We’re Back!

Well, we finally got the server back to normal and this is a test post.  Always Compete has an excellent post concerning tomorrow’s Amateur Draft. He’s on vacation – I can’t say where he is – I’m sworn to secrecy, but if he doesn’t post the article in the next couple of hours, I will.

I just can’t say where he is and I won’t even offer a clue…

On Today’s Game

  • WOW! Chicks dig the long ball and Bellinger and Seager are popular, but Kike was the unsung hero with an incredible at bat.
  • The Dodgers are still #1 in team ERA.  Yes, the starting pitching is not where many want it, but who cares?  They are winning and it’s getting better.  Last year, the Cubs pitching staff was the ideal of every Dodger fan.  This year, they are 13th and giving up a run more a game.  Their starting staff is a shambles.  Our depth makes us #1.
  • Before the season started, I predicted that Chase Utley would be a key player for the Dodgers.  Then I lost faith and said to cut him.  Look at him now.  He is  a factor and I guess you should trust your gut… unless you’ve got a bad gut!
  • Now, the team needs to get Forsythe going.  Right about now, it looks like the Dodgers and the Rays both swindled each other.  Forsythe is hitting a buck ninety and De Leon has a 10.80 ERA.
  • Is A-Gon DL bound?

Oldtimers Game

I love those things!  Tommy Lasorda with Dodger all-time greats at the 2017 Old-Timers Game. (Photo credit Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers)


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