In Memory of a Great Man

On December 1, 2015, MLB Columnist Tim Brown wrote a piece about Dave Roberts and his father Waymon.  To say Waymon was a great man would be like saying that Dave Roberts is a good manager.  The description does not go far enough.  To know about Waymon, all you have to do is look at the son he raised to know that yesterday when he died, the planet is pooreer for it.  Dave Roberts is a great manager and a tribute to his father.  To me, the fact that he is the Dodgers first minority manager means little to me.  I don’t see him of African-American-Japanese descent.  I see him as a great man and a great manager and I don’t congratulate the Dodgers on hiring the first minority manager – I congratulate them on hiring the best man for the job!  He’s going to be here a long time…. maybe longer than Alston and Lasorda!

I think the Dodgers should wear a commemorative patch on their uniforms this year, in honor of the man who raised their manager to be one of the best in the game!  Waymon Roberts, Rest in Peace and when we win the World Series in 2017, your son can say “This was for you, Dad.”

Read Tim Brown’s article – it tells you about Waymon and what made Dave the man that he is. There is also a good write-up in Dodger Insider by Rowan Kavner.    Call your Dads or Hug them today, if they are still around.  Mine has been gone for 20 years and I still miss him.

That’s all I’ve got… Godspeed to the Roberts family!

Photo from Dodger Insider.

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Posted by Mark Timmons

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  1. Rants:
    I think one of the reasons I haven’t got too excited about Toles is that Thompson got into my mind first. The corner outfield spots are usually where the bigger bats are located along with first and third. Thompson would have the bigger bat and he fills the need for more righty power.
    Toles however is the safer bet to be a plus major leager. No need to rush a decision.
    I like Thompson as a left fielder. I think Ethier is a much better RFer than he is a LFer.
    Verdugo and Toles can both play RF. I think Puig has to play really well to keep the RF job.
    I don’t know how April will sort itself out but by May, I think Thompson will be on the team and starting in LF, Ethier and Gutierez will be released, and SVS playing about a third of the games at first base. Toles could be in RF.
    I really like Forsythe but Taylor could make him a one year Dodger. I said a number of times that I would be fine with Taylor at second if the Dodgers couldn’t make a trade for a second baseman. Taylor is still a question mark though so getting Forsythe was an awesome trade.
    If the Dodgers trade Puig, I hope they get a young player back and not someone like Braun. Let’s keep moving forward.

    1. I agree with all that; we have a lot of movable parts. Fun chess game for the smart folks.

      Anyone going to opening day? Drinks on me if i meet u

    2. Bum

      You know I like both Toles and Trayce, but right now, I think our team needs a hitter that keeps the offense going, more then another hitter, that mainly provides power.

      But I can see both Thompson, and Toles, on this team, together.

      Maybe not on opening day, but during the season.

      And if Toles and Thomson, can learn to run better routes, they both can play center field, too.

      And Toles probably could play center, after getting more time in, in the outfield, with his speed alone, if he was needed.

      And they both have a better arm then Joc, so they would be fine in the corner outfield positions.

      And I agree that if Puig doesn’t deliver, and continues to put up, very average numbers, or below, he won’t be starting, or playing right field, on an everyday basis.

      And he better be on his best behavior, and not pull any stunts, like running in front of Joc to catch a fly ball, just to draw attention.

      But I am going to give Puig a chance to show, that he can play well enough, to be that everyday guy.

      Puig is always easy to root for, when he is doing well, and not having to pull those stunts, to get attention.

      1. MJ I think your making a mountain out of a molehill when it comes to Puig running in front of Joc. I would prefer Puig catch every ball because his arm is far superior. He threw a laser to the cutoff man last night.

        I think Thompson will start at AAA to prove he’s healthy. He absolutely isn’t great a reading balls off the bat. He gets fooled by the swing and tends to let balls drop in front of him that should be caught. He got a lousy jump on a ball that dropped between him and Puig in the 1st inning. However, when he’s ready to go, Guetierrez better be producing. Puig too for that matter. Puig plays a better CF than Thompson.

        1. Hawkeye

          I respect you, but that gets old, especially when Puig, isn’t producing.

          But that is often why, he does stuff like that.

          But I will let it go!

          Puig is really easy to root for, when he is smiling, and playing well.

          And I agree Puig can play center better, now.

          I was more talking about, if Trayce can learn how to run, better routes.

          But often, people do forget, that Puig can play center.

  2. I read Tim Brown’s article in December 2015, and remembered thinking that they were a special family. Thank you for re-posting. RIP Waymon Roberts. Prayers and God’s Blessing to the Roberts family.

  3. I’ve lived near two military bases in my life and noticed that career military families are the best kind of people. Exhibit A is the Roberts family.

    1. He hasn’t even made an appearance on the Major League side of camp yet, but with the buzz around him, you’d think the Dodgers have come upon a right-handed Clayton Kershaw.

      Maybe they have. Maybe they have!

      His stuff is filthy.

  4. Notes from an early departure from Glendale: 96 degrees, the hottest I’ve seen it down here in the spring. Oh, its still winter. Maeda is a solid #2. Not even close with Hill. Maeda is smart, confident and is an old school type pitcher. I stick a healthy Ryu after him, with Hill #4 right now. Rob Segedin can hit and hit with power. It would be nice to keep him around. This team looks a lot better when Puig doesn’t play. Thompson is a tough cut. Some hot scoop about Trevor Oaks: He was standing around talking to friends before the game. Nice looking, well mannered kid. He said that he is slotted to start the game tomorrow against the Japanese. Hill was supposed to start but won’t. I didn’t get the reason. He also said that there is an open spot in the bullpen, and he thinks the team is giving him a shot at that. He mentioned Stripling as another possibility. He said he thought he would be gone by now, and still is getting ready for OKC. He stopped to talk to these friends, and before too long he was swamped for autographs, which he signed. Nice guy. I saw Austin Barnes working the bullpen for a bit. Hard working guy. Doing drills by himself and with a coach. For some reason, I like Bobby Wilson. Might be the name. Wilson LOOKS like a catcher. Would be nice to keep all 3. Ethier can still play for my team. He gets the nod over Puig. This won’t happen, but Puig is not on my 25. Bellinger had a nice hit to the opposite field in the middle of the game. He’s not trying to pull everything. I think he will be ok.

    1. It’s apparent that you have an axe to grind with Puig. I don’t think it matters what he does. He was 1 for 3 with a BB and a SB last night. Not a big deal but not sure how the offense is automatically better without him.

      Hill is working the back diamond tomorrow to work on mechanics. Hatcher’s days are numbered in my opinion. I think Oaks has a chance even if it’s slim because the Dodgers need a GB pitcher in the pen.

  5. Please please no more Hatcher. Him and Baez almost made me stick a dull knife through my forehead early last season when they kept trying him in the 8th inning spot(or any other for that matter). The guy reminds me of Broxton back in 2008, 2009 when the league caught up with his right down the pipe fast ball and just raked him in crucial situations. Screw the radar gun, the guy only has one pitch. He would strike out two in a row and have Vin raving about his fastball, then groove one to the next guy who would go deep into the parking lot. Just cut bait and move on, we have so many other options available.

  6. Yes some of the pool play tiebreaker stuff is dumb as well as the extra inning rules but the WBC has been entertaining baseball. Much more than a spring training game. The guys who have been playing will be ready for opening day. Adam Jones’ catch against Machado was something to see tonight.

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