April 6, 2017 Game Chat

Todays’ Lineups

Pos San Diego Padres Pos LA Dodgers
LF 1.  Jankowski (L) LF 1.  Toles (L)
CF 2.  Margot SS 2.  Seager (L)
1B 3.  Myers 3B 3.  Forsythe
2B 4.  Solarte (S) 1B 4.  Gonzalez (L)
3B 5.  Schimpf (L) CF 5.  Pederson (L)
RF 6.  Renfroe 2B 6.  Utley (L)
C 7.  Sanchez (S) RF 7.  Puig
SS 8.  Aybar (S) C 8.  Barnes
P 9.  Weaver P 9.  McCarthy

Today’s Game Notes 

Posted by Mark Timmons

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  1. I had no doubt that Puig could handle a 85 mph fastball. Love Logan’s D. Don’t like him hitting 3rd. Hope he proves me wrong.

  2. Puig with a magnum shot! AGon brought his glove today…McCarthy looks solid. 2 guys get a day off with a day game following a night game. Forsythe playing 3rd, a la Zobrist, Kike should officially start getting worried about his role. A collision with Joc and Toles, that was Toles ball to my eyes and could have been worse. Weaver is pitching ok but has no margin for error. Puig hits a laser beam into the bullpen! Holy crap that was a great at bat!

    1. Oh man, I hope he does Mark! If this is the start of something similar to his glory days, print the tickets!!!

      I really root for this kid, I hope he does.

  3. PUIG!! Hope you guys remember Puig is my fourth Dodger MVP candidate.

    Thank you magic 8 ball!

  4. That made me chuckle Bums!

    I’m more impressed with MCarthy than I imagined. That is a decent rotation if they can stay fit?
    Puig is on fire…

  5. Puig sends one out again. Almost the same spot. I liked his AB. First two pitches were outside and he let them go. 3rd pitch was fat. He put a good swing on it. See ya.
    Not totally sure, but Puig’s swing definitely looks different. Besides the mechanics, he seems to be putting his foot down earlier and getting more time to see the pitch. Yeah, he’s definitely seeing it. His swing seems much more free and easy – and he still gets a ton of power out of it. If Puig can keep his head on straight, look out.

  6. It’s good to Puig attached at the hip with Ward. There was no doubt he was putting in the extra work in Glendale. When you’re changing mechanics the process can take time though. JT has truly become the team leader.

      1. It happens to everyone. When you have a soft tosser like Weaver it’s hard to lay off high pitches.

  7. Puig’s 1st HR was a high fly ball halfway up the bleachers, and he watched it for a few steps; the second one was a screaming line shot that was maybe 20 feet in the air and bounced off the top of the fence and into the bullpen. Both were mistakes by Weaver but he worked the count to see both pitches. Totally different approach right now than I have seen in the past. Show me another 8 hitter in a lineup that can do what he is doing! Give Turner Ward a bonus.

  8. I am happy with the progress of McCarthy. This was a big step forward.

    Hatchet looked very good. I may have to start spelling his name correctly.

    1. Very positive outing for McC and Puig, hopefully they can keep it up, good sight to see for sure

    2. Hatcher was good today. Let’s keep him in pressure free situations, that’s the key to his success and let’s not forget the team he pitched against.
      As far as the Cub series is concerned, especially Lester, let’s start running on him. We ALL known he doesn’t throw over to first, so what’s our problem??

      1. I have a tough time taking Jon Lester seriously. He’s making $25M+ per year, a starting pitcher for a world championship MLB team, cy young candidate… but he can’t make a throw to first.
        I coach little league and that’s one of the first things we teach the kids about playing infield. We practice this all the time. Why can’t a major league all star work this out?! I am pulling for teams playing against him to make him field his position … yes, bunt on him, run on him early and often.

  9. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy, but I refuse to jump on the Puig-Sanity bus. Been down that road before and it always hurt…
    Did any of you folks check out the OKC lineup tonite??? Katie bar the door!!!
    I gotta jump over and check my Rancho C. line up…

    1. OKC lineup – 4 ML experienced; 3 of the top 4 Dodger prospects; and O’Koyea Dickson who hit .328/.398/.596/.994 in 2016 at OKC. Pitching #18 prospect, Trevor Oaks. Tonight’s opponent the Iowa Cubs with Ian Happ and Jeimar Candelario.

      It looks like the weather is clearing in Stockton, so the Quakes might just play tonight.

  10. I agree about Lester and his mental block about throwing to first. I would do everything to rattle him with any kind of a runner on 1st, put guys in motion, bunt and straight steals. Some pitchers especially closers don’t like throwing from a stretch and have a poor move but he is on a whole new level I have never seen before. You are right, it can be taught rather quickly to young players, why not a highly paid veteran?

    I would prefer Puig’s speed near the top of the lineup but he seems to be thriving lower in the order. and is causing pitchers serious problems. He still has something to prove but it looks like something special is taking hold.

    1. No need to move him up based on a game against a guy who should be retired. Let him keep working with JT and Turner Ward. If he show’s consistency I would prefer him second except he has a tendency to roll a lot of ball to the short stop. He’s always hit well in the top 2 spots. However, no need to move him except I think Joc belongs 8th and Puig 7th for now.

  11. Totally agree guys, leave Puig around 7 or 8 and build his confidence back up. He did look real relaxed at the plate today. The homers seemed effortless. He must be listening to Turner Ward, who I think we stole from the D-Bags. That guy is a great hitting coach.

    I know everybody is bagging on A-Gons lack of home runs, but as long as he puts up 90 to 100 RBI’s, who cares? The man can stick pick it at 1st base. Hasn’t lost the glove side, that’s for sure.

  12. Cody Bellinger is 3-3 with 2 doubles toing in OKC (so far)!

    He’s like Julio – he has nothing more to learn at AAA.


    1. Forsythe 2B
    2. Seager SS
    3. Turner 3B
    4. Bellinger 1B
    5. Puig RF
    6. Grandal C
    7. Pederson CF
    8. Verdugo LF

    Gone: Ethier, SVS, Hernandez and Gonzalez
    Backups: Barnes, Toles, Thompson, Taylor, Segedin

    1. I’m not 100% sold that Verdugo will be better than Toles. Both have cannons for arms, Toles is faster, Verdugo probably a better contact guy, similar power, Verdugo probably better defensively st this point.

  13. Roger A. – Damn good to hear from a AGon backer… He will do his thing as usual in 2017 and then Bellinger will carry the torch…Getting it past MT is like peeing in the ocean to raise the tide…

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