Brock Stewart – #2 or #4?

Any way you slice it, Brock Stewart is a very good pitcher.  Currently, his stuff is worth of being a #4 or #5 “workhorse” type of pitcher. However, he could be a lot more than that and this is why I did not want to see him in the rotation this year. Brock has an excellent fastball, a nice slider (not great), and a below average change-up.  He really needs a “very good curve.”  If he can develop that, he could become a #2 starter.

You would think Rick Honeycutt, Clayton Kershaw and Rich Hill could teach him how to throw a curve.  If Brock can develop a solid curve, he’s a #3 starter, but is he can come up with “public enemy number one” he’s a #2 starter. It looks like he will be in the rotation until Kershaw or McCarthy gets back, but he is a very big asset in the pen.  Hopefully, he can master that curve and become a “Top-of-the-Rotation Guy.”  Maybe it doesn’t have to be the curve – a great changeup is one of the best (if not THE best) pitches in baseball.

Brock is so raw and has lots of room for improvement because he has only been pitching a few years.  There’s not many miles on that arm either.  I’d be happy to see a rotation of Kershaw, Wood, Stewart, Hill and Buehler next year.  Then in 2019, Urias is back and Santana, Alvarez, White, May and others are getting close.  Some will fall and some will climb, but it’s starting already.  It’s really fun to watch.

Dodger Rants and Raves

  • Tracy Ringolsby reminds us that being a regular season juggernaut assure you of … NOT MUCH!  It’s something the Dodgers should keep posted in the clubhouse.  It’s how you end that counts.
  • New list of Dodgers Top 30 Prospects and Walker is #1. Kay Bear Ruiz has passed Will Smith and is the Dodgers Catcher of the Future!  Smith and Ruiz will form a great tandem –  2020… or sooner.
  • I am still not sold on Gavin Lux.
  • Here’s a new name to watch:  James Marinan – he projects as a mid-rotation starter and is in the Arizona League right now.
  • Speaking of Buehler – he didn;t take the day off.  In his second AAA start, he went 5 innings, allowed 1 hit and 1 run while walking 2 and striking out 9!
  • Rios went 3-3 at AAA after a slow start.  He’s up to .294 and has 4 HR at AAA.  He is a very interesting prospect.
  • This Dodger team is special.  Comebacks, lockdowns and just the way they play baseball is very fun to watch.  I do not think you will see and extended losing streak from this bunch – they just pick each other up.
  • Chris Taylor – .320/.929 OPS!  Not bad for a bonepile pickup!
  • I don’t think we need another starter, unless we can steal one.
  • Team Stats:  Dodgers are #2 in OP%, #3 in Slugging, #3 in OPS, #4 in HR, #5 in Runs, #1 in ERA and WHIP, #1 in Starter ERA, #2 in Reliever ERA – Not too shabby!
  • So far, the team has won 100% of their games without Clayton.

I read Seth Godin’s Blog every day.  Today was especially poignant:

He deserves it, but do you?

He’s a jerk, a two-timer, a double-crosser. He deserves everything you throw at him, your cutting remarks, your sarcasm, your enmity.

You’re totally justified in spending a lot of time and energy in evening the score. You are the avenger.

The thing is, it’s not clear that we benefit from carrying around all that vitriol. All the time we spend hating is time that we’ve given away to someone who hasn’t earned our time. It’s time we’re being controlled by someone we don’t like or respect very much.

Teaching someone a lesson is often overrated. Doing the lesson teaching in your head helps no one.

What happens if we walk away and make something magical instead?

You deserve it.

Tried and true!


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  1. Seeing Puig knock Joc over during the winning celebration was even funnier than the kisses he planted on Turner Ward. I hope he didn’t give poor Joc another concussion.

  2. So it happened again. Went to bed after the top of the 4th and we start scoring the next half inning. I just shouldn’t have watched any of the games. Watching the highlights this morning I was noticed how flat Joc’s swing was on the homer. I was also impressed and surprised he was able to get up to the pitch as it was almost shoulder level. Was impressed with how Stewart pitched and expected him to hit a wall around the 4th inning. It happened a little bit but he was undone by his defense last night. The bats though. Wow.

  3. A very good thing was hearing Orel talking about how this team ain’t in with the hazing crap. I’m certain several of the veterans endured such nonsense when they were rookies but didn’t pass them bucks. Good as it’s better to pick up rather than put down those you want to represent a part of what you are. This is a team.

  4. I think this FO will add a BP or SP piece at the trade deadline. I don’t think any current position players will be traded, but a LH BP arm or a surprise (no one saw that coming) SP will be added. You can’t have the best team in baseball not go all in for the Fall Classic.

    Playoff games are such a “crapshoot” because the “hottest” team wins, not always the best team. To that end, I just see this as our best chance to get to the WS in a long time. To be perfectly honest with ourselves, the NLCS of yesteryears we were not the prohibitive favorites and the rosters were flawed. This year we will be favored to win and we have the roster ready to win, just need a BP arm and perhaps another SP.

    This team is amazing and never gives up. Love the grit, determination and team chemistry. October will be fun.

  5. Listening to the announcers last night is humorous. They just expect the Dodgers to come back and win and they do. Taylor just seems to be in the middle of it all the time. In the 7th he gets a walk to keep it going. A very good at bat. No one scored as a result of the walk, but he passes the baton on to Seager. In the 9th he singles off the SS glove to keep it going. However it is a different player each night. Kike, Barnes and Utley come off the bench and help. This just cannot continue. But, it is fun.

    The play offs are something else. The best team does not always win. I just hope they play like this in the play offs.

  6. I see Yu Darvish pooped his pants last night. The guys on MLB Network says that start shouldn’t matter. I’m not sure about that. It looked like he was just throwing the ball straight down the middle. Was he distracted by the trade talk? His value has got to come down now. I’m not sure the Dodgers would have interest in him now.
    Great comeback win again last night. This team is sure fun to watch.

    1. Yeah, Darvish definitely messed himself yesterday. The latest.
      Darvish, 15 quality starts out of 22 starts, 4.01 ERA, 1.17 WHIP.
      McCarthy 8 quality starts out of 16 starts, 3.84 ERA, 1.23 WHIP.

        1. The problem is that he won’t have another start before the trade deadline ends. Is he hurt? That question will haunt GMs thinking about trading for him.

  7. A couple of good trades for relievers in the last 24 hours. The Rockies did well in getting RH Setup reliever, Pat Neshek. He will be a good bridge to Holland, and probably move McGee down to a lesser high leverage position in the bullpen. The Phillies did fine as well. They received Jose Gomez, a 20 year old middle infielder who was #20 on the Rockies prospect list. He is projected to be a Kike’ Hernandez utility type or Chris Taylor if his hitting continues. They also received two RH pitchers; J.D. Hammer (23), RHRP, and Alejandro Requena (20), RHSP. All three players were South Atlantic League All Stars, and have done well. All three have potential. Hammer has since been promoted to the California League. He has saved 13 out of 14 opportunities for Asheville and Lancaster. I do not see how the Phillies could have realistically done much better for a 37 year old rental they acquired last winter for a player to be named later. Good trade for both teams.
    The White Sox continued their dismantling of their bullpen by trading LHRP Dan Jennings to Tampa Bay for 1B Casey Gillaspie. Gillaspie is currently out with a broken toe, but will report to AAA in the next couple of weeks. This one caught my eye because Casey Gillaspie was the last #1 draft selection by Andrew Friedman as GM for the Rays. Casey is also the brother of Giants 3B Conor Gillaspie.

    1. AC

      Since the Rockies got Neshek, what is your next guess, about the trade deadline, when it comes to the Dodgers?

      1. MJ,
        I made my case for Neshek, and they just did not listen to me. I have no earthly clue what they might do. The Tigers are said to be asking for Chapman level return for Justin Wilson, which FAZ is not going to do. Astros/Red Sox/Nats/Cubs are mentioned most often as the pursuers of Wilson. The Dodgers are not even being discussed in the Sonny Gray scenarios. It appears more that the Yankees are the front runner for Gray, but the Mariners may make a bold move. There are still one or two prospects that Dipoto has not traded so that he can completely tank the M’s farm system.
        The Nats and Astros seem to be concentrating on relievers so appear to be backing off Darvish, leaving the Dodgers and Cubs as the most realistic pursuers, but Texas seems to be pricing themselves out. FAZ is not going to pay the ransom for a rental. Who knows what Texas’ feelings will be on Monday. Do they lower their asking price or potentially lose him for a post 2nd round compensation pick, if not re-signed? I would guess that FAZ has given the Rangers their best offer, and can afford to just sit back and wait for the Rangers to accept or they walk away from Darvish.
        There does not seem to be any traction on Addison Reed. Apparently most teams are worried that he has been mismanaged (over-used), and he is a potential dead arm candidate when he will be needed most. Now there is a shock, another Mets pitcher mismanaged. Zach Britton seems to be off the market (but that can change by the minute with Angelos). There is no urgency on Justin Verlander. I think the only way he goes before Monday is if the Cubs complete a trade for both Verlander and catcher Alex Avila. Otherwise, he will be placed on waivers next month to see what happens then.
        A few new names are now being actively made available. Marlins – Dan Straily. Twins – Ervin Santana, Jaime Garcia, and closer Brandon Kintzler. I have read that the Blue Jays are close to trading Francisco Liriano, probably as a LHRP rather than starter. I have not read anywhere that the Dodgers would be interested in Liriano as a LHRP.
        I would be okay if the Dodgers looked into Dan Straily or Brandon Kintzler. I would also expect that they are continually looking at other LHRP like Alex Claudio (Rangers), Sam Freeman (Braves), Wandy Peralta (Reds), and Chasen Shreve (NYY). The Dodgers had scouts checking Lance Lynn and Trevor Rosenthal. I would rather pay a little more for Kintzler, and Lance Lynn is already at 120 IP after being out all 2016 with TJ surgery. That would probably scare me.
        They will do something, but at what level nobody knows.

        1. AC
          Thank you!

          You have so much knowledge, and passion, so I knew you would give a good take!

          Thanks again!

  8. It will not surprise me if FAZ does nothing at the trade deadline. I am sure he is looking at a RP and SP. I have nothing to back this up, but I have a feeling the sellers want more from the Dodgers than other teams.

    1. Idahoal

      That wouldn’t surprise me either, but I think they will do something, but that something, won’t be any of the deals that we have seen lately, or we have talked about, lately either.

      Because Friedman has been more on the other end, of these trade deadline deals, when he was with the Rays.

      And that is when Friedman got some of his best prospects..

      I sure hope the Dodgers take care of the Giants this weekend, and sweep them, so they will be 35 games back, after this weekend!

      We are facing their two lefties, in the first two games, in this series.

      The times of these games this weekend, are going to be different.

      Because we have an early afternoon game on Saturday, and we will be playing in the late game on Sunday at 5, west coast time..

    1. Most notable line is the lady one –

      Alvarez was scratched from a start with Tulsa

      1. Nice article. My vote is for Sonny Gray. He makes the most sense. Two more years of control after this year, wouldn’t kill us on luxury tax, easily tradable if necessary. Alvarez, Calhoun and filler, seems fair to me.

        1. Agree Box – thought the same. We get 2 more years & he lengthens the rotation.
          Darvish is just a very short term rental, & Verlander only appeals if Wilson is in the deal.
          Hopefully if Alvarez is the main piece it will be Willie as the other, leaving Ferris & Verdugo.

          1. It will be interesting as to what happens. Morosi is the only pundit that I have heard say that the Dodgers are in on Sonny Gray. I am not bullish on Darvish or Verlander. But I would be happy with Sonny Gray. The A’s say they need a CF, so I would dangle Yusniel Diaz and not Verdugo. They may be interested in Calhoun; 2B, LF, DH. They need catching, so I might include Farmer. And if they wanted a pitcher, I would offer Sheffield. That would be a 4, 6, 12, and 30. That might be too rich, so I might ask for Coulombe. For me, the one that would hurt the most would be Diaz. As high as his ceiling may be, his floor is pretty low. I like Calhoun, but I like Taylor at 2nd and Verdugo in left more. Farmer is blocked, and Sheffield is a lottery pick.
            If they want Gray, they are going to have to pay. One of the top 4 is going to have to go, and to me, Willie Calhoun makes the most sense.

          2. That’s a nice package, AlwaysCompete, if I was Oakland I’d like it a lot. Fills a lot of holes. But if I am the Dodgers I like it a lot also, especially the including Coulombe part. Great trade.
            Makes sense that Beane and FAZ could put together a win/win like that. Of course, I thought last year’s trade was good for both teams also. But this one would be a lot better.

          3. I wonder if Gray/LHRP from Oakland could have been the plan all along. The LHRP could have been Doolittle, but because of money Coulombe was preferred. The Gray/Coulombe 2018 luxury tax fit is very valuable to the Dodgers. Maybe Zaidi told Beane, that’s who we want, do your due diligence, but, in the end, we will make you an offer you can’t refuse. Sabermetric Beane and Zaidi are going to be assessing the value of the prospects similarly and will eventually agree.
            I think you nailed it!!!

  9. I love it when great minds think alike. I agree Boxout and Watford. Go for Gray. Only take Verlander if Wilson is included. Alvarez and Calhoun for Gray. Probably need to add a low minor leaguer to the Detroit deal. Get er done.

  10. This is not a junk yard dog team. Junk yard dogs make up for talent with desire and hustle. This Dodger team does that. But it is EXTREMELY TALENTED. This team combines talent with hustle. But it is the most talented group we have had in years, led by Corey and Cody. The bullpen might have junk-yard-dogism in it. Short on talent but skillful usage makes it effective. I hope Mark is right about Stewart. The errors last night made his line poor. I want to see him pitch with a clean defense behind him.

  11. Perhaps the Dodgers will go for a guy like this instead and save the big prospects?

    According to Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports, the Marlins are “now open to trading” starter Dan Straily.
    There have been multiple reports stating the Marlins would not deal controllable assets in the midst of their ownership change, but it appears they’ll at least do some shopping around with some of those guys. Straily, who’s under control through 2020, owns a 3.84 ERA, 1.185 WHIP, and 107/33 K/BB ratio in 117 1/3 innings (21 starts) this season. He has struggled a bit lately

  12. Did anyone see the way Kershaw went into crouch to catch his daughter pregame last night? He squated down like he wasn’t hurt at all. I was surprised that there was no hesitation or reluctance to get into a catcher’s crouch. It was his bobble head night, but still he moved well. I don’t think this injury is nearly as bad as last year.

    1. I noticed that same thing, and yes I thought the same thing you did. He looks better than someone who’s supposedly out 4-6 weeks!

    2. Bobbie17

      I agree with you, and Kershaw said it wasn’t even close to the pain and discomfort that his heriated disc caused him, off the field..

  13. Yu Darvish

    Last 14 Days: 7.36 ERA/1.148 WHIP

    Last 28 Days: 7.20 ERA/1.467 WHIP

    This year: 4.01 ERA/1.168 WHIP

    Is that a guy you want to give up two top prospects for two months of rental?

    Sonny Gray

    Last 14 Days: 0.98 ERA/1.036 WHIP

    Last 28 Days: 1.39 ERA/0.835 WHIP

    This year: 3.43 ERA/1.175 WHIP

    Justin Verlander

    Last 14 Days: 3.26 ERA/1.034 WHIP

    Last 28 Days: 4.60 ERA/1,432 WHIP

    This year: 4.50 ERA/1.444 WHIP

    Enough with the Verlander and Darvish talk. Why on earth would we want to assume Verlander’s contract? Why would we want to give up two top prospects for two months of Darvish?

    It’s Gray or Bust!

    1. Mark

      I think everyone totally agrees about that!

      And we could always use another rightie, in our rotation.

      And Gray has pitched in big games before.

      And with some of his injury issues that he has had in the last few years, he would join a team that could work around his schedule, if that was needed.

  14. Buehler’ great game came against a first place Reno team. Probably as close to MLB as you can get.

  15. Wat, is that correct? Did Yadier Alvarez get scratched today? Health??? Or is something going on???

  16. I’d be totally fine with giving up Alvarez, Verdugo/Calhoun, and another or 2 lesser pieces for Gray. He’s young, cheap, and really good.
    Plus, with keeping Buehler, our staff next couple years has Kersh, Gray, Wood, Hill, and Buehler. By 2019, Urias will join somewhere.

    I like it!

  17. A bit off topic but coming from NY I have to wonder where the Mets now if they had kept JT away and Murphy. They might have been running away with that Division instead of 9 games behind in the WC chase. Ahhh if we all had 20/20 hindsight

  18. Crazy thought but with the rumors floating around about Darvish or Gray. AC’s proposal above and Dustin’s over at Dodger Digest, of Alvarez and a couple of lottery tickets for Darvish. Any possibility of FAZ flexing their muscles and getting both Gray and Darvish.

    It would be interesting to have Kershaw, Gray, Hill and Darvish as a playoff rotation with Wood as the shut down lefty in the pen.

    Trade Ryu, Maeda and McCarthy for anything to restock prospects.

  19. If we get Gray, I am going straight to DINO’s house because the party will be off the charts.

  20. I live in Riverside, I have plenty of Carne Asada and of course some drinks. GO DODGERS!!!

    1. lol, if we get Gray, Rudy and I will see you there Dino, love Carne Asada! For years you have talked about getting that guy

  21. Pay attention, here’s the deal:

    Dodgers trade Alvarez, Calhoun, Farmer, Maeda, McCarthy and Diaz.

    A’s trade Sonny Gray, Daniel Coulombe and Yonder Alonzo.

    Yankees trade Clint Frazier and Justice Sheffield.

    Dodgers get Sonny Gray and Daniel Coulombe.

    A’s get Alvarez, Calhoun, Farmer, Sheffield, and Diaz

    Yankees get Alonzo, Maeda and McCarthy.

    The A’s get plenty to rebuild. The Yankees get a 1B and 2 starters and THE DODGERS WIN THE WORLD SERIES.

  22. Ken Rosenthal?
    Verified account
    @Ken_Rosenthal 58s
    59 seconds ago

    Source: #Dodgers promoting C Kyle Farmer. Accompanying move not known. Team currently carrying 14 pitchers, 11 hitters – a short bench.

  23. We are giving up 6 players to receive 2. Seems a little steep to me. Yankees give up 2 to receive 3. I am ok with A’s giving up 3 to receive 5. It looks to me like the Yankees got the best end of the deal and the Dodgers the worst end.

    1. 2 are salary dumps. If we get Gray, we don’t need McCarthy and Maeda.

      It’s quality, not quantity!

      1. It’s too bad you are not Brian Cashman. Billy Beane would be on board. FAZ would be on board. The problem is that both Frazier and Sheffield are as close to untouchable to NY as there are. But I like the trade, and we should get you to NY and take over Brian Cashman’s office.

  24. I heard on one of the sports channels that some teams are interested in Barnes. He reminds me of Craig Biggio. IMO

  25. Just watched MLB whip around. Lance Lynn may be available. They say Dodgers are in play. THIS is a FAZ move. Totally off the radar trade, but makes more sense than Darvish. Of course they just about made me puke by saying the D-bags could give the Dodgers trouble in the play-offs. Lance Lynn? Hmm, I would do that. Total blue collar #3 or 4. Wonder what the Cards are asking.

    1. There have been rumors the Dodgers are interested in Lynn and Rosenthal. Maybe something like Brendan Davis and maybe an arm or two like Sborz and Sopko for Lynn and Rosenthal

  26. Just looked at Lance Lynne’s stats. He has surrendered 21 HRs this year in 120 innings,, and also gets about as many fly outs as ground outs. And that 1:1 ratio of GO:AO has been pretty consistent throughout his career.

    He’s an OK mid to back of the rotation pitcher, but not the quality starter I think the Dodgers are looking for, for the playoffs.

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