The Swiss Army Knife

Actually Kike Hernandez is a cross between the Energizer Bunny and a Swiss Army Knife.  He’s kind of a Swiss Army Bunny!  He just keeps going and going  and he has an assortment of ways to beat you.  Last night, he didn’t get a hit, but he did make a great catch in RF and took a walk and scored a run.  Of course we have seen him make plays all over the field at every position but catcher.

His .224 batting average doesn’t begin to tell the story of his importance to this team.  His .789 OPS comes closer, and the fact that 26 of his 39 hits are for extra bases is another important facet of his game.  He’s not a Punch and Judy groundout type of utilityman.  Rather, his bat has some major pop. He’s the 2017 version of Mickey Hatcher, but with ability to play more positions and a lot more pop in his bat.

This 2017 version of the Stuntmen is pretty special. After the All-Star Break, these could be the 2017 Stuntmen:

  • Kike Hernandez = Mickey Hatcher
  • Austin Barnes =  Rick Dempsey
  • Adrian Gonzalez = Danny Heep
  • Chase Utley = Dave Anderson
  • Trayce Thompson = Mike Davis

OK, that’s a stretch… but humor me.  These are the 2017 Stuntmen!  But wait!  There’s more.  There is also Verdugo and Calhoun.  Here’s a funny “But Wait:

I have to get in a few shameless plugs…  Now, back to our regularly scheduled broadcast. At least you don’t get all the ads here that are on other blogs.

Rants and Raves

  • What did I tell you about Rich Hill?  Logan Forsythe?  Chris Taylor?  Austin Barnes?  Cody Bedllinger?    I’m on a roll…. and AC called Alex Wood!  LA Dodger Talk – we tell you the truth!  Isn’t that right, Truth?
  • Chris Taylor now has 10 HR this year, 3 of which are Grand Slams.  In 61 plate appearances batting first this year, he has a 1.263 OPS. I think they call that a “trend.” I think I would just let him start every game there.
  • Using the SRS (Simple Rating System), which is the number of runs that a team is better or worse than the average team, the Astros are the second best team with a 1.5 SRS and the Dodgers are the #1 Team with a 1.7 SRS.  The Dodgers are also tied with Houston for the most wins in baseball.
  • Dodger’s Nation takes another look at the Dee Gordon trade
  • By the way, Alex Wood’s teammates call him Woody:

Posted by Mark Timmons

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  1. “What did I tell you about Rich Hill? Logan Forsythe? Chris Taylor? Austin Barnes? Cody Bellinger?”
    Didn’t you say they were 21st century “Pulsar Interceptors”? I would agree and we can add Kiki to that list!

      1. Mark

        Kike and Joc numbers, are very close.

        Check them out, but Kike doesn’t play on an almost everyday basis, as much as Joc does, when Joc is healthy.

        I don’t expect as much from these utility players, because that is just not fair, because it is hard to hit well, when a player isn’t getting enough consistent at bats.

        But Kike has came back and played well this year, and no one can really deny that.

        And our leftie problem hasn’t been a problem, this year!

        Hill put in his best game of the year, but I want to see what he does against a more formidable team, but it looks like he is getting his command down now.

        If he can pitch like he can, the makes us even stronger, with the way Wood has pitched this year!

        1. That’s why I think FAZ will not trade for a starter unless they get a “steal,”

          If Hill keeps pitching like that, the Dodgers have two, Number Two’s – Hill and Wood!

          With Urias already out for the season, let’s say that McCarthy can never throw a pitch over the plate again and Ryu’s arm falls off and Kazmir never comes back and Maeda needs TJ (all of that), we still have Kershaw, Wood, Hill, Stewart, Stripling, Barlow and Oaks.

          It’s called DEPTH!

          1. Mark

            I don’t think they will either.

            It looks pretty strong, everywhere.

            My only concern, is how are we going to hit, against good pitching, like you face in the post season.

            And my only other concern, is will Puig and Joc, continue to hit like they have.

            If they can continue to hit like they have, we will be ok, without adding another good bat.

            But if they don’t continue to hit this well, we may regret, not adding another good bat.

        2. MJ, YTD stats show Kike’ and Joc are close but stats for the last 30 games show Joc way way way ahead of Kike’ as do the last 7 games stats.
          Kike’ is a valuable player on this Dodger team and perhaps a top 3 utility player in the MLB.

          1. Bum

            First how can you use your comparison, with a part time player, that is not playing almost everyday, and not getting the consistent at bats, that Joc has mostly got, in the last half of June?

            And it hasn’t been the last thirty games.

            Because Joc has only hit well, for about his last 59 at bats.

            And that amount of at bats, is not even a full month of at bats.

            Joc didn’t even play for the entire month of June, because the first game Joc played in, in June, was June 13.

            You choose to pick out a very small sample size, of Joc’s at bats!

            It is good because that is what Joc has done lately, but that is such a small sample size, because you based your comparison, on what Joc did in only half of the month of June.

            I compared both players stats, from the start of the season, up until now.

            And I thought that wasn’t a bad comparison, with the way Joc has went in and out, on the DL, this year.

          2. Bum

            To tell you the truth, I was surprised their numbers were so close.

            I was looking at the player’s stats, and Joc and Kike are almost side by side because of their close batting averages.

            And if you just look at that, their numbers including their amount of at bats, are close too.

            That wasn’t a knock on Joc, but more just giving Kike, his due.

          3. During the last 30 games Joc and Kike’ have similar games played and ABs. The stats on the Dodger site allows a sort by ytd, last 7 games, and last 30 games that the Dodgers have played, whether or not a player played in all 30 or not.
            Do you want to compare Kike’ and Joc in 2016? How about the last half of 2016? Joc was good enough in the first half of 2015 to make the All Star team. What did Kike’ do in 2015?
            My point is that you use Joc more than you realize to try to make a point and one way or another you tend to put Joc in a bad light when you do.

  2. I’m happy with current starter situation. Don’t think we can upgrade at the deadline. Starters will be available, but doubt they will be better than what we already have — Kershaw, Wood, Hill, McCarthy/Maeda/Ryu—without significantly overpaying.

    I would be happy if we got a good bullpen piece. Jansen, Baez, Murrow, Stewart is a solid foundation. I’ll take two out of Stripling, Avilon, Libatore, Dayton, Fields–just not sure which two. Need two to three more for the post season. ? Oaks, Ryu/Maeda/other AAA option or trade. Don’t see Romo or Hatcher on post season roster. Sure I’m forgetting someone.

    I’d also like to seen another bat on the bench that can also play outfield. Not sure Thompson is that person. ?verdugo or rental if can be had for good price.

    The way they are playing right now there aren’t a lot of spots to upgrade

  3. I like Kike a lot, his energy and versatility and good defense are very valuable. He hits pretty well off LHP but his approach against RHP needs work. He does not always get his foot back down and is vulnerable to sliders away which he tends to chase. He may explore working with JT and Taylors coach in the off season and take the ball up the middle more and lay off pitches out of the zone.

    The lineup against LHP sometimes annoys me, I would rather see Puig or Joc and not Thompson in the OF. (Hard to argue with an 8-0 win though) Forsythe and Barnes were supposed to be part of the answer and the last 2 games performed in a huge way. JT has done much better this year against LHP. Dodgers have not announced the rotation yet for the DBacks series but as lined up would be Ryu, Kershaw and Wood. The Snakes will throw 2 LHP in Corbin and Robbie Ray and the latter has been on a roll. It may be wise to sit Bellinger for one of those games.

    It was great to see Taylor hit yet another GS and I agree with Mark he should be the lead off hitter going forward. He sees a lot of pitches, takes his walks, has good speed (leads the team in SB) and can hurt you in clutch situations. He has been scrapping a bit lately but has been a key part of the teams strong play the last 2 months. The 5 spot in the lineup is key as well to give protection to Bellinger and it has been a revolving door. The guy on deck influences how they pitch to him. Bellinger needs to lay off the low pitches and wait for a pitch up in the zone he can drive. If it’s low just take it the other way. His 1st pitch come backer to the pitcher on a low pitch with the bases loaded and 2 outs was a perfect example of not waiting for his pitch. He chased ball 4 on a 3-2 inside pitch in his 1st AB. Not picking on him, he just seems to be pressing and needs to be more patient.

    Hill was outstanding, commanding the breaking ball and spotting his fast ball. He made Myers look silly and had him talking to himself on the way back to the dugout. The Dodgers should just go to a 6 man rotation, it will keep all of them all fresh and move Kershaw up as needed. The extra off days in July might delay that being implemented but I could see it coming as long as they all keep pitching like this.

    1. Vegas

      Like you, I am not fond of platoons, but like you said, it has worked this year.

      Turner worked on hitting lefties better in the off season, and that has paid off.

      It would be good if others did this, in the off season too, if they are not doing that, already.

      I would prefer Toles, Joc, and Puig in the outfield next year, and not having to platoon, so much.

      And I think Toles deserves to have that chance next year.

      Because Joc and Puig have been given plenty of chances, in the last three and five years.

  4. Great article in the Times about the Dodgers and the upcoming deadline, pretty much in line with what all of us on Dodgertalk have been going back and forth on:The starting pitching. I am 100% on board with what FAZ is talking about between the lines. They aren’t going to make a trade “Just to rearrange the deck chairs”. Seems to me part of FAZ is old school in that they REALLY value the chemistry of this current group, and don’t really see a need to make a major trade to upset that vibe. And the piece made a good point. The play-offs ARE a major crapshoot, so you put the best team together that you can and hope you don’t run into a hot pitching team that’s on a roll. After all these years following the Dodgers, hell, since the mid 70’s, these guys totally remind me of the old Lasorda teams, scrappy as hell with a different guy getting it done everyday. Roberts has built that culture, and I still believe he was one of FAZ’s best moves they have ever made. Love that guy, what a bad ass the other night. His guys would go through a brick wall for him right now.

  5. Mark, you are absolutely correct, this is a fun team to watch. Your remarks about Kike are spot on, the kid is a super utility player with POP, it has been fun to see him progress into this roll. He is for sure a swiss army knife, that catch last night?

    The progression of Seager, Christ Taylor showing up, Bellinger and his heroics, best hitter in baseball Turner, Puig turning things around in his approach and clubhouse presence and his continuous cannon arm, the Barnes explosion (yes, you have been calling for this kid for years), it is a great time to be a Dodger fan.

    We obviously know we have the horses in Kershaw and Jansen, I PRAY Wood and Hill stay healthy for October, I admit- its tough giving up prospects right now with the kings ransom Quintana and others will take, I am sort of in the ride this out camp too.

    This is fun and the Dodgers are becoming a force for many years to come, so exciting to watch. The truth is, this team is here to stay for awhile.

    If we could pick up a JD Martinez, can you imagine this?

    Taylor CF
    Seager SS
    Turner 3B
    Martinez LF
    Bellinger 1B
    Forsythe 2B
    Barnes C
    Puig RF
    Def kept Barnes in there!!!

    1. Tell me the Truth,

      Did you trade just Joc for Martinez? Joc and a prospect might get it done. That’s an idea…

      Could the Dodgers extend get him to sign a 4 year extension at say $55 million?

      I keep Bellinger at Cleanup and put Martinez at 5th . Cody will see more pitches that way.

      1. Mark, correct. I am not concerned about youth in this trade because we have so much. Adding a .300 average this year (.533 against LHP!!!) and 1.025 OPS plus power in the middle of this lineup for the next couple years sounds good to me. Especially when we are replacing our weakest offensive link, in my opinion. 4 years/$55 million extension so him and Turner can ride out together, we will have a couple years to find replacements and possibly some World Series titles to show for it.

        Joc/Alvarez? it would take a good one, probably two, not sure how much they would even want Joc, the swing is just tough to watch sometimes, it is a career .226 swing and I think it always will be, you are 50% sold, I am 15%.

        I am getting greedy, I just want the last piece put in place! Flip’em, that lineup is ridiculous.

        1. Not sure why everyone wants to trade Alvarez. Possible future 1. He is too young to give up on.
          How about using the following situation to our advantage to somehow “steal” Stanton, if taking on $295M can ever qualify as a steal. Without even talking about what prospects (but NO future possible 1’s) to send over, the discussion begins with Kazmir and Gonzalez going to Miami. That trade would actually help to get Dodgers under the luxury tax in 2018. Stanton’s $25M luxury tax hit against Kazmir’s $17M plus Gonzalez’s $22M hit. Long term we would be paying around $250M net for Stanton’s age 28 through 38 seasons and you never know, maybe he would opt out after 2020.
          …..Marlins right fielder Giancarlo Stanton’s mammoth contract isn’t as immovable as it appears, says FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal (video link). Stanton has a full no-trade clause, but he’ll likely waive it if the up-for-sale Marlins begin tearing things down, which Rosenthal expects to happen. Further, Stanton would even “talk about his 2020 opt-out,” according to Rosenthal, who points out that the Marlins could facilitate a deal by eating some of the $295MM left on his accord or taking back an expensive contract from a potential trading partner. Rosenthal adds that Stanton’s annual $25MM luxury tax number won’t seem nearly as burdensome as it currently does when soon-to-be free agents such as Bryce Harper and Manny Machado sign more expensive deals.

  6. It was nice to hear what the announcers said about Stewart. He needs to improve his curve a little and he will be lights out for the next 10 years. Minnesota wanted Stewart in trade talks this Spring. Dodgers would not give him up. That is how we ended up with Forsythe. I think the front office really knows which players they will not give up in trade talks.

  7. One guy we do not talk about very much is Turner. He is having a great year. He is batting .388. I just assume he is going to do well every night and he does not disappoint. He is a very good defensive third baseman. I bet the Mets are not happy. They just let him go.

    1. Idahoal

      What can we say about Turner, he doesn’t ever disappoint.

      He not only hits well in the regular season, he hits almost as well, and sometimes better, in the post season, against good pitching.

      He is the consummate player, on offense, and defense, and one of the leaders on this team.

      And Turner wears the same number that Cey wore, and I think Cey would agree, that Turner is not only a really good player, he is a gutsy player too.

    2. Well, they did let Turner go when he wasn’t much. I remember thinking, “why did they pick him up, he can’t even make the Mets?” I don’t think there were too many who said, “great pick-up, he is going to be one of the best players in the game – what a steal”.
      That’s why I like to let this front office do their job without complaint. Some don’t work out too well; Johnson, Latos, Kazmir and many other non-descript names and until recently Kike was regularly thrown under the bus as another bust. Guys like Turner, Taylor, Wood, Barnes and even Kike show the FO knows what they are doing and have good talent evaluators and player development in place now. Not every player is going to turn into a thing of beauty but the track record so far is pretty dang good and it seems like they have assembled a stellar farm system that will keep on delivering future baseball players a fan can appreciate.
      Happy to be a Dodgers fan and read about it on the ad-fee LADodgertalk. As I said before, “your work is not done yet Mark”. I appreciate your take on the game and the Dodgers and that you let a few others do write ups from time-to-time. It takes a strong character to let others who disagree have a forum to do so, and provided at his time and expense no less. I’m sure I speak for many when I say, thanks for all you do.

        1. You are right about that and I don’t give him much credit but in his defense he did have his hands tied to large extent having to work under McCourt.
          However, I always felt that was to his advantange in that if he had more money to deal with his weaknesses as a GM would have been even larger and exposed faster. I guess that is why I have been willing to give this FO some time as it seemed like they had a plan and knew where they were going, even if they didn’t always broadcast it publicly.

  8. To me many factors are behind the scenes:
    Do the coaches think Pederson, Taylor and Puig can continue?
    Is there any way Calhoun ever turns into a 2B?
    Is Verdugo elite or just average at the MLB level?
    What is going on with McCarthy?
    How much wiggle room is there with the 40 in the future….

    1. For what it is worth, I will give you my take:

      Do the coaches think Pederson, Taylor and Puig can continue? Don’t know what they think, but I have 100% confidence in Taylor, 80% confidence in Puig and 50% in Pederson.
      Is there any way Calhoun ever turns into a 2B? I did not think so up until recently. His range is limited, but his hands have improved greatly. There is hope. I was wrong, but he will be the weak link and I don’t know if FAZ wants that. I do believe the DH will come to the NL within 2 years.
      Is Verdugo elite or just average at the MLB level? I think the Dodgers have to find out… soon. He could be Tony Qwynn-esque…. or not.
      What is going on with McCarthy? Nothing – just a sore knee.
      How much wiggle room is there with the 40 in the future…. LOTS

  9. Stewart’s ball movement must be special. He misses bats. Period. He is the next starter in waiting. Hill’s ball-strike ratio was over the top great. Something like 25-60. Outstanding. The team has not been stressed lately. How will it respond? The Angels are playing as good as anyone right now and the series split was as close to playoff ball as we’ve seen lately. The team is rolling. As good as we have seen in 20 years. The run under Mattingly was more stressful than this one. I hope we don’t start taking all of this for granted. Too bad the season has to pause for the All Star game. I want to keep playing. I’m glad the giants are dead last because they are playing better right now. giants suck.

    1. I would think that Brock Stewart is working with Clayton and Rich on his curve, but it will take him a year to perfect it. Until then, he can pitch out of the pen with a smaller arsenal. Of course, some guys never can develop the curve…

      At the very least, Brock can be an elite reliever.

  10. Thinking back on the Jansen, Turner, and Hill signings this winter. I really think FAZ thought they were close to having the team they wanted. They could not afford to lose these pieces of the team. If they did not sign them, what would that say to the team. I trust them more every day.

  11. Farmer played shortstop yesterday. His natural, college position. Interesting. Played the entire game there.

    1. I think Farmer is not a starter at any position, so they are utilizing him as a utilityman: C, 3B, 2B, SS

  12. The Dodgers are 20 – 3 in the last 23 games, a pace only matched by 3 previous teams, (2 of which were Dodgers). When things go this well, pretty much everything is going right. Even if something goes wrong, something else goes right. All Dodger fans should cheer, but then think ahead about the future. What is most likely to go wrong and what are the fixes?

    This team is good enough that the ‘fixes” are not going to be major. Everyone seems to be talking about the same things – a #2 starter, another shutdown reliever and a right-handed power bat. My views on these subjects are well known so I’m not going to belabor the point. I will say that the team is good enough this year that I am hopeful that this is the year that the Braintrust doesn’t look to obtain place-fillers such as Bud Norris and only looks to secure a difference maker.

    This is why I doubt that they will get another starter – I don’t really see a difference maker out there. They can obtain a difference maker for the ‘pen or the OF. Will they do it this year? I hope so. As Idahoal said above, the Dodgers resigned Turner, Jansen and Hill because they thought the team as constituted was a contender but only if the key parts returned. If another key part puts them over the top, I think that this year, the Braintrust will pull the trigger and make it happen.

  13. I sound like a broken record, but I do not see any sense in trading for a starting pitcher UNLESS, we trade a couple of our current starters (not CK and a couple of others) ++ for an elite pitcher. The problem is, it would probably be someone else’s #1 and that is not likely and there aren’t many out there that are able to be moved. Who would you suggest we might be interested in??? Someone like Martinez from SL, or Anderson from Mil. or Sarvish from Tx?????

    Someone else mentioned LHRP Rivero and I could see us going for that. Having the two best relievers in baseball would be something (if they could exist together)

    Mark, all this math is above me, how am I supposed to know what 6+8 is in order to post.

  14. I guess I should proof my writing before posting. Darvish from Tx would be a lot better than that Sarvish guy.
    9- x =1 This is getting too hard.

  15. As noted above by a couple posters, we might be better off just sticking with what we have rather than trading.
    Remember last year with everyone wanted to dump Grandal for Lucroy? Well here is a bombshell.
    Rangers Open To Trading Jonathan Lucroy
    Grandal 2017, .264 BA, 10 HRS, 30 RBI, 1.9 WAR
    Lucroy 2017, .263 BA, 4 HRS, 20 RBI, .1 WAR
    Bet TX would like all those prospects back.
    Maybe we should just “Love the One We’re With”

  16. Here is one for the books…. Turner just grounded out 1-4-6-3 Don’t see that play very often.

  17. Today, the Dodgers traded left-handed pitcher Jason Wheeler to the Baltimore Orioles in exchange for International Amateur Signing Bonus Pool space.

  18. Today Maeda’s slider was breaking about 4 to 6 inches and the Padres feasted on it and his 89-90 mph fastball. Meanwhile the Dodgers hitters acted like they had never seen a mediocre backdoor slider and the ump had a generous strike zone. Give Chacin credit he was pitching, not throwing. Hopefully the battle of the bullpens goes better in the last 4 innings. The Dodgers have left a ton of runners on base today. Snakes are winning 3-2 in the 8th.

    1. Isn’t a 4-6 inch break good?

      I honestly have no idea.

      Can’t win if you don’t score.

  19. Chacin’s was on the corner or just off all day, Maeda’s was pretty much in the hitting zone, same plane as his fastball. Guys with wipe out sliders can break it a lot more and Maeda usually has a sharp break that just was not there today. Just my 2 cents of course!

    Justin Turner selected as Final Vote Candidate

    – Major League Baseball announced today that infielder/outfielder Cody Bellinger, right-handed pitcher Kenley Jansen, left-handed pitcher Clayton Kershaw and shortstop Corey Seager were named to the National League All-Star team. All four were selected via player balloting, with Bellinger making his first All-Star appearance, Jansen and Seager each making their second and Kershaw making his seventh. Major League Baseball’s 88th All-Star Game presented by Mastercard will be played on Tuesday, July 11 at Marlins Park in Miami, Florida at 5:00 p.m. PT and televised nationally on FOX.

    In addition, Dodger third baseman Justin Turner was selected as a Final Vote candidate and has the opportunity to join Bellinger, Jansen, Kershaw and Seager on the NL All-Star team via fan balloting, which begins immediately on or, and runs through this Thursday, July 6, at 1:00 p.m. PT.

    Turner is seeking his first All-Star selection and has made a strong All-Star push by leading the Majors (min. 200 AB) with a .388 batting average and a .473 on-base percentage in 58 games, while recording 16 doubles, seven home runs, 31 RBI, 26 multi-hit games and a 1.038 OPS. He currently sits with the fourth highest batting average at the All-Star Break since 1969, trailing just Larry Walker (.398, 1997), Tony Gwynn (.394, 1997) and Andres Galarraga (.391, 1993). Since joining the Dodgers in 2014, Turner ranks among NL leaders in batting average (.309, 4th), OBP (.380, 8th) and SLG (.503, 9th).

    Fans can now begin to vote for Turner to be the final player selected to the National League’s All-Star team via the 2017 Esurance MLB All-Star Game Final Vote. Voting is available online at and, as well as via mobile ballot and by SMS text voting. Text “N5” to 89269 (USA) or 101010 (Canada) to vote for Turner. Voting by text message is limited to 35 per phone number. In addition, during the last six hours of voting (7 a.m. PT to end of the Final Vote) on Thursday, July 6, tweets with #VoteJT will also count. The Dodgers have partnered with the Kansas City Royals as fans are encouraged to vote for Royals third baseman Mike Moustakas for the American League Final Vote, when they vote for Turner.

    This marks the third time in the last four years that the Dodgers have had four or more All-Star representatives (also: 2014 and 2015) and were Turner to win the Final Vote, it would be the third time in the last 12 years that the club would have five players participate in the Midsummer Classic (1995 and 2015).

    At 21 years, 354 days old, Bellinger becomes the youngest position player to be honored as an All-Star in franchise history (previous: Corey Seager: 22 years, 69 days) and the third-youngest Dodger All-Star overall (at the time of their first selection), behind only Fernando Valenzuela (20 years, 281 days in 1981) and Ralph Branca (21 years, 183 days in 1947). Despite being promoted to the big leagues on April 25, Bellinger currently leads the Senior Circuit in home runs (24), slugging percentage (.633) and home runs per at-bat (9.88), while ranking among the NL’s best in OPS (.967, 5th) and RBI (56, 11th). The reigning NL Rookie of the Month, who leads the Dodgers in home runs, RBI and slugging percentage, has recorded the most homers as a Dodger in a season at the age of 21 or younger, besting Adrián Beltré, who slugged 20 homers at age 21 in 2000. Bellinger is in his first MLB season after being selected by the Dodgers in the fourth round of the 2013 First-Year Player Draft from Hamilton High School in Arizona.

    Jansen, 29, will make his second consecutive All-Star appearance after being selected for the first time last year. He currently leads MLB relievers with a 0.79 ERA and ranks among National League relievers in WHIP (0.53, 1st), strike-to-walk ratio (53.00, 1st, 53 SO/1 BB), wins (4, T-2nd), strikeouts (53, 2nd), saves (18, T-3rd) and strike per nine innings (14.03, 4th) in 32 appearances this year. Jansen, who is in his eighth big league season, is the Dodgers’ all-time leader in saves (207) and strikeouts by a reliever (685). He was signed by the Dodgers as an international free agent on Nov. 17, 2004.

    Kershaw, 29, will become the first Dodger to be named to seven consecutive All-Star teams (2011-17) since Steve Garvey (1974-81), who made eight consecutive appearances in the Midsummer Classic. Kershaw, who is a strong candidate to start the game for the National League, currently is tied for the Major League lead in wins (12), while ranking among the league leaders in innings pitched (116.1, 2nd), quality starts (14, T-2nd), ERA (2.32, 3rd), WHIP (0.91, 3rd), strikeouts (135, 3rd), strikeout-to-walk ratio (6.75, 4th) and opponents’ batting average (.202, 5th) in 17 starts. The three-time Cy Young Award winner and 2014 NL Most Valuable Player is in his 10th MLB season after being selected by the Dodgers in the first round (7th overall) in the 2006 First-Year Player Draft.

    Seager, 23, will also make his second consecutive All-Star appearance after leading National League shortstops in runs (57), doubles (19), home runs (13), RBI (40) and walks (45) this season, while ranking second in hits (81), batting average (.299), on-base percentage (.401) and slugging percentage (.513). The reigning National League Rookie of the Year leads the Dodgers in runs scored, hits (82) and doubles, while hitting .353 with runners in scoring position (18-for-51), which ranks 16th in the NL. Seager is in his third MLB season after being selected by the Dodgers in the first round (18th overall) in the 2012 First-Year Player Draft out of Northwest Cabarrus High School in North Carolina.

    1. Wood deserves to be in the Allstar game more then Kershaw does!

      And it isn’t even close!

      1. I wouldn’t say MORE, because Kershaw has pitched 40 more innings and they both have the same WHIP which means Wood has had some good bounces so as to have lower ERA, but he does deserve it… and I think he takes Claytons place.

        1. Mark

          Wood has just been much more dominate then Kershaw this year.

          Kershaw has pitched better in his last two starts, but he was not that great, before these last two starts.

  21. MJ,

    First of all, Alex Wood does not qualify for the ERA title as yet, because he is a little short on innings.

    Secondly, Wood has walked the same amount of batters as Kershaw, but he has pitched 43 fewer innings.

    Third, they both have the same WHIP.

    Wood has a better ERA and BA against and has allowed 15 fewer HR.

    The fact that he has pitched so many fewer innings in the main deal.

    Wood averages less than 6 innings a start while Kershaw is just below 7 innings a start.

    Don;t get me wrong, Wood is pitching very good and deserves to be there, but no one is baseball is going to take Wood over Kershaw.

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