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Los Angeles Dodgers Joe Davis and Vin Scully prior to game against the San Diego Padres Monday, April 4, 2016 at Petco Park in San Diego,California. The Dodgers beat the Padres 15-0

Nearly 70 years ago, the Dodgers brought in a red-headed announcer who, moment-by-moment, play-by-play and season-by-season, gradually proceeded to set the standard by which all baseball announcers would be measured.  They signed Vin Scully before he became Vin Scully.  It’s pretty much the same with Scully’s successor.  The Dodgers hired Joe Davis before he became Joe Davis, but boy-oh-boy, he is rapidly becoming Joe Davis.

As a Dodger fan I have never known what it’s like to not have a World Class Play-By-Play announcer.  I still don’t…

But, that is what Andrew Friedman is really good at: Getting that guy BEFORE he becomes that guy.  Kike Hernandez, Austin Barnes, Chris Taylor, Yasmani Grandal, Andrew Toles, Grant Dayton and Alex Wood.  Yes, he hasn’t gotten it all right, but he has gotten a significant amount right!  Enough so that the Dodgers have the best record in Baseball.  First team to 60 wins.  #1 pitching staff.  #4 in runs scored.  That doesn’t mean much – all I want is a World Series Championship.  That’s what it’s all about!

Rants and Raves

  • Brandon McCarthy threw 75 pitches, 49 for strikes in his 6 innings of work.  He walked 2 batters while allowing 1 earned run.  Does anyone still want to have a conversation about the “yips?”  I think not – don’t jump to conclusions in the future.  Brandon looked fine yesterday… well he looked like he hadn’t pitched in about 10 days, but he was fine.  There are “yips” and there are just issues with your release point.  Let’s not confuse the two.
  • Joc Pederson is looking more and more like he might be a keeper, but I still have to see more.  I do see growth.  Growth is good!
  • How many 21 year-old rookies with 25 HR to their credit in a little over two months would have the patience and wherewithal to take a walk to win a game?  Let me tell you: That is not easy!  Cody is on another level, which is why I know he will adjust.
  • MLB Trade Rumors confirms the Dodger’s interest in Justin Wilson.  Maybe he is just coming into his own, but he has been up and down his whole career… maybe this is where he really gets good.  Hopefully.  MLB Trade Rumors suggests that he might cost more than Martinez since he has another year of control.  Would you do Verdugo and Alvarez for Wilson and Martinez (remember, I am not high on Alvarez).
  • Will Smith has been promoted to Tulsa.
  • Yasmani Grandal had a hand injury last night.  How serious?  X-Rays were negative but I hear Kyle Farmer is in the air.
  • Great article on Austin Barnes.
  • Is there any such thing as a “FAZ-BASHER” anymore?  Yeah, there’s always the State Hospital.
  • Minor League Report

Posted by Mark Timmons

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  1. Back from AK with a box of fish and a Blue 5 game W streak!!! Life is good…
    Did Mr. Puig show up after the double switch pouting session at the end of the bench last night???

    1. Here’s how I feel about Yasiel: Hit him 8th and forgetaboutit! No expectations and he won’t disappoint.

    2. What kind of fish in that box? I think you mentioned halibut, fun fish to catch. But you had to get some salmon also? Sadly, no salmon fishing on the west coast below mid Oregon this year.

  2. Good article on Barnes! I have long thought Barnes was a HUGE reason for the Gordon trade. We had ZERO catching depth when FAZ came to the Dodgers. The GORDON trade was the first step in fixing that.
    I don’t do that trade for Martinez and Wilson. A possible #1 and a young Tony Gwynn for a rental and an “up and down” reliever? I hope FAZ is just doing their due diligence and really have their eye on a cheaper undiscovered diamond. Alvarez’s trade value could really rise from where it is now in the future, I take that chance. Verdugo is probably on everyone’s want list right now. I guess it all depends on how FAZ rates him in the future to determine if he would traded. Me, I would want another “young controllable, cheap, potential stud” in an area of greater need to trade him.

  3. MT, I’m not fishing for criticism of YP with my question… Just whether he returned to the bench…
    Puig is Puig and I get it… Pretty damn good in the 8 hole…

  4. Boxout7 – 25-30# halibut steaks and about the same on one of my favorites, Lingcod… Sticky rice and bbq’d Ling… Be still Oh heart of mine…
    P.S. Dont forget Futures game tonight… check out Verdugo and hopefully an inn. or ? from Yadier,

    1. Very nice. Yes, lingcod are good eating! I like to load up on them at Shelter Cove, CA. I like to tell the wife that there is nothing better eating than fresh lingcod, when she points out the cost per pound of my fishing trips.
      Thanks for the reminder about Futures Game.

    2. Peter, my grandparents lived in Westport Wash (Salmon Derby) and then Kodiak AK and I spent my summers there through High School. My personal best was a 16 LB King Salmon and a 230 LB Halibut (too big to bring inside the boat!) Those are still my 2 favorite fish to eat but a fresh pan fried rainbow trout is pretty good eating too, and mahi mahi. You brought back some great memories of AK, hope you enjoy your catch!

  5. Yips or no Yips, I’ll take that pitching line for a #4 starter any day. What is it? Release point issues? Got it……………………….. Let’s get that sports psychiatrist to help straighten out his release point. I hope Grandal is ok, injuries can be the only thing that slows this team down. Hopefully Kershaw can help get us another sweep of a very good team today. Puig looked happy during the celebration at the end of the game. Winning solves most issues.

  6. Brandon McCarthy is 6′ 7″ tall. There’s lots of moving parts and with a sore knee or whatever, it’s easy to lose you release point. Hopefully, he can just keep doing what he’s been doing.

  7. Mark

    Grandal has to be honest when he is hurting!

    It looks like he cost the team a run, because he was hurting!

    Joc had a really good game yesterday, but he needs to still try to do better with two strikes, with runners in scoring position, and learn to shorten his swing.

    Because he doesn’t hit a HR every time he over swings, in these situations, but when he hit that one out, he shut up the broadcasters that were pointing out the difference between him, and Cody, for that moment.

    But Joc still needs to take that difference seriously.

    That was the best throw I have seen Joc make, since he has been on this team!

    The fact that Joc is more built like a football player, allows Joc to hold up better, then other centerfielders, when he has to make a catch, up against the wall.

    It was really good to see Cody have a nice day at the plate yesterday too!

    It was good to see that he had the patience again, to draw the walk, and pick up the RBI and the win, for the team, not all rookies would show that type of patience.

    And about Puig, if Puig doesn’t want to be taken out, when a leftie pitcher comes in, he needs to hit lefties better!

    I don’t know that Roberts did that, because of Puig’s bad numbers against lefties, because Roberts tries to give the part time players at bats later in a game, when they are playing in the next game, the next day.

    I think Puig was only pouting in the moment, so I don’t think that that was that big of a deal, but it doesn’t make Puig look good, on national TV.

    But once again, I am glad Cody got those two hits, before the break, so he will feel better, going into the HR derby, and playing in his first Allstar game!

    I hope he takes every minute in, next week, and has a nice time with his family, and with the other players.

    1. Puig was taken out to facilitate the most logical double switch to bring in a new pitcher. He was the last out during the last inning; thus, putting the new pitcher in his spot maximally delayed the appearance of the pitcher as a batter.

      1. HW

        I thought that too, but Roberts does try to give some of the part time players, a late a bat, in a game, when they are playing in tomorrow’s game, and having Kike bat then, serves both purposes.

        But either way, it is about the team, not Puig.

    2. MJ, Karros and Pierzinski are FOX broadcasters that travel around the league doing games. They do not have first hand knowledge of what players are actually doing for any one team so they rely on memory or whatever they might read before a game. If they are lazy, they probably don’t read all that much.
      We watch most games and we can see what players are doing if we are wiling to let go of old images of players in our minds. Joc has been consistently cutting down on his swing with two strikes all year as he did last year. We need to let go of the image we have of him swinging hard at everything regardless of count. He cut down on his swing with those two strikes when he hit the home run.
      Joc had a good year last year and he had a great second half. Everybody is contributing this year and Joc is in the top three of major stats during their current hot streak.
      Statcast had Joc’s throw at 93.5 mph.

      1. Bum

        Joc has not consistently cut down on his swing with two strikes, and he sure didn’t do that, in his first at bat, yesterday.

        I was not knocking Joc, but the comparison, was with Cody.

        And you can not say that Joc is close to the same hitter, that Cody is.

        And like I already said, Joc only played in half of the month, of June.

        And this team has been hotter, longer then that.

        And last year, Joc hit well in the months of September, and October.

        But he didn’t hit well, in August!

        And he had more at bats in August, then September and October combined, so he only really hit well, for one month, last year, in the second half.

        And like AC and Mark says, let’s see, what Joc does.

  8. McCarthy has been good all year – the issue with him is health. He is made from some combination of bone china and tissue paper. The big “if” here is if he and Hill can stay healthy. I’m not worried about the “yips”. A health problem in the rotation at the wrong time of the year could be catastrophic and frankly it’s the only thing that derails the Dodgers this year. They are playing like a team of destiny and I see them in the Series unless their rotation breaks down at the wrong time.

    I know – you could say that about any team but the Dodgers are the only team in baseball where the front office intentionally signed all of the injury-prone pitchers they could find to build a rotation.

  9. Here is a guy I am excited about. AC mentioned his promotion the other day, but he has been flying under the radar.
    The 26 yr old is in his second year of a 6 year $30M contract. He is a righty. Didn’t look very good last year, but for those not high on Alvarez, something to think about.
    “Sierra was promoted to Triple-A Oklahoma City on Friday.
    Sierra has been masterful as a part of Double-A Tulsa’s bullpen this season, sporting a 2.49 ERA and an 11.5 K/9 in 50.2 innings pitched. If he can carry that success into his time at Triple-A, he could end up getting a call to the big leagues before the season’s end.”

    1. I can only give my opinion of a player based upon what I see. With Alvarez, I see a world of talent, but I question everything else.

      1. The kid just turned 21 last March. Got a big bonus coming out of Cuba. If the worst thing he did was buy himself a bunch of food, in my opinion the jury is still out. Do you have some inside info?
        By Sam Dykstra / | July 5, 2017: “Dodgers RHP Yadier Alvarez, Class A Advanced Rancho Cucamonga, No. 39: Look at Alvarez’s scouting report and his numbers from the California League, and it’s not hard to see how things don’t quite match up. All four of Alvarez’s pitches were given above-average grades by, most notably his 75-grade fastball and 60 slider. Yet over 55 1/3 innings he’s posted a 5.37 ERA, which ranks 25th out of the 34 Cal League pitchers with at least 50 frames. Part of that is inexperience as he’d pitched only 39 1/3 innings beyond the complex level entering 2017. The other part is the offensive environs of the Cal League. But don’t let those be excuses. The fact remains that Alvarez ranks eighth among the same group with a 3.74 FIP, ahead of fellow 2017 Futures Game World teammates Cal Quantrill (3.77) and Jaime Barria (4.00). The 1.63 gap between his ERA and FIP is the second largest in the Cal League; he’s allowed his share of runs, but he’s also piled up strikeouts at a good clip (23.1 percent) while limiting walks (9.5 percent) and home runs (0.5 HR/9). Based on those figures, it’s easier to see how Alvarez’s results and talent should sync up in the second half, especially as he gathers more experience.”

    1. I’ve always had MJ pegged as a “stone-cold fox” but also a lady. That wasn’t her!

      1. Ah, but the excitement of a Dodger game can make even the most proper lady forget herself, just for a moment!!

        1. Boxout

          I saw that but the only thing I have in common with that person, is that we are both, women.

          But I am not going to knock anyone, that is having fun, and enjoying themselves, even you, Boxout!

          And thanks Mark!

          1. MJ: ” the only thing I have in common with that person, is that we are both, women.”
            And Dodger fans!
            Glad you aren’t knocking me, you’re right, just enjoying myself!

  10. Someone is crushing on Joe Davis. Personally I like the combo of Monday and Kennedy. They both know baseball inside out through actual experience. True they’re not world class like say Vin Scully or Chick Hearn. But who is. The obvious answer to that is Nobody. And actually no one in professional sports has ever come close to Vin and Chick as sports announcers. Both have set the bar to an unattainable height. So , though Joe is alright and better than some, please do not raise him to the legend status of Vin and Chick. Ain’t happening, now, or ever. And when Monday and Kennedy are paired up, which is infrequently, I will be turning down the TV and listening to them on the radio.

    1. Orel and Joe are a great team and listening to the Fox broadcast last night with Karros, Joe Davis, and A.J. Pierzynski made me realize how good of a team Joe and Orel are. Three is a crowd in the broadcast booth so that had something to do with the Fox broadcast and three was a crowd when Nomar was in the booth with Orel and Joe. One of Orel or Nomar had to go and some will differ with me, but I am glad Orel was the one that stayed.
      There is no disrespect to Reese or Hodges to enjoy Seager and Bellinger. We have Joe Davis now so let’s enjoy him.

      1. Bum

        My problem with Orel and Joe, is that they both put to much of a positive spin, on everything, and they are to much a like, in that way.

        I like Nomar because you will get more of the truth from Nomar, not a positive spin, on everything he says!

        I like Nomar b

          1. There’s a lot of Steve Lyons stories that cannot be told. I know about them and why he is not announcing …

            If one is true… and there are many….

            Well, that’s all I can say.

    2. I’m not sure why you have such a strong reaction to this. Joe Davis is World Class – it’s easy to see and hear that. I have no made a comparison to Joe and Vin because there is no need to: Joe is just getting started. Vin just got done. in 50 years, we can have this conversation. I like Kennedy and Monday too, shoot I even like Charlie Steiner.

      All I am saying is that Joe Davis is becoming Joe Davis – he is his own man and I happen to think his is right up there with best of the best right about now.

      1. All I know is what I like when I listen. Vin was pure poetry and there will never be another. Joe Davis is more listenable than Steiner for sure. Who isn’t. But for the little facts and stories and personal experiences that make the game come alive Monday and Kennedy are the best the Dodgers have right now. Just my opinion, but I’m not the only one with it. They know the game inside out. And not afraid to disagree with management if it’s merited.

  11. I said it before and I will continue to… leave Joc alone, and let him prove if he is an everyday CF or not. His play will let everyone know.
    Edwin Rios got his 1st AAA HR yesterday, and then played LF in the 2nd game of the OKC doubleheader. Now what might that mean?
    Cristian Santana had another hit yesterday. That is an 8 game hitting streak with the Loons, and 16 game streak overall.
    Will Smith got a very deserving promotion to AA. For those that get caught up in offensive numbers only, move on. While Smith is a productive hitter, he is not a prolific hitter. But he excels behind the plate. He is considered an outstanding pitch framer, calls a great game, gives the pitcher a great target, and has thrown out an unworldly 48% would be base stealers. While Grandal may be out today, and maybe Farmer will get a call, Smith’s promotion is not tied to a potential Grandal injury. IMO he earned it and should stick in Tulsa.
    I have seen some crazy trade proposals (even made a few), but one I read today was way out in left field. And the proposer said he was serious. Even made a point about it with “let ‘s get serious with a trade proposal”. Aaron Altherr (Phillies CF) for Alex Verdugo AND Walker Buehler. A career .241/.328/.430/.758 hitter for 2 of the top 28 prospects. Of course the proposer added that Altherr was having a breakout year at .279/.350/.513/.864.
    AA Tulsa pitcher Tim Shibuya followed up his 1 hit shutout victory earlier in the week with another well pitched game, going 6 innings of shutout baseball. It was the second game in the week that Shibuya bested old friend Grant Holmes. This time, Holmes was soundly pounded, going 5 innings allowing 8 runs on 8 hits, including 4 HR and 2 doubles..
    The RC outfield continues to hit. Yusniel Diaz had three hits, while DJ Peters and Luke Raley added two hits each. I
    Let’s sweep the Royals and give Clayton win #14 and Dodgers win #61.

    1. AC,

      I don’t quite know what to make of Tim Shibuya – what is your take on him and were do you see him?

      Holmes should go Home

      1. Tim Shibuya is a good pitcher but does not have one area that he can exploit. He is going to be 28 in September so he is not a prospect. He has pitched at AAA level. The Twins released him in 2015. While I detest the label, he is organizational depth.

        1. Yeah. That’s where I am with him too. He can look outstanding at times but then you see his age and …

          Maybe… someday…

  12. Lineup

    1. Forsythe 2B
    2. Taylor LF
    3. Turner 3B
    4. Bellinger 1B
    5. Barnes C
    6. Hernandez SS
    7. Puig RF
    8. Thompson CF
    9. Kershaw P

  13. Beuhler will not be traded. I think FAZ is very good at determining who will not be traded from the farm. Last year he traded three farm kids to Oakland. I thought those three were pretty good players, but FAZ was willing to part with them. They may still do well, but they are not having the best season this year. I believe FAZ is very good at evaluating talent. They will not trade a kid they think has the potential to be a good major league player. I think FAZ has two list. One list has the kids who he will not trade and all the others are on the other list. Now, there may be a kid who FAZ thinks is good, but is blocked. That kid may be in the trade column. Calhoun would be one of those players. I can see Calhoun being traded.

  14. MJ

    Last night Joc hit the home run with two strikes on him. His swing was not all out like before. I think Joc has cut back after he gets two strikes. I hope he continues to learn, because he still hit a home run. I really think Bellinger has already learned to cut back. Tuner Ward certainly deserves a lot of praise. Those hitters were willing to take a walk. They were willing to pass the torch on to the next batter. That also says something about this team. The confidence they must have in each other.

    1. Idahoal

      I know he hit that HR with two strikes, but he also came up, and swung hard with two strikes, with runners in scoring position, but he struck out that time, and he was off balance.

      I think he has done really well, since he came back from his second DL stent.

      And I thought he played really well yesterday, on both sides of the field.

      I thought he played as well as Bellinger yesterday, if not better.

      Because Joc made a real difference in that game, with his bat, and especially, with his glove, and his arm.

      But Bum said that Joc has cut his swing with two strikes consistently, since the second half, of last year.

      But that is just not true, because Joc didn’t start hitting well, at the start of the season this year.

      Joc didn’t really start hitting, until the second half of June, when he came back on June 14, from the DL.

      And the announcers were comparing Joc with Cody, and I just don’t think Joc is where Cody is, at this point

      But I do value your opinion, and I am glad Joc is coming around, and there should’ve be to much criticism on my part, or from anyone else, with the way our players are performing, so you are right, to say something.

  15. Davis is merely all right for me. There’s nothing about his personality that personalized him.

    I think the key to the win that hasn’t been mentioned is Rally Granny. She needs a free ticket to every game and needs to keep flashing until the Dodgers lose a game. 9

  16. Just FYI for today’s game vs LHP: Our top 6 hitters in the lineup are are hitting a combined .327(129-395). Add Puig(7th) and Thompson(8th) a combined (13-85 .153BA) and that is still a very healthy .296 BA. Not too shabby’

    1. Richie

      I hope you are doing a little better, then when we last heard from you.

      But I know that isn’t easy to do, so I hope the Dodgers are helping you feel a little better, and giving you other things, to think about.

      Richie take care!

      1. Thanks MJ:
        It hasn’t been easy. I never expected it to but like the Chinese say “The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step”. She will be gone 91 days tomorrow but life, sometimes no matter how empty, still goes on and so will I.
        Today is the first day in 3 months I have written anything but I have visited and read everyone’s comments every single day. It has helped me keep my sanity being here and rooting for the Dodgers.
        Thanks for the kind words and for caring MJ

  17. I saw that video as well about Buster Olney saying Cutch is a good fit for us.

    In my opinion, he, or anyone else, only belongs in LF. And if that’s the case, then CT3 or Forsythe sits. And it that’s the case, we have a crazy trade bait for a contender who needs a 2b.

    It will be a fun next few weeks

  18. I think the only help the Dodgers need is a left hand relief pitcher. I thought between Dayton, Liberatore, and Avilan we would be ok. Now I think we need a left hander. I think our starting pitchers are fine. If Maeda falters, we have internal options. In my opinion, leave everything else as is.

    1. I agree about Romo and FG, and would add Hatcher to that list. LHRP can be upgraded but I would give Kazmir a shot there to see if he can pitch in relief. He is a sunk cost and already on the team and there is no room in the rotation for him. Another option is Ryu, and the rest of July remains soft and with several off days internal options can be explored in the bullpen, the rotation will be juggled anyway. A RH OF bat would need to be someone better than Thompson who himself can handle all 3 OF spots and has shown flashes with the bat. If the RHB can only play LF then Kike or Taylor can play CF with Joc.

      Clutch performance by Kershaw today, 13 K’s and still only 99 pitches in a complete game. JT comes up big with 2 dongs and Barnes and Thompson do what they are supposed to do-hit LHP. This will be the sweetest All Star break in recent memory with 5 Dodgers in the game, Cody in the HR Derby and a nice fat lead in the standings. The whole team can relax in Miami with the next 3 road games there, a nice bonus.

      Looking ahead, Ethier still sits at home not cleared for baseball activities while AGon is traveling with the team and sitting on the bench and Kazmir is trying to work his way back. I think Ethier is done for this year and with the Dodgers. AGon and Kazmir could still contribute down the stretch this season and are under contract for next year. Ethier has a 2.5M buyout the team will certainly exercise.

  19. There are still a couple of loose screws who say this 2017 team still has Colletti’s stamp on it. I agree.

    Ethier – $20 million
    Gonzo – $21.5 million
    Crawfish – $21.5 million

    Yep, that Ned Colletti really could get NOTHING for $63 million!

    1. Uh…..four of the six that’s heading to Miami this very moment got their parking stamped by Ned. Hear my words “This F/O has done a fantastic job as this is clearly the finest Dodgers team fielded in my lifetime”. But the job they’ve done substantiates Colletti did pretty good his own damn self. Ned surely has my respect.

      1. I give Ned his due. However, that $63 million dollar albatross is a big freaking deal and lest we forget, Ned would have likely treaded 2 or 3 of those 4 for Hamel or Price or some such huge contract. I have no doubt that Ned would have traded Urias, Bellinger, Seager, Pederson or others in order to win now. It would have been easy for FAZ to trade “Ned’s guys” but they didn’t. The only way Ned knew how to build a team was to take on crazy Salary. FAZ knows the real way. I am thankful for Cody, Clayton, Kenley, Justin and Corey.

  20. Trade Thompson for Verdugo

    Trade Romo for Buehler

    Trade Gutierrez for Farmer

  21. Great points Mark!

    A lot of salary dropping off in the next 2 years:
    2018-Ethier, Crawford and Guerrero. About $42M after buying out Ethier.
    2019-AGon, Ryu, Kazmir and McCarthy (McCarthy has a team friendly option) About $57M.

    Internal options are there for upgrading several positions. I like Verdugo because he hits LHP as well as RHP. Buehler in the BP would be sick to watch and limits his innings. Farmer in Sept unless there is an injury. Do you see Kazmir as a possibility for LHP in the pen?

    After the break:
    3 on the road in Miami then an off day then 2 in Chi against the Sox.
    4 at home against Atlanta then 3 against the Twins then an off day.
    3 against the Giants then another off day.
    10 at home and 5 on the road with 3 off days. 1 team has a winning record, the Twins at 45-43.

  22. Bill Plunkett?
    Verified account
    @billplunkettocr 3m

    #Dodgers GM Farhan Zaidi on Verdugo: “Hitting .350, more walks than Ks, probably best outfield arm in (PCL) he’s a terrific talent.” (cont)

    Zaidi: “And frankly, he’s big-league ready or close to being big-league ready.” (more)

    Zaidi: “I remember saying this about Julio & Corey & Joc & Cody – it’s really hard to imagine a plausible scenario where it makes sense for us to move him (Verdugo)” in a trade-deadline deal.

    1. Two days before Dee Gordon got traded, Farhan said that a rumor circulating that second baseman Dee Gordon was available via trade was false. So there is that.

      They can’t tell us the truth… nor should we expect it!

    2. “it’s really hard to imagine a plausible scenario where it makes sense for us to move him (Verdugo)” in a trade-deadline deal”
      That does not be that there will not be an implausible deal that will be presented.

  23. “Lest we forget”… I don’t see forgetting in our future…
    Come on Agon, give me a hot bat during a pennant run and retire with class!!!

  24. I’ve been thinking lately about how much I also like Joe Davis. And he totally convinced me the other night in the comeback against Arizona, when following Chris Taylor’s hit he said “moment after moment, memory after memory, the Dodgers have done it again.” Very Vin Scully-like. He even followed that up with a Vin Scully-like moment of silence to allow the viewers to soak up the cheers of the crowd, and the excitement of the moment.

    Regarding Joc Pederson. I’ve been thinking for a while that he would benefit from choking up on the bat a little bit, a la Cory Seager, Joey Votto, and Barry Bonds, all power hitters.

  25. I also like Davis. Yeh, he’s no Vinnie. But, nobody will replace Vinnie. He has so much information to give you. He remains calm and lets you enjoy the game.

    I have never seen Verdugo play, but I hope he is moved up soon. Thompson needs to go back to AAA and work on his hitting. He can play defense. Verdugo must play if he is brought up. That will be the hardest thing to do for Roberts.

    Right now I just expect the Dodgers to win every game. I think the players also feel that way. Maybe Kazmir and Ryu can be options for left handers in the bull pen. The Dodgers have so many options. It is a process to fit everyone in the right slots.

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