The Kershawshank Redemption Cometh

  • I think that 79% of the the Dodger’s inability to hit LH pitching is 80% mental!
  • Last year, the Dodgers never dropped below .500 until May 6, so we are ahead of schedule this year.
  • I am encouraged by Ryu’s performance.  The stats don’t look good, but he went 6 innings last night with 97 pitches – not bad for a guy who has missed two years. I think 91 was where he topped out so he is learning how to pitch with a little less velocity and he is working on controlling his fastball.  All of his other pitches are very good.  So, even though he is 0-3 with a 5.87 ERA, I am hopeful.  He should walk Arenado from now on, however!
  • Stripling has added 2-3 MPH on his fastball this year and Alex Wood is also back to full tilt boogie!
  • Baez and Fields looked good.  Baez especially pitching 2 innings.
  • The Dodgers did not have an extra base hit and stranded 12 runners. Really, the pitching was good enough to win.
  • It is possible Turner or Forsythe or both could miss some time after being hit by pitches.  I think we need to pitch the teams inside that pitch us inside… and if it hits them, oh well!
  • I am afraid we have seen the best from A-Gon, which makes acquiring another hitter like braun imperative.  He’s still a nice #6 hitter.
  • Kershaw will stop the bleeding tonight. Tyler Anderson is a LH who pitches for the Rookies and has a 8.59 ERA, which means he will pitch a 2-hitter.
  • Remember when Clayton Kershaw went down last year and it looked so dark and gloomy?  How did that turn out?  We are in really good shape this year.  Watch and see!

Minor League Report

  • OKC Lost 5-3 –  Dickson and Verdugo both had two hits. Masterson pitched four innings but wasn’t very good.  Broussard went two and still has not been scored upon.
  • Tulsa Lost 3-0 – Barlow pitched 5 strong innings, nobody hit much and Sierra got rocked for 2 runs in 1/3 of an inning.
  • RC Lost 11-9 – Detect a trend?  Drew Jackson was 3-5 with a  HR. Luke Raley was 4-4.  Mitch White got rocked for 4 hits and 6 runs (3 earned) in 1.2 IP.  His scoreless streak was broken big time. Istler again pitched well. One blog had a write up about how White was dominating the competition only to see him get drilled. I always save that stuff until after the game!  😉
  • GL (you guessed it) lost 9-6 – So, if you were playing for any Dodger team, you lost yesterday.  TURN THE PAGE!


Press Release



LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Dodgers today placed infielder Logan Forsythe (right great toe fracture) and infielder/outfielder Rob Segedin (right great toe strain) on the 10-day disabled list and recalled outfielder Brett Eibner and infielder/outfielder Chris Taylor from Triple-A Oklahoma City.

Eibner, 28, will make his Dodger debut after posting a .344 (11-for-32)/.389/.656 slashline with eight runs, a double, three home runs and eight RBI in 12 games with Triple-A OKC. In 19 Spring Training games with Los Angeles, Eibner hit .306 (11-for-36) with four doubles, a triple, two home runs and 10 RBI, while posting a .405 on-base percentage and a .639 slugging percentage. The San Diego, California native, who was acquired by the Dodgers on January 25 from the Oakland Athletics, saw his first big-league action in 2016 with Kansas City and Oakland, combining to hit .193 (36-for-187) with six homers and 22 RBI.

Taylor, who enters his second season with the Dodgers, will make his first stint with the big league club after batting .233 (10-for-43) with two doubles, two triples, a home run and five RBI in 10 games with the OKC Dodgers. In 22 Spring Training games, he slashed .354 (17-for-48)/.483/.500 with 13 runs, three doubles, two triples, three RBI and four stolen bases. The 26-year-old Virginia Beach, Virginia native, was acquired by the Dodgers on June 19, 2016 from the Mariners and hit .207 (12-for-58) with two doubles, two triples, a home run and seven RBI in 34 games with Los Angeles last year.

Forsythe left last night’s game against the Rockies at the end of the second inning after being hit by a pitch in his first at bat. In his first season with the Dodgers, Forsythe has hit .295 (13-for-44) with two doubles and three RBI, including reaching base safely in his last four games. Segedin, who was recalled prior to Monday’s game from Triple-A OKC, went 1-for-4 with a run scored in two games for the Dodgers.

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Posted by Mark Timmons

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  1. 27 LOB’s will do you in every time. Wanted – Clutch hitting. May finally be jumping on the Braun train.

  2. Mark, your comment abut Gonzales still being a good #6 hitter made me smile as that was what I used to say about Loney albeit in his prime when so many wanted, demanded, a power hitting first baseman. I used to say the Dodgers need a power hitting left fielder because that was where the Dodgers were the weakest and that while Loney was not the typical power hitting first baseman, he was still a strength there.

    1. A-Gon is now James Loney -12 -15 HR, Gold Glove, 80-90 RBI, solid citizen. I think before any big trade is completed, Cody will be called up.

      1. You forgot “and Boat Anchor”! And I don’t know about those 80-90 RBIs anymore, he is on pace for 43.

  3. It was a good sign for Ryu to go 6 innings, but Arenado was a one man wrecking crew. Roberts commented that fastball location was the only issue and he will continue to let Ryu pitch. It’s good to see Wood getting a chance but when will we see Urias? The bullpen locked down again and there were 12 K’s of Rockies.

    Puig seems to hit better lower in the lineup, so does Joc and Grandal. The question is who hits cleanup? Who hits leadoff? AGon clogs up the bases no matter who he hits in front of. Seager and Turner going from 2 and 3 to 3 and 4 seems logical with AGon 5th. I might try Toles and Puig up top against RHP. There were multiple chances to hit with RISP and aside from the 9th and Joc in the 4th they did not deliver.

    Should Kazmir and or Ethier go on the 60 day DL and give some spots to the kids? Do they start Bellinger’s arbitration clock early with a call up? Is Dickson a possible answer to the LHP problem? He has to be an upgrade over SVS. If Forsythe’s toe is more serious do they call up Taylor? If internal options don’t work do they pull off a trade? Braun, Cabrera and Cain have been discussed as options, and all make some sense if they want to go all in for this year and fix this recurring problem against LHP early in the season.

    It’s way to early to panic but also obvious to see there are some issues that are making this team as constructed inconsistent and overly reliant on the bullpen. The offense getting 4 runs a game would solve a lot of issues. Every team will juggle their rotations to get as many LH starters as possible lined up until they fix that problem.

    1. Vegas

      Lead off should be Forsythe.

      He gets on base well, and he is experienced,in leading off.

      And he isn’t hitting in a lot of runs either.

      This is Puig ‘s fifth year, and Joc’s third year, and this is Toles first year, so I hope Roberts keeps that in mind, when he makes the line ups.

      But I agree Puig might start hitting lefties better, lower in the line up.

  4. I think I’m right in saying that in the games won, we’ve scored over 6 runs per game, and in the games lost we are averaging just over 1 run.
    Think the problem currently is with the hitting not the pitching.
    I read Truth’s comments yesterday and found myself agreeing – last year it started slowly, but we improved. I can see the same thing this season, and of course as other teams get injuries or loss of form, our depth should come to the fore.
    It’s still early days as Mark says.

  5. I’ll jog past the ‘Trade’ crapola and get to my thoughts on Y. ‘Puig’ Sierra… Saw the kid on the back fields of Camelback was impressed with his stuff… I dont know his exact signing amount, but you give a kid like Sierra and Puig, who had virtually nothing and all of a sudden they’re checking their B of A account daily on the net… Hard to keep their heads in the game… Just gotta reign em in!!!

      1. Yeah now that the “trade” has been brought up lets discuss.

        It wasn’t a good use of valuable resources. Would have loved to see Dodgers sign Gonzalez as a free-agent, but trading for him one-year after he signed with Boston and agreeing to take Crawford (who we didn’t have a position for) and his 100M contract was dumb. Would have been much better to get another ACE. Eating the last couple years of Gonzalez’s contract would have been a “much smaller olive to swallow” (where you heard that before) without Crawford. Now Gonzalez is blocking Bellinger for the next two years, unless Gonzalez becomes that pinch-hitter ONLY that Bumsrap desires (Actually he could also do some fielding).

        Why rehash the “trade”? I have a similar fear taking on Braun’s remaining $76M contract at age 33 and four more years. Yes, financially it would be better than also adding on a “Crawford” anchor, but we must consider the prospect cost and the probable eventual prospect blocking. Even though Braun would be VERY nice in 2017, it makes much more sense to me to add two, Cain and Cabrera, for less than the price of one.

          1. Well Gonzalez and his remaining $40M contract is blocking someone.
            With a .265 BA, 4 RBIs, .306 SLG and .663 OPS, he has become a liability. Basically a singles hitter that moves around the bases slower than Mark!
            If he doesn’t improve soon, he is a high priced pinch-hitter.

      2. Mark

        I asked you this yesterday, does Bellinger hit lefties?

        If he does, why not bring him up, and see what he can do, before trading for someone, like Braun.

        But I still think they need to play the regular line up consistently, and see what they do, against both lefties and righties, even before that.

        Most players are not going to hit well, or consistently, if they are not getting consistent, at bats.

        And at this rate, it is only Turner, Puig, Cory, and Logan, that are getting consistent at bats.

        And I believe these are the guys, that are hitting, the best.

        Is that a coincidence, maybe, maybe not.

        1. Boxout

          Even Mark hasn’t brought that up.

          And part of that, is because the Dodgers, don’t have a lot of hitters that are hitting consistently, and Mark knows that there isn’t much, that can be done.

          And although I think we should bring Bellinger up and see what he can do, before we trade for someone, there is no quarantee, that Bellinger will come up, and hit.

          And if you are going to bring up wasted money, please don’t forget the other players on this team, that money has been
          wasted on, and for longer then the first 17 games of the season.

          Be consistent,

        2. MJ, it is hard to determine if Bellinger will be able to hit ML LHP. Looking at his minor stats, he only has 6 plate appearances at OKC this year, but does have 2 hits. Last year in Tulsa he had 112 plate appearances, 29 hits, 8 HR, 10 BB, and 25K. His slash line was .284/.348/.578/.927, which was better than his slash line against RHP .266/.370/.484/.854 (365 plate appearances). So he hit AA LHP, but that does not necessarily equate to what he can do at the ML level.

          1. AC

            Thanks I was wondering about that.

            And I know we won’t know, if can help, but it might be worth a try, before we trade for someone.

  6. The Trade has a life of it’s own… I’m a believer in looking back is a fool man’s wisdom… If it’s gotta be a good #6, I’m with Agon…
    I’d like to know why Bellinger will be ready in the near future??? Don’t get me wrong, I like Bellinger, but he is no Seager (yet)… Aug/Sep call up for sure and we re-evaluate what we got…
    Thanks for bringing up James Loney Bum… Brought back fond memories… He could pick em..

    1. Loney was one of the best fastball hitters which made him a good player in late innings when so many relievers get into the game that are dead red throwers. I always loved his personalty.

  7. Here is the daily Dodgerrick statistical report:

    1 – Dodgers are 5 -2 in games started by righties and 2 – 6 against lefties
    2 – They are hitting .216/ .310/ .330/ .640 against lefties (21st in BA and 19th in OPS) and .271/ .369/ .446/ .816 against righties (5th in BA and 1st in OPS)
    3- They are hitting .228/ .351/ .374/ .725 with RISP (18th in BA and 15th in OPS) and .178 /.302/ .289/ .591 in late and close situations (28th in BA, 24th in OPS).
    4 – Dodger starters have an ERA of 3.97 (16th) and average 5.3 IP/start; non-Kershaw starters are averaging 4.7 IP/start and have an ERA of 4.50.
    5 – Dodger relievers are 5th in IP and average 3.5 IP/game. 4 of the Dodgers’ relievers average more than an inning per appearance (Wood, Stripling, Hatcher, Baez).

    1- The Dodgers won’t win consistently unless they can hit southpaws. Of semi-regulars and platoon players, they have only 4 with BA .250 or higher and 5 with OPS over .700.
    2 – The same with clutch hitting. The Dodgers have 5 with BA .250 or higher and 6 with OPS over .700 with RISP. In late and close situations, Dodgers have 5 with BA .250 and higher and 5 with OPS over .700.
    3 – They have to get innings out of starters. The bullpen will blow out eventually if they don’t. Remember the post-season last year? The ‘pen was worn to a frazzle and it cost them games.

    1. Rick

      It looks like this platoon team is doing exactly what they did all season long, last year.

      But the regular line up is doing pretty well, except hitting, when runners, are in scoring position.

      And I agree with you, they need to change, or get a team strategy, on offense, and that helps them score better.

      If they can play small ball, when runs, and hits, are hard to come by, in the regular season, that will help them tremendously, in the post season too.

    2. dodgerrick, Thanks for the statistical reports. What should be done about your first two conclusions? Your third conclusion, I don’t know if I agree, probably not.
      2016 Playoffs against Washington
      Blanton, 5 IP, 0 ERA
      Baez, 3.2 IP, 0 ERA
      Urias, 2.0 IP, 0 ERA
      Stripling, 1.2 IP, 0 ERA
      Avilan, 1.1 IP, 0 ERA
      Fields, 1.0 IP, 0 ERA
      Jansen, 5.1 IP, 6.75 ERA
      Dayton, 1.2 IP, 16.20 ERA
      2016 Playoffs against Chicago
      Jansen, 6.1 IP, 0 ERA
      Avilan, 2.1 IP, 0 ERA
      Wood, 2.0 IP, 0 ERA
      Dayton, 1.2 IP, 0 ERA
      Fields, 1.1 IP, 0 ERA
      Baez, 3.1 IP, 5.4 ERA
      Stripling, 2.2 IP, 13.50 ERA
      Blanton, 3.0 IP, 21.00 ERA
      Jansen pitched 68.2 innings in regular season, Dayton pitched 26.1 innings in regular season, Stripling pitched 100 innings with 14 starts, Blanton pitched 80 innings.
      I am not sure I buy into overworked bullpen theory. Maybe the guys who got hit, just threw a meatball in the wrong situation.

  8. Right now we are facing so many lefties, these part time players, are playing more often then the regular players, that are platooned.

    And not one of the part time players last night, did anything on offense, and I think that happens more often, then not.

    And I would say even if one of the part time players do get a hit, it isn’t a game changer, most of the time either, so why play them so much?

    Because it isn’t the part time players providing most of the offense against lefties, it is the everyday players, that are providing the offense against lefties, probably, most of the time.

    So with that, why even platoon with these part time players?

    They need to try something different, and let the regular line up, play against lefties, for a while, and see what the results are.

    Because this platoon team, was last in offense in all of baseball, all last season last year, and they even played them, in the post season.

    So we have already given this platoon team, more then a chance, and they need to try something, different.

    Because continually playing this line up and expecting different results, is the definition of crazy.

    And we are going to be facing lefties all year, until we can prove we can hit lefties, so we will be seeing more of Kike, and the other part time players, then we really should.

    Also right now most of the regular line up is playing against lefties, so I don’t understand why they don’t just go with the regular line up, against both lefties and righties.

    Because that would give all of the regular players consistent at bats, against both lefties and righties.

    And most players need to have consistent at bats, to adjust to the adjustments, the pitchers make on them, and to hit well.

    And I know Joc played last night, but he isn’t going to play, every time we face a leftie, and Joc and the players that are platooned on the regular team, are not going to be getting consistent at bats if this continues.

    And how are they suppose to hit better, when they will be on the bench, more then the part time players?

    Really this constant change in line ups, isn’t good for most of the players.

    And the part time players, they used for this platoon team last year, are most of the same players they use now, so why are we doing this failed experiment again?

    Because we already know they were last in offense, in all of baseball, all season long, last year.

    1. We actually have two more RH hitters on the team this year, but have been unable to use them consistently due to injury and a 3rd one (Puig is .200 points below his lifetime average against LH pitching.

      Puig will get it going against Lefties
      Forsythe will get healthy
      Gutierrez will get healthy
      Turner is up .120 point against Lefties this year.
      If SVS, Segedin, Dickson, Hernandez and Thompson cannot get it going, then someone else will take their places.

      Platoons do work. The statistic bear it out… maybe not with this bunch, but they do work.

      Yasiel Puig was the only regular (and he wasn’t really one) who hit over .250 against LH pitching.

      Turner – .209 (he has improved)
      Utlery – .154 (he does not play against LH
      Toles – .231
      Seager – .250
      Gonzo – .244 (Our butter and Egg man?)
      Pederson – .125 (Pathetic)
      SVS – .242
      Kike – .189

      Now, if you go by OB%, you have this:
      Grandal – .385
      SVS – .333
      Puig .313
      Seager – .308
      SVS – .333
      Turner .303
      Gonzo .293

      Justin Turner has set the example and got better. Nobody else has… Yet! Seager, Puig, Gonzo and Pederson just have to step up.

      1. Mark

        I consider Logan, Puig, Turner, and Corey, as regular players, and Agone, and Grandal play quite a bit, with the platoon team too.

        I know Gutierrez is hurt, and he is the only new part time platoon player, we really have.

        And I know we have a lot of players that can get on base, and most of those players you mentioned, are also everyday players, not part time platoon players, except Scotty.

        And I hate to be rude, but Scotty isn’t having good at bats.

        And we have no problem getting on base, are biggest problem, is getting the runners home.

        And Scott, Kike, Segedin, didn’t get the job done last year.

        And I knew Turner was going work on hitting lefties in the off season, so that doesn’t suprise me.

        All I am saying is this isn’t working, and until it does, we will be facing mostly lefties.

        I think Toles only had one at bat against a leftie, and I don’t know that he can hit lefties.

        But Scott, and even Kike, besides the one game, are not doing anything.

        It is the regular players most of the time.

        I just think we should stick with the regular team, and give them, consistent at bats.

        And Mark if one of these regular players are not doing enough, then platoon.

        Because look at Rick’s stats for the team, against righties, they are doing a good job, but they need to play more as a team on offense, and do the little things, to get runs home.

        Just like Jerry Hairston said, when he played with Nomar.

        Jerry said, that Nomar, and the other good hitters on the team, would do the small things, like hit the ball to the right side, to move the runners over, so they could be hit in, more easily.

        Our team needs to do better with this stuff, and I think they can, do better.

        I also think Toles should be moved down in the order, because I think he will do better.

        He isn’t a lead off hitter right now, and I think he will contribute better, lower in the order.

        Maybe it is a little early, but these games against lefties, is getting old.

        It almost feels like you are watching a different team, when we face, righties.

        1. Mark

          But you do make a good point about Puig, not hitting lefties, like he can.

          Maybe Puig needs to be lower in the line up, against lefties too, and he will start producing.

  9. I believe Dickson is better than SVS. Or bring up Bellinger. It is early. Do not trade for Braun. To old and to expensive. I think we need a set line up. Do it for a week or two and see what happens. It can not hurt. We are seeing a lot of left handers and therefore we see Kike and SVS. Pitching is fine. Hitting is horrible. Utley may be a wasted position. When they get old they have to let them go. Last year we signed Kendrick. This year it is Utley. When will they learn.

    1. Al, Chase just might be at the too old stage, but Howie was not “old”. He turns 34 in July. He many not be able to play 2B as well, but he can play LF well enough. In 43 plate appearances this year, Howie has 13 hits, including 4 doubles and 1 triple, with 4 BB, and 9K….333/.395/.487/.883. He has only 8 plate appearances against LHP, but has 2 hits and 3 walks. .400/.625/.400/1.025. Not a big sample, but he is not playing old.
      I am not sure how long the team can continue with Chase. Right now the team is functioning with a 24 man roster. Will his intangibles keep him on the team? Probably not, unless the team starts to hit LHP, and can hide Chase.

    1. Then compare 2015.

      What’s the difference?
      Kiki – .423
      Ruggiano – .333 (compare to Gutierrez)
      Seager – .325
      Grandal .308
      Rollins – .297
      Gonzo – .296
      Kendrick – .291
      Puig – .279

      The team actually hit .264 against LH pitching which was better than against RH Pitching! A lot changed in a year… what is the real deal?

  10. I do not see FAZ bringing up Bellinger before mid June. There is nothing to indicate that Cody is the missing component to get the offense going. As such, FAZ (ownership?) is not going to let the arbitration clock start a year early by bringing him in next month if waiting to June 10 (not exact but around there) keeps him away from starting the arbitration clock. If Cody is continuing to play well, once the arbitration timeline is passed, he can then be brought up. The same could happen to Verdugo and Oaks. None of the three are on the 40, so other personnel decisions will need to be made if any of those players are brought up.
    Segedin has not been up long enough to draw any conclusions, so I do not see Dickson getting promoted just yet. But it sure does not sound like Ethier or Kazmir are going to be able to compete for quite some time, if at all in 2017. If Dickson continues to hit well, I cannot see FAZ keeping him down. He certainly deserves the promotion. He has only 3 plate appearances against LHP this year, but in 2016 (also at AAA), Dickson had 118 PA, 32 hits, including 7 doubles, 1 triple, and 5 HR, and 17 BB and 15K… .327/.432/.571/1.004. Against RHP he was
    I am not as concerned about an overuse of the bullpen just yet (if at all). It was to be expected since the starters were not stretched out in ST, so why would they be expected to go 6+ innings in April? If it continues through May, I would be more concerned with the lack of good starting pitching rather than overuse of the bullpen. Liberatore, Geltz, Schuster, Somsen, and Broussard are all more than capable of relieving the relievers if need be. I agree with Box, 60-80 innings is not an overuse. I do not expect Mike Marshall type innings, but 80 IP is more than acceptable.
    Joe Broussard was called up to OKC yesterday to replace Ty Holt who went on the 7 Day DL. I thought Broussard deserved to start at OKC, so I hope he continues to pitch as he did last night. I think Joe could be this year’s version of Grant Dayton emerging from the no prospect status, but with the number of relievers available, I do not think he gets that chance.
    White getting hit and hit hard last night was going to come at some point. Last night was not nearly as important as his next start. He needs to come back and dominate as he did his first two starts. It is how you respond after a poor performance that will determine if there is the internal competitor necessary to succeed.
    I think it might be time for the Wilson/Murphy catching duo at OKC to be broken up, and to give Kyle Farmer a deserving promotion to OKC.
    Jair Jurrjens is scheduled for his third start tonight for OKC. That might be interesting to watch. He was assigned to Ogden on 4/17, so he is going to be need to be assigned to the OKC roster before game time. They play with the roster throughout the organization.

    1. Jurrjens could be in the rotation in a week!

      Wood and Stripling are starters and are stretched to pitch 2-3 innings at a time. It wouldn’t bother me and I don’t think it would bother them if they each pitched over 100 innings. Shoot, Hill could pitch 80 + out of the pen.

      Next week’s Pitching:

      1. Kershaw
      2. Urias
      3. McCarthy
      4. Ryu
      5. Jurrjens


      Maeda to the DL (something is wrong with him). Let Wood, Hill and Stripling pitch 2-3 innings.

  11. NO reason to panic yet, but I agree about Utley, he may be finished, DFAing his $2M salary isn’t going to kill us. My work around the fringes, plan of attack if things don’t get better over the month or so:
    1. Bring up Bellinger for Utley. Left handed bat for left handed bat. I can wait until June 10th.
    2. Work the phones for Cain/Cabrera/McCutchen/??? to replace SVS/Guttierrez/Segedin/Thompson.
    I am also working the phones to Brewers, but the three above are all ending contracts on teams that probably won’t be competing. It could soon be a buyer’s market for platooning lefty mashers, something the Brewers should consider.
    Yes, 30 yr old McCutchen has always hammered lefties, except 2016.

  12. Forsythe and Segedin to DL with big toe issues. They may just best last year’s record. Will Dickson finally get his chance?

    1. Nope Eibner and everyone’s favorite AAAA player, Chris Taylor. I forgot the Dodger came down with a case of Gunkelitis and filled the 40th spot.

    1. Mark

      Right great toe strain?

      Let’s hope Brett and Chris, can help us out.

      This is their first chance, to prove they belong.

    2. I guess we now know how Jurrgens was going to be re-assigned to OKC. Ike Davis was also activated, and with only three healthy OF on the OKC roster, it would appear that Bellinger is going to get some OF time.

  13. Intimidating lineup tonight:
    1. Enrique Hernandez (R) 3B
    2. Corey Seager (L) SS
    3. Yasiel Puig (R) RF
    4. Adrian Gonzalez (L) 1B
    5. Yasmani Grandal (S) C
    6. Scott Van Slyke (R) LF
    7. Brett Eibner (R) CF
    8. Chris Taylor (R) 2B
    9. Clayton Kershaw (L) P

    1. Thanks for posting it.

      My reaction is that it can’t be any worse than what we have seen.

    2. Holy smokes, this is like a B game! Kershaw must be stoked at this beefed up line up! Where the hell is Joc or Toles? Scotty is not the same Scotty Van Slam he was a couple of years ago. Have you guys noticed Seager’s high strike out rate the last couple of games? Looks like the word might be out on him to take advantage of his aggressiveness the first few pitches, then put him away with a low and outside pitch. I am sure he will adjust, but check out the pitch sequence and location against him tonight.

  14. Good win – and SF & AZ both lose.

    Kershaw was very good & Kenley was nails.
    Shame for Forsythe just as he was heating up.

  15. Good night for Taylor. I really think he has gotten better since last year. He has added weight and strength to his body. His exit velocity on his second double was very high. Roberts said Utley will play against right handers. Taylor played some center field at AAA.

    Eibner looked like a AAA player last night. Both offensively and defensively. He does not look like he belongs.

    I do not know what to think about Joc. He is in his third year and I just do not see the improvement. I know hitting is hard, but in three years he should have figured it out. Verdugo may be our long term answer.

  16. Yeah, Score one for the B team. Kiki, Taylor and VanSlyke got it done with 5 out of the 7 hits last night.
    Let the competition begin between Taylor and Kiki for super utility man. Taylor said it was good he got sent down because he got to play some outfield, feels much more comfortable out there now.
    I agree with you Idahoal about Verdugo. Pederson better figure some things out fast. Verdugo’s .378 BA in AAA as a twenty year old is impressive. Bellinger had two more home runs last night.

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