Destiny’s Dodgers

No words are necessary!

No trades may be necessary… other than for a LHRP.

What’s wrong with an outfield of Taylor, Pederson and Puig?

Why mess with a good thing?


Posted by Mark Timmons

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  1. Great Victory last night. Enjoying basking in the glory of it. Doesn’t look like it will be necessary to gut the farm to improve a whole lot this year. But today is a new day and we must also look to the future.
    Here is a can’t miss article on our EIGHTEEN year old catching phenom. I have seen the future and the future looks good!!

    1. To be fair, Keibert does turn nineteen next week. Times sure have changed. A couple of years ago, the lone catching prospect was Julian Leon (now with the Angels). Kyle Farmer was being converted to catcher so he could not be considered a prospect. Then FAZ enters, trades for Grandal and Barnes. With the development of Ruiz, the subsequent draft of Will Smith and Connor Wong, and the development of more than a handful of international catchers, the Dodgers are now stacked with catching prospects. While the Colletti regime should get credit for signing Ruiz on his 16 th birthday, it was FAZ that brought a 17 year old kid from Venezuela to the U.S. to begin his professional career, and Keibert has not disappointed.I
      By the way the Dodgers just re-signed Shawn Zarraga (C) and assigned him to Tulsa. I admit I have soft spot in my heart for Shawn. I doubt that he ever gets to MLB, but he can hit.

  2. Incredible game! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Haven’t had this much fun watching the Dodgers since Koufax, Drysdale and Wills were leading the way.

  3. What I like about the Dodgers it is a different guy each night. They may never go into a slump because of the depth. On most teams you have 3-4 guys doing the damage. If a couple of those guys go into a slump, you have problems. If the Dodgers have couple of guys go in a slump, the other guys just pick them up. Remember, before Puig’s HR, Pederson and Grandal had to do their job. They did and passed the baton on. Doc, do not put Puig in another position in the batting order.

    1. Idahoal

      I like the fact that it is a new guy every game too.

      And I think most every player on this team, has made a contribution to this team, in some way, to help the team win a game this year, so I think all of the players, deserve credit.

      Last night, after Joc and Grandal got on base, I thought the team, might do it again.

      But after Puig got down on his count early with two strikes, I must admit, it didn’t look good to me.

      But I have to give credit when credit is due, because Puig not only got a hit, he hit the ball out, to dead centerfield.

      I can’t remember Puig even hitting the ball out to center this year, so that was impressive, to me.

      Joc and Grandal were also both down to their last strike, before they got on base, last night too.

      After Joc was down to his last strike, he hung in there, and made the pitcher pitch to him, and he hit a hard single, just past the second baseman.

      And Grandal worked that walk, after he was down, to his last strike too.

      And like Idahoal said, both Joc and Grandal, deserve credit for having good at bats, and getting on base, to put the bat in Puig’s hands, to win this game.

      I think all of those at bats in the top of the ninth, were important last night!

      Because last year during the post season, it seemed like the back to our line up, would go down to quickly, and to easy.

      Maybe these late situations in games, will help the back of our line up, have better at bats, and hit better, in the post season.

      1. I agree those were 3 really good at bats with 2 outs and all down to their last strike. Ramos also uncorked a really wild pitch to Grandal that allowed Joc to take second before walking Grandal. Then after Puig chased an outside slider he had him in an 0 and 2 hole. I was thinking, throw it in the dirt and make him chase but Puig layed off another wild pitch and now the tying run is on 3rd, winning run on 2nd. He didn’t want to throw him a strike but he was forced to and Puig made him pay big time. That was a tough game for a team, a closer and a manager to lose and great for the other side. I predict yet another sweep with Wood today and Hill tomorrow.

        1. Kike has a .951 OPS against LH pitchers and is horrible against RH pitchers. Funny, but he has more appearances against RH this year! He happens to be 8th on the team in AB’s.

  4. Devin Smeltzer had a very good game at RC yesterday, but AJ Alexy had a forgettable outing. Josh Sborz had a good game as well. That’s back to back for Josh. Hopefully he has a great final two months. Tonight the Dodgers minor leaguers have four pitching prospects to watch.
    Walker Buehler at Tulsa
    Jordan Sheffield at Great Lakes
    Carlos Felix at Ogden
    Yadier Alverez at Rancho

  5. I like Dustin Nosler (Dodger Digest) for his knowledge of Dodger minor leaguers. He comes out with a top 100 Dodger prospects every spring, and there are names on that list that most have never heard of, including most of us die hard minor league fans. As most Dodger fans have speculated, the two areas that may need some additional support are LHRP and RH Power bat. While some pundits have suggested, the Pirates (McCutcheon and Watson) seem plausible, most have settled on the Tigers (Martinez and Wilson),as the logical trading partner. Nosler has suggested three credible trade scenarios with the Tigers for Martinez and Wilson individually and as a tandem. In his opinion, no trade should include Buehler or Verdugo.
    For Martinez – Alverez, Alexy, Sborz (I am not on board with this one, but I do agree that is the cost of a deadline trade). While the buyers for LHRP may be a long list, there are only three teams that have been linked to JD Martinez; Dodgers, Cardinals, and DBacks. The price should not be this high.
    For Wilson – Calhoun and Sheffield
    For Martinez and Wilson – Alverez, Calhoun, Angel German, Sheffield, and Sborz
    While I am not convinced that Alverez is a potential Ace, I am not convinced that he is not. So while including him in a trade for a reliever and rental might be steep, it just might be what can take the Dodgers to a WS victory. That would move Taylor to 2nd and make Logan Forsythe available to the Red Sox or Yankees to partially recover for some of the prospects lost. BUT too many ifs, and probably too many changes for a team that may not need them, and not the FAZ way.

    If the Dodgers can get Wilson for Calhoun and Sheffield, I do not know why it has not been made. My sense is that with the number of buyers for LHRP, the Tigers will want more, and will probably get it. LHRP is the one area the Dodgers need to improve. While RH power bat would be nice, it is more of a luxury that needs other changes to make work. This can be addressed in the off season.

    1. AC

      Thanks for all of your knowledge, and the effort you put in!

      I guess it is still early, and anything can happen, in the next two weeks.

      That is how baseball is, because your always getting on, to the next game.

    2. Another win and another round of trade speculations. DD did have some interesting takes on trades but I don’t like any of them, just straight overpays. JD will probably get a new contract somewhere around 5 years and $75-85 M and I don’t believe that fits into the Dodgers plans. There are not many teams in on him and the price may come down, that is too much for a rental. Wilson maybe but I hate to part with Calhoun, he is a special bat. I really think a LHRP only and the price needs to be fair.

      Dodgers lineup should be:
      2B Forsythe-Utley straight platoon
      3B-JT (Forsythe when he needs a day off)
      CF-Joc and Kike or Thompson
      RF-Puig and Kike-Thompson
      C-Grandal and Barnes straight platoon
      SP-Kershaw, Wood, Hill (playoffs) and whover is pitching best from McCarthy, Maeda and Ryu.
      BP-Mix and match as needed but for now Ryu goes there as a leftie, possibly Kazmir.
      Until the team starts losing I would prefer not to tinker all that much. There is a lot of talent coming up in Sept and perhaps sooner, especially for bullpen help.

    1. That is what the impetus to re-sign Shawn Zarraga was about. Too bad for Will Smith. He was having a productive year. Maybe AZL Fall League to make up for the lost time.

    2. Welcome to AA Tulsa Will. Great comments from Gabe Kapler who looks like is doing a great job with the Dodger minor league system.

  6. AC, if we can get Wilson for Calhoun and Sheffield, I would do it . A LHRP is all we need. We do not need Martinez. Do not give up some more farm kids for a rental that is not needed. Detroit will not trade with anyone until the end to drive up the price.

    I wan to thank Mark and AC for their work. I enjoy coming to this sight every day to see what you guys have written and the posts.

      1. No, which is why some are speculating that it is the Tigers pushing it to get the Dodgers more involved. That gets the Dombrowki’s to move, not FAZ.

  7. Any trade should be for success in the postseason. That’s why dominant relief pitcher should be the target. No offense is necessary. Postseason is IT. We need dominant 2 inning guy. Who is that? No one in the division. White Sox. Tigers. Marlins. A’s. Rays. Take your pick. Maybe Orioles.

  8. As much as I would like to have JD Martinez or Marcel Ozuna, these guys are tight and picking each other up. I know FAZ won’t overpay for a rental… and he would be a rental because he is going to get 5 years/$75+ million. That’s not the way to long-term success.

    I would overpay for Zach Britton however (providing he is 100% healthy). If he was added to the Dodgers pen, they would be set. Jansen , Stewart, Stripling and Britton and maybe Morrow and Baez can all pitch 2 innings.

    Lots of people were down on Baez, but he is a work in progress and is incrementally better than last year. Add Fields and Buehler to that mix and WOW!

    Would the Orioles give up Brach and Britton for Maeda, Alvarez, Sborz and Calhoun? I’d throw in Fields…

    1. I think I would rather keep Maeda and include McCarthy in that trade.
      Looking at this from a different perspective, what would the Dodgers want if a team wanted to trade for Alvarez?

      1. Hatcher has little value. Maybe Baltimore would take him.

        McCarthy has little value to a rebuilding team whereas Maeda is 5 years younger and signed long-term. I would rather include McCarthy, but Baltimore would undoubtedly prefer Maeda.

        What they want for Alvarez, I cannot speculate.

      2. Yadier Alvarez is an enigma right now. He has a great fastball and an above average slider that has not progressed that much this year. There is also a question about heart/desire that has popped up more this year. There is a lack of concentration. He is only 21, but to be an Ace one should be dominating A ball at 21. Alvarez is not dominating. Is he just immature and will grow out of it? I think that is what teams have to make a guess at. But to guess wrong could be costly. I do not believe that the Dodgers will be quick to trade the potential, but if something valuable and more certain came in return, I am not so certain that they would not make a move. Alvarez has a very high ceiling and a very low floor. With the Dodgers depth, they can afford to hold on to him, and try to switch a couple of players with a lower ceiling but with a higher floor in a trade.

        1. I totally agree for the most part. I am not infallible but I was never high on Zach Lee or Grant Holmes and I have learned from Greg Miller, Rubby De La Rosa and Allen Webster what to look for. My gut tells me that Alvarez will NEVER be a quality starter, but he might be an elite closer or 8th inning guy.

          I often go with my gut and that’s what I feel.

          Not guaranteeing I am right!


          1. I agree which is why I would not be reluctant to trade him for a potential difference maker. In the Futures Game, he was outstanding for 2 batters and then just lost it. No reason other than lack of concentration. I know Box and others think he is a future Ace, I am just not convinced. High A Ball seems to separate the potential from the maybe. If you succeed at AA, then it is assumed that you might be able to compete at the ML level. High A to AA is the hardest move. AA is where 21 year old Aces grow, and Yadier is not out of high A and does not show the ability (or maybe desire or maturity) yet.
            I have been steadfast (and obviously wrong) about how I felt about Zach Lee. Not so much with Grant Holmes or Allen Webster. But I sure thought Greg Miller and Rubby De La Rosa were the real deal. Greg Miller as an 18 year old made it to AA and was pretty good. He just could not take it to the next level. De La Rosa could just never stay healthy. Greg Miller and Grant Holmes are why I question Yadier Alvarez.

          2. I think Alvarez is a POTENTIAL ace. I just think that demands a high price. I readily acknowledge, what the hell do i know, if FAZ isn’t sold on him, neither am I. After all, that if why they make the big bucks and I just post on the internet.
            My biggest worry, this bachelor weekend, is getting my pork ribs, baked beans and cole slaw just right. One of my favorite dinners, the wife not so much. She’ll probably call to make sure I take the Lipitor. Dodgers 6 nothing, Wood pitching, Life is good.

          3. Alvarez’ development probably has been slowed by the signing bonus he got. A poor kid that suddenly finds himself with millions in his bank account just as suddenly finds his mind thinking about other things besides baseball, which he no longer needs take care of himself.
            Here is a scenario: Coach says to Alvarez, “lets work on mechanics this week” and Alvarez replies, “I would love to but I have a reservation at the Ritz and tickets for Hamilton”. The coach says, “okay, how about next week” and Alvarez says, “can’t, I’ll be in Monte Carlo”. Then Alvarez’ asks the coach if it is alright that if he travels to the next game in his chauffeured driven stretch limo instead of riding that old bus.

          1. Bum

            Then when was his overal average 250, besides when the season first begins?

            I have never saw his overall average at 250 at the start of the second half?

            And wasn’t quite there, when the season began in this second half, but he has got it there, in the second game, of the start of the second half.

            And by the way, I meant that as a complement.

    2. That would certainly be intriguing, and while the cost is steep, the return could be a WS championship in 2017. My one (big) hesitation is that while the Dodgers absolutely need a lock down LHRP, their need for a RHRP is not all that large. If that trade is made, that would probably make the bullpen Jansen/Britton/Brach/Dayton/Baez/Morrow/Fields/Ryu. That leaves out Stewart and Stripling. Brach is a more proven reliever than either Stewart or Stripling, but the upside is not all that much. Would the Dodgers be better with Baez in the later innings high leverage with Stewart as the long inning RHRP or Brach in the later innings high leverage and Baez more middle relief, and no long inning RHRP? With the extra days off during the playoffs, the need for two long relievers is not that great.
      I hope I am wrong, but I still see the Dodgers trying to go the Josh Fields/Jesse Chavez route and try for Tony Watson or Richard Bleier. Watson has been outstanding 11 of the last 12 games, but I am still not convinced that he can be the 8th inning bridge to Jansen. Britton/Wilson/Doolittle are really the only three LHRP available that can be counted on in that role. And Bleier is really a softer throwing Grant Dayton, so not much opportunity for 8th inning bridge. And while he throws harder than Avilan, he does not have Avilan’s change. So not much of an upgrade, although Bleier has had very good numbers the last two years, if used properly.

      1. AC

        You can probably bet they are looking for obscure pitchers, with high spin rates, like with Dayton.

        Because I think they may want to get two pitchers for the pen, in case one of our relievers goes down.

        Maybe they will pay up for that one special, leftie reliever.

        But Britton alone, would be that difference maker.

  9. I still have a feeling AGon and Kazmir make a late season appearance and contribute something. Neither has any trade value and are both a sunk cost so why not get what you can from them. They both add some veteran leadership for a stretch run as well. Right now it comes from Utley, JT and Kersh, and to an extent Jansen. Sept 1st when rosters expand and especially after the minor league playoffs end will be an interesting time. Double switches, pinch runners, a deep bullpen and the like could keep the team fresh and rested for the playoff run to come. It’s more and more likely the team has a big lead the last month.

    The Rockies are a streaky team and have all those bats so a winning streak could happen at any time. Their young starters are beginning to wear down and they could use one at the deadline. The Snakes have some good bats too and better starters but could use some bullpen help. Unless there is a total collapse by these two West teams I don’t see the Cubs or Cards making the wildcard but they will try. Their best hope may be catching the Brewers who have overachieved all year. The Nats are probably the main obstacle from reaching the World Series and they have a good mix of starters and bats but a suspect bullpen, the Dodgers are deeper and play better defense. What these teams do at the deadline will be interesting and at least 2 need bullpen help which could drive the price up. With so many AL teams still in the wildcard hunt no telling who else wants bullpen arms as well.

  10. What a team we have become.
    Power all the way through the lineup.
    Dingers from Cody & Grandal with 2 outs after JT hit into a DP and then Joc doubles
    Then Puig comes up & takes a 12 pitch walk.
    We are the team to beat and I wouldn’t tinker with the chemistry apart from a LHRP.

  11. I totally agree with you Watford. We need a LHRP and that is all. If not, maybe Ryu and Kasmir may fill the bill.

    I just do not like Puig’s attitude. Pitch was inside but so what. In the 5th he strikes out and he pouts. Grow up. I will still keep him, but I do not like his antics.

    1. Welcome.

      I know who you are… and you are OK.

      Not everyone should assume that.

      1. I’ll be cool as long as it remains baseball. Otherwise I may have something a bit stronger to say.
        This is a great baseball site with great baseball posters, sometimes with differning opionions. It is awesome to see the respect intact and spread amongst everyone who posts here regardless of their differing opinion.
        I fully expect it to remain so.

  12. Cody Freaking Bellinger.

    See why I don’t worry about him “adjusting?”

    What a kid!

    1. It is good to see a big smile back on Cody’s face, today!

      He may be skinnier then Judge, but he is much more athletic, and he has more speed too!

      And he will fill out, eventually !

  13. When its all said and done I think Cody will have a better career than Judge. You can call me loco but that’s how I feel.

    1. Cody is more than 3 years younger than Judge. That was the first Dodger to hit for the cycle since Orlando Hudson in 2009. Before that it was Wes Parker in 1970, and before that Gil Hodges in 1949! First ever by a Dodgers Rookie.

  14. Bellinger:

    .272/26 HR/61 RBI/He might win the Gold Glove and ROY and he missed the first month of the season.

    The future (and present) is bright thanks to the 4 C’s: Clayton, Corey, Cody, Chris!

  15. We have now won eight straight games, and not miss a beat, after the Allstar break, and that is pretty amazing!

  16. For all the bitching and moaning about FAZ and their signing injury-prone players, signing Cubans, making bad trades and their inability to judge talent, it appears that the naysayers were all dumbasses!

    The farm is still loaded and the MLB team is the best in baseball. Spin that!

    Welcome to reality – we are now leaving the fantasy world.

    This Dodger team is well built! End of story!

    1. Cody proves that fallacy about the HR Derby, doesn’t happen to good hitters!

      He hits for a cycle, and he raising his batting average, 10 points!

  17. Wood is the first Dodger starting pitcher (since 1913) to start the season with 11 wins. Burt Hooton in 1975 had 12 consecutive wins in the middle of the season, that’s the record.

    1. I remember that. In 1975 I was in New York City , working on a construction job in Spanish Harlem. We had to be on the job at 6 AM, but the Late Edition of the Post did not come out until after 9 AM. There was no TV, ESPN, or Internet then, so at about 9:30, I took a break and walked thru Spanish Harlem to find an English newspaper in order to get the scores from the night before. That was always a exciting time. I was the only white guy there.

      The Dodgers finished 2nd in 1975, but I loved that season, maybe due to how hard it was to get the scores in NYC. Buckner, Wynn and Crawford were the outfield. Yeager, Garvey, Lopes, Russell and Cey were the infield. Lee Lacey and Joe Ferguson played a lot and Messersmith, Rau, Sutton and Hooten were the starters with Mike Marshall, Rick Rhoden, Al Downing, Charlie Hough and Jim Brewer in the pen. Juan Marichal pitched 2 games for us.

      Things have really changed.

  18. Sorry for writing this comment someone did on another page, but I found it interesting

    ”Speaking of ex-Dodger co-ace Zach, how cool is it to have a co-ace in Alex Wood at 10-0, with a sub 2.00 ERA at a very reasonable salary, while Arizona chokes on the $206M it’s paying Greinke? He’s having a fine year, but not sub 2.00 fine.”

  19. Alex Wood: 11-0 – 1.56 ERA/$2.8 Million

    Zack Greinke: 11-4 – 2.86 ERA/$34 Million + $34 Million + $35 Million + $35 Million

    Is there anyone with 2 brains cells who still thinks the Dodgers should have resigned Greinke?

  20. The salary would have been a hard thing to deal with, but imagine, if we had Greinke in addition to Kershaw and Wood. 14-2, 11-4 and 11-0 Wow.

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