April 7, 2017 DodgerGameTalk

Wow!  Dave Roberts is shaking things up.  Sitting Gonzo and Seager and putting Puig at Cleanup.  Well, he knows Puig better than I do, here goes:

Pos Dodgers Pos Rockies
2B Forsythe CF Blackmon (L)
LF Gutierrez 2B LeMahieu
3B Turner RF Gonzalez (L)
RF Puig 3B Arenado
1B Van Slyke SS Story
C Grandal (S) 1B Reynolds
SS Hernandez LF Cardullo
CF Pederson (L) C Garneau
P Ryu P Freeland (L)



LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Dodgers today placed left-handed pitcher Rich Hill on the 10-day disabled list (retroactive to April 6) with a blister on his left middle finger and recalled right-hander Josh Fields from Triple-A Oklahoma City.

Fields, 31, allowed nine runs in 8.1 innings (9.72 ERA) in nine Spring Training appearances prior to being optioned on March 28. Fields was acquired by the Dodgers on Aug. 1, 2016 from the Astros in exchange for minor league infielder Yordan Alvarez and went 1-0 with a 2.79 ERA in 22 games with Los Angeles last year.

Hill picked up the win for the Dodgers on Wednesday, allowing one run on two hits in 5.0 innings and throwing 75 pitches in the club’s 3-1 win over San Diego. Hill also missed time last year due to a blister and was on the DL from July 20-Aug. 24 with that issue.

Posted by Mark Timmons

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  1. I guess we will see. He knows the players. I am just hopping Ryu has a good game. That would mean a lot to everyone.

  2. Update above – Blister Boy goes to the DL!

    Damn that pickle juice – That didn’t take long!

    1. Man – I didn’t expect this so soon. I had Ryu as the 1st starter from the 1st 5 on the DL. (Of course Kazmir is already on the DL.)

      Depth, man. It’s the depth. And $16MM per year for 3 years to a guy who probably won’t make more than 20 starts in any of the 3 seasons.

      1. It most definitely is the depth! Very good to have Wood, Stripling, Urias and others ready to step into the rotation. The following deserves being repeated:

        Knights27: “For all the talk about pitchers who can carry a 200IP workload, the forgotten part of the argument is the effectiveness of the pitching. I would be ecstatic for Samardzija, Matt Moore, et al to pitch 200 innings this season if they continue their 6.3+team starters ERA. I would rather have a team starter ERA of 3.95 even if it means resorting to a patchwork of different pitchers.”

        Poster dodgerpatch wrote what I thought was a “treatise” on the RISK of paying big bucks for an innings eater several months ago. If your high priced innings eater sucks you are stuck!!

        1. Just heard that Wood will fill in to start for Hill while he is on the 10-day DL. Depth indeed, Boxout.

  3. Glad to see the skipper rest both Gonzalez and Seager as I assume that both are still dealing with the effect of spring training injuries and issues. It’s a long season and I think early trial and error will provide the data to make the better choices as the team and the season move forward. Wonder whether Wood or Stripling get the start(s) for Hill. Could also allow him some time in extended spring training to get everything fine tuned because he didn’t seem comfortable. Hope the “Lefty Lineup” works more effectively than in game 2.

  4. I’d flip flop Puig and Gutierrez. Mark, if that POS Melton is allowed on this board harassing MJ, I’m out.

    1. Hawkeye,

      I guess I missed it. I try and read the comments but I am a speed reader and something slips by. Especially a short comment. I deleted it. Thanks for the heads up!

      Melton, Play Nice! There is no reason to talk about someone like that.

  5. Just posted this but with an early game I think everyone is here now not the morning post.

    I like Puig hitting 2nd, or 3rd and not bottled up on the bases by AGon or Grandal. He can handle cleanup in Coors most likely. I like Forsythe hitting leadoff with what the other options are right now but he is an ideal 2 hole hitter IF we had a true leadoff guy.

    I hate to call him Blister Boy, but jeez that didn’t take long! With Urias slated to start Monday at OKC he could slide right into that spot. I doubt the blister is healed in 10 days either. Rick asked awhile back which starter would hit the DL first and I said Hill. I’m not happy I was right.

    It was good to see Kike get a clutch double off the bench and he even stole home on a botched play on a double steal. Roberts is really good at giving everyone some playing time, but needs to spread it out in the bullpen more.

  6. Ryu really pitched well in that first inning, he was just unlucky with, the shift, stopping an almost sure, double play.

    1. If I were Roberts, I would have been ringing the phone down to OKC to bring up Chris Taylor after the first Kike error. Then when he doesn’t pick the throw from Ryu, I would be booking Taylor’s plane tickets.

      1. Knight

        There is nothing wrong , with doing the little things, especially, in a close game!

        I thought Ryu pitched really well, today.

        And Stripling, did a very good job, against a really good hitter.

        1. You are right.
          I agree that Ryu pitched well. Only two hard hit balls – Arrenado’s double and then the HR by their catcher. A lot of hits were seeing eye grounders or infield squibs. He could also have benefited from better defense from Kike.
          I’m a little concerned about Forsythe. He seems to swing and miss a lot – much of the time at fastballs in the zone. Not good for your leadoff to have 3 or more K’s in a game.

          1. Forsythe is reminding us that spring training numbers are somewhat meaningless, whether good or bad.

          2. Knight

            I was wondering after seeing Logan strike out twice, so
            I looked at Logan’s stats, and although he didn’t hit this leftie, he has hit lefties well, so far.

            And we probably haven’t played enough games, to worry, but I saw that Logan only has one hit against, righties, this year, and his OBA wasn’t good against righties either.

  7. I hope the Dodgers win, but the day has been a success. Ryu looked good. We are still having trouble against left handers. Joc has a hit. Maybe, just maybe, it may be better to just use 8 starters and give him hem rest when needed, I hate platoons.

  8. Ryu goes less than 5 ip – how did he look? It appears that he weakened to start the 5th.
    Still can’t hit lefties.

    1. Rick

      I thought Ryu pitched well.

      He had to throw more pitches then he should have, because of lapses in our defense, even if they made big plays, after there errors.

    2. Ryu looked like his arm was a little fatigued after 4 innings. His velocity was at 91-92. I did not watch that closely to see if he was any faster than that. Colorado is a tough place to pitch for a curveballer like Ryu. Now, we are into their pen. Here is where we rally!

  9. Attention Dave Roberts and Turner Ward:

    It ain’t working. They still can’t hit lefties.

    1. Mark

      Turner had two hits, so we really didn’t hit, much.

      But it was good to see Scotty hit that double.

      And the most important thing about today’s game, is that Ryu pitched well, and in, Colorado.

    1. Are you talking about the Chris Taylor who was 0-5 last night?

      The Chris Taylor who has a .234 career BA with a .289 OB% (in 291 AB’s)?

      By the way, Kike’s career BA is .247 2ith a .316 OB% in twice the AB’s. .. and he’s a year younger than Taylor.

      Yes, I like Kike, but I like Taylor too. Taylor is a better SS, but Kike beats him at every other position.

      It’s too early to call it, but Taylor is not our salvation, he’s organizational depth… at best. He will only be on the roster if Seager is hurt.

      We need Gutierrez, Forsythe, Grandal, Puig and Kike to step up against LH pitching. Shoot, even Joc got a hit. Justin Turner is stepping up his game against LH pitching. Forsythe was hot in spring training. In case we forget, baseball is a game of streaks. Kike did drive in a run with a ball up the middle. At least that was good. His fielding was not good.

      The Dodgers will not give up on Kike anytime soon.

  10. After 4 games
    Dodgers’ batting average vs lefty pitchers is .190 (.298 vs RHP)
    Dodgers’ OPS vs lefty pitchers is .570 (1.029 vs RHP)
    This includes all pitchers and not just starters but doesn’t include today’s debacle against Rockies’ rookie southpaw

    1. We have two whole games to sort out. I don’t like what I see either, but it’s far from a patten… yet. If it keeps up 8 or 10 games, some changes will be made.

  11. Even in a painful loss, I still like to look at things in a positive way.
    1. Ryu pitched well while he was in. He was pitching efficiently until the 5th. He did throw 77 pitches, and it was a good move to bring in Stripling to face Arenado. 5 Ks – 1BB.
    2. Stripling did a fantastic job against Arenado. Tough hitter to K who had not struck out this year before today. Three K’s today.
    3. Stripling and Fields might have shown the way to get to Arenado. Fastball up in the zone. That is what Orel was calling for, and Fields & Stripling put it right where they needed to. Including Dayton, the bullpen was outstanding. Unfortunately so was Colorado’s.
    4. Grandal did throw out Blackmon trying to steal.
    5. Joc got a base hit against a lefty.
    6. Puig got robbed by Arenado, or the score would have been 2-2.
    7. SVS got a big double.
    8. Turner another 2 hit day.
    9. I was a big advocate for Chris Taylor over Kike’ (still am). However, if anyone had seen Taylor hit last night, they might be saying something different. Taylor was more than solid defensively, but not very good offensively.

    1. AC

      Your number two fact, makes Stripling’s performance, even better.

      As well as your insight, on those high fastballs!

      And I noticed that Field’s velocity, was back to where it was, last year.

      Maybe Roberts might try giving Grandal a day off, when we face a leftie starter, so we can see what Barnes does, against a leftie.

  12. Would you…

    Trade Puig, Toles and Calhoun for Ryan Brain and $20 million dollars? That means he would cost $15 million x 4 years.

    1. Forsythe 2B
    2. Seager SS
    3. Turner 3B
    4. Braun LF
    5. Gonzo 1B
    6. Thompson or SVS RF
    7. Grandal C
    8. Pederson CF

    Would you?

    1. Yes. Toles and Verdugo are similar. Calhoun will never be a Dodger. Braun is an offensive upgrade over Puig and can kill LHP.

      And don’t forget Ethier may be back to platoon in RF.

      1. I think Milwaukee would do that deal.

        I am not sure Andre will be back… I have mixed feelings about that – kind of like seeing your mother-in-law drive over a cliff in you new BMW.

    2. I would not. If Puig is traded, I want a young player back.
      I suspect Calhoun would have more value if he played in a league that had the DH. But if the Brewers wanted him, I would include him.
      Toles, Calhoun, and a pitcher might get Braun but I want to see what Thompson can do and what Puig continues to do before pulling the trigger on Braun.

  13. I bring my dog to the office with me about every 2 or 3 weeks for a half day.

    This was 5 months ago:
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    This was today while we were watching the game (he’s a Dodger fan too):
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    It’s a big jump from 10 pounds to 110 pounds… and he’s only seven months.

    I have trained him to bite Giants fans.

    1. Mark

      And it takes two years, for big dogs, to reach adulthood.

      I am glad that you didn’t mention, dogs of that breed, and SF.

      Because that might be considered, in bad taste, especially in SF.

        1. I think he will be a buck seventy!

          And I am joking about the Giants fans. My wife’s whole family are Giants fans…. Hey wait a minute. Maybe that’s a good idea (kidding).

          Let me tell you this: I have had a lot of dogs and Rotts were the best until Quinn. Check out his breed. They are awesome:

          This is so true:
          The Cane Corso is a serious dog breed for a person who is serious about having a dog as a companion and who can provide him with the firm and loving guidance he needs to become a great dog. He is a family-only dog. Don’t expect him to buddy up with everyone he meets: He has no interest in people or other animals outside his family, but those within the family will have his undivided loyalty and protection.

          When I am gone overnight, there are no worries.

          Most people crop their ears and it makes them look bad ass, but we think that is cruel so he has his regular ears.

  14. He is a freakin’ Beast! Fortunately, they usually live a long time. His grandfather was 11 and looked like he was 4 when I saw him. $50 bux a week to feel him… and he only drinks US Water!

    1. Mark

      I only give my dog bottled water.

      Some dogs can get bladder stones, from a combination of some vegatation outside, that they eat, and tap water.

      One of my dog’s had an operation, to remove the stones, and they came back, and my vet, had me give my dog bottled water, and a special type of dog food, and the stones, went away.

      Also a dog’s water bowel, will stay cleaner with bottled water, and won’t get that bad film on it, as easily.

    2. Mark

      That is the only thing bad, about big dogs.

      They ate a lot, and have bigger excrement, and they don’t live as long, as small dogs do.

    3. If you can get enough people to feel him for $50 bux a week he won’t cost you too much in the long haul !!!

  15. The Dodgers have only played 5 games. You obviously can’t tell much from 5 games, I get it. I am still bothered by the “everything is rosy” coming from the team though. A team who hasn’t hit lefties at all and whose supposed #2 starter to whom they’ve committed $18MM per year for the next 3 is already on the DL after 1 start (5 innings) shouldn’t be pretending that everything is going to be great.

    The Dodgers face 4 lefty starters in their next 7 games and Hill misses 1 or 2 starts at least. (And Kazmir is already on the DL, as is Stewart, so of the 10 starting pitchers on the Dodgers that comprises the alleged “depth”, 3 are on the DL after less than 1 week has gone by.

    So – a replay of 2016? On the DL – Stewart, Kazmir, Hill 3 starters), Baez, Garcia, Ravin (3 relievers), and Ethier (OF). So – 5 days into the season, 7 guys on the DL already. AND – still can’t hit lefties (so far).

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