Andrew Friedman is Garbage!

From TrueBlueLA:

Just because Dodgers are.doing well , people want to say Andrew Friedman has done a great job. Ive been someone who has been saying for a long time that he is an absolute horrible leader for this team. He runs this team like je ran his budget Marlins. Signing recalmation projects cheap, McCarthy , Anderson, avooding Big Name FA Scherzer, Cueto, Greinke, and more, and trades away promising farm system arms for short term rentals, by Cotton, Montas and holmes. His resigning of Rich Hill who by all accounts had ALREADY beat the odds and pitchwd well for tje 1st time at an older age. History , recent history of injuries and he is.just getting older. Jist like tje McCarthy and Andersen signings, what is happening to Rich Hill . He could have and.SHOULD have signed Scherzer or Cueto and wed be in an even bettwr position. He keepsmaking small market moves, and come postseason time when we should be rolling into 5 & 7 game series with a 1 & 2 who are both formidable, once afain well be hoping Rich Hill doesnt get a blister so he can go 5 innings, or Alex Wood cont to pitch like he is snow and doesnt fold under the pressure. 


It’s still so true that people hate Andrew Friedman and by reading the above, you can understand why.  Don’t Confuse Them With Facts – Their Mind is Already Made Up!

BTW, I do not mean to imply that this is from one of the fine writers at TBLA – it’s from a demented fan.  

Posted by Mark Timmons

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  1. Boy, I do not know who wrote that article, but he does not like Friedman. He is in the dark and he is going to stay there. Does he know we are above the luxury cap and he still wants these other players. Hate is a terrible thing. It really clouds your thinking.

  2. The writer of that post cannot be that stupid. He certainly doesn’t understand the salary cap or the luxury tax implications, nor does he understand the importance of building a franchise for the longterm by drafting and developing your own talent .

    Does he not realize the Dodgers have won the NL West for four consecutive years and now have the best record in all of baseball? Analytics is the new thing in ML baseball and the Dodgers have assembled one of the best analytic departments that will be the envy of all.

    This guy had to write that post for “shock value,” because nobody could be that stupid. Could they?

  3. Interesting note from yesterday about the NATS:
    Nationals acquired LHP Sean Doolittle and RHP Ryan Madson from the Athletics in exchange for RHP Blake Treinen, LHP Jesus Luzardo and 3B Sheldon Neuse.
    FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal was first to report the deal and it’s now official. The Nationals have had the worst bullpen in baseball this season, so adding two relievers in the midst of terrific years certainly helps. Doolittle and Madson might share the closer job in Washington for now, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if the Nats are still in the market for another reliever. Treinen could potentially be in the mix for saves in Oakland, although probably not right away. Jul 16 – 1:04 PM

  4. Yeah, I have seen that poster’s work before. About the only rant he forgot this time was, “Friedman coughed up a real hairball by not trading Peraza for Hamels!

  5. MT or AC…. Can you give me the reason why Alex Wood is doing what he’s doing…Is it that he’s finally healthy or did he have some modifications from Honey or a combination??? He is lights out and fun to watch!!! Almost C.Y. fun…

    1. 1. He’s healthy;

      2. Honey smoothed out his deliver so that his release point is repeatable; and

      3. Confidence!

      1. On a recent Dodger broadcast it was said that all Wood pitches now come from the same release point making it harder for hitters to get an early read on the type of pitch coming at them.

    2. Peter, I may be late to the party on this, but Mark and Box are absolutely correct. It has been reported on multiple occasions that on Wood’s last start with the Braves in 2015 he hurt his foot. As Dodgerrick has mentioned on multiple occasions, Wood’s arm slot was never consistent to begin with, and the foot injury exasperated that issue. For the past two off-seasons, Wood has been working with Honey to become more consistent with his arm slot. Wood has always had a tremendous arm and pitch-ability, but needed consistency. I have been a big steady supporter of Wood even with the arm slot issue, because of what he could do when it was working. He is only 26, so there was always time. This year he has been more consistent, and his record proves it. He still needs to be able to get more of a bulldog mentality and put people away rather than let 0-2 counts slip into 3-2 counts. This should allow Alex to go deeper into games. He could have gone 7 his last game out. I am not quite sure why he did not. Alex Wood is a legit CY candidate this year, and if it were not for two big horses named Clayton Kershaw and Max Scherzer, Wood would be getting more looks from the voters.

  6. To be fair to True Blue LA which is a great site for dodger information, that was a Fanpost and not an article by their usual authors or editors.

    It was pretty quickly trashed in the comment section but has lived on because it was so over the top. Have to admit I enjoyed reading it again though will need more coffee to help with the headache it caused.

    1. Grinch

      Exactly the guy that runs that site is good, and actually Joe Davis reads that site for info, and he has mentioned that, in his broadcasts from time to time.

  7. It reads like something a fourteen-year-old would write. And not a bright fourteen-year-old at that.

  8. Surprised that guy didn’t bemoan Friedman not signing expensive Samardzija, instead of cheap reclamation projects. Oh well Midget Fans, only another $59M after this year on that contract. The good news for you, he doesn’t walk many.
    The real Samardzija, where are ya? Is there a ballplayer who is producing just flat-out weirder results these days than the Giants’ Jeff Samardzija? Samardzija entered Sunday’s start against the San Diego Padres leading the National League with a rate of 1.1 walks per nine innings and a strikeouts-to-walks ratio of 9.07. And yet he was just 4-10 with a 4.58 ERA.
    Make that 4-11 with a 4.86 ERA. Samardzija was tagged with seven runs and nine hits over six innings during San Francisco’s 7-1 loss to San Diego. But those control numbers were still growing: He struck out eight and didn’t walk anybody.
    Since April 28, Samardzija has struck out 100 batters and walked four over 92 2/3 innings in 14 starts. That’s an easy K:BB ratio to calculate: 25.0. His ERA during that stretch? It’s 4.37.
    So we ask again: Who is the real Samardzija? Frankly, I’m betting it’s more the control-master version than the one with the inflated ERA. Samardzija has allowed a .333 average in balls in play this season. It’s “only” the 11th-highest number among qualifying hurlers, but it’s 33 points above his career mark.
    And perhaps not coincidentally, the Giants rank 29th in the majors with minus-74 defensive runs saved.

    1. Rumors are that the Astros are looking into Samardzija. Jeff Luhnow is a big sabermetric guy, and he apparently believes in Shark’s peripherals.

  9. Interesting analysis of Brock Stewart at
    “However, anecdotally, I can tell you that based on my observations his 95 mile-per-hour tailing four-seam fastball that he throws 60% of the time (Brooks) has been nearly impossible to hit. I don’t know if this has to do with a usage reduction of his slider, coupled with a corresponding usage increase of his change up (also Brooks), creating a more profound velocity gap. I don’t know if the fact that his fastball isn’t really like anyone else’s on the team in terms of behavior, making it difficult to scout and prepare for, has anything to do with it. I can only tell you that opposing hitters do not look like they are having any fun at all against him.”

  10. Britten’s 2018 salary is $12M+.
    $177,201,188 = 2018 payroll under contract that includes players no longer on the team.
    Does not include player payroll not under contract for players like Seager, Pederson, Bellinger, Taylor, Barnes, Hernandez, Stripling, Stewart, Buehler, etc. etc.
    Whatever players the Dodgers add for the stretch run that have contracts at least through 2018 have to be weighed against the 2018 penalty cap of $197M. That could affect whether or not the Dodgers use their option on Forsythe for 2018.

    1. Excellent points, I do believe Faz wants and needs to get under the cap for 1 year to restart the calculations. During the off season a player like Ryu could be moved if further cap relief is needed or an option not picked up like Forsythe.

      Sept call ups this year will tell a lot about the team’s make up going forward, I would like to see them hold on to Calhoun, Verdugo and Buehler. But Alvaraz I’m on the fence.

      Nats made a good deal in an area of need, and did not overpay. Brach has a better contract but might cost more than Britton because of it and his health. They won’t trade both and need starters.

      I read that Hill threw a little hissy in the dugout after being pulled but did not see the game yesterday.

      1. Maybe Puig has reached the point where he would actually have a good influence on Alvaraz.

      2. It is for this reason that Chris Taylor’s play could be making a decision on Logan Forsythe an easier one. Buy out the club $9M option, and let Chris Taylor play 2B on a full-time basis. Or see if Willie Calhoun can play the position daily, let Chris Taylor become the Ben Zobrist, and move Kike’. Luxury tax will definitely have an impact as to how the team is comprised next year. Kike’ is not a contract problem, but IMO Chris Taylor is a better option than Kike’, and you do not need two super utility players. You lose Utley’s $2M. Losing Romo and Hatcher will save $4.25M. Avilan earns $1.5M and Fields earns $1.05M. Ryu can have a decent second half and might be easier to move his $7M. If McCarthy continues to pitch well, he and his $11.5M cap also becomes a candidate for an off-season trade. Signing bonuses are allocated ratably over the life of the contract making Brandon’s $10M salary a cap of $11.5M. AGon is the big issue, but his 10/5 rights vest in August, and after August he has full no trade for 2018. I would imagine they could get creative and find a prospect that SD would like where they absorb the remainder of the Kemp contract.
        As much as I like Britton, the smart play is for Justin Wilson. If they work it right, the Dodgers can get both Wilson and Brach for half of what Britton will make.

  11. Here is the latest on Stanton. I have no idea if these numbers are correct, but I know (or think I know) that it’s a buyers market for Stanton and someone might get a steal. I like Stanton around $200M coupled with the additional savings the Dodgers would get because of their luxury tax situation, better than Harper or Machado at $300-400M. I also like Stanton at that number better than the “boy wonder” in Chicago’s contract with Heyward. .
    I KNOW Stanton would look mighty nice in LF and the 5 hole in LA. Waive the no-trade to LA Stanton and come on home.
    Craig Mish of Sirius XM tweeted Saturday that the Giants have shown more interest than anyone else in Marlins right fielder Giancarlo Stanton, leading Alex Pavlovic of NBC Sports Bay Area to assess whether a deal could happen. The California-born slugger’s enormous contract (he’ll collect $295MM through 2028 if he doesn’t opt out after the 2020 season) makes it highly unlikely he’ll end up in San Francisco, even if the Marlins were to eat around $95MM, observes Pavlovic. To take on that type of money – particularly for a player who has had difficulty staying healthy – would cripple the Giants’ budget for both the near term and the long haul, Pavlovic writes.

  12. After watching the series with the Marlins I didn’t think Stanton looked good on defense. I like solid defense and decent speed over power but if the Dodgers could swap some 2018 payroll cost with Miami and Miami paid the last 2 years of Stanton’s contract, it would tempt me to add Stanton.

  13. Zero point zero interest in Stanton and his Ryan Howard-esque deal.

    And this from Rosenthal:

    Sources: #Dodgers open to trading Morrow and/or Romo. Idea would be to clear spot for LH acquisition, create greater L-R balance in ‘pen.

    Morrow (20 Ks, 2 BBs, 0 HRs, 15.2 IP) pitching better than Romo (31 Ks, 12 BBs, 7 HRs, 25 IP). Romo owed balance of $3M, Morrow of $1.25M.

    1. Good luck trading Romo…the Brooklyn Nets like to take salary dumps…can he dribble?

      1. Agreed! Put Romo on the DL with Hatcher until Sept 1st if a roster spot is needed. I think he has negative trade value. Morrow, I would not part with due to his contract and performance.

        Lakers are in the Vegas Summer League Finals tonight against the Blazers. Ball and friends have created some long overdue excitement, and Magic has done a fine job to this point.

        1. You are right about that Vegas. I attended the first 3 games and Ball and the team struggled a bit. Since then they have come together as a team and Kuzma has been a real team assest. Ball has really picked it up too. Although, he has a tight calf and was questionalbe as of this morning for tonights game.

  14. When I read that stuff from TBLA I kept saying to myself that that can’t be Eric Stephen. Not just the content, but the incessant misspellings and generally atrocious writing. Relieved to hear it wasn’t actually Stephen.

    I’ve supported the 2012 Trade with Boston, but I’ve also been a strong supporter of FAZ, who by the way, were hired by the same folks that pulled off that Trade.

    Bums, I haven’t looked closely at the Dodgers payroll in quite a while, but I assume that that $177 million includes players like Ethier, Crawford and Alex Guerrero, who together represent about $45 million or more, and are coming off the books after this year.

    I’m not focused on any particular players, but would like to see the Dodgers ad pitching and a strong righthanded power bat. I like Chris Taylor, but I’d also like to add another bat to lengthen the Dodgers lineup even more, especially since I think there are multiple ways to keep Taylor in the lineup in conjunction with such a deal. Be it Stanton, J.D. Martinez, or someone else of a similar ilk, putting one of those bats behind Cody Bellinger, and in front of Grandal (or whoever bats 6th) would make pitching to the Dodgers lineup a nightmare, even for good pitchers. How many more strikes would Bellinger, and for that matter, Turner and Seager, see as a result of having that threat behind them. And how much less pressure would there be on those hitters, knowing that it’s not just up to them. And how much more patient would they be, knowing that a walk could be just as good as a hit. Just like you can’t have too much pitching, you also can’t have too much depth in your lineup.

    And, of course, adding a premium bullpen arm or two helps tighten the vise that much tighter. I personally believe that when you have your opponent down, you apply more and more pressure by putting your foot on their neck, and keeping it there.

    That said, everything I want would come at a cost, and I’m not in favor of mortgaging the farm system. However, I trust that the Dodgers brain-trust has a good idea of the prospects they are willing to part with for whatever return they can get. In fact, they also have a better idea of what they have deep in the farm system, including players drafted this year, and others acquired during the recent July international signing period.

    Now it’s just let’s wait, and see.

  15. I doubt there is any need to worry if there would be any takers for Romo. If the Dodgers need room on the roster, Romo is easy enough to DFA. We’re already past the half way mark. Whatever is left on his contract is pocket change. In fact, his entire contract was pocket change.

  16. Not sure what the Dodgers would like to have from the Yankees but the Yankees need pitching now more than just a couple of weeks ago.
    Pineda to have season ending TJ surgery. Suffice it to say, the timing of Pineda’s injury could hardly be worse for the Yankees or for the player himself. Already rumored to be on the lookout for rotation help, the Yankees will now be without a right-hander that was one of their most productive starters for the season’s first two months.
    McCarthy for ?
    McCarthy and Gonzales for ?

    1. It is worse for Pineda as this was his FA year. The Yankees may be interested in McCarthy, and would have been interested in AGon if not for the back injury. They may be interested in tieing him up this year before his 10/5 rights vest, and playing him in 2018, if not September. Maybe the Dodgers could package both and work out some final pieces for Chance Adams. Chance Adams and Walker Buehler could be in the rotation next year with Kershaw, Wood, and Hill. Or maybe they get a 2019 or 2020 ETA prospect and be happy with the salary dump.

      1. Matt Hoilday is playing first for the Yankees, and he is having a pretty good year, so I don’t think the Yankees would be interested, in Agone.

        Holiday has hit 16 HRs this year, and he is OPS about 850.

          1. I have stated all along that I believe AGon is here through 2018. I was responding to Bums on a potential AGon package. It was a legitimate question. Cashman is no Coppolello, so I do not think the Yankees will be hoodwinked. But if one goes in with the attitude that nobody will take Gonzalez, then your prediction will be right 100% of the time. But it only took one John Coppolello to get Alex Wood for Hector Olivera. Maybe (just maybe) Cashman is not all that comfortable on NYY’s 2017 pennant chances, but sees a healthy Adrian Gonzalez at 1B and that short RF porch and Greg Bird isn’t much of a factor anymore for 2018. How would you like to face Aaron Judge and a healthy AGon in the middle of the Yankee lineup. And I know healthy and Adrian Gonzalez have not been friends for awhile. But what if…
            Since there is absolutely nobody on this or any other blog that has any clue as to what FAZ may or may not do, or what they may or may not have offered, or what they may or may not have turned down, fan speculation is all that drives trade discussions. If this was not of much interest to fans, I guess there would not be a MLBTradeRumors site, or ESPN Trade Rumors, etc.

          2. Bluto, I think you don’t think Agon will play again and will retire. But if the Yankees determine that Agon will play again, they could use him at first base and he could be the price the Yankees would have pay to get McCarthy. The Dodgers would get much less from the Yankees by including Agon but would get salary relief.
            The Yankees need a RH starter so why not kick around a few ideas?

  17. On Wood, he has raised his arm slot back to where it was before arm surgery a few years ago. He has added 2 – 3 MPH to his fastball as a result. Additionally, he has changed his pitch mix and is throwing more change ups. The combination of the two has been devastating.

    Every team with post-season designs will be looking for relief help at the deadline. I am frankly surprised that the A’s got so little for Madsen and Doolittle. They didn’t get any of Washington’s top prospects. I expect more competition for relief help before the deadline.

    The Dodgers will dump Romo or any of their other inexpensive relievers if necessary to find a roster spot for bullpen help.

    No to Ryu, Maeda or Kazmir coming out of the pen. We need a lefty killer and someone ready for post-season action. None of those guys give me confidence that they are ready to handle a post-season role in late relief.

    1. I agree with you on the relatively light player cost for Doolittle and Madson. I assume that Madson’s $7.5M+ 2018 contract salary played into that. It will cost prospects for Wilson who will be entering his final arbitration year. He can be that LHRP bridge to Jansen. Brad Brach could also be a nice fit replacing Romo.
      I do not have a problem with Ryu in the bullpen as long as he is considered a lefty long reliever, and not a setup guy. I am not confident at all that Kazmir will be back, but if he is, it will be in September, and will undoubtedly not be on the playoff roster. I also have no problem with that to see what he can do. He certainly will not hurt the Dodgers’ getting to the playoff chances.

      1. I agree with both Rick and AC, we need a good leftie for the pen, and if it is a relief pitcher, that gets both lefties and righties out, that is even better, but they should be a dominate reliver.

        One of Wood’s best stats is the fact that Wood has only given up two HRs, all year!

  18. This team has to win the playoffs. The Nats, Cubs, et al will not be throwing in the towel in October just because we win 100 games. The team needs a solid 2 inning relief arm. Maybe 1.2 innings with Jansen doing 4 outs. We should enjoy the rout while we can, but if this team doesn’t go all the way, it will be same ol’ same ol’. BTW: 0 walks yesterday and a bunch of K’s.

  19. Agree Brooklyn, Romo will not be on the roster during the play offs. I do no like the idea of trading Morrow. There are some things they need to figure out? How good is Ryu out of the pen? How good is Stewart on high leverage situation? Is Liberatore going to make it back? Is Dayton going to be the Dayton we had last year? Maybe, just maybe, we do not need to do anything at the trading dead line.

  20. Bums, my mistake. Misread your post by overlooking the “2018” part. Old age is getting to me faster than I thought.

    When I saw the schedule for this season I was concerned about the fact that we ended it with a 3 game series at Coors. Important games there at the end of the season could have played havoc with our pitching. Assuming we hold onto our large lead and we have lots of additional pitching with our expanded September roster, not concerned anymore.

    1. My thinking is that the team probably did/have/are and will continue to use the 10 day DL in questionable ways.
      If anyone didn’t see such manipulation coming when a 10 day DL was both dreamt up and enacted, they are morons.

    1. 12 million a year. I think its too many tacos. I feel the same way about paying Stanton, too much money for one guy when you take into consideration salary cap, injuries, etc.

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