R U Liking Ryu?

Yes, Ryu only went 5 innings.  Yes, he threw 105 pitches (that can be either good or bad, depending upon your perspective). Yes, he gave up 8 hits.  BUT, he only allowed 2 runs and gave up no HR to one of the best hitting teams in baseball in on of the best hitter’s parks in baseball. So, there is that!  As bad as you think Ryu might be he has a better ERA than some of the pitchers you think are studs.

Ryu is a work in progress, just like Rich Hill is.  Come to think of it, so is Kenta Maeda.  Wood, McCarthy and the Big Dog are fine.  The other three are working on it.  At least two of them will figure it out.  Actually, I think they all will.  We are like about 29 other NLB teams in regard to starting pitching… EXCEPT  we have DEPTH!   That depth will be all the difference in the second half for Arizona and Colorado.

Watch and see!

Look how Cody Bellinger has energized the team since his callup.  I remember when Gary Sanchez hit 19 home runs last year… thinking “That will never happen again.”  I honestly believe it is time to call up Calhoun or Verdugo… or both.  I think A-Gon is  role player when he comes back.  There’s a new Sheriff at 1B; his name is Cody Bellinger and he’s here to stay.  When the league catches up to him, he just catches right back up.

And one final things about Cody:  I TOLD YOU SO!

OK, my son’s 18 birthday and Graduation Party is today and I picked my Filmmaker son up at the airport last night.  My daughter is in town and I’m done talking.  Peace Out!  Enjoy the sweep.



Posted by Mark Timmons

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  1. Happy Father’s Day to all you Dodger fans… My kids are spread all over the country but they will be with me in spirit as I create a masterpiece on the BBQ today…
    I’m quite surprised with CO’s staying power, but it’s just a matter of time…

  2. Happy Father’s Day. Not likin’ Ryu. Likin’ Kershaw, McCarthy, & Wood. Lovin’ Bellinger. Hopin’ Joc has finally figured it out, but we’ll see. We are in a dogfight but I prefer that to waltzing into the playoffs like the Nats.

  3. Todays Lineup:
    CF: Joc Pederson
    SS: Corey Seager
    3B: Justin Turner
    1B: Cody Bellinger
    RF: Yasiel Puig
    2B: Logan Forsythe
    C: Austin Barnes
    LF: Enrique Hernandez
    SP: Kenta Maeda

    Love the Seager, Turner, Bellinger staple.

    Joc in leadoff, hope he gets ahead early in the count, his BA this year with two strikes- .123

  4. I agree with you Mark about Ryu.

    Ryu obviously didn’t have his best stuff yesterday, but he did everything he could, to keep the score close, in a hitters park, just like you said..

    And isn’t that what Kershaw does, when he doesn’t have his best stuff?

    They also say that command is the last thing to come, when a pitcher has had a shoulder surgery, so Ryu should get better, as the season goes along.

    Bellinger looks more mature to me, then both Puig and Joc do, when he is up to bat.

    And that is amazing since he only played a month in AAA, before he came up.

    I love seeing everyone hitting, but it will be interesting to see what we do next week, because the Reds really don’t have, very good pitching.

    I am not sure the Mets do either, because they have had a lot of injuries, and most of there pitchers have eras, over four.

    And I believe that Syndergaard is out, and I think he is there best pitcher.

    Happy Father’s Day to you all!

  5. I’m also impressed with the cRockies and Dbags this year, but over time they’ll be surpassed by the Big Blue Machine.

    Bellinger is having a historical rookie year.

    Has Joc gotten his groove back? I like what I see since he came back.

    The Dodgers starting pitching depth is the envy of MLB.

    It’s almost Trade Time! FAZ will make a below the radar trade nobody else sees coming that will help in ways nobody else considered. (i.e. Rich Hill and Alex Wood)


    LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Dodgers today recalled right-handed pitcher Brock Stewart from Triple-A Oklahoma City and optioned right-handed pitcher Josh Ravin to Triple-A OKC.

    Stewart, 25, will make his first stint with the big league club after starting the season on the disabled list with right shoulder tendinitis and being optioned to Triple-A OKC following his reinstatement on June 7. Stewart last pitched on June 11, allowing one run on three hits in 3.1innings with four strikeouts against Triple-A Round Rock (Rangers). In three starts with the Oklahoma City Dodgers this season, Stewart has posted a 3.24 ERA (3 ER/8.1 IP) and has struck out 13 batters without issuing a walk. The Normal, Illinois, native saw his first big league action last season with the Dodgers going 2-2 with a 5.79 ERA (18 ER/28.0 IP) in seven games (five starts).

    Ravin, 29, last pitched for the Dodgers in yesterday’s contest against the Reds, allowing just one hit and striking out two in 2.0 scoreless innings of relief in his first appearance for Los Angeles this season.

    This guy could be a beast in the pen!

  7. Forsythe hr was a shot!

    I really hope Cody goes deep today and gets his 20th in his 50th game. Let’s see some history!

  8. Report from behind enemy lines: A beautiful 82 degree day in Denver (112 in Vegas!) spending Father’s Day with family and 48,000 screaming fans who barely noticed the Dodger’s close win as they grinned through a rare low scoring game. The Rocks scratched back from a 2-0 deficit to take the lead 3-2 behind Arenado and then the wild 9th inning saw Pence hit a PH 2 run HR and they plated another to take a 5-3 lead. The home team got one back to make it 5-4 then Arenado, looking for a cycle and needing a HR to complete it became the 5th man in ML history to hit a walk off HR to complete the cycle! Rocks 7 Giants 5 final. The Rocks are for real, and are just catching on how good they are. The Snakes, Dodgers and Rockies all just completed sweeps and are the hottest teams in baseball. The Dodgers return home to face the Mets for 4 and open with Kershaw while the DBacks travel to Coors for a battle royale.

    A very good road trip indeed for the boys in blue, and the schedule is still soft with only an upcoming match up with the Rockies to be concerned about as far as teams with winning records. The team could roll right into the All Star break firing on all cylinders. Good times! Happy Father’s Day to all!

  9. The boys are certainly on a roll, and very positive news with Logan & Kenta both improving their performances.
    I do have a nagging worry about the presumption that the D’backs & especially the Rockies are going to fade in the second half.
    Vegas certainly doesn’t seem to think so. Are we just assuming that both Rotations will start to leak gas under the pressure, because they don’t appear to be at the moment.
    I have this terrible vision of us playing one of them in the Wild Card one off game!
    Nice to see Joc hitting with power, and on an upward curve. I really think we need Hill to get his act together, as he is certainly a key man. In fact, it’s amazing how well we have done without him making any kind of contribution.

    1. Watford

      It is still very early for those Rockies young pitchers, we are not even half way through the season.

      And when we face the Rockies and the Dbacks again, we are not that same team that played them, early in the season.

  10. Watching the highlights Joc’s swing looks much flatter. I still think he stands too close to the plate but the results over the weekend were good. What we have is a team. Every day it’s someone different coming through. This is what we lacked in previous years when if 2-3 guys didn’t hit we were screwed. That’s what championship winning teams do and why names like Carpenter, Wong and Stairs are infamous to Dodgers fans. Some people complain that we don’t have 5 starters that can go 7-8 innings every time out. Oh well. If our starters besides Kershaw and Wood can give us 5-6 good innings and turn it over to our bullpen then I’m happy. The game is moving towards a Royals style pitching staff. Pitchers are taught now to go 100% and you can’t go 8 innings doing that. The key come playoff time is whether our bullpen will produce?

  11. Rosenthal also spoke with right-hander Jake Arrieta at length in an interesting interview about his struggles this season. While the former Cy Young winner conceded that his workload in 2015-16 may be having more of an effect on him than he’d like to admit. As Rosenthal notes, virtually every member of the Cubs’ rotation that pitched into the World Series has had some level of struggle this season, and the same is largely true of the Indians.
    Maybe just maybe there is something to FAZ limiting the starter innings. Is it possible that DEPTH is the new superstar?

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