Optical Rectumitis

Have you noticed that a few certain fans like to bang on Friedman and Company about trading away Cotton, Montas, Holmes, De Leon, Peraza and Schebler but fail to mention anything of value FAZ has done?

ME: “Wow, Alex Wood is doing great!”

FAZ-BASHER: “Squirrel! That Rich Hill really sucks, even he says so.  FAZ is an idiot!”

Schebler (.252) and Peraza (.258) are playing OK in a hitter’s ballpark, but where would they play for LA?  In Taylor’s place?  Puig’s place? Kike’s place?   I think not!  Good for the Dodgers to trade them.  Some are playing in the majors and that’s awesome, but they had no future in LA. Cotton, Montas and Holmes, as well a De Leon were not ready and the Dodger’s staff was loaded so, some bodies had to go.  Look at their respective ERA’s:

  • Cotton – 5.52 ERA
  • Montas – 6.91 ERA
  • Holmes –  5.45 ERA in AA
  • De Leon – 10.13 ERA

Now, the players FAZ got back (Hill and Forsythe) are not exactly setting the world on fire but it’s a long season.  Let’s see how it plays out. What no FAZ-Basher wants to talk about are players like Alex Wood, Chris Taylor, Andrew Toles, Austin Barnes and Kike Hernandez. Instead, they want to bash Hill and Forsythe… and McCarthy and Grandal who was traded for their beloved Matt Kemp.

Oh,  and they signed Kenley Jansen and  kept Pedro Baez, who form the most potent 8th and 9th inning combo in MLB. Both have a sub 1.00 ERA! But, all we hear is how bad Chris Hatcher is.  FAZ acquired Mike Liberatore, Josh Fields, Luis Avilan and Brandon Morrow, but the FAZ bashers just want to talk about Sergio Romo.

Nobody is perfect, but the FAZ Bashers are compelled to point that out ad nauseum!  18 of the 25 players currently on the roster, are players acquired or signed  by FAZ.   That’s blowing up the team in epic proportions… maybe as much as Theo did in Chicago… except that the Dodgers kept winning and are winning now.  If fact, they are in the Top Tier of teams looking for a World Series Championship.

The farm is one of the top Farms Systems in all of baseball.  Friedman has replaced many scouts and coaches and surrounded himself with a lot of great baseball minds – both old and young!  I have often advocated trading for a RH power hitter and I would still like to see that happen, but it seems that the roadmap to success is to get young players and groom them.  Look at what is happening in Houston and with the Yankees.  Look at Corey Seager and Cody Bellinger.  Verdugo and Calhoun could be right behind them.  One  will likely be part of a deal for a RH power hitter, but I have came to the conclusion that it should not be an old guy.  Even Cain is too old.  Bellinger has proven he can hit LH pitching – maybe Verdugo and Calhoun can too.

Minor League Notes

  • Nothing good happened in AAA or AA last night, except that Fernandez was again 2-4 and is batting .335 with .885 OPS.  I would think someone would have interest in him.  No spectacular, but very solid he is!
  • RC and GL both lost too, but Robinson and Diaz had 3 hits at RC – Diaz is starting to really step it up, and Romo pitched 2 innings allowed 3 hits and 1 run.  God help us. I can talk bad about Romo because I don’t ignore the good.  Yadier Alvarez got smoked again.  I’ll go on record again as saying we should have traded him.  It was a bad night at Black Rock!


Posted by Mark Timmons

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  1. I really hope we don’t trade Buehler. I think he’s a sure thing. But I do feel that offering Alvarez and his 100mph fastball as part of a centerpiece to get a stud #2 is worth it.

    It will be a fun next 5 weeks

  2. Man, this lineup can be potent and super fun to watch when it wants to be

    Bellinger, geez
    Joc, hopefully this is the start of something good
    Puig, best 8 hole and potential impact bat in baseball

    Forsythe, wake up!

    1. Truth – all of that is spot on.
      Puig is consistently having better ABs and looks like he is enjoying himself – just like the early days with Hanley & Uribe. That can only be a good thing.

      Things are looking good, although we appear to be in the most competitive division.
      If we want to win it all this season, we need Hill to get back to last seasons form. He is lights out when on song.

      1. Agreed! Cheers Watford, hope all is well with you, still have the best picture icon in LADT history….

          1. Mark, the one you sent me privately is actually my desktop background, the first thing I see every morning….

            By the way, you still planning the D.C. Trip?

  3. Saw some of Saturday’s game: Pederson looks like he put on some weight. He’s swinging the bat better. The timing looks better. Back foot is still. Pug is swinging better. He hit a couple of off speed pitches out. Stayed back enough on the. The second one was in the upper deck. He also made a smart play of a lodged ball in right. Baez looked good. Hit the mit most of the time. Ravin hit 100. Ryu still not right.

  4. Yes it is nice seeing all of our young players playing, well.

    I just hope this continues against better pitching, but you have to win against the bad teams too.

  5. Yes, it is fun to watch the young kids perform. Maybe Joc and Puig will figure it out.

    We have three good starting pitchers. If Hill can fill in the fourth spot and Ryu the fifth spot we are just fine. Urias and others are just waiting.

    I believe the other day I read where our AA team had 9 players on the all star team. Hard to believe.

    Our line up is becoming a little more stable. I like that. Taylor, Seager and Bellinger can hit lefties and righties. Makes it easy to keep them in the lineup. Joc and Puig need to do the same.

    Some of these younger kids will have to be traded. If they are blocked and cannot play another position, then we need to look at trading them. If they do well for another team that is great. FAZ will make a decision this summer to cut his losses. I think Hatcher, Romo and Gutierrez will not be on the team when we end the season.

  6. Great game today, nice to see Puig and Joc figuring things out. Bellinger is rolling to the ROY award and his hitting is rubbing off on the entire team. Going to the Rockies/Giants game tomorrow and all 3 west teams at the top are going for sweeps. This is the best race in recent memory and the Rockies and Snakes simply do not have the pitching to hang with the Dodgers although both teams can hit and play well at home. They call up Ravin and he delivers 2 scoreless innings today. Could be Romo activated tomorrow, the back of the bullpen is the only thing worrying me right now, except for Forsythe and what to do with Gutierrez.

    1. I don’t know, I’ve become spoiled by the late inning come-from-behind wins that games like today’s are almost ho-hum. NEED THE ADRENALINE from this point on now. Not complainng though! CHEERS!!!!

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