Clayton Who?

The Dodgers won about 68% of their games when Clayton Kershaw was on the roster and now have won 100% of their games without him.

Why the heck do we need this guy anyway?  

It seems like it’s a new man or men every night… stepping up to do the job.  Kenta Maeda did his job for 5 innings and the pen nailed it with Josh Ravin pitching 3 shutout innings.  A lot of people complained about Ryu Monday,  but I actually thought he looked good until he ran out of gas.  I look forward to his next start.

So, Brock Stewart starts tonight?  I like Brock a lot, but really wanted to see him stay in the pen this year and develop a better curve ball this year.  I don’t see him doing great in the rotation THIS year,  but I hope he throws a perfect game and makes me eat crow tonight.  I guess he was the only option since Stripling pitched three innings on Sunday, unless they call someone up.

These are the dog days.  We are 12.5 games ahead of Colorado and Arizona and the trade deadline is approaching.  Verlander, Gray and Darvish are going to cost a lot.  What that “lot” is depends upon whether a trade is made.  I would prefer a Brad Hand, Justin Wilson or Zach Britton over a starter, but that’s just me.

Who is the team MVP?  Other than Kershaw, I think it’s a toss-up between Bellinger, Turner, Seager and Taylor.  Take any of them away and there are problems.  Grandal, Barnes and Puig have also been very good.  Puig is showing signs he could be a force to be reckoned with.  I would love to see Joc get some consistency.  This is his third year – it’s time!  Lest I forget, Logan Forsythe and Chase Utley have also been big for the team.

It’s a great position to be in – FAZ will not overpay!  Now…. we wait!

I would love to see Willie Calhoun hit in LA, but he has two problems:

  1. Tree Trunk legs; and
  2. Iron Skillet Glove.

Posted by Mark Timmons

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  1. I prefer that 2nd closer for the bp to another starter. I think our starters can keep us in the game for 4.5-5ip, then let the bp do its job.

    1. Bobby

      I would say that our relievers have been more dependable then our starters in the back of the rotation this year, so I can see why you would prefer a starter, too.

      A second starter, might take some of the pressure off Kershaw, but that depends on who the starter is.

      But I guess it always depends on what the other team is offering, in a deal!

      I think we definitely need a better arm in the bullpen, and we do need a leftie in the pen too.

      I think two nice relief pitchers might do it, but if we can get another starter, that would make a diffence, that would help a lot too.

      Like I said, it is always going to depend on what deal our front office thinks, works the best for our team.

      I just hope they can get a deal that seems as reasonable as the deals, that both the Dbacks, and the Nats, got!

  2. Now that MT has shown the graphics on Willie we could have a moratorium…
    Bobby I’m hoping they think your way, but I’m afraid of the big tsunami hitting!!!

  3. From cbs sports
    Yankees have already made one big trade, getting David Robertson and Tommy Kahnle from the White Sox to bolster the bullpen, as well as Todd Frazier to add another bat. I don’t think they’re done, either. New York is currently sitting in the top AL wild-card spot and I don’t think you make a trade like that trade with the White Sox only to close up shop and call it a deadline. Not when you just lost Michael Pineda to Tommy John surgery and have a rotation opening.
    Now, that said, the Yankees are very protective of their top prospects, and I don’t see them trading any of them at the deadline. That takes them out of the running for Gray and Darvish. The Yankees still have enough prospect depth to add a rental fifth starter, however, plus pick up a new first baseman. Right now, the Yankees are the only contender that needs a first baseman or designated hitter. They’re in position to let the market for Lucas Duda or Yonder Alonso come to them,
    As for pitching help, the Yankees would love a young controllable starter, though that’s not going to happen without trading top prospects. That makes a rental more likely. With Jaime Garcia and Trevor Cahill being dealt yesterday, the top remaining rentals are Cardinals righty Lance Lynn and Padres righty Jhoulys Chacin. Don’t be surprised if the Yankees do something creative like add another reliever, then move Adam Warren or Chad Green back into the rotation. Point is, the Yankees are not done.
    Bums: Interesting.

    1. Now that the Yankees have David Robertson and Tommy Kahnle, would they trade Betances?
      Jansen, Bettances, Baez, Morrow, Stripling, Avilon, Ryu
      Calhoun, Fields, McCarthy, and Gonzales for Betances .
      We all know that Gonzales would be hard to impossible to trade so can we refrain from replying that Gonzales is untradeable?
      Is Calhoun ready for prime time DH in the Big Apple? Probably not. Will Gonzales be able to play this year and do so well enough to contribute to the Yankee chase for a wild card spot? Questionable. Would the Yankees take on that much payroll? Probably not.
      Just to make MJ happy, lets throw in Toles.

      1. You already discussed AGon. There would be zero interest in Calhoun from the Yankees. They do not need a 2B, and they do not need LF. While they may have some interest in McCarthy, I cannot see them taking on McCarthy’s salary.
        It has been conjectured that the Yankees do not believe they can get enough good SP to significantly help this year, so they are going to need as many high leverage relievers to fully support the rotation to contend for the Wild Card if not the AL East.
        The Dodgers have a better chance at getting Chasen Shreve (now in AAA after the Robertson/Kahnle trade). Chase Shreve is a LHRP and is someone I would love to have, and may now be effectively blocked. I brought his name up a couple of months back as someone the Dodgers should consider. He is not a lock-down LH setup reliever. But I think he is going to be a good one, and will develop into a high leverage reliever.
        Very little chance of getting Betances at the deadline. More of an opportunity in the Winter meetings.

        1. The Yankees would have to be interested in Calhoun as a DH which according to the cbs article, they need.
          If Gonzales has no trade value then it would seem that he has no value to the Dodgers. Will the Dodgers release him when he comes off the DL or wait until September to activate him and see what happens over the winter?

          1. AGon has no trade value because of his contract, not because he cannot be semi-productive. I am guessing that he will rejoin the roster when they expand in September. He will spot start at 1B but primarily come off the bench. It will depend as to how well he performs in his new role coming off the bench as to whether he makes the post-season roster. Yes he will be an expensive bench role player. The Yankees would rather have Yonder Alonso as an inexpensive rental.
            AGon is going to have his 10/5 rights vested on August 25. The Dodgers will find some way to utilize AGon next year. If they cannot, then yes, they will release him. They have proven they are not against doing so.
            Who am I to dispute a baseball journalist, but with all due respect, the Yankees need starting pitching and 1B, not a DH. When Aaron Hicks comes off the DL, they will have 5 outfielders. Hicks is a switch-hitter, while Ellsbury and Gardner are LH, and Clint Frazier and Judge are RH. One of them can DH when Holiday is not. Ronald Torreyes can DH. Todd Frazier or Chase Headley can DH. The Yankees are not giving up on Greg Bird. Tyler Austin will be back (hamstring). Next year the OF gets even more crowded because of Dustin Fowler who will be back. So DH should not be an ongoing issue. The Yankees are not going to trade an All-Star reliever with a 16.5 SO/9 for a 22 year old DH who has never played a MLB game much less in a pennant race. They will work on his wildness.

      2. Bum

        Toles has more supporters then just me here, believe it, or not.

        And the fact that Holiday is playing first, and hitting well, along with the fact, that they have already added Frazier, I don’t think the Yankees need another first baseman, or DH type, on their team.

        And like the bottom of your thread said, they are trying to reinforce their bullpen, why would they trade their best set up man?

        That would defeat their purpose!

        1. I like Toles as well. I suggest him as part of a trade package because you have to give up something to get something.

          1. Agree.

            Love Toles. Love his attitude, love his value.

            But there’s a glut of OFs with more on the horizon and he’d be an ideal paart of a trade package because of that excess.

            That said, his value is lowered because of the knee.

    1. Since 1958

      There is a reason in baseball that they say, if a player can really hit, they will find a place, to play him!

  4. Mark

    Stewart really pitched well last year, after his got his first start, out of the way, against the Brewers.

    But I know he didn’t start the season on the DL last year, like he did this year, so I know he was a little more seasoned, when he first came up last year, because of that.

    But I still think Stewart will turn in a good job, and he will do better, then anyone really expects, at this point.

    Because he has always done just that, so I don’t think that will change now.

  5. I agree, the first priority for FAZ is LHRP. FAZ is not going to pay the SD ransom for Brad Hand. So unless A.J. Preller becomes more realistic, Hand is not going to be an option.
    It is looking less likely for Britton, only because Peter Angelos believes the O’s can compete next year (their last year for a while after losing Machado and Jones to FA). They are going to need Britton for that last run, and then he too becomes a FA. Plus nobody is going to overpay for a pitcher that may have lingering health concerns. There is probably more of a chance to get Britton next year as a rental when Angelos comes to the realization that they drastically overpaid for Chris Davis (and probably Mark Trumbo), and did not pay for any pitching at all.
    Justin Wilson will undoubtedly be traded before July 31. What is yet to be determined is whether Avila is going to demand that the receiving team also take Justin Verlander. So far teams have not bit on that tandem. The Cubs and Dodgers seem to be the only teams that have any interest in Verlander (probably because of Wilson). The problem is, while the Cubs do have the luxury tax availability to absorb the hit, they do not have any top prospects after the Chapman (2016) and Quintana (2017) trades. It is presumed they would have to include Ian Happ, and they have said no to that. In addition, the Cubs are on Verlander’s no trade list. On the other hand, the Dodgers have the prospects, but may not have the luxury tax space needed to take on his salary. The Tigers are loathe to pay too much cash for Justin to pitch elsewhere as he is a fan favorite and icon in Detroit, and there will be some backlash to giving him away.
    FAZ is seemingly playing the waiting game to see who blinks. If the Padres/O’s/Tigers do not blink, do not expect FAZ to. Addison Reed and Pat Neshek may be RHRP, but both are rentals and will not cost nearly as much as the others. Both are similarly effective against both RHB and LHB (Neshek more so).
    Neshek – 40.1 IP, 45K, 5BB, 2HR, .185/.224/.315/.539 vs LHB; .207/.225/.253/.478 vs RHB
    Reed – 48IP, 48K, 6BB, 6HR, .256/.263/.385/.647 vs LHB; .252/.282/.423/.705 vs RHB
    For comparative purposes:
    Justin Wilson – 39.1IP, 55K, 16BB, 5HR, .220/.267/.366/.633 LHB; .125/.229/.302/.531 RHB
    My prediction is that they outbid the Nats and trade for Neshek.

  6. Every team is on Verlander’s no trade list he has 5 and 10 rights. Dodger Digest has an interesting read today about trading for Verlander and Wilson. Biggest problem with Verlander is the luxury tax hit.

    According to Eric Stephen at True Blue LA next year’s payroll is at 149 million. That doesn’t include Forsythe, just his buy out. Arbitration raises for guys like Grandal, Pederson and Wood. If they take on all of Verlander that would pretty much mean Forsythe is gone and no other free agents to stay out of luxury tax hell.

  7. Listening to the announcers last two nights. They were saying Puig was taking early batting practice. Turner Ward and Manny Mota were helping him. It certainly looks like it has helped him. Last night they were talking about Forsythe taking early batting practice. He got a pinch hit single. Turner Ward and the other coaches certainly are earning their money.

    They won the game without a HR.

    1. Idahoal

      I agree!

      You just can’t say enough , about Roberts, and his coaches!

      I think Roberts and his coaches, deserve all the credit, for changing the mind set of this team, and changing the culture, of this team, too!

  8. Buehler and Sopko go tonight. I’m a Brock Stewart fan. With a good four seam fastball under control the rest of his pitches become that much better. Fastball. Slider. Change. All he needs to be successful. Control is paramount though. giants 31.5 out. Worst team in sf history. I LOVE IT. Whining galore. But they still have those 3 rings, which we have to start matching this year. Championship or Bust.

  9. From around the web:

    Dan Syzmborski offers a possible Darvish trade:

    Los Angeles Dodgers acquire: RHP Yu Darvish

    Texas Rangers receive: RHP Yadier Alvarez, 2B Willie Calhoun, RHP Jordan Sheffield

    Sure, it’s a rental, but even if Clayton Kershaw is out for just the six weeks, there’s no denying that his injury does create some uncertainty. The Dodgers are likely the best team in baseball and risk is their enemy. If they’re not willing to give up Walker Buehler or Alex Verdugo, they’ll still have to part with a few players they’d rather keep. Darvish may end up going for an unfair trade, but I think this would be a fair one for both sides.

    Buster Olney also opines that the Dodgers should move for Darvish. “This is the year” type reasoning…

    Dave Cameron had a FanGraphs chat, here are some Dodger tidbits:

    Dave Cameron: I’d guess Chris Taylor ~+2.5 WAR.

    Free Willie: Who is the best player the Dodgers could get back with a package centered around Calhoun as the top piece? And shouldn’t they do it immediately?

    Dave Cameron: Wouldn’t be surprised if he went for a reliever. If Tigers think they can get Kinsler to waive his no-trade , could fit Calhoun in Detroit as part of a Justin Wilson deal.

    Dave Cameron: Yeah, I think Calhoun and something could be a Britton package. But I’m way of Britton right now and would trade for a lower-risk arm if I was LA.

    Jason: Regarding Darvish – would the Dodgers really have to include two of Verdugo/Buehler/Alvarez to get a deal done? If you were the Rangers, would you take one of the three plus some other parts (Calhoun plus ?) for a rental?

    Dave Cameron: The Dodgers wouldn’t move any of those three for a rental.

    Dave Cameron: And I don’t think the kind of offer the Dodgers would make would incentivize Texas to move him.

    Moltar: Most of the chatter about the Dodgers acquiring pitching comes with the caveat that they don’t need another starter to reach the postseason. But shouldn’t that mean they should be planning now for their postseason rotation? Even if fully healthy, Kershaw has been forced to start on short rest too many times in recent memory, and the Dodgers should leverage their resources to make sure that does not need to happen again this year

    Dave Cameron: Alex Wood and Rich Hill are good. Kenta Maeda is fine. They don’t need to start Kershaw on short rest even without another starter.

    Dave Cameron: Darvish just came back from TJ last year and is running the lowest K% of his career. It’s not like he’s any sure thing.

    Go Dodgers : Buehler, Verdugo and Calhoun for DeGrom- Mets can’t turn that down can they?

    Dave Cameron: And Dodgers aren’t dumb enough to offer that.

    Eric Longenhagen chat:

    Coolguy: Think Starling Heredia can make top 100 lists this fall? Or is he playing at too low of a level?

    Eric A Longenhagen: He has the tools for that. The Pioneer league is hitter-friendly but Heredia has above average speed and power at age 18. He’s a big dude for 18, but can still really move. Probably more of a 45 FV guy for now like most, low-level tooled up guys, but if he keeps hitting like this all season he might merit consideration for the back of the 100

    Big Tuna: Isn’t Willie Calhoun a solid name for the Dodgers to include in talks for an arm? He doesn’t have a real position but could DH for an AL team.

    Eric A Longenhagen: Yes, but if I’m talking to the Dodgers I’m asking for three guys ahead of him.

    Slaphappy (Indiana ): Overall, who is the best pitching prospect in the Midwest League?

    Emmett Rosenbaum & Nathan Graham: The league is deep in pitching this year. A few weeks ago I would have said Dylan Cease. I think Emmett is high on Dustin May, I like Reggie Lawson. – Nathan

    CCA (LA): Is Keibert Ruiz a top 100 prospect?

    Emmett Rosenbaum & Nathan Graham: I don’t think he’s quite there yet, but he is making an impressive case for himself. Depends on what kind of power numbers he puts up the rest of the season I think. -Emmett

    Steve (LA): Thoughts on the Great Lakes rotation? Obviously Dustin May is dreamy, but I’d love to hear more about A.J. Alexy. Thanks.

    Emmett Rosenbaum & Nathan Graham: I wish I could tell you about Alexy, but I’ve missed him this year. I’ve had some misfortune with Great Lakes and ended up with Jordan Sheffield three times. I can confirm that May is very dreamy though, I saw him twice and think he’s legit. -Emmett

    Steve (LA): Is Keibert Ruiz the next big “catchers are weird BUT…” prospect? Seems like one of the few exceptions to the rule where the bat could play elsewhere and/or they look like they can stick behind the plate.

    Emmett Rosenbaum & Nathan Graham: Yeah. I think Ruiz sticks behind the plate, and I know Wilson Karaman been impressed with his defense up in Rancho too. Like I said though, I think his power potential is pretty limited, but he can hit. -Emmett

    1. Three Top 12 prospects from one of the better farm systems in MLB for a rental? That seems way too high. I would consider that same package for Sonny Gray. I would try to replace Alvarez with Yusniel Diaz and another pitcher in the Sheffield camp (Alexy?). Calhoun/Sheffield/Diaz/Alexy still might be steep, but you get 2 years and 3 months of Sonny Gray. Playoff rotation – Kershaw/Gray/Wood/Hill. I am not sure that there will be a better rotation in the playoffs.
      I still think Pat Neshek is the way to go for a reliever. Wilson would be a good addition, but the cost will certainly be more than Neshek, and all the Dodgers are trying to do is get a deep bullpen for the playoffs. Neshek has been nails all year long. When you are effective against both RHB and LHB, you do not need the lefty/righty matchups. They will worry about next year’s bullpen, next year.
      I still like Theo’s line from last year when the Cubs traded a ransom for Aroldis Chapman. “If not now, when?” Could the 2017 Dodgers take a same approach with just a little more sanity and rationale?

  10. I still want an impact righthanded bat for left field, with Chris Taylor moving in to 2B. Our offense is very good right now, but adding that additional impact bat, which essentially replaces Forsythe/Utley (both players that I like) in the lineup, would lengthen it to a degree that would make our lineup a nightmare for pitchers to face. There would be protection up and down the lineup, making our current hitters even more formidable.

    And no doubt I would also love to see an upgrade of the rotation and the bullpen, making them also that much more formidable.

    Problem is the cost. But I have faith that FAZ absolutely knows what they’re doing, and that decisions to trade prospects will not only focus on those players, but on the entire Dodgers talent pipeline from the big club all the way down to the Dominican Summer League. For example, if they trade Alex Verdugo, Willie Calhoun, etc., etc., etc., they will do so if they believe that those players are ultimately replaceable by the depth in the organization, including players that most, if not all of us are currently unaware of. They may also take into consideration that they can open the vault next year for international prospects, since they will no longer be tied down to the $300,000 max offer to any single signee. There are simply innumerable variables that FAZ is aware of that that we are not. We have to simply be confident that our braintrust will make the right decisions, which is of course why they make the big bucks.

    I don’t know exactly who I want the Dodgers to acquire, simply because I don’t get to see the vast majority of players being mentioned. For example, if I’ve ever seen Justin Wilson pitch, I simply don’t remember. And so on and so forth. And by the way, with all of trades being suggested, keep in mind that three-way trades are also possible, and that our front office is probably very adept at that.

    Like Mark said, “Now…. we wait!”

    And one more thing. Just to add to Mark’s characterization of Willie Calhoun having “tree trunk legs”, Baseball America in its 2017 Prospect Handbook describes him as being “built like a fire hydrant.”

        1. One look at Kyle Schwarber screams “catcher.” At 6-foot, 235 pounds, Schwarber has the fairly stout, wide-bodied look of a guy that could earn a nice living as a big league catcher.

    1. Another RHB would help to make the lineup more lethal. But what RHB is available? The only OF I have heard that is available is Jay Bruce, and he is LH. Could the Dodgers make an offer to St. Louis for Tommy Pham? If so, at what cost? Reports indicate that the Dodgers were at the Cards game yesterday, but most believe they were scouting Lance Lynn and Trevor Rosenthal.

      1. I read Justin Upton and the remaining $88M on his contract is available, added bonus, he probably comes with Justin Wilson. Bottom line: PASS.

  11. My direct TV package includes Fox Sports North which is the station Twins games are shown on so I’ve gotten to watch the games the last 2 nights. In both cases I’ve stopped watching to go to bed and we score the next inning. That’s how my lick goes. I assume that one of the reasons Ravin went three innings is because tonight could be a bullpen game with Stewart not being stretched out. I’m one of the people that feel we need bullpen help more than a started but I do worry that Wood will be out of gas by the end of the season and won’t be as effective. I think he’s averaging 6 innings per start and we would all love it he could go 7-8 but not at the cost of being worn down for the post season. I say no to Verlander. The cost of having Detroit pay down his contract would be more/better prospects and I don’t know that it’s worth it. Could he be the opposite of Reddick, where he performs better being traded to a contending team? Do we want to pay the cost to find out? FAZ knows more than I do and they’ve done ALOT more good than bad so I’ll probably be fine with whatever they decide to do.

  12. I pick going to the games that Dave Roberts causes the 25 minute delays. Umps didn’t seem to have any clue how how to fix the illegal switch or whatever it was. Great win last night however Maeda was struggling to get through the order the second time through. I’m not sure anyone should count on Kenta to be part of the playoff rotation. There were many great defensive plays to bail him out of jams last night. And it was the Twins lineup without their best hitter playing. Time will tell but I believe we need a right handed starter before the trade deadline passes. deGrom would be the best option if we could figure out a way to pry him away from the Mets. Grays pitching line looked pretty good again last night. I will leave these decisions up to LA Dodger Talk and Dodger Management now as I must return to work……………………………..

    1. I don’t think anyone is counting on Kenta to be part of the playoff rotation. As it stands today, Kershaw, Wood, Hill and McCarthy. Dodgers have the luxury of babying and healing McCarthy (everyone else also) in preparation for the playoffs. McCarthy is a solid #4, especially when you consider the bullpen we can fall back on if he falters. What team has better #4 than McCarthy?

        1. Hopefully the good, healthy one. Couldn’t that be said for anyone? Bottom line, what team has a better #4?

          Just like everyone here, I’d like a potential #1 to be our #4, another lock down reliever and a right handed masher. But at what cost? I trust FAZ not LA Dodger Talk to do the right thing.

          Sorry about that delay last night, it must have been a drag. Hopefully, you had a beer in hand to help cope.

        2. Stats for McCarthy in July shows 6.75 ERA, IP 14.2 , H 22, R 12, ER 11, W 5 and SO 9. The Dodgers have less than a week to decide on if Kershaws back issues will all go away, Wood will bounce back from his last start and continue his first half dominance into the playoffs and if Rich Hill will continue his recent success into the playoffs.
          It’s not going to be an easy decision for management but I don’t think I’m willing to pencil in McCarthy at this point either. We have plenty of ammo for the regular season in the starting pitcher department, but I am hoping for a better option come playoff time. That’s just my opinion. You can have a three headed monster at the back end like KC did a few years back but I still want a right hander in the rotation that can make a difference this year.

      1. At this moment, I have zero confidence in McCarthy and with the plethora of resources available to this team, we shouldn’t have to count on him.

    1. Dino

      I love it!

      Anderson had the nerve to say the Cubs treated him, better!

      Good Bye ballet Anderson, don’t let the door hit you, on the way out!

      1. To be fair, he said it was the best clubhouse that he’s ever been a part of which shouldn’t be taken as a shot at the Dodgers. He’s been on at least 4 teams off the top of my head.

  13. I believe that Darvish will be a Dodger. It makes too much sense. I think Gray and Alonso will wind up with the Yankees. The Yankees have plenty of prospects and adding a controllable piece like Gray fits what they’re doing. He can be had by the Yankees without NY giving up their top few prospects. The Yankees are loaded with outfielders in minors. Verlander? I really have no idea. He could help or he may just be a dope-fiend move. JV could be a post Aug 1st move for someone after the dust settles on the non-waiver trade deadline. I wouldn’t do Verlander unless Detroit significantly buys down the 2018 portion of his contract.

    Britton sounds great, but he had another poor performance today. He worries me. He may just need work or he might not be past his injury problems. I see Neshek in our future as well as lefty, but it may not be Wilson, Britton, or Hand. I have no idea who that person will be right now. This front office may surprise us. If Dayton looked like he did last year, I wouldn’t be that worried about it, but he’s a mess right now. Avilan’s last 6 outings are impressive. Something like 6 1/3 1H 1BB, 10K’s O runs.

    1. Lefties are hitting .132 of off Brach. Orioles scouts have been at Dodger Stadium this week. Britton or Brach? Brittion is the bigger name and lefty, but Brach is a better pitcher right now.

  14. I know he is not the big RHB many want, but Justin Ruggiano just opted out of his minor league contract with the Giants, and is looking for another minor league contract for a potential contender. It is doubtful that Franklin Gutierrez will be back. It might be worth a minor league contract for FAZ to sign Ruggiano for a RHB off the bench. I would envision him coming up in September, and then battle AGon and Ethier for that #4 bench role (with Kike’/Utley/Barnes). I am not very comfortable with SVS, Trayce Thompson, or Brett Eibner . It would not hurt to add some additional competition. Let’s see who can come off the bench in a pennant drive and deliver?

    1. It’s still a bit baffling that they watched JD Martinez go to AZ so cheaply. I guess it tells me that they do want to move Taylor to 2B which a Martinez move would have dictated. Also, they are happy with Forsythe. It also tells me they want to focus their trade chips on pitching. I wouldn’t be totally surprised if a RH bat for the bench is acquired but Kike and Barnes have done well against lefties. I agree that SVS/TT/Eibner aren’t solutions.

      1. Chris Taylor is playing for the first time in the outfield and he is damn good!

        Logan Forsythe is an exceptional 2B. I think they want this alignment.

        1. I have no problem with that. If you take away Forsythe’s first 30 AB’s after he came off the DL, I’m sure his numbers would be exceptional.

          1. Hawkeye

            Forsythe is hitting 197 against righties, and he is slugging about 230 against righties.

          2. That’s not good. OBP? I would have preferred JD in left with Taylor at 2B, but Forsythe has been exceptional on D and his AB’s are getting better. A straight platoon is too many AB’s for Utley though.

    2. AC – I read that yesterday and thought the same thing.
      He did ok for us a couple of years ago.

      1. Yes he did. He is worth a minor league contract, and “let’s see what you got.”

      2. Hawkeye

        He OBA is 325 against righties.

        But I don’t see bad numbers against righties, in his previous two years, but he has had 139 at bats, against righties this year.

        Your right he has looked better lately.

        But I think he tries to work his count to much at times, and because of that, he gets down to two strikes, pretty quickly.

        I do agree that he is a very sure handed, defensive player.

        But you know that JD would have crushed, in this line up.

        But this team reminds me a lot like the Cubs were, last year.

        And that includes getting a lot of good breaks.

        Every team needs that kind of thing to happen, to make it all the way..

  15. I do think there’s something to the fact that both Kenley and Doc have alluded to what a Darvish acquisition would mean.

    Yes, we are the best team. Yes I believe our team thinks we’re the best team. However, this of all years I think the players would be ecstatic to know that management says “yes, we believe we’re the best team, and we’re STILL going to improve to really give us a good shot to win it.” I think the players will take that as ‘ok, they got us a big time guy, now it’s our turn to really go get this ring.”

    Right now we’re playing great. But when this lead gets to 15 games or more, we’ll inevitably have a let down, and sometimes it’s hard to get back up for the end of Sept going thru all of Oct. I think a Darvish type move might get the guys’ adrenaline going even more and prevent that let down.

    Then again, I’ve never played so what the hell do I know about how these guys think or feel????

    1. I agree with you somewhat, yes, I believe also the team likes it when management moves to improve the team. Ecstatic? Maybe, if they got a great piece in an area where they completely sucked. But, we don’t completely suck anywhere. This is a close clubhouse, I think everybody truly likes and roots for each other. We also talk of chemistry, who are we going to bench for the right-handed masher? All position players are doing their jobs and contributing. But, we are only carrying 11 right now, Verdugo/???/Trade coming up?
      Starter? Who we dropping in the playoffs? Kershaw, 17 out of 21 quality starts, Wood, 8 out of 15 quality starts, McCarthy, 8 out of 16 starts and 3.84 ERA. Hill has 4 out of 14 quality starts, but 7 wins and he was acquired for the playoffs. These four guys are bringing it, it also sends a message to say we are standing pat, we think we are good enough to win already.
      Reliever? The hottest 7 or 8 guys in the organization at playoff time are going. Seems like a lock down reliever would be a welcomed with the other 6 or 7 playoff pitcher.
      My vote is, trade for a lock down reliever, Verdugo/hottest minor leaguer called up and go with our existing rotation. I’d love a Darvish, but the organization would be paying a huge price for 5-6 playoff starts in place of McCarthy, who has 15 out of 21 quality starts and 3.44 ERA.

        1. Yankees traded Chapman and he came back. That situation is about communication not about whether or not they trade him. Darvish wants Strasburg money and if Texas isn’t willing to do it then he won’t sign there anyways. If they don’t trade him and lose him as a free-agent, they get a 3rd Rd pick under the new CBA not quality prospects. As for Otani, Darvish might help their cause, but was there a Japanese player in Texas prior to Darvish? No, and Darvish still signed there. It’s still undetermined if Otani will leave millions on the table and come to the US after this season especially considering how little he has played this year due to injury.

    2. Bobby, players do watch management and assess if they believe this is the year. They are human, and they would get jacked if the FO went out and got Yu Darvish or Sonny Gray. They read the reports on the top prospects, and they know who they are. But chances like 70-31 do not come along very often, and their careers are short. They know the FO can start to manipulate for a Playoff Roster. They know they are in the playoffs, and will probably be top seed, at least in the NL. Ted Williams/Carl Yastremski/Jim Rice/Dewey Evans/Fred Lynn/Carlton Fisk/Ernie Banks/Ferguson Jenkins. None of them have rings. Utley has his ring, but Kershaw doesn’t, neither does Adrian Gonzalez. So if Yadier Alvarez has to be moved for Darvish or Gray, the players will feel bad (for a minute), but Yadi isn’t going to help them THIS YEAR, while the other two could. And I am using Alvarez only as an example. I still get a laugh when after my son was given his 2004 WS ring by Toronto management after signing with the Blue Jays, him walking up to Roy Halladay and saying, “Hey Doc, I know you have a CY, but do you have one of these?” He never did get one. Individual awards are great, but when you are on a team sport, it is winning as a team that drives the competitiveness.
      The players would get excited for Justin Wilson or Zach Britton, or even Pat Neshek. Those three could be difference makers in October. The only thing they have to watch for is that nobody from the core players is going to be dealt, and no vet is going to get dealt (no to Utley and no to AGon). They deserve to be here, and the players know it. I will tell you that the veterans are the backbone in that clubhouse. I know that from talking with players who have moved up and down between MLB and AAA. They latch on to the veteran leadership, and they see the immense respect the team has for the one-two-three vets leading them. And just like Chase and AGon, they may not be starters anymore.
      There would have to be some player movement to facilitate the new player(s), but do not expect to see Logan, or Yasiel, or Joc get traded. They are part of the core that brought the Dodgers to this point. Nobody is going to disrupt that chemistry. The players are emotional, so they will excited for a key addition. But it is a good thing that Andrew Friedman and Farhan Zaidi try to make decisions without the element of emotion. Emotion can create stupid moves, and while not every move they have made has turned out great (or non-moves), they were not stupid or done with emotion. So come Monday, if there is no Darvish or Gray or Wilson or Britton or Hand, it will not be because FAZ did not try to pull off the trade, it is just that in their mind, the other team was being unreasonable.

    1. What is really fun is to read the responses. Most fans over-value their prospects. When a Yankees fan says Florial and Mateo should be enough for Gray and Alonso, that person is not being reasonable. Florial is a very good 19 year old OF in SALLY (Low A- akin to Great Lakes). He is hitting very well with plus power, and everything I have read on him indicates he is a plus defensive CF with plus speed. But there have been more players who have succeeded at A Ball that did not make it than have. Is Florial one that does? Probably. He is too gifted. His ETA is 2020. Mateo is a very good middle infielder who is also learning to play the OF. He is 22 who spent the better part of this year in the Florida State League (High A). He is now in AA and hitting very well. I do agree that they should not include Chance Adams. But Florial and Mateo do not get Gray alone much less Alonso. Someone suggested Domingo Acevedo, and that might make sense. That is three top 10 from a very good farm system.
      The other take-away I got was that Dodger fans on that site seem to be accepting that Verlander is going to be the one that comes to LA. Not Darvish. Most have no problem with Calhoun going to the AL or Alvarez being shopped. Just not Verdugo. Buehler is considered about as untouchable as there is.
      IMO, FAZ is lining up Plans B, C, D, and E, because their Plan A of Darvish or Britton or Wilson, may not materialize, because the asking price just may be too much. I would not be surprised if FAZ got Lance Lynn/Trevor Rosenthal from St. Louis; or Dan Straily/Kyle Barraclaugh from Miami, or one of LHRP Chasen Shreve (NYY), Sam Freeman (Braves), Wandy Peralta (Reds), Alex Claudio (Rangers).

  16. Rough outing for Yu tonight. Helps Texas fall in the standings though. They left him out there way too long in the 4th and the Marlins knocked him around. He wasn’t throwing as hard as his last start and he hung some curve balls when he was out there forever in the 4th. Mostly working around 95 mph. Dropped to 93 in the long inning.

  17. I heard on MLB-XM today that the Rangers were asking for Verdugo, Buehler and another unnamed prospect for Darvish.

    HELL NO!

  18. Not having Stewart stretched out and trying to do it during a major league game wasn’t a great idea.

    1. Stewart did fine. Forsythe’ s unusually poor defense cost them those runs. Perfect time to start stretching him out. He will be up to 75 pitches next start.

  19. Beltre ejected for moving the on deck circle tonight. Ump told him to get back in the on deck circle so he moved it closer to home plate

  20. Did anyone else laugh out loud when that CF threw the ball to 1b with nobody around to catch it?

    1. I did Bobby, think I laughed even louder watching Turner Wards face while he was getting passionate cheek kisses from Puig

  21. Ya think we just might be getting a bit too spoiled? I mean how can this stuff be topped? Welp Giants play Dodgers harder than any other teams they face, so sweeping the next three this weekend would make my decade.

  22. Neshek to the Rockies. Looks like a pretty good haul for the Phils. But agree with AlwaysCompete, Neshek would have been nice.
    Phils got 21st and 24th rated prospects (and another guy), but both were playing in A ball. Seems like there is a lot of potential with these two to be rated this high when only at A Ball. Is that right AlwaysCompete, your rating generally goes up the closer you get to MLB?
    Still lots of good trade possibilities out there.

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