Well I was about to write how having too much ML ready depth can be a negative.  Then I learn that Andre Ethier is scheduled for a MRI for his back on Monday, and it shows once again how depth is a hallmark of a FAZ team.  It would appear that with a scheduled MRI, that Ethier will not be ready for opening day.  Therefore it certainly appears that Toles may be headed for a spot on the opening 25.  Even with Toles not in the minor league picture (at least initially), there is still a surplus issue with quality players for AAA OF.  Minor league rosters are also set at 25.  Chances are that there will be 13 pitchers and 12 position players, making flexibility a key determinant as to who stays and who goes.

With this exercise, I am assuming that the OF will be Toles/Pederson/Puig/Gutierrez and either Hernandez or SVS or my personal choice Rob Segedin.  Because I believe in the value of competition, I like Segedin for the RH bat off the bench who can play OF and 1B.  If necessary, he could also fill in at 3B; leaving Kike’ and SVS both with one option going back to AAA.  Segedin has earned the shot.  Now we need to find places for everyone.  Potential OF starts with Thompson/Verdugo/Eibner/Dickson/Holt/Ramos with SVS and Kike’ as options.  Both SVS and Dickson can also play 1B when Bellinger needs a day off, or finds himself in the OF.  That makes it difficult to find a spot for Ike Davis or Allie Stetson (both 1B on OKC roster).  The infield should be set with Bellinger (1B), Calhoun (2B), Kike’/Taylor (SS), Culberson (3B) with Maggi and Sweeney as backup infielders.  With Kyle Farmer and Bobby Wilson as the two catchers, Jack Murphy is probably moved to Tulsa.

The projected 12 position players at OKC:

  • 1B Bellinger
  • 2B Calhoun
  • SS Hernandez
  • 3B Culberson
  • LF Dickson
  • CF Thompson
  • RF Verdugo
  • C    Farmer


  • Wilson (C)
  • SVS (OF/1B)
  • Sweeney (2B/3B)
  • Drew Maggi (3B/SS/LF)
  • … or Eibner (OF)
  • Holt (OF)
  • Ramos (OF)

Potential trade opportunities would include Segedin/SVS/Dickson/Kike’.


In June 2007, Giancarlo Stanton was a 2nd round draft choice out of Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, CA.  10 years later, there is another potential high draft choice coming out of Notre Dame High School…Hunter Greene (SS/P).  Like Stanton, Greene has plus plus power, but is also a smooth fielding SS with a mid-90’s fastball, with some reports getting up to triple digits.  Greene is a potential overall number 1 pick.  If anyone likes high school baseball and lives near the San Fernando Valley, take the time to go out and see a potential star.

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  1. A couple of days ago I said that Ethier would be released in May. I said that because I thought he would be like Crawford and be a victim of injury but otherwise had plenty of talent still in the tank.
    When the Dodgers signed Gutierez I commented that he was only for insurance given that Thompson, Ethier, SVS were perhaps not ready to start the season after missing last year. I still feel that way and that is why I said he would be released in May as well. Gutierez will get his $2M this year whether he makes the team or not and he already has enjoyed a MLB career so I won’t feel bad for him if he gets cut. Same with Ethier.
    I would like Dickson, Sedegen, SVS to make the team along with Thompson and Toles. To make some room I think I am ready to trade Puig.

    1. Bum

      I remembered last year, when you said Crawford would be released, way before the fact.

      And some told you, that wasn’t going to happen, because the money that Crawford, was getting paid.

    2. Ethier isn’t being released, nor is Puig being traded.

      IMO, Segedin’s bat speed is too slow for regular MLB usage. Frankly, other than 2 games he did very little last year.

      1. Bluto, it sounds like you think Ethier can stay off the DL enough to take advantage of his skills. I see him going on and off too often and that results in his primary backup not being able to settle into a regular role. He will be Crawfordized.

  2. If the Lakers get a chance to draft Ball and Leaf, should they. I would like that. Remember when the Lakers were able to draft Hazzard and Goodrich because the NBA had a rule that let team’s have first chance at a player from a College in their home town?

    1. Bum

      I like the fact that Ball can help his team, in many different ways, and that reminds me, of Magic Johnson.

      Remember when Magic played center in the finals, and was the MVP of the team?

      With Ball, he can step up and be a top scorer, if that is needed.

      And he almost always is good for a lot of assists, a few rebounds, and he induces turn overs, with his defense,

      He is just a complete basketball player.

      And what is special with UCLA, is that the team is very unselfish, and they pride themselves, on always trying to find the guy with the best open shot.

      Sometimes they can over pass, but I like the unselfishness, on the team.

      I was going to tell you a player on Arizona reminds me of a taller Joc, if you just take a quick look at him.

      1. I remember MJ.
        I haven’t seen Ball grab a rebound and get ahead of the pack for a full court run at a layup like Magic so often did, but at 6′ 6″ he is capable of doing it.

    1. That’s a sore subject with many here. My brackets all exploded with Duke losing.

      Seems like there is more than one reason for the name “Coach K”. Guy whiffs a lot, but I guess going for National Championships is kind of like batting, low percentage of success.

      1. Boxout

        I think a basketball team, can dominate more then a baseball team, so I think there odds, is higher, then a batting average, especially a team with a real good coach, and a few pretty good players.

        1. Yeah, Good basketball teams will have a much higher winning %. But, I was talking about winning National Championships.

          1. You might be right, but that is why I love college basketball.

            I didn’t know that Duke lossed.

            I heard the team that won it all last year, lossed and cost a guy at his company, a million dollars, but I didn’t know about Duke.

            But I guess there were a lot of upsets, this weekend.

    2. Because I can’t text with my arms in restraints. I am on suicude watch. Pile on! Your team deserved to win.

      1. Mark

        Coach K

        I’ve loved, I’ve absolutely loved, coaching this group.

        And I wish I could coach them again.

  3. South Carolina played amazing yesterday. Either way, I don’t care about either team, but this Tatum guy is going to be a top 4-5 pick. Wow he’s good!

    Too bad Ethier is out. I thought he deserved to start opening day, just because it’s opening day.

  4. McCarthy lit up by the Indians today…5 runs on 6 hits with 1 K. At least no long balls today but the first 5 batters of the game got hits. Utley is 2 for 2 with a HR and his average is up to .355. Brandon did pitch a perfect 3rd inning.

      1. Not saying McCarthy did well nor will he ever but he gave up 1 unearned run. Why we have Ike Davis is beyond my comprehension.

        1. Ike Davis was strictly insurance. I too was surprised when he signed. There must have been some question about SVS’ back. Either Segedin or SVS will be the backup 1B for LAD, and the one that is sent down will be Bellinger’s backup along with O’Koyea Dickson. IMO, Davis gets released and Stetson Alley moves down to AA. Just like Calhoun and 2B, it looks like Kapler and gang are going to give Edwin Rios every opportunity to prove he is or is not a 3B, and not move him to 1B just yet.
          I agree Davis hurt McCarthy today, but it is ST and McCarthy got his pitches in. Ike Davis will end up with some team because of his power potential. I will be very surprised if it is with OKC.

    1. No it does not. Mine lasted six months and took three cortisone shots; the third directly into the tendon.

    1. USC came really close to advancing as well. Could have easily been 4 Pac 12 teams with a 9 – 0 record.
      Okay fine, I’ll let Spitzbarth work his way up the minor league ladder. I was hoping for a fun story with him.

      1. Bums, he will start at Rancho, but he will get to Tulsa before the year is out. Too many relievers still being looked at ahead of him to get to OKC this year, but he should start there in 2018, and then who knows.

    1. He’s on the right track. McCarthy? Who knows?

      Don’t be a stranger, AL.

      Glad you dropped by.

  5. SCDodgerFan,

    I always thought that meant SC “Southern California,” Not South Carolina.

    Anywhere near Greenville?

  6. I went to the game vs Japan yesterday and watched some of the workouts prior. To be a fly on the wall would have been great. Honeycutt was having a session with Kazmir. Kazmir had a towel taped around his throwing hand, but they were doing much more than the typical towel drill to work on extension. It appeared that they were focusing a lot on his lower half and how he strides to the plate.

    The last hitting group was Tuner, SVS, and Puig. Turner Ward was working with Puig and what looked like how to get his hips and hand through on an inside pitch. JT at times seemed to be the middle man in the conversation. You could see Puig getting a bit frustrated. Like I said to be a fly on the wall, but it looked like Puig thought we was doing what Ward wanted. It was very subtle though what they were working on so don’t take it as Puig was being difficult and not accepting coaching. Ward also spent a lot of time with SVS trying fix something.

    Oaks looked good. He was the GB machine as advertised. I believe he does have an outside shot at the pen. The Dodgers have to decide what is more important. Developing him as a starter in the minors or being the guy they need when they’re looking for a DP.

    I thought there was no way in hell that Segedin could make the team, but he is definitely giving SVS a run for his money as Agone’s platoon partner. Grandal squared up two balls that got caught. One from each side of the plate. I think everyone thought the second one was gone. Got to feel bad for Dickson . He had two nice knocks including a walk-off hit in the 9th to win the game. The kid is blocked though and has to be dying for a trade.

    Oh yeah, I watched Seager, Calhoun, and Culberson taking grounders together at shortstop while BP was going on. Calhoun has an incredibly weak arm. It reminded me of when I watched Preston Mattingly throw a ball years ago. I couldn’t believe the Dodgers had wasted a 1st RD pick on Mattingly. Calhoun looks like he shot puts the ball. Taylor made some nice plays and is definitely making it tough on them to send him down.

    1. Thanks for the writeup Hawkeye. Loved the observations of the hitters working with Ward. Puig doesn’t seem like the type to have an eye for detail. Hopefully he figures it out.
      I think the Dodgers should let Oaks be a starter. The hitters hit a lot of high choppers off him. It would be nerve wracking inserting him into high leverage situations because sometimes those bouncers find holes or the infielders don’t get the right bounce. As a starter, on the other hand, he would give his team a chance to win every time and not tax his bullpen.
      I am sad because it’s clear that O’Koyea Dickson has no future with the Dodgers. I hope they give him a chance to make his MLB debut soon this season and maybe they can find a team for him where his skills will be utilized at the major league level (hopefully not in the NL West).
      How did Seager look taking grounders?

      1. He was fine. Smooth hands. Unless he tweeks something he will be ready opening day. Watching them made we wonder how Calhoun played 3Rd in college.

  7. I agree. I like Taylor. I like him when he was in Seattle. He has gotten stronger and put on more weight. He looked ok in center field.

  8. I enjoyed reading this brief writeup of some comments from Dave Roberts after watching 2 innings of Mitchell White.
    Said Roberts “He’s got a big arm, with sharpness on the secondary [pitches], mound composure. You’ve sometimes got to see it to believe it, but he lived up to to the billing.”
    I am eager to see Walker Buehler during the freeway series. What an exciting time to be a Dodger fan! I love this blog because this is where I first heard about both Mitchell White and the possible rapid promotion of Buehler.
    This is the order in which I find out about exciting new talent in the Dodgers’ system. LADT, then tweets from Gurnick, Keith Law, or John Heyman, then most other baseball blogs, then regular news articles from USA Today, LATimes, etc. I really appreciate Mark posting the scoop on here and I really admire the guys who post here – there are some who know a lot about emerging minor league talent and have a keen eye when watching players during games.

    1. Minor leaguers don’t have their names on their jerseys so the funny thing is I didn’t know who I was watching when White pitched. He looked great.

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