Some Players Are Not Going to be Happy

The 2017 version of the LA Dodgers has nearly 40 players who have shown that they deserve to be on the Opening Day Roster, but many won’t.  I am not going to include Willie Calhoun, Alex Verdugo or Cody Bellinger because they will be ready soon enough, but I am talking about players who have demonstrated that they belong on the big league roster.  I am not even considering Charlie Culberson who is something of a Cult Hero, but has not earned a spot this Spring, and Josh Fields who has had a bad Spring.  Brock Stewart did not make the cut either. I am listing the deserving players in alphabetical order with the ones I think will make the team in BOLD:

  1. Luis Avilan – .159 ERA and 0.71 WHIP – he’s on the squad
  2. Pedro Baez – If healthy, he’s on the team, but he’s not (although he is set to pitch today), so it’s the DL and AAA Rehab
  3. Austin Barnes – Despite hitting .194, he will make the team – sorry Bobby Wilson (you are a good dude)
  4. Grant Dayton – 2.25 ERA and 1.00 WHIP – Another LH
  5. O’Koyea Dickson – .333 with 2 HR and 4 RBI – he could play for the Padres – maybe he will get a chance with someone -AAA
  6. Brett Eibner – .306 with 2 HR and 10 RBI and playing great outfield – he is a solid player  – AAA
  7. Andre Ethier – Has not played a lot but is making the best of it.  He will platoon in LF with Gutierrez… for now
  8. Logan Forsythe – .440 BA – 1.000+ OPS – Starting 2B
  9. Adrian Gonzalez – The highest paid 1B in baseball has to be on the team and start.  $43 million is what he is making this year
  10. Yasmani Grandal – .400 BA with .946 OPS – In the best shape of his life and healthy – Monster year ahead
  11. Franklin Gutierrez – Slow start but he has the team made out of Spring Training
  12. Kike Hernandez – The WBC has hurt him, but I think he has a shot
  13. Rich Hill – He had a bad Spring last year and was unhittable.  He’s the #3
  14. Tyler Holt – .429 and OPS over 1.000  – AAA
  15. Kenley Jansen – 8.10 ERA and it doesn’t matter… Because he is
  16. Scott Kazmir – They owe him $34 million so he deserves it but he is injured and can’t play – DL
  17. Clayton Kershaw – Duuuuuhhhhhh
  18. Adam Liberatore – Has no ERA  – It’s 0.00
  19. Kenta Maeda – He’s there and ready to go
  20. Brandon McCarthy – His 1.04 WHIP is better than his 5.14 ERA – He is the #5 unless they can trade him before the end of Spring Training
  21. Brandon Morrow – 6.00 ERA – so far, I have not seen enough – AAA
  22. Trevor Oaks – He has been very good, but to make the team he would have to go to the pen, but he still is a starter who pitches deep into games – I don’t think he makes it  because I see him as a starter – AAA
  23. Joc Pederson – Trying to improve over last year – has 4 HR
  24. Yasiel Puig – Not having a great Spring, but he will start the season in RF for what is Puig’s Last Stand
  25. Sergio Romo – Only has a couple of innings due to back issue.  Possible DL
  26. Hyun-Jin Ryu – 1.80 ERA and 1.00 WHIP – If he can build more innings, why waste him in AAA?  I think he’s ready
  27. Rob Segedin –   .500 with 2 HR and 5 RBI – boy, I would like to find a spot for him – He can platoon at 1B – I like him better than SVS
  28. Russ Stripling – He’s the long man… or one of them
  29. Darnell Sweeney – .313 BA but he is using Calhoun’s glove – AAA
  30. Chris Taylor –  .464 BA and 1.202 OPS and he has played a lot.  You can’t keep him off the team
  31. Trayce Thompson – .267 and OPS of .930 – late start but is making a bid – barring injuries or trades he starts at AAA
  32. Andrew Toles – .281 is not great, but he can play all 3 OF sports and he’s fast – Probably needs a half season at AAA
  33. Justin Turner – Because he is Red-headed and Superman
  34. Scott Van Slyke – only hitting .226 and has cooled off.  It’s possible he goes to AAA as he has options but the fact that he can play 1B is a plus for him as the Dodgers could use a platoon partner for A-Gon  – AAA
  35. Julio Urias – Yes, he earned a spot, but I am all for keeping him on ice until later – Extended Spring Training
  36. Chase Utley – .310 BA and .767 OPS. Yes he can still play!  But his intangibles are off the charts
  37. Alex Wood – .318 ERA and has pitched solidly – he’s either in the rotation or the long guy

If I counted correctly, that is 24 players. 12 Pitchers and 12 position players.  If Segedin makes the team (he can play 1B, 3B and RF) then Kike gets the call over SVS.  If Segedin doesn’t  make it, SVS and Kike both make it… or they could send SVS down or trade him and keep Thompson.  Are we clear?  No, no we are not!

Then, as I have been telling everyone for months:  Watch out for Walker Buehler – I think he will pitch for the Dodgers THIS year!  Maybe in the pen or maybe as a starter.  He will probably only log 110 or so innings.

So, I almost hate to bring this up, but some teams need starting pitchers and Alex Wood has shown he is healthy and wise.  He’s also LH and the Dodgers have a plethora.  If ryu keeps progressing, I would consider trading Wood and Hatcher to Baltimore for Brad Brach. Would Baltimore do that?  They need another starter.  Wood might be their #3.  I’d throw in another player if I had too.  Why would they want Hatcher?  Because of his arm – maybe Pittsburgh could fix him.  Ray Searage has that effect on pitchers.  I really, really want Brad Brach.  He would solidify our 8th inning.

When you look at Chris Hatcher’s pitches and the results he gets, the two do not add up.  If FAZ were nothing but sabermetrics, then he would have been off the team long ago.  But then, you look at his stuff and at times, it is outstanding with a high 90’s fastball that sometimes moves and other times says “hit me!” Yesterday was a typical Hatcher outing: he got the first batter out and then Sweeney made an error at SS when he threw the ball 17 feet over Bellinger’s head and that was the beginning of his 4 runs allowed.  Of course, only one was earned, so his ERA actually came down to 10.50.  I’m not saying he’s a bad pitcher, but he just has bad luck when he throws a ball.  I think his confidence is shot and he needs a new start… maybe as a Pirate.

Darnell Sweeney is a player I really like, warts and all, and his warts are his glove and his arm.  He just has bad luck when it comes to defense.  I feel bad for him at times because he is such a good guy.  I see other blogs bad-mouthing players and I used to to do it (especially on Jon Broxton) but one day when the Dodger’s let Jason Repko go, I applauded the deal and said something derogatory about Jason .  It was just talk and I meant no malice, but his dad was a reader of the blog and wrote back that I had no idea how hard it was to make it to the majors and all the injury issues Jason had.  I felt really bad, so I try not to do it.  Us fans sometimes have no clue!

I took that to heart and try not to bad-mouth these guys because they are so much better than we think and what they do is extremely hard. One thing I will caution you is not to make sweeping determinations during Spring Training because you have no clue (neither do I) what these guys are working on or where there heads are.  For instance, if Urias comes into the game in relief and gets lit up, it would be ignorant to think he needs to go back to AAA to learn more.  Why?  I guarantee he is upset that he is not going to make the team out of the gate.  Yes, he says all the right things, but he’s human and his head may not be completely in the game… and that is totally understandable.

Use your eyes, but also use “reasoning.”  If Chase Utley were having a bad Spring, people would really be bad-mouthing FAZ for signing him, like they are with Gutierrez.  Both are GUARANTEED roster spots, but you saw Chase on display yesterday:  he can still play and boy can he run the bases! I’ll be the rest of the team emulates him.  What he does is such a motivation factor for the youngsters.  Gutierrez has shown flashes, but he is there to kill lefties – time will tell.  He probably won’t see an AB against a RHP.

Today, here would be my position players:

  • C  Grandal
  • 1B – Gonzalez/Segedin (Platoon)
  • 2B – Forsythe/Utley
  • SS – Seager
  • 3B – Turner
  • LF – Ethier/Gutierrez (Platoon)
  • CF – Pederson
  • RF – Puig

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Posted by Mark Timmons

We started LA Dodger Talk in 2001. This site is about giving another perspective outside of the average day-to-day reporting. We don't do game recaps or such things -- lots of sites do that well. I value sabermetrics, but don't think they are the "end-all-be-all.". This is where you should start your day as a Dodger Fan. Welcome! We'd like to hear your voice.

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  1. The players that are on the bubble have four challenges. 1) Perform in Spring Training. 2) Convince decision makers that they are not too rusty from lack of play the previous year. 3) Have fully recovered from injury. 4) Have options.

  2. Thanks Mark, good way to present where we are today with the roster. The FAZmasters are going to need all their roster manipulating skills to keep all this depth somewhere. I like your Brach deal. It is exactly the type of deal the Dodgers need, quantity for quality. Problem I see, is that most teams are afraid of dealing with FAZ. The number of “little” deals where FAZ made out like bandits is mounting up.

  3. I saw a video highlight of Forsythe involved with a spectacular double-play. It was from a game on Friday and I noticed Kershaw was on the mound (with a green St. Patrick’s day cap). Wow. It will be fun to watch him at second base this season.
    I like Sweeney but he hasn’t look good making throws from the left side of the infield. Any thoughts on whether they should try him at second (a la Dee Gordon)?
    Trevor Oaks will start today against team Japan. I really like this kid. I hope he has a good outing and turns more heads before he heads off to AAA OKC.
    It doesn’t look like there’s a place for O’Koyea Dickson but I’m really hoping he at least can get called up to the big leagues for a game or two. He’s a great kid, he’s worked his tail off, and he deserves a chance to play in the big show.

  4. Mark

    Agone is not the highest paid first base man in baseball, and I have already told you that, and that can be easily looked up.

    Pujous, Joe Mauer, Votto, Cabrera, and Prince Fielder, are making more, then Agone.

    And we could have done worse, and signed or traded for someone, like Fielder, or Mauer, so let it go!

    Agone isn’t making 43 million dollars this year, either.

    Kershaw is the highest paid player on this team, and he isn’t making that much money, for this one year, either.

    I think it was Pete who said this, you have Tourette’s syndrome, when it comes to this trade, let it go!

    Agone has only two years left on his contract, and he might have at least, one good year left.

    He has came back and had a better year, after
    having an off year, for him.

    And he just did that, before last year, so you just don’t know.

    And Bellinger isn’t ready yet anyways, he needs more seasoning.

    He needs to play at least one year in AAA, where he will face better pitching, then the pitching he faced last year, in AA.

    And your words about Kazmir, are interesting too.

    You said the Dodgers owe Kazmir 34 million dollars, so he deserves to be on the forty man roster.

    I wouldn’t use the word deserves, when it comes to Kazmir, and making the forty man roster.

    But everything else you have said, seems right to me.

    1. Stan and Ned wanted a power-hitting first baseman and when Adrian became available they jumped because he was a Top Tier 1B and he appealed to the Dodgers Latino base. The only problem was that Boston insisted they take CARL Crawfish too. I said the Dodgers would rue the day they took Crawdad. He’s dead and gone and the Dodgers are paying $21.5 million for A-gone and $21.5 million for Crawfish. That makes A-gon a $43 million dollar man. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it

      1. I guess you could add most of next year’s salary to this year’s if you think Agon and cash is traded after 2017. But, I thought the Dodgers took on Crawford to get Punto.

      2. Mark

        That is obvious, and I know people who have Tourette’s, just can’t help it.

        But to be fair, you can’t mention that, and not talk about the money that has been wasted, on McCarthy, Anderson, and Kazmir.

        And by the way, Agone has made it on the field every year, and he has made a big contribution to this team, unlike those other three pitchers.

        And Agone is part of the reason, this team, has won the West, in the last four years.

        Unlike those pitchers that have cost us, over fifty million dollars, to date.

        And there is a lot of dead money, on this payroll.

        But I have to give you credit, by admitting, that you just can’t help yourself!

        And that is a begining!

        1. Wild Turkey Federation MJ. Everybody in here knows Mark knows that Agon’s salary is not 43MM this year and that he is adding the cost of the since released Crawford to arrive at a sim cost for Agon. And over this you have to say he has Tourette’s Syndrome. Bums comment was funny. Your’s was rude. There has been none of that in here since Mark brought it back online.

          Mark takes the time to provide a great Dodger site and write quality posts that aren’t cub reporter drivel like you may be used to. Don’t start with the rudeness. My guess is you will want to say, “just kidding” or “giving Mark a hard time” or “I didn’t say he had TS”. Just own it and know we are happy here and want to stay that way. Your other comments have been great so stick to your Dodger baseball opinions here and you will be happy to know you won’t have to see me post very often.

          1. DD

            If you read Mark’s post, he isn’t upset.

            And he really doesn’t want only people here, that only agrees, with everything, he says.

            That would be boring!

            As long as someone makes a good point, he has no problem.

            And he has said this, many times.

            And by the way, where did you think I got the take, on Tourette’s from, it was from here!

            And by the way, I would be hurt if I valued your opinion, but I don’t!

            And like you said, this is Mark’s blog, and he is in charge, not you.

          2. Thanks DDM, but that’s OK. I don’t mind jabs.

            What I mind is that when I write something, a certain person will always take the other side. That gets old.

            MJ, I owe you one or three!

        2. I have no problem with MJ saying I have Tourette’s.

          Pitchers and 1B are two different beasts… and I would have been fine just paying A-gon, but to get him we had to take Crawdad and that is not Adrian’s fault but it’s dead money.

          The dead money on pitchers was a risk that they had to take to keep from doling out long-term deals like A-Gon and Crawfish. Most didn’t work, but I understand why they were done.

          I wish we could just be paying A-Gon.

          Whoops… Tourettes… 😉

          1. MJ I know you have a hard time with comprehension and I appreciate that you have acknowledged that before. I’m not too smart either, otherwise, I probably wouldn’t even respond to your attempt to avoid the root context of my original post with your reply to me above.

            In this case, apparently, I need to reiterate that I was not speaking for Mark or in regards to your argument for the “trade” or against the “pitchers” or you choosing to disagree with someone’s position. I was only speaking against your rudeness you seem to have so deftly learned from your mentor.

            And in an attempt to not become what I am arguing against you may have the last word on this. Have a good day and enjoy your weekend.

          2. Mark

            It will be over soon.

            But really, until after 2018, it is going to be hard, to get the payroll down.

            Especially after, our latest signings, of Turner, and Kenley.

            But those were good signings, and the front office, did a good job, by keeping those signings, reasonably.

            Because even you, thought they would get more money, then the front office, gave them.

  5. Great post Mark! You outlined many things I was also considering for the final cut downs for the 25 man. There are also options, injuries, rust, ST performance and roster fits to consider as Bum pointed out. These will be the most interesting final cuts in recent memory and also the final 40 man spot for the shuttle. I don’t think Morrow can be sent down without his permission or there is an opt out date. Several are early DL/extended ST candidates as well. Hatcher is a guy who might clear waivers if designated for assignment. This will be a fluid situation throughout the season, and Faz utilizes the entire 40 man better than most all teams. A quantity for quality trade makes a lot of sense but as Boxout states finding a trading partner will be a challenge. Roberts will have to manage the egos of all involved.

    1. DD

      I got the Tourette’s thing, from a long time supporter of Mark’s, on this blog, not on any other blog.

      But I guess that is what
      your motive, was really about.

      The reference was that Mark had Tourette’s, when it came to this trade.

      Meaning that Mark just can’t help himself, when it comes to this trade, and nothing more.

      And Mark said just that, after my first response.

      1. DD

        You are the only one here, making a personal attacks, but I guess with your name or moniker, you think you are smarter, then anyone else.

        And obviously, you are the only one here, that is not comprehending, what is said,

        1. I think DD might be self-deprecating a little as with that name he is saying he doesn’t take himself all that seriously in here.

  6. Enrique Hernandez is a very good utility player that was far more valuable in 2015 than 2016. Which year was the outlier? I am sure FAZ has an idea, and we will know how they feel come April 3. But Kike’ is not a difference maker, and he does not deserve a reserved spot on the 25 simply because of 2015, or because he is a more experienced CF utility player, or because he has more power (Dodgers are not lacking in power). He needed to earn it or lose it to someone deemed more valuable.
    I am glad that Kike’ is enjoying his time on the Puerto Rico WBC team, and should be very proud to represent his country. But when he made the decision, IMO, he opened the door for Chris Taylor or Charlie Culberson. While it can be argued that both Taylor and Charlie made arguments to pass Kike’ on the organizational ladder, Chris Taylor has gone above and beyond; offensively, defensively, and base-running. I believe in open competition for non difference makers, and again IMO, Chris Taylor has won that competition and deserves the spot on the 25 man. I am not convinced that Kike’ is that much better defensively than Taylor in CF (more experienced – yes), but I am convinced that Taylor is a far better defensive player on the infield, especially at SS.
    Kike’ has one option remaining, so he can go back to AAA . He can either prove at OKC that he belongs on the 25 over Taylor, or he can perhaps increase his trade value.
    I feel the same with Hatcher. He may have a very good arm, but I doubt that he will ever be effective with LAD. I think his $1.25M scares off most teams and he will pass through waivers. If that happens, I think that FAZ will keep him and send him down to hopefully find himself again and increase his value. And when I say value, I mean a project that may be molded like Aneurys Zabala. Maybe they can move him to ATL and try to get back Philip Pfeiffer or Caleb Dirks.

    1. Mark: I can’t get it either. Went to MLB to get the box score and it’s 1-0 Dodgers after 4 innings but that’s it. No lineups, nothing else. Frustrating to say the least.

      1. I just looked on gameday and it is up on the Dodger site. Oaks did well. 2 – 1 Japan in 6th.

          1. Mark

            I couldn’t get the game either, and I have the Dodger Channel.

            And they usually show every weekend game!

  7. Haaaaaaaaa! Pretty funny in here today! But don’t discount all the facts that Mark has made when it comes to AGon….like how AGon is aging and in decline. Mark has been telling us that for years and that is a fact. We’re all aging and in decline. A watched pot boils just as quickly as one in the other room. Agon has newer RBI crowns than Marks digs against him. Marks cheers for AGon but against ‘the trade’ regardless of what he says he’s a fan of my hero manning 1B. In the past Mark has even admitted ‘the trade’ had other motives aside of on the field. He only wants to appear stubborn.

    1. Are you getting settled into your new digs, Quas?

      Just so everyone is clear: from the day of THE TRADE, I said they would “rue the day they traded for Carl Crawford.”

      I had previously said the same thing about the signing of Crawfish by Boston.

      Ned and Stan got duped into taking CC with A-Gon and that really pissed me off because I knew Crawfish ‘s deal would be a boat anchor.

      A-Gon is at the end of his career – maybe he can have one final great year, but I doubt it. He’s now a platoon player… and we are paying $43 million for the privilege of having him.

    1. Mark

      First I didn’t make any personal attack on anyone, until I was personally attacked twice, from this guy.

      And his lasted personal attack, came two hours ago, and you didn’t do anything then.

      I am hurt.

      1. I don’t read every word as it comes in. My wife and I were at a restaurant eating… So there is that.

        I understand where you both are coming from.

        MJ, you knew I was OK with YOU saying that to me… and were are fine.

        DDM, you knew what kind of crap I put up with at the last blog and you just had my back. I appreciate that!

        This is just a misunderstanding. No one should be hurt. We all have different perspectives.

        1. No problem here. I defended AND gave last-word without further response on my part. Time-out accepted.

        2. Mark

          No problem but, I just wanted to tell you, there is more to this.

          And this is not the first time, this guy has tried to bate me, into something,

          And it has nothing to do with my thoughts, on baseball.

          He doesn’t like my thoughts, on other things, in the news today.

          And you will see that in his first post to me, when he says, stick to baseball.

          And I have only talked about baseball, here.

          And I don’t like that passive aggressive, stuff.

          I hope you and your wife, still had a good dinner, anyways.

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  8. Hey Mark, I totally get the AGon $43 million thing, and even though Crawford was a great team guy, we basically got the broken down version of him in The Trade. Like anybody else, I am rooting for AGon to rebound this year along with my way out on the limb dream of Puig becoming a monster this year. But don’t you kind of get the feeling that FAZ is going to ride some of the vets (AGon, Chase, etc.) for chemistry reasons this year, knowing full well that some of these guys will be replaced by the young studs coming up in 2018.. They did a departure from the norm this year by keeping the nucleus together and bringing some older guys back. Maybe they are going out on a limb themselves to see how far this camaraderie thing that Roberts has built up will take us. We just have so many options right now that I don’t really see them stressing about alot of stuff. FAZ is dealing with alot of GOOD problems right now, which I am sure makes alot of other GM’s jealous. I’m sure alot of teams would kill for our depth across the board.

  9. It really bums me out that neither Oaks or Dickson will probably not make the 25 man roster. I definitely don’t think SVS should be on the team. How many position players will the Dodgers carry? Mark your list only had eleven players. I am assuming Barnes makes the team would the 13th player be Taylor?

  10. Here’s my 13:
    1. Austin Barnes
    2. Andre Ethier
    3. Logan Forsythe
    4. Adrian Gonzalez
    5. Yasmani Grandal
    6. Franklin Gutierrez
    7. Joc Pederson
    8. Yasiel Puig
    9. Rob Segedin
    10. Chris Taylor
    11. Andrew Toles
    12. Justin Turner
    13. Chase Utley

    Subject to change tomorrow!

  11. BIG NEWS:

    Mitch White pitched 2 shutout innings and struck out 3 with 1 hit and 0 BB.

    They gave him #13, which means they expect him in the Ravine soon!

    1. Mark – Great news on White. Who did he pitch to? I get the impression he has not pitched very many innings (professional or college) in prior seasons. Do you think that means Mitch White has to get the Urias treatment in terms of capping his workload?

      1. I did not watch the game because it was not televised but he will be on an innings limit… like 100.

        I’m sure someone will have something on it soon.

      2. Knights, White will get more IP than Urias. He is older, more developed physically, and needs innings to refine his skills. He is a pitching neophyte who has a very high ceiling. He and Walker Buehler will get the fast track, and both could end up in OKC before the year is over, and then potential rotation pieces next year.

  12. Mark,
    Yep, I’m in a place I can call mine. My hours. My peeves. My boxers. Black bread, peasants bread, it’s good to be home! Though I do miss my dear friends of where I was staying but they’ll like me even more as a visitor. Sure wish I’d of thrown out most of the garbage instead of hauling it around, storing it and bringing it along only to find toilet paper not. I’ll get it together by opening day…….I hope. Thanks for asking and CHEERS!

    1. My basketball brackets are all TOTALLY busted, Couldn’t even find the Dodgers box score against Japan. So I come to Ladodgetalk to check out the latest. Got to tell you Quasimodo, everytime I see you post, I think of this old joke:
      After Quasimodo’s death, the Bishop of Notre Dame sent word through the streets of Paris that a new bell ringer was needed. The Bishop decided that he would conduct the interviews personally and went up into the belfry to begin the screening process.
      After observing several applicants demonstrate their skills, he decided to call it a day.
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      The Bishop was incredulous, “You have no arms”.
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      The stunned Bishop immediately rushed down the stairways. When he reached the street, a crowd had gathered around the fallen man, drawn by the beautiful music they had heard only moments before. As they silently parted to let the bishop through, one of them asked, “Bishop, who was this man”?
      ”I don’t know his name”, the Bishop sadly replied, ”but his face rings a bell”.

  13. Mark,
    On your list of 13 you don’t have Seager. Do you think he won’t be ready for opening day?

    1. No, that’s a screw up!

      Here’s the revised version:

      1. Austin Barnes
      2. Corey Seager
      3. Logan Forsythe
      4. Adrian Gonzalez
      5. Yasmani Grandal
      6. Franklin Gutierrez
      7. Joc Pederson
      8. Yasiel Puig
      9. Rob Segedin
      10. Chris Taylor
      11. Andrew Toles
      12. Justin Turner
      13. Chase Utley

  14. Wow! No Ethier? The problem with so much depth is that people get buried. If they have options or they aren’t on the 40 man roster they can truly get buried and you end up with guys blocking them because they are getting paid millions. I only want people on the Dodgers who are hungry.

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