The Dee Gordon Trade Revisited

I’d Rather Have Austin Barnes at 2B Than Dee Gordon… as long as I have Kike Hernandez as one of the best supersubs in baseball. The Dodgers got a nice return for their former second baseman.  That is notwithstanding the obvious fact that Chris Hatcher has been a huge disappointment.  In case you forget, the trade was Gordon, Miguel Rojas and Dan Haren to the Marlins for Hatcher, Hernandez, Barnes and Andrew Heaney, who immediately became Howie Kendrick,  Kendrick played a big role in the 2015 success of the Dodgers.

I have said for quite some time that I would not be afraid to start Austin Barnes at 2B, even though he is a very good catcher.  Physically, I am not sure he can hold up as an everyday catcher, but he could hold up as an everyday second-baseman.  I have seen him made some great plays at 2B – he has way above average speed and awesome footwork and is just a baller.  We are finally seeing how good Austin Barnes can be this year.

Austin Barnes is hitting .287 with and OB% of .410 and is OPS’ing .904.  That’s not chump change!  I am always  thinking ahead… what if? So, what if, Logan Forsythe finds his swing and gets hot?  There are several teams that need a 2B or 3B – would they over-pay for a Logan Forsythe?  You see, there’s this guy at AAA who, in 97 AB’s is hitting .351 with a .388 OB% and OPS’ing 1.007, who happens to be a pretty good catcher and also plays 3B (and can play 2B and 1B in a pinch).  His name is Kyle Farmer, and like Austin Barnes, he is somewhat of a late bloomer.  He will be 27 in August (Barnes is also 27) and I think he can play at the next level.

So, if the Dodgers had a need and a player like Logan Forsythe was wanted by another team, I would not be afraid of Austin Barnes as my second-baseman.  He would be a solid leadoff hitter with a high OB% and is a guy who can steal 12-15 bases… maybe more!  I have liked Austin Barnes for a long-time and no matter what position he plays, he has shown he comes to play

I liked Dee Gordon – followed him through his minor league career – and I was excited when he came up.  However, he is what he is:  a soft-hitting, low-OB% , average-fielding second-baseman with a career OB% of .327 (he’s at .339 this year).  Even with Kendrick gone and Hatcher a bust, I’d do that deal 10 times out of 10! The thing is: Hernandez and Barnes will get even better!  Dee Gordon will be 30 next year and is headed for decline.  His only game is his speed and he is not getting faster… he’s getting slower.

As vilified as Kike was last year (which was completely insane because he hot .307 the year before), he has been instrumental in winning many games for the Dodgers this year with his bat, glove, legs and speed.  While his BA is not great (.233) he is OPS’ing .818 and his play has been timely and he has played 7 positions very well.  Take Kike off your bashing list – he’s been key to the Dodgers success.

Dodgers Rants & Raves

  • Let’s hope McCarthy’s Yips are just a blip!  That’s all you can say… but what a comeback!  This is very much fun!
  • The Rockies are in full free-fall right about bow as their pitching staff has surrendered almost 100 runs the past 15 games!  Now, they are falling back to where they will likely stay.  They have improved, but they do not have the pitching or pitching depth to hang with the big dog.  The D-Bags are next to fall…
  • Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports:

“Puig is on pace for 30 homers, he’s playing Gold-Glove defense in right field, and the Dodgers are on track for 106 wins. So it’s difficult to make the case Puig is hurting the team. Quite the contrary, he’s helping the team. Now, would the Dodgers trade him? Absolutely they would, if they could get full value. They’re not going to accept 50 cents on the dollar.”

  • Cody Bellinger has adjusted after the league adjusted, and is taking what the other teams give him while Chris Taylor is trying to adjust.  He’s taking more pitches and walked 3 times Sunday, so that is a good sign.  I think he will pick it back up – every player goes through slumps.  He now has 10 SB’s.
  • I have a feeling that Franklin Gutierrez is finished.
  • Alex Verdugo was again 2-4 (.344 BA) and so was Willie Calhoun with his 16th jack (.300/.916 OPS)
  • Justin Masterson won his 6th and struck out 9 in 5.2 innings.
  • Younginer got his 6th save for OKC  (2.16 ERA) and Broussard has a 1.53 ERA.
  • Walker Buehler pitched 5 innings and struck out 10 while walking 1 and allowing 2 runs for Tulsa. Buehler hasn’t allowed more than two runs in his 13 starts this season and now has 71 whiffs in 52 innings
  • Yusneil Diaz is on fire!  3-5 with a  HR (.293) – he’s a candidate for a promotion in the next month, if he can keep it up.
  • Dennis Santana was dazzling as ge went 7 with 8 K’s and allowed only 2 runs.  Another move up likely for him as well.
  • Not to be outdone, Dustin May pitched 6.1 shutout innings at GL and struck out 5.

Posted by Mark Timmons

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  1. Yes, and Gordon costs $10M/yr and Barnes and Hernandez about $500K/yr each.
    Yesterday was amazing! Grandal’s three-run strikeout has to be the most productive strikeout in history.
    Isn’t it MJ who is constantly preaching that nothing good comes from a strikeout?

    1. Boxout

      I never said nothing good comes out of a strike out.

      I said you have a better chance, if you can put the ball in play.

      More good things can happen, when a player puts the ball in play.

      The only down fall to putting the ball in play, is hitting into a double play.

      Heck we were getting runs, without striking out, just by wild pitches.

      The Rockies might have gave us 5 runs on wild pitches, but we gave them five easy runs, too.

      But you are right, that was one of Grandal’s most productive strike outs, he has ever had.

      1. NO NO NO NO NO
        That’s not the only downfall!
        You only get 27 outs. Making an out is a significant downfall.
        LOTS of Dodger stuff around the way today:
        Dave Cameron on the roll the Dodgers offense has been on:
        “Right now, middle of Dodger batting order is basically hitting like Peak Babe Ruth.”
        www DOT
        Passan on the Dodgers coming of age with young players:
        These are the new Dodgers, the lean player-development machine that churns out big leaguer after big leaguer, impact player after impact player,…
        sports DOT
        Sickels looks at hot hitting Edwin Rios:
        www DOT
        Supposedly Trace Thompson’s getting a call up today. Or at least his father thinks so.

  2. The beginning of yesterdays game was so painful to watch. McCarthy’s health is always a concern of mine and the mental aspect of it especially during high stress situations. One more quality starter seems like the missing link to me. This is an amazing team that never gives up. After the big hole that was dug yesterday, teams from the past would have just shut down. I must admit I wasn’t happy seeing the starting lineup yesterday with so many players out of position but somehow they found a way to win. Doc keeps pushing the right buttons and the players all believe. Shades of 1988 with more talent. I love Boxout7’s comment about Grandal’s productive strikeout. I didn’t think about that at the time but Yes, it must be the most productive strikeout in History. It appeared that the Rockies played under more pressure than the Dodgers yesterday. Kenley’s double off of their key closer was the icing on the cake. The Angels always seem to have our number so I hope that gets changed over the next 4 games. Now is not the time to take our foot off the gas.

  3. If a pitcher were to be had that would make a real difference then a trade might be considered while the Dodgers are hot. Hate to mess with success though.
    Forsythe is supposed to be a great teammate and Taylor has not yet proved he can hit .275+ for the rest of the season. I would want to wait until after the All Star game to trade Forsythe if he were traded at all.
    Barnes should be given at least half of the innings at catcher so I wouldn’t play him too often at second. Grandal needs more rest than he has been getting. As everybody knows, I would prefer Barnes and Farmer doing the catching this year if good value can be received for Grandal.

    1. I was surprised that Grandal was starting against a leftie too.

      I like Grandal but the last time I checked on his stats, he wasn’t hitting well, against lefties.

      And I would give Grandal as much rest as I could, to keep him healthy, and keep him sharp.

      And I would start Barnes against every leftie we faced, to try to keep Barnes sharp too.

      I think we have more depth at second, then any other position on the field, so I don’t think second is an issue.

      I was never a Dee Gordon fan, so that trade didn’t bother me.

      I just don’t think Dee is a baseball player, or a grinder.

      And I think that may be, because his heart is not into baseball.

      I think his first love is basketball, and I think he wasn’t good enough at basketball, to go any further then he did, so he tried baseball.

      And I think he is a different player with the Marlins, then he would have been, for the Dodgers.

    2. Bum,

      I get it – For some reason you do not like Grandal. That’s OK!

      But, are you aware that Grandal is #1 in Defensive WAR and #2 in offensive WAR among all catchers in MLB?

      Who in their right mind would do that?

      And Why? So you can lose more games?

      Also, Joc Pederson has been playing better, but he is not in the TOP 17 defensive CF’ers and is not in the TOP 19 offensive CF’ers. 17 and 19 is where they stop, so he ranks below that.

      1. During the winning streak, the Dodgers have five qualified players (Joc Pederson, Justin Turner, Corey Seager, Cody Bellinger and Yasiel Puig) who rank in the top 15 in MLB in OPS.

        1. I think Barnes and Farmer are better defensive catchers than Grandal, so regardless of how good Grandal is, the team has better catchers.
          They don’t have better CFers than Joc though.
          If Kemp can win a Gold Glove in CF, Joc could as well.

          1. Unless you disbelieve the stats, there is no better defensive catcher in baseball, but the Dodgers have two who are better?

        2. Bum

          I hate to point this out, but Joc has done this, in only 41 at bats.

          And we did face a lot of AAA pitchers, in those series against the Reds and the Mets, so I wouldn’t put a lot in to what Joc has done, quite yet.

          But he certainly has done much better, because he has brought his average up, close to Puig’s and he also has a higher OPS, then Puig does, right now.

          I looked at both Logan’s and Joc’s stats earlier today.

          Because I was wondering how many at bats, both Joc and Logan have had, since they came back.

          Because it seems like Joc is doing so much better, then Logan is right now.

          And actually Logan should be coming around, because he has had twice the at bats that Joc has had, so he better come around, soon!

      2. Joc’s stats for the last 30 games puts him at the top of all mlb CFers, he was also at the top after the all star game last year.

        1. Bum

          Joc has only played in 14 games, since he came back.

          And he only played in 14 games in May, and his numbers in May, were not good.

          He does have good numbers in the 14 games he has played, in June, but I don’t know about, the last thirty games.

          1. When you use stats for a small sample size instead of full season stats it’s usually because someone is on a hot streak after they have been horrible. Joc is hot now but his full season show he’s just a little better than terrible MN

  4. At the start of yesterday’s game I felt the same way Bill Russell felt, too many players playing out of their usual position. That weakens the defense and we saw that to be true. If it wasn’t such an important game I would have accused Roberts using it as a throwaway game. Guess he knows his team better than I do. However, I would still rather see players in their usual positions where they are most comfortable and have a better chance to perform well.

    When is the last time you saw a catcher (even tho he was playing second) score from second on a passed ball? Or who can steal second and then third in the same inning? Who is the last catcher you saw who could play an acceptable second base or third or……..? Austin Barnes is a special athlete and a valuable asset on any team. Here is something to watch for— if we have a big lead in the standings at the end of the year and it is a meaningless game, will the Dodgers let Barnes be a 9 position in 9 innings man? I don’t know about pitching, but he can do everything else, I wonder if the D’s would reward him by letting him have a shot at all the positions. BTW, who is the last player to play all 9 positions in a game? Don’t look…..

    Campaneris, Kansas City Athletics, Sept. 8, 1965. …
    Cesar Tovar, Minnesota Twins, Sept. 22, 1968. …
    Scott Sheldon, Texas Rangers, Sept. 6, 2000. …
    Shane Halter, Detroit Tigers, Oct. 1, 2000.

    I think it is time to add another name to that list.

    1. I think Kike is more likely to perform that stunt. Barnes has never played 1B, SS, LF or RF and only has one game in CF. On the other hand, Kike has played every position, except Catcher, multiple times and is in fact, the Emergency Catcher for the Dodgers.

      I do agree with Austin being a special athlete.

  5. Bleacher Report suggest the Dodgers should trade Alex Verdugo for Lo-Cain: Dope-Fiend Move!

    1. No kidding! I for one am really looking forward to seeing Verdugo in Dodger Blue! 21 yr old Verdugo is tearing up AAA, anybody noticed that OBP? What’s not to like, great contact guy and potential lead off guy and can play all three outfield positions with a rocket arm. I see Verdugo as the Dodgers 2018 candidate for rookie of the year unless Bueler beats him out. FAZ will never trade the future Tony Gwynn (someone said that, who was that?) for a rental!
      Bleacher Report? Fake News!!

  6. Great comeback win and as some have posted today Roberts seems to be hitting all of the right buttons, whatever he does seems to work. Good to see Joc going for more contact, Forsythe lower in the order, Kike making pitchers pay for mistakes and Barnes being used more. I think Gutierrez may be done, he looked awful in LF a few days ago, here’s hoping for a return to health, and Ethier too. Wild pitches don’t count as RBI’s but that was a productive K by Grandal. Ottovino has a wipe out slider but lost control of it that inning. How the Rocks handle adversity will be telling but they will take out their frustrations on SF for the next 3 then go to AZ for another showdown. Dodgers meanwhile get the Angels and Padres the next 6 games before facing the Snakes at home.

    AC brought up Fred Lynn and his ROY and MVP season back in ’75 but Ichiro also did it in 2001 when he hit .350 with 242 hits and 56 SB and also got a GG. Bellinger has a shot but would have to keep his average up and flirt with 50 HR’s and go way over 100 RBI’s. ROY sure but MVP is a heavy lift, Aaron Judge has a chance as well if the Yankees stay out front. Two in the same year would be unreal!

    1. Vegas, I knew about Ichiro, but I never considered him a ROY candidate, just as I did not consider Maeda a ROY candidate last year. Nippon Professional Baseball is a professional league, and some outstanding players have come out of that league. Ichiro is a certain HOF, but he was not a rookie in 2001 IMO. Ichiro played 7 full years and 2 part-time years in Nippon Professional Baseball from 1992-2000. So while technically Ichiro was a MLB rookie, IMO it is not the same as Fred Lynn and Cody Bellinger. But I concede your point.

  7. If the Dodgers trade a center fielder I think it will be Joc. He is playing well and hitting the ball right now so if he keeps that up his value will go straight up. Alex is playing so well the Dodgers will then be forced to make a decision, who do you keep or do you keep both. I like Joc but think Alex is likely the cf of the future and that Joc, Logan F and a pitcher might be traded for a 1st rate 2nd base/leadoff hitter.

    1. If they trade Joc, Chris Taylor will take over in CF. Alex Verdugo has below average speed and will never play CF in MLB (that’s my opinion). He has a cannon of an arm which could play in LF or RF. Cody Bellinger is much faster than Alex!

      I like this lineup:
      1. Verdugo LF
      2. Seager SS
      3. Turner 3B
      4. Bellinger 1B
      5. Taylor CF
      6. Grandal C
      7. Puig RF
      8. Barnes 2B

      1. Looks like this lineup should be productive and put a lot of pressure on the opposing pitching staff. I also like that no one in this lineup would clog the bases – an overall upgrade in speed on the base paths. We’ve seen glimpses during the streak of the Dodgers getting more aggressive on the bases. Despite getting Dave Roberts as Manager last year, the team did not adopt the aggressive base running that he showed when he was a player. I think it’s a matter of time – as the players get younger and more athletic, before the team takes on his personality on the base paths.

      2. Good, except I think Barnes needs to be a reserve catcher because Grandal seems to wear down and need some relief, plus he fills in at 2b. If we make that trade they need to get a good everyday 2b. Pitching help is another story.

        All this math is really stretching me.

      3. I love the way that Barnes stole 2nd, then stole 3rd because he could read that the Rockies were not paying enough attention. I love the way that Barnes scored from 2nd on a wild pitch. I don’t see AGon or Seager doing that no matter how confused Tony Wolters got on the wild pitch. I also noted how Puig took an extra base because the Rockies Left Fielder casual’d the throw back into the cutoff. Over time, I think the team will play like this with regularity, not just in spurts.

      4. Cody is a pretty decent center fielder also. If Joc were to be traded and I don’t think he will be. Next year I would think the outfield will be Verdugo in left Toles in center and Puig in right

      5. Not a bad lineup! But, I see Taylor as a possible long-term solution at 2nd base. Versatile Barnes, back-up catcher and back-up 2nd baseman.
        I don’t know what FAZ is thinking about Pederson or Grandal who becomes an UFA after the 2018 season, but Barnes and Farmer are nice alternatives.
        Why isn’t Puig being discussed as our future centerfielder? Fast, rocket arm, gold glover. Additionally, no more arguing at LA Dodger Talk about Puig hogging all the gappers, as the CFer those would be his balls to catch. I am not ruling out Pederson getting it together, but how would:
        Toles/Peters, LF Platoon
        Puig, CF
        Verdugo, RF

        Look in the future?
        Boy is it nice to be a Dodgers fan! So many players, not enough positions!

        1. Boxout

          I think Toles can hit lefties well enough, to not be platooned.

          He also seems to have more power, then Verdugo does.

          Toles hit more HRs in his first month, then Joc did, in his first month, in the majors.

          And we know Toles has more speed, then both Joc and Alex.

        2. Why isn’t Puig being discussed as a Centerfielder?

          Because when he is in RF, he can only kill three players: The CF, 1B and 2B. In CF, he can kill the entire infield and both outfielders. All that will be left is the Pitcher and Catcher.

  8. I think Mark got it right, that Logan is the player that needs to start producing quick, because he seems to be the weakest link on this team, right now.

    But I think some make a good point that Taylor is struggling a little, right now too, so I am not sure, about trading Logan, just yet.

  9. Anyone who makes snap judgements on baseball, or, well, pretty much anything, is a fool. We’ll wait and see on more recent trades, 2,3 years at least.


    — Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder/first baseman Cody Bellinger has been named the National League Player of the Week for the period ending June 25. The announcement was made earlier today on MLB Network.

    Bellinger posted a slash line of .370/.400/1.037 with seven runs scored, three doubles, five home runs and 12 RBI over seven games to claim his second career NL Player of the Week Award, last winning earlier this season on May 8. Bellinger, who made his Major League debut on April 25, is the first player in the Majors this season to garner multiple weekly honors. The 21-year-old rookie paced the Majors in home runs, RBI and total bases (28), while among NL leaders, finished the period third in slugging percentage, tied for fourth in hits and tied for fifth in doubles.

    Bellinger began his award-winning week in historic fashion last Monday, going 3-for-5 with a pair of home runs and four RBI. The multi-homer effort was his fifth of the 2017 season and propelled him to becoming the fastest player in MLB history to reach 21 round-trippers (51 career games). Additionally, the Scottsdale, Arizona native surpassed Adrian Beltre (20 HR, 2000) to log the most home runs as a Dodger in a season at age 21-or-younger. The following night, the dynamic slugger connected for his 22nd home run of the season in a game that saw Los Angeles record a season-high-tying five homers. With the prolific output, the Dodgers had blasted 27 home runs in its previous 10 games, establishing a new franchise record for homers over any 10-game span. For Bellinger, it was his 10th home run over his last 10 games (June 10-20), and he became just the second player in team history to log 10 homers in 10 contests, joining Shawn Green (May 2002). In addition, Bellinger became the first rookie in Major League history to accomplish the feat, and was the first big league player to do so since Troy Tulowitzki (September 8-18, 2010). In Sunday’s contest against the Colorado Rockies at Dodger Stadium, Bellinger finished his extraordinary week with another three-hit effort, including two home runs and four RBI. Not even halfway through the season, Bellinger enters play today with six multi-homer efforts, and trails only Mark McGwire (7) for the most multi-homer games as a rookie in MLB history. The overall single-season mark of 11 multi-homer games is held by Hall of Famer Hank Greenberg (1938) and Sammy Sosa (1998).

    Outfielder Michael Taylor (.444, 7 R, 3 2B, 3 HR, 7 RBI) of the Washington Nationals was also impressive last week. The 26-year-old recorded his first multi-homer game of the season on Saturday, and second of his career (also June 19, 2016), while matching a career high with four hits. Starting pitcher R.A. Dickey (2-0, 0.64 ERA, 14.0 IP, 12 SO) of the Atlanta Braves logged two outstanding starts last week, posting 7.0 innings and six strikeouts in both outings. Other noteworthy performances last week included Bellinger’s teammate Justin Turner (.455, 9 R, 4 XBH, 6 RBI); outfielder Curtis Granderson (.455, 7 R, 6 XBH, 5 RBI) of the New York Mets; starting pitcher Gerritt Cole (1-0, 1.38 ERA, 13.0 IP, 10 SO) of the Pittsburgh Pirates; and first baseman Paul Goldschmidt (.417, 8 R, 3 XBH, 8 RBI) of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

    In recognition of his National League Player of the Week Award, Cody Bellinger will be awarded a watch courtesy of Rockwell.

  11. From

    Deep in terms of depth, versatility, brain power and newfound star power (in the form of rookie National League MVP Award candidate Cody Bellinger), the Dodgers have become the juggernaut we always knew (or feared) they could be. They are dismantling teams in this month of June, winning not just 10 straight, but 16 of their past 17 to take the top spot in baseball’s best division, the NL West.

    Whether this all leads to the Dodgers’ first World Series title since 1988 remains to be seen, but they have major midseason mojo.

    More Here:

  12. I can’t help but notice that some Dodger Detractors have evaporated during this streak.

  13. I just hope McCarthy is ok. Kershaw, Wood and McCarthy are a strong 1-2-3 for starting pitchers. Hill needs to show us he belongs in the first three positions.

    Taylor is struggling right now, but yesterday he walked three times stole 2 bases. He is finding other ways to help the team. He may be the best lead off player we have.

    1. Really hoping for a strong showing from Hill tonight. He needs to build up his confidence.

  14. Boys are going well Mark, but it’s a long season with lots of games to be played.
    There will be ups & downs, and they certainly won’t keep raking like they are currently.
    Things certainly seem good, but it’s amazing what a losing streak, or an important injury can do.
    After all, it wasn’t long ago that we were throwing around trade proposals for both RH power hitting Outfielders, and #2 Starters.
    The emergence of Cody has been key, offsetting the loss of AGon, and Taylor has been a revelation (although FAZ left him behind after Spring Training).
    No doubt we are in a great position, but I’m not gonna open the Champagne when we haven’t completed half a season.
    That’s not being negative, but we are probably not as good as the current numbers suggest.
    Either way I’m enjoying the ride, and excited to see where it takes us.
    Reminds me of the 2013 season.

  15. Actually, I think it’s the fact that both Joc & Puig are both playing well at the same time that has made a big difference.
    When they hit well our lineup is very long.

  16. Watford,

    It is a long season, which is all the more reason to like this team – DEPTH!

  17. According to MLB, let’s look at JOC’s rankings for Centerfielders:

    BA – #35
    OB% – #10
    Hits – #30
    OPS – #19
    HR – #19
    RBI – #24
    Runs – #21
    Doubles #15
    Fielding % – #92

  18. As they say in Las Vegas, don’t get in front of a winning streak or a losing streak when betting baseball. The Dodgers have made me some $$$ lately.

    The biggest key has been different players stepping up every day to supplement the core players. They have also won with JT sitting, Puig sitting, Joc sitting, Grandal sitting, and Seager and AGon injured. Only Taylor and Bellinger have been in there every day lately and Taylor was probably due for a rest when Seager went down. I think Taylor is a better SS than CF and Kike a better CF than SS, that is the one change I would make, besides Forsythe at 1B.

    1. Vegas

      That is the difference with this team, as compared to the team in 2013.

      In 2013 we depended on mostly Hanley and Puig.

      Like you already said, it is a different player every day.

  19. I do wonder how many all stars we’ll get in, especially if we have the league’s best record

    1. Seager is the only starter who has a chance with fan voting. But, Bellinger, Turner, Grandal, Kershaw, Wood and Jansen are in the conversation.


    Brandon McCarthy placed on 10-day disabled list; Ross Stripling optioned to Triple-A OKC

    – The Los Angeles Dodgers recalled right-handed pitcher Brock Stewart and outfielder Trayce Thompson from Triple-A Oklahoma City and placed right-handed pitcher Brandon McCarthy on the 10-day disabled list with right knee tendonitis and optioned right-handed pitcher Ross Stripling to Triple-A OKC.

    Stewart, 25, will make his second stint with the big league club after pitching in one game out of the bullpen on June 20 vs. NYM (3.0 IP, 4 K, BB) in which he earned his first Major League save. In three starts with the Oklahoma City Dodgers this season, Stewart has posted a 3.24 ERA (3 ER/8.1 IP) and has struck out 13 batters without issuing a walk. The Normal, Illinois, native saw his first big league action last season with the Dodgers going 2-2 with a 5.79 ERA (18 ER/28.0 IP) in seven games (five starts).

    Thompson, 26, will also make his second stint with the Dodgers this season after going 0-for-8 in three games from April 12-15. Thompson was hitting .211 with seven homers, eight doubles, four triples and 25 RBI in 62 games for the OKC Dodgers. Last year, the Southern California native appeared in 80 games for Los Angeles, batting .225 with 13 homers and 32 RBI, before his season was cut short due to stress fractures in his back.

    McCarthy made his 13th start of the season yesterday against the Rockies, allowing five runs (four earned) on four hits in 3.0 innings with two strikeouts, as he did not factor in the decision in the Dodgers’ 12-6 victory. He has gone 6-3 with a 3.25 ERA (26 ER/72.0 IP) this season, while holding batters to a .229 average.

    Stripling also pitched in yesterday’s contest, allowing one run on three hits in 2.0 innings of relief with one strikeout. In 22 relief appearances this season, he has gone 0-3 with one save and has posted a 4.03 ERA (17 ER/38.0 IP), while striking out 40 against only 10 walks in 38.0 innings.

        1. Maybe the knee caused the yips or maybe the yips caused the knee or maybe it was the knee or maybe it was the yips. That’s what we know for certain.

  21. LINEUP
    1. Utley 2B
    2. Taylor LF
    3. Turner 3B
    4. Bellinger 1B
    5. Grandal C
    6. Pederson CF
    7. Puig RF
    8. Hernandez SS
    9. Hill P

  22. I think the last year and to this point the thing I am most impressed with is Dave Roberts. He uses everybody on his roster and puts them in where they have the best chance to succeed. He has also shown confidence with players at crucial times when you say what? For most the revolving dl and the overall injuries he has had to deal with would wear on you daily but instead he seems to embrace it. Faz has made a lot of good moves but for me none better than hiring Roberts. I believe the dodgers are playing as a TEAM should. Roberts and the front office have provided tremendous energy and work ethic. I know that there is no way they can keep this torrid pace. The depth that has been created and the leadership makes this a very difficult team to beat.

  23. According to Longenhagen:
    Dodgers have another arm strength guy to watch. Yeison Cespedes, 94-96

    1. I beleive young Mr. Cespedes (19) is a pitcher that I touted in my last post. I think he will be a good one, but since he his in Rookie League (AZL), and his first USA landing, he will have a LONG way to go. But he will be fun to watch. I also like Jose Chacin (20) to follow.

  24. Well the LA Dodgers might have have had their winning streak stopped at 10, but the OKC Dodgers winning streak is now at 6. Thanks in no small part to Scott Barlow who made his AAA pitching debut on Monday. Scott went 6.1 innings (97 pitches), allowed 4 hits, 2 runs (both unearned), 2 walks, and 5 strikeouts. Not a bad debut for a 24 year old one step away from his dream.

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