHIP. That is totally sick! Forget about what hapened in Arizona. Never speak of this again. Turn the page. Move it. There’s nothing to see here folks.”

    Thursday: “This is not suddenly a flawed team. It a very good, balanced team that is slumping. Seager is hurt and sitting (and maybe should for a couple more weeks). Cody Bellinger is back after missing 9 games. Kershaw, Wood, Stewart and Ethier are due back Friday and A-Gon is trying to get his sea legs. Oh, and Justin Turner, Kike Hernandez and Logan Forsythe are mired in slumps. It happens all the time. Baseball is a crazy game. It will drive you mad some times.”

    How many different ways are there to ape Dr. Pangloss and say that everything is fine, everything is great, the wins and losses don’t matter, so don’t worry? How many excuses will Dodger fans swallow? (The climate in Arizona messed up the starters, they miss Corey Seager, playing minor leaguers is OK the starters need a rest, they are just trying to figure out who will be on the playoff roster, etc. etc.)

    I posted these thoughts yesterday: “I hate the prevent defense – and I hate prevent baseball. You can call it resting your regulars, taking your foot off of the gas (Roberts’ term for it) or anything that you want. You stop trying to win, and guess what – you get what you are trying for. ”
    “You can call it adrenalin rush or whatever you want, but the Dodgers in July had the inevitability about them – they would grind until they won.”

    Question – when was the last time that the Dodgers ground out a win? When did they last do what the Snakes did to them on Tuesday and Wednesday and figured out a way to win a close game?

    You can’t turn the intensity and the winning on and off with a switch.

    1. Rick

      That is interesting data about how we only lost 9 games during that long run, and we have already lost eleven games in almost as many days, we have played.

      And if you think about that, I don’t think we had ever lost so many games, and in such a short period, in the last five years.

    2. Rick

      In that first series against the Dbacks, when our starters started pitching so badly, we were still hitting in that series.

      Remember we didn’t quite catch up, but they were still hitting, and came close to coming back, and winning.

      And our starters, were allowing the Dbacks to go pretty far ahead, before our second at bats.

      This is so extreme splits for a team!

      Like you pointed out, we didn’t even lose this many games, on that great run.

  8. It’s not panic. It’s disappointment. These guys are not as good as we thought. The current excuse is Seager. If the team were any good right now, it would make up for the loss of one guy. It might be that opposing teams have figured us out. Pitchers throwing high strikes most of the time. Batters collective weaknesses. Every team will play us that way. Gray will have the same plan tonight. Losing the division is a real possibility. If so, it will be one of the biggest blow jobs of all time. If Kershaw loses tonight, look out. Right now I’m thinking wild card.

  9. I agree with you Rick and Bobbie, that there is reason for concern right now. The last two weeks have exposed some weakness that we overlooked before and some questionable decisions by Doc that had worked in the past are not working anymore. If he gets credit for his management in the long winning streak, then he has to take some blame for the losing streak now. Even Mark has commented in the past that “insanitiy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”, well some of the lineup decisions have been just that. They haven’t worked so change them (especially Granderson). “Nothing is as bad as it seems, and nothing is as good as it seems” We couldn’t expect to keeping winning they way we did in the streak, and I doubt that we will continue losing the ugly way we are now. The real question is, How good are we — really??? The constant excuses we are throwing out there are getting old, right now we are not playing well in any part of our game and it needs to turn around soon.

    I also believe that it is OK to make critical comments about the team you love without being branded stupid, a moron, or a traitor.

  10. Arizona swept us without their best player(goldy) I guess their depth is paying off. If we hold onto the division I think the dbacks will pitch the wrong guy in their opener. They will go with greinke and he has earned it but ray is lights out right now. It might cost them. I think we will win the division but it is not a sure bet. We need to start tonight but gray has been very good against us when we were actually hitting. I am not panicked more resolute. We will either have the worst collapse in history or we will hold our nose and get in. Either way we deserve it. We are writing the story of how we defeat ourselves. Give me a bat I will stop this rally. I just think you don’t start experimenting until the division is won. If he plays his best players and manages the game to win I think we will. But if he thinks spring training lineups are in order it will be close in the end. I think the last 2 games we were much more competitive so we may be trending in the right direction.

    1. There

      Your not going to like tonight’s line up, I don’t!


          1. Taylor, Cody, Puig. At least we should have Turner and Seager tomorrow. This team has lost its mojo.

  11. I wonder what kershaw thinks when he sees seager out and we will just rest our best offensive and defensive player. He better hope he can pitch another shutout. Turner is the one guy who has hit decent of late and the leader. Kershaw is probably the best hitter in the last 4.

    1. I guess Kershaw was given an extra day of rest, and he is never good with an extra day of rest, when will the Dodgers realize this!

  12. Kershaw doesn’t even go 4 – at least the Dodgers actually scored a run.

    Based on recent performance, who here would wager that the Blue will win tonight?

  13. This is more than a losing streak. Some poisoning happened and these guys don’t even want to be on the field. Kershaw looked stressed by his third pitch. Panic? No. Sleepy? Indeed.

  14. Nothing to see here people – just keep moving. The Dodgers are just fine – just ask Dave Roberts, the guys at Dodgers Digest, and even our host here. That 7 game losing streak – 12 of 13? Just a mirage.

  15. That’s it Rick, now you got it!
    All is well that ends well…and this hasn’t ended yet. And I’m pretty sure all of your passionate ranting won’t make any difference in how the team plays. All you do is make others panic. But have fun with it, just don’t give yourself a stroke (you know, don’t take it too seriously). However, I bet that the Dodgers win the division.

      1. Not true, it means they are going to the playoffs and all year everyone has been saying the playoffs are a “crapshoot”. So what’s different now other than a historic winning streak that skewed the thinking of many?

        1. Winning the division means nothing if they continue playing the way they have been playing. Arizona, and possibly Colorado, would give them a run for their money just to make it out of the first round, leaving us bewildered fans mumbling, “Wait til next year.” Once again.

  16. Per ESPN.com:
    “The Dodgers are still six games clear of the next-best record in MLB, but they’ve now gone 13 games with just one win, a swoon matched by only four other teams this season. Each of those four is at least 19 games under .500.”

  17. When I first saw the line up tonight I was concerned. Let’s face it, with no Seager and no Turner, we are toothless. But, look at the bigger picture. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago when we were kicking some serious butt, that Colleti was on the Roggin and Rodney sportstalk show and he said that even he was surprised at the winning streak the Dodgers were on the last few months and how long it lasted. He also said that hey, the other teams are getting paid too, meaning nobody was falling over for the Dodgers. We have to look in the mirror also. Our guys are getting paid too, they hate losing as much, if not more than we do, and this is just part of the game. It’s why we are on this damn blog, because we love our team so much. Pretty much the same guys we are trashing right now were the same guys that could do no wrong only about a month ago. While the winning streak we were on was unrealistic to sustain the whole season long, so is this current slide. We have way too many vets who have been through the wars (A=gon,Chase, Granderson, Turner, Kersh, and even Roberts), and they know that things have a way of evening out. Plus, look at the young studs we still have on our team, Seager, Bellinger, a reborn Puig, Barnes, Taylor, etc.. We are way too good for this to keep going on, and it won’t. The starting pitching has been a whole lot better the past few games, we are just not hitting. Not saying that Seager coming back Friday will be our savior, but it is a step in the right direction. I would rather have us fighting tooth and nail for a play-off spot and home field advantage than coasting like we did last year the last week and half of the season and getting our butts handed to us by the Madres and the VaGiants while we trotted out spring training lineups. That was just flat out embarrassing. This too shall pass. We will be better for it.

  18. Not much good can be said about last night’s game, except for two words:

    Walker Freaking Buehler

    Friedman called up a rookie starter the year the Rays went to the World Series who played a nice role in their success. That rookie starter who went to the bullpen was David Price.

    Based upon what I saw last night, Walker Buehler is a slam dunk to be on the playoff roster. I think he is just as effective against LH as RH batters. 100 MPH with that slider? He just looks like he belongs.

    The playoff bullpen so far: Morrow, Buehler, Jansen, Cingrani?

    1. Hawkeye

      You are right, with Forsythe, Granderson, Joc, and Chase in the line up together, we are not going to score many runs!

      I don’t like to include Chase with this group, because he is not playing almost full time, and getting consistent at bats, like these other players are.

      I think they need to give Vergudo more time in left, because at least he is hitting line drives, and he is better on defense, and has a much better arm.

      I don’t think we should give Joc another chance, because we only have Granderson on this team, because Joc wasn’t hitting.

      And the only reason Joc is getting this chance, is because Granderson is not hitting, and Joc did nothing in AAA, to indicate he can now hit!

      This is now the second time in three years, that the front office has had to make a trade, because Joc wasn’t hitting!

      And because of all of this, I think they better take a look at Verdugo, and give him some consistent at bats!

      He hasn’t had enough consistent at bats, to see what he can really do!

      Also Taylor will be playing in center most of the time, not Joc, so Taylor needs to be playing in center, the rest of the season, to get even better on defense.

      Joc might go back on balls better then Taylor, but I still am not sure Joc makes that catch in Arizona, because the ball was farther up on the wall, then the catch Joc made the other night, and there is no way Joc jumps higher vertically, then Taylor!

      And Taylor is much better running to balls in the gaps and running in on balls, then Joc is, and Joc just hasn’t been the same on defense, this year, even if some don’t think that.

      The only way we can find out about Verdugo, and truly give him a fair chance, is by letting him play and giving him consistent at bats!

      He isn’t a centerfielder, but he is a very good corner outfielder.

      1. The ball Tayor missed in AZ was lower than his glove. I have no problem playing Joc in CF for now. I think sittling Granderson and hitting Verdugo #2 would have been okay while Seager was out. Verdugo is a contact hitter from the left side. It will be interesting to see who plays 2B this weekend. I’m okay with Joc back in CF and Taylor in LF. Farmer returns on Saturday I believe, will we see Barnes at 2B? I’ve seen enough of the roster fodder like Castillo, Font, Thompson, Culberson, Ravin, Dickson, and you can probabaly put Paredes in that category too. Buehler’s stuff was wow. The Dodgers need to win some games like now so they can ease Buehler into more high leverage situations because his stuff is way better than Baez’s and Fields’s.

        1. Hawkeye thanks!

          I think this will be a really good nite, if Darvish pitches well, and we win this game tonight.

          Because if Darvish pitches well, I would feel much better, about the post season!

          And if Buehler can continue to pitch well too, I would feel even more confident about the post season.

  19. I don’t know about everyone else, but when Arenado hit that three run HR off Kershaw in the first, my first thought was, the Dodger’s are cursed, thanks again, Sports Illustrated!

      1. Mark

        Don’t get me going on that, I was looking to see with when the new issue of the Sports Illustrated, came out, so that we won’t be on the cover, anymore.

  20. No panic button here but I have avoided posting for a few days as the sense of impending doom has pervaded the site. How do the professional handicappers view it? See the link below. The Dodgers have gone from +200 as their streak was coming to an end to +220 after the current losing streak, an extra $20 for your $100 bet. The DBacks are +3300 so if you really think the odds favor them then go to the window. The luxury of a big lead afforded the team an opportunity to rest and retool and get healthy for the stretch run and some questions have been answered already. Other than the Padres series which even I held my nose while watching they have played teams in the playoff hunt with a lot more to play for. It’s like betting week 17 in the NFL: who really cares if they win this week?

    After being punched in the mouth the entire organization is ready to right the ship and start winning again but the games are played one at a time. Once this streak is ended-and I like their chances today as Darvish should pitch better and Marquez has struggled against the Blue-the wins will start to come with regularity again. They have the Rocks for 4 more and the Nats for 3 but all of the other remaining games are with teams below .500. Be patient grasshopper as the tide will turn and the 2 hottest teams (Cleve and AZ) have peaked too soon and will not maintain their lofty pace. I still believe the Dodgers and Astros will meet in the WS and so do the pros.


    1. Darvish and Marquez have never faced these teams before, got Marquez confused with their other rookie pitchers. Marquez does pitch better away from Coors, not surprising. Dodgers are -200 today, would not touch with a 10 foot pole but I will be rooting hard for them.

    1. Vegas

      I have been thinking the Dbacks peaked to early too.

      And I hate hearing about how the Dbacks great starters, did against us last week, especially having to hear how well, Greinke pitched against us.

      Because we all know, we pitched our pitchers, at the back of our rotation, and they pitched almost as well, as Greinke did!

      Anyways what are your thoughts on Granderson, Forsythe, and Joc?

      And have you heard anything about Corey’s elbow?

      I know Corey is coming back tonight, but his power numbers, went down in August, and that is probably because of his elbow.

      I don’t bet or know anything about that, so I was just wondering what you thought!

      1. My thoughts are some version of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, in no particular order!

        Corey’s elbow was hurt throwing, but the rest will do him some good hitting as well as he wore down last year. It will help the defense with him at SS and Taylor back to CF. Roberts also factors in defense and we have 4 LH hitting OF with Joc, Grandy, Ethier and Verdugo. Taylor and Puig should play every day. Give Corey a few days to get his timing back.

      2. MJ,
        It doesn’t really matter who we pitched against them. The problem was our hitters couldn’t hit against them.

        1. Rudy

          In that first series against the Dbacks, our guys did hit.

          Remember they came close to taking the lead, twice in that series.

          We were just a hit away, from doing that, twice in that series, in the top of the ninth.

  21. Granderson hitting leadoff tonight. Taylor with a scheduled day off. Why hit a high .obp guy like Verdugo 1st when we have the Grandy Man. Puig 5th. Not sure that’s permanent or because Barnes is catching tonight.
    Forsythe(sorry MJ)

    1. Hawkeye

      At least Puig is hitting fifth!

      And Barnes is in the line up today.

      Grandal hasn’t been that good on defense, lately.

  22. The two encouraging things I took away from last nights game were named Buehler and Verdugo.

    I don’t like to make definitive judgments based on one outing, but Buehler had me wanting to see more. He’s a potentiall difference maker on a playoff roster.

    And Verdugo also looked good, and hit the ball hard in both of his AB’s last night. Also want to see more of him. In addition to his potential with the bat, I’m intrigued with the thought of having him and Puig in our corners. It’s Cannons in the Corners. And with Taylor’s very strong arm in CF, there would be no running on the Dodgers outfielders. Sort of the antithesis of rag armed Juan Pierre.

    1. Agreed, a fresh young arm who look like he belongs and a kid whose bat just needs a chance. Everyone ran on Jaun (noodle arm) Pierre!

      1. I agree we need to take a better look at Verdugo!

        He we would help our offense be more productive, if he hits.

        We need another hitter, that hits for an average.

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