Logan’s Run

Maybe some Dodger fans were expecting more than what Logan Forsythe has brought to the team this year.  After all, they traded TOP Prospect Jose De Leon for him.  In the interest of full disclosure, if they had known how good Chris Taylor would be, they might not have done it… but they did… because they didn’t!

At the end of the year, he has a team option of $8.5 million, or the Dodgers can buy him out for just $1 million.  Some of you think that is an easy choice: pay the million and let him walk. I say, Don’t be so quick to make that determination.  There’s a lot of baseball to be played, but if the season ended today, I very well might just pay Logan that $8.5 million.  2017 may not be the end of Logan’s Run as a Dodger.

Logan Forsythe hit 20 HR in 2016 after hitting 17 in 2015, but the key thing is that he had a .359 OB% and an .804 OPS in 2015.  He dropped slightly in 2016 to .333 OB% and a .778 OPS in 2016,  and after being injured for quite some time this year, his power numbers are off and his batting average is .237, but his OB% is .357, which is 5th on the team (a team with some pretty good players in case you hadn’t noticed) and his defense is Gold Glove Caliber.  By all accounts, Chris Taylor should be a good 2B too, but I am not sure if he is of Logan’s caliber.  I do know that Chris Taylor has a good arm and is making himself into a very, very good outfielder!

One other thing, Logan Forsythe is  dirtball and a junkyard dog, and like Chase Utley, he is revered in the clubhouse.  He also plays the game the way it is supposed to be played and he plays it hard!  However, players have good and bad seasons. Ben Zobrist, whom some compare with Logan Forsythe had a fine year last year for the Chicago Cubs, but this year is hitting .219 with a .307 OB%.  It happens and remember… there is still a lot of baseball to be played.

Did I mention that Logan Forsythe is one hell of a second-baseman?  If Turner, Seager, Forsythe and Bellinger are not the best defensive infield in baseball, I don’t know who is.  Think about it?  Who is better?  BTW, Cody Bellinger is the best defensive 1B in baseball. PERIOD! While I am at it: Yu Darvish was with one of the worst pitch-framers in baseball (Lucroy).  How much better will he be with Barnes and Grandal, who are among the best?

But I digress, Logan Forsythe is our 2B with a little help from old man Utley (who was really maligned after his bad start – Shame on you, and don’t you forget it) 2B is a very solid position for the Dodgers. There’s a lot of baseball to be played, but Logan Forsythe is not a problem.  Let’s see what happens the rest of the year, but I think you are going to like Logan Forsythe a lot!

This team is incredible and Logan Forsythe is part of that:  he works the count, plays the game the way it is supposed to be played and is a defensive plus, plus, plus!  I don’t know how long Logan’s Run will be in LA, but bI would not be surprised to see him back in 2018.  We could do a whole lot worse. He’s been a big part of this incredible run.

Dodger Rants & Raves

  • I think Kyle Farmer gives the Dodgers a great amount of flexibility at catcher and all over the infield now.  He may very well stay with the team – I could see it happening unless there is a pitching squeeze.
  • Walker Buehler went 5 innings (that’s the limit) and allowed Zero runs on 3 hits to go with 1 BB and 6 K’s.  Stat line: 75 IP/54 H/26 BB/106 K’s 3.11 ERA/1.06 WHIP.  He will be in the Dodger pen soon… if I have anything to say about it!  But I don’t, so there is that!
  • Josh Sborz went 8 at AA, giving up 3 hits and 0 ER.  Not too shabby!

Posted by Mark Timmons

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  1. There are going to be many decisions made this fall and winter. Many are going to be tough decisions. That is because we have so much depth.

    Agon and Either are both taking batting practice. Hatcher and Segedin have been sent out for rehab. My guess is all four will be in the dugout in September. Verdugo and Beuhler will be in the dugout in September along with the relief pitchers that will be sent down now. We have 7 starting pitchers, and 9 relief pitchers and two more on the DL. Hell, we may have the whole 40 man roster in the dugout in September. There just will not be enough playing time for all of them.

  2. My one pet peeve with Forsythe is that he seems to always take the first pitch right down the middle for a strike . He should vary his approach a bit more. His defense is excellent.

    1. Rudy

      I agree with you, Forsythe trying to work his counts, causes him to get down with two strikes early, to often..

      And most hitters, don’t hit well, when they are down with two strikes.

      I think the change in the leagues with the different pitchers, is Forsythe’s problem.

      Forsythe also seems to get hurt to often, and that is another issue about Forsythe.

      It is hard for a player to hit consistently, when they can’t stay on the field..

      And Forsythe just has terrible numbers against righties, and his overall numbers, are just not good.

      Forsythe does look like a good defensive player, but if Taylor is given second to play next year, he would probably get better defensively at second, too.

      Taylor has quicker feet, and he should be able to cover more ground at second, then Forsythe does.

      Maybe Roberts will move Forsythe down farther in the line up, because he is not doing much hitting fifth.

      And like Rudy said, it is frustrating when a player doesn’t even swing, or take their bat off their shoulders, when there are two strikes, and the pitch is close.

      But like Mark has suggested, Forsythe has the rest of the season to show us, what kind of player, he really is.

  3. I also believe Forsythe’s option will be picked up. I think his contract has positive value, although probably not much. Guy can play multiple positions and as you said plays the game right. Utley will PROBABLY be gone next year, Forsythe fills that roll nicely.
    I see an uphill battle for either Agon or Ethier making the playoff roster after being placed on revocable waivers. We are just too deep. Hatcher and Segedin no chance on playoffs. They will all be there in September.

  4. Anybody still think Cueto will opt out?? I love that Midget team, although their fans don’t.
    Giants righty Johnny Cueto had been working back from a blister problem when he took the hill for a rehab start last night. But he ended up leaving halfway through his scheduled outing with forearm tightness, as Alex Pavlovic of NBC Sports Bay Area reports.
    At this point, it’s too soon to know the prognosis. Cueto is set for a full examination by the team’s medical staff today, and it’s certainly possible that the problem isn’t indicative of a significant injury.

    1. Who do you see being put on waivers? I see
      Maeda (Maybe)
      I don’t see the FAZmasters being able to move any of them in an acceptable deal.

      1. Maeda would never clear and his contract is team friendly.

        They won’t put Forsythe on waivers. He’s part of the core!

        Maybe Ryu. Certainly McCarthy and there will be takers if he shows he’s healthy.

        The Nippon Ham Fighters can have the rest.

        1. It doesn’ t matter if they clear waivers or not. They can always pull a player back if claimed by a team. Doesn’t hurt to put anyone on waivers.

  5. Bum
    Three guys will have to come off the 25 man roster today or when the three newcomers report. Candidates are Paredes, Stewart, Stripling, Ravin and Farmer. Avilan has no options.

    1. I don’t see Avilan going anywhere. Well maybe the DL for a little R & R, but I see him on the playoff roster.

  6. Box.
    I am not sure Avilan will be on the playoff roster. It depends on how well Cingrani, Watson or Dayton do. Two of those four will probably be on the playoff roster.

    The thing that surprised me the most yesterday is that the Astros did nothing. They have SP issues right now.

    1. I agree, I am not sure Avilan will be on the playoff roster, nice situation to have. Seems like Watson is a prohibitive favorite to make the playoff roster. Cingrani/Dayton/Avilan/??? will be auditioning during August and September to make the post-season roster. Dayton if healthy, is probably the second guy, but Avilan is pretty solid in my opinion. May the best men win!!
      Dodgers could also take three of the four lefties to the playoffs, depending on the other team.

    2. Cingrani has been plain awful and so has Dayton due to his injury issues. Avilan should be used a little more strategically and not as a LOOGY. Dayton has options. Don’t expect to see him until September.

  7. Good morning, first of all, I want to thank to Mark the opportunity to be here on this page, which is my favorite and first choice to read.
    I hope it does not matter that I publish articles from other pages, only those that I find interesting.
    And I want to know if I can invite some friends to this blog, I think that the more people there are, the better … But for that first I must ask permission!


    1. I am sure your comment is directed at Mark, but I am 99.9999% sure he thinks the more the merrier. That being said if any of your friend’s names begin with a “B” they will probably require a security clearance. Welcome!

    2. You can publish anything related to the Dodgers and feel free to invite anyone who will be civil TO ALL.

  8. Last year they ran out of lockers in the Dodger Clubhouse after Sept 1st. This year with all of the deadline additions plus rehabbing vet players due back I think the only minor league players called up are Buehler and Verdugo, plus the relievers who have been up and down all year, and guys like Thompson and Eibner who are already on the 40 man. We may see Kazmir as well or they could shut him down, same with Gutierrez.

    I think Forsythe is brought back next year, his contract is decent and he has value as a leftie masher and on defense. His power may return as well. He does take too many strikes-he should look dead red on the 1st pitch-watch Cory and Taylor and JT do it-and anything close with 2 strikes, they teach that in Little League.

    Players whose contracts have value in the off season:
    Ryu-1 year $7M
    Puig-1 year $7M 1 year arb
    McCarthy-1 year $11.5M 1 year team option $5M (due to more than 180 days on DL)
    Grandal-Final arb year
    Wood-2 years arb
    Barnes-2 years TC and 3 years arb
    Joc-3 years arb
    Maeda-6 years with $3M base plus incentives
    Baez-3 years arb
    Taylor-1 year TC, 3 years arb
    Kike-3 years arb
    To move AGon or Kazmir would mean add prospects and eat salary or take back another bad contract or combination of all 3.

    I am not saying trade all of these guys, just pointing out the roster flexibility and options available. Some salary could be shed to sign a Darvish and still be under luxury cap. Some breakout players could be sold high. Grandal may not be locked up long term with Barnes, Farmer, Smith and Ruiz in the picture.

    This team is loaded up to win it all this year but is also in excellent position going forward both prospect and salary cap wise with plenty of major league cost controlled talent already performing on the big club.

    1. Are you saying that with Taylor, Kike, Barnes, and Farmer all available CHEAP and very capable, FAZ should still pay R̶e̶d̶d̶i̶c̶k̶ Forsythe $8MM that COULD be removed from penalty territory to play second base and hit somewhere near the Mendoza Line? You don’t think FAZ is very smart at all, do you? Forsythe is farther out on the plank than Joc is….

      1. He isn’t hitting near the Mendoza line. His defense is stellar and his .OBP is good. It would be dumb to just let him walk when he will have value to a lot of teams in a trade even if it’s for a bullpen arm or a minor league player.

    2. Vegas

      Exactly, sometimes the first two pitches a hitter gets, are the best pitches, a hitter will get!

    3. I just read an article, and our GM has already said, that Buehler will be up in the bullpen, in September.

  9. I don’t think Forsythe will be signed if he viewed as a backup player. If Taylor is moved to second and Verdugo or Toles takes left field and Turner stays at third, won’t that make Forsythe a backup player? Where might Barnes fit in next year? He can back up second and third as well as catcher and for that matter, so can Farmer. Kike’? Backs up everybody.
    My guess is that Forsythe will not be back next year.

  10. This much I know, somebody will have to go. Maybe some SP. They will keep seven around like they did this year. It worked. Depends on how they view Stripling and Stewart. They will use the DL like they did this year. If you move Taylor to second, you could have an infield that would be together for at least 3 years or longer. The catching position is stacked. Barnes is so quiet behind the plate. He reminds me of Buster Posey. They just do not move much. Outfield-if Verdugo is as good as we think, we could have another potential ROY. Beuhler will be in the starting rotation. We could have Kershaw, Wood, Hill and Beuhler in the top 4 spots. Do you realize how young we are getting. I know injuries will happen, but we do have players to take their place.

    1. Idahoal

      Good point!

      Taylor is younger then Forsythe.

      And moving Taylor to second, will make this infield not only gel even better, but these guys will probably be together longer too!

      1. I would like to see Taylor at 2B next year too with Verdugo or Toles in LF but to be honest Taylor’s defensive numbers are quite bad in the infield this year. I think it’s a small sample size and will get better, but they aren’t good. Forsythe and Taylor are both capable of playing LF too if those guys can’t hit lefties.

        1. Hawkeye

          I can’t see Verdugo playing left over Toles.

          Because Toles not only can hit for a good average, he has pretty good power, and he is the fastest player on this team.

          And Verdugo doesn’t have that much speed, and he is not hitting with much power, at this point in his career.

          I do know he may hit with power, as he matures.

          But we are lucky to have all of these young guys on the team, and in AAA.

          And these things always seem to work there way out, so this is a good problem to have.

          1. If he was off limits in trades they’re going to give him every opportunity to win that job next year. As much as we like Toles, we have no idea how he will come back from his injury and how it will affect his speed. We agree that these log jams work themselves out.

  11. I agree with Boxout7 – I think the Dodgers pick up the team option on Forsythe’s contract, even though it’s very likely he will be a backup to CT3. By picking up the option, they build depth (as is typical of their MO) to mitigate the risk of injury. If they wind up having a surplus of good infielders, then Forsythe becomes an interesting trade piece. You never know who might need a veteran infielder next season.

    1. They have minimum salary backup in depth, why should they further increase their salary penalty level by signing a not very good player for $8MM??????? Dope fiend move!

    2. We are 100% in agreement Knights27.
      Only thing I would add, Forsythe could also be the right-handed platooner for Verdugo/Toles. Forsythe goes to second against lefties, Taylor to LF and Kiki to center.
      We all know getting out of luxury tax is huge next year. It’s going to take some wheeling and dealing. Based on that, Ryu, McCarthy, Forsythe, Kazmir, Gonzalez and even Puig (in the right deal) could be traded, in my opinion. I hope not Puig!
      I suppose jonah could be right about minimum salary backup depth, although not exactly sure who. Seems like only Verdugo is likely to make it next year as a position player, maybe I am forgetting someone. Are you thinking Barnes/Farmer providing the minimum salary backup depth? While I do potentially like the 3 versatile catchers gig next year, I am not convinced it would be enough if Turner/Seager/Taylor got hurt (I did bite my tongue after saying that). I’d feel more comfortable with Forsythe holding down a position for an extended period of time.

    3. Hawkeye

      After the surgery Toles’ father asked the doctor, if Toles would be able to play in the majors, and run at an elite level again.

      And the doctor said he would be the same, because there was no other damage in his knee, and the surgery went really well.

      Of course Toles will have to put in some hard work, to get where he wants to be, but I think he is up for that.

      His will probably have to fight, over protecting his knee, more then anything else.

  12. I would like a healthy and groved in Agon as DH in the Fall Classic and coming off the bench in key spots in the playoffs.

  13. I guess is depends if the Dodgers feel Verdugo is ready to play in the majors next year, or if he’s part of the long term plan in the outfield. If so, he slides into left, which means the likely place for Taylor, who’s earned a starting position, is second. If this is the thinking, then the Dodgers could let Forsythe walk.



    – The Los Angeles Dodgers today activated left-handed pitcher Tony Watson (#33), who was acquired yesterday from Pittsburgh.

    Watson, 32, has posted a 5-3 record with 10 saves and a 3.66 ERA (19 ER/46.2 IP) in 47 relief appearances with the Pirates this season. He has struck out 35 batters against 14 walks in 46.2 innings this year. Since the 2013 season, Watson has been one of the top relievers in the National League, ranking among the best (min. 250 IP) in wins (24, 1st), strikeout-to-walk ratio (3.72, 290 SO/78 BB, 3rd), ERA (2.42, 4th), WHIP (1.05, 4th), opponents’ batting average (.227, 7th), opponents’ OPS (.623, 7th) and saves (30, 9th).

    To create room on the active roster, the Dodgers optioned left-handed pitcher Edward Paredes to Triple-A Oklahoma City. In his first stint in the big leagues, Paredes tossed 2.1 perfect frames with one strikeout and recorded his first Major League win in his first career appearance on July 24 against the Twins.

  15. Let’s remember that Watson’s pitching coach was Ray Searage while in Pittsburgh. He might have more adrenaline helping him as a Dodger due to the big crowds and WS opportunity but it is not likely that Honey will find a tweak that Searage didn’t thin of.

      1. Speaking of Honey: the last time the Dodgers and Rangers made a deal? 1984, when we acquired pitcher Rick Honeycutt from them

        1. Not completely accurate don’t forget Michael Young somewhere around 2013 or 2014. Watson’s numbers are bad as s closer but better as a set up man. He’s not a power pitcher he’s a ground ball pitcher.v

        1. And our GM also said that they could work with Cingrani to incorporate a new type of strategy, like they did with Fields.

  16. It us reported that Darvish will start his first game for the Dodgers Friday verses the Mets.

  17. Especially good story today Mark. It got me thinking about how fickle I’ve been with certain players of past years and I think the one I feel worst about is Juan Uribe. Juan’s a big enough of a man and I’m sure has forgiven me but what started me feeling bad was seeing Juan cheerfully celebrating a Dodgers win with the team even before his skills returned from injury. Even all those in baseball’s HOF have heard bad things about them, which is mostly true because most weren’t ever Dodgers. Cardinal fans shamefully bashed Stan Musial during his off year then a couple business men took out a full page add to apologize to ‘the man’. All’s it takes is a show of being only human for the slamming to start and a simple clutch hit for complete forgiveness. We fans are a fickle bunch, we expect superhuman but none are, not even any of us fans.

  18. Watson is with the team now, and they expect Cingrani and Darvish to be with the team, tomorrow.

    And I heard Watson is over joyed to be a Dodger!

    1. Tommy Lasorda would be telling his old story about how Watson can’t stop looking down at his jersey because he’s so happy it says Dodgers now.

  19. Forsythe after coming of the DL from both a toe and hamstring injury 8 for 66 for a .121 batting average. Logan the rest of the season 45 for 158 for a .285 batting average. He basically had to start his season over after a month long DL stint early in the season so I expect his numbers to continue to rise and play good defense. He does seem to have warning track power at Dodger Stadium though.

  20. About Forsythe…. It still seems strange to me after 76 years of life that intelligent people can look at the same data and arrive at different conclusions about it…. I suppose that is a good thing, otherwise this world would probably be a pretty boring place. All of you seem to agree that signing Forsythe was a good thing and signing him for next year at $8MM is equally good. I disagree, signing him in the first place was maybe necessary (we didn’t have Taylor at that time), but picking up his $8MM option for next year would be totally stupid. Now when FAZ lets him go, how many of you will have the guts to then say FAZ made a mistake? I’ll bet not one.

    1. Jonah, I think most agree that decision won’t be an easy one primarily because of the ramifications of the luxury tax penalty. I also think most agree that this team values depth, versatility, and character which are check marks in Forsythe’s favor. There is a reason that Longoria was pissed that the Rays traded him. He is a known commodity around the league and a gamer. Throw in the fact that there is a 99% chance that Utley will be gone. Chris Taylor has done this for exactly 3/4 ths of a season and the Dodgers have very little middle infield depth in the minors. Thus, it isn’t a cut and dry decision for many of us who have watched how FAZ puts together rosters. I for one have no problem admitting that I made a mistake. I admitted I made a mistake when I didn’t believe my eyes and said Chris Taylor was a AAAA player. So, if the Dodgers don’t pick up the relatively cheap option on a veteran who can play 2b, SS, 3B, LF and mashes lefties. I will admit I’m wrong. I believe they would pick it up and trade him before that happens.

    2. Jonah,

      There is not a right or wrong answer here. Based upon what I have seen from Logan, I think they will keep him, but it they don’t I would bet they have a reason. However, remember that he is a lot like Ben Zobrist who has never had eye-popping stats, but is beloved by teammates, versatile and a hustler. Many old guys tend to just look at BA but OB% is at least as important (I think it’s more important).

      Part of this team’s success is their defense and they are not as good defensively at 2B with Taylor there. Maybe Taylor can improve by next year, in fact I would bet he could, but I think the Dodgers see Taylor as an Outfielder, not an Infielder. No inside information – just my opinion.

      Now, if Kyle Farmer proved to be a solid backup catcher and the Dodgers moved Austin Barnes to 2B and let Forsythe walk, I could support that. I think Barnes would be a great 2B.

      BTW, aren’t you the one who said Barnes was a dud… or words to those effect?

      1. Yes, and have publicly eaten a couple plates of crow for it. I am a solid Barnes fan now. I make my mistakes. And I own up to them.

      2. Mark:
        It always amazes me how certain people tend to see things in a negative light. I’ve watched Forsythe for years now and have been impressed by his offense(for a 2nd baseman) and his defense. Living in SW Florida 90 miles from Tampa I watch that team on the TV on their network.
        I’m sure he will come around and end up .260-.270 range.
        Everyone here and there always talks negatively about Josh Reddick and how bad he was but they only take the first moth into consideration when he was terrible (BA-.168 & OPS .396). What about Sept/Oct when he hit .382 & .961OPS ? He helped keep the hated ones at bay for that month.

          1. MJ:
            I have looked at his splits.
            2015 -.273 vs RHP
            2016 – .263 vs RHP
            Very ordinary but a lot better than this year so far. There must be a reason why Longoria was so angry when Forsythe was traded away.

          2. If Logan Forsythe having a .350 OBP vs righties is the worst thing going on with the Dodgers life is good.

        1. He got picked off base at least 3 times and played OF below his reputation too. He was nothing short of a bust for the Dodgers.

  21. Joc does that stupid stuff too much!

    Chris Taylor for CF next year.

    Trade Toles, Pederson, Puig and a couple of starting pitchers for a Aaron Judge.

    1. Joc looked like he wasn’t paying attention. Reminded me of one of our 12 year old’s this year who was spacing off looking at the 3rd base coach while he was off the bag and got picked off.

      1. Joc makes stupid base-running mistakes a lot!

        Did you see Luck might be out 6 weeks?

        1. I have not. Of course now that baseball is over for my son, I’ve been working on my golf game and in full baseball mode for the Dodgers. I didn’t ask for a lot for my Colts tickets this year for a reason. A Tolzien season would be ugly. The finally have a good group of young o-lineman. Go figure.

    2. Richie

      No one is saying he didn’t hit decently for two years, for the Rays.

      He has had 145 at bats against righties this year, and he isn’t even hitting 200 against righties.

      193/350/210 is his line against against righties and his OPS against righties is in the low 500s.

      And his overall numbers are not that great either.

      Do you think the Rays would be happy with that line?

      Logie Bear isn’t producing as wel for the Dodgers!

      Like Mark has said, he has the rest of the season to change our minds!

  22. Comment total is ironically “66” as I see Puig is doing what Puig does


    1. Another excellent outing by Maeda. Could he be hyped now that Darvish is on board? Shouldn’t we all be?

  23. They exercise Forsythe’s option if for no other reason than to trade him for something else of value. He is worth more than the $1MM buy out of his option. But maybe they keep him – they like the flexibility of the guy and his good defense and he is a better hitter than he has shown so far this year based on his history.

  24. Seven shutout innings by Ryu and seven shutout innings by Maeda. Looks like they are auditioning for the 5th starting spot.

    1. How did Watson look? I only saw the stats but it would be valuable getting opinions from those who could watch on the broadcast.

  25. Don’t look now but Maeda is 10-4 with a 3.79 ERA. If Baltimore is trying to make a run next year for Machado’s final year there they should have been all over Maeda or McCarthy. Not that they are Aces but would pencil in nicely ahead of the dung heap they’re putting on the mound each night.

    1. Peter Angelos is not a very smart owner. He is wasting Machado/Britton/Jones. They have no chance at a pennant with the pitching they have. They may have been able to move Britton for a SP (or two); one who could be their Ace (Maeda). But there is no evidence that they would have. Maeda is controllable and affordable. Brach and Givens could both step in as competent closers. Use the asset to improve the team’s chances. Angelos has no clue what he is doing, and he will not let his baseball people do theirs.

  26. I find myself in agreement with Dodgerrick. I think Logan’s option is picked up and he competes with Kike’ Hernandez for the utility role. If Kike’ beats out Logan for that role, Logan becomes a potential trade, and may provide a decent return. If Logan beats out Kike’, he becomes an expensive utility player, but one who can play all over and provide the depth FAZ shows they truly believe in. His contract will undoubtedly be absorbed south of the luxury tax threshold. I do not believe the Dodgers care about the SSS, but it will be the draft pick they are not going to lose.
    I assume that he would also compete with Chris Taylor for the 2nd base job.
    But right now, I am too busy enjoying this season to worry about next year. But if Forsythe does not excel for August/September/October, I will not admit that this was a bad player personnel decision by FAZ. Nobody believed that Taylor would produce as well as he has, and nobody believed Chase Utley was going to be a regular 2B. It was a well reasoned decision, and IMO that is how you judge a decision. He may not have put up comparable numbers to 2015/2016, but the Dodgers as a team is 75-31, and Logan has been a part of this team. Just recently his offense and defense were singley instrumental in a Dodger win. He should not be judged solely on his BA or Slugging %. He has a 1.1 WAR so he is earning his $7.0M salary.

  27. While the Dodgers have drawn headlines for their enormous Major League payrolls, their commitment to international spending has played a huge role in their success as well, writes Bill Shaikin of the L.A. Times. As Shaikin notes, the Dodgers shipped out three prospects signed as international amateurs yesterday to acquire Tony Watson and Tony Cingrani, and their willingness to spend on that market has persistently left them with ammunition for trades. “The kind of scouting and player development infrastructure you have can pay off in terms of guys rising to the big leagues and impacting your team, or sometimes being able to make trades like this,” said GM Farhan Zaidi. “It’s certainly a credit to our scouting and player development staffs for giving us the players and prospect capital we needed to pull off these deals today.” The new hard cap on international spending will make that strategy more difficult, though the Dodgers have a history of finding creative ways to build up their farm by leveraging financial muscle.

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