Logan Forsythe Could Lead the Dodgers to the World Series

Sabermetrics don’t value stolen bases and speedy baserunners as highly as some old time baseball fans eyes.  Logan Forsythe is not a speedster, but he is an exceptional baserunner with amazing instincts.  He is also a very good defensive second-baseman, but until Sunday, I had no idea how good, until he made a play I am not sure I have ever seen. On a ball hit just to the 2B side SS, Forsythe tracked down the ball and with his momentum going the opposite direction, he threw out the runner.  Yes, it was a slow runner, but it was amazing  that he got the ball and threw it accurately.

I was aware that Logan Forsythe and the type of player he was.  I referred to him as Ben Zobrist-onian, but now that almost seems to be derogatory in nature.  It’s possible that Logan Forsythe is better than that. I believe that is part of the reason, that the Dodgers brought Chase Utley back – so he could also help Logan became even better.

Sometimes where players come to LA, they embrace the spotlight and become better (Manny).  Other times, they will in the hot lights (Josh Reddick).  I think Logan Forsythe is the kind of guy who blooms where he is planted… and he has done exactly that. It would be nice if he continued to hit over .500 and OPS over 1.115 like he is now, but that is not likely to happen.  However, I do believe he will hit close to .300 with a .350+ OB% and over .800 OPS… maybe quite a bit more than that! I have been very impressed with his bat speed.

This is a guy who elevates his game and with Utley, Turner and Gonzo around him, he is going to shine like never before.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!  Justin Turner is an example of a player who has flourished in Hollywood in his late 20’s and early 30’s..  This is going to be be a fun season as we watch for growth from Joc Pederson, Yasmani Grandal, Austin Barnes, Andrew Toles and Yasiel Puig… to say nothing of our young pitchers.

This is Turner Ward’s second season as Hitting Coach.  We saw how the team improved their after the All-Star Break last season and I think they will be incrementally better this season.  Something tells me that Ward’s philosophy has resonated with Forsythe.  Speaking of bat speed, I have also noticed Puig’s bat speed – to me it’s much quicker as is Yasmani Grandal’s.  Willie Calhoun’s bat speed is as advertised!

If you are a Dodger Fan, you might want to check out THIS PAGE.  It has Game Notes for each game, Press Releases, Stats and the Media Guide which is AMAZING.  Check it out.

Our little puppy, Quinn had his 6-month check up today.  He weighed in at 93 pounds.


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Posted by Mark Timmons

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  1. That trade is looking great right now. Hopefully, De Leon does well with the Rays too.
    Forsythe looks to be a great teammate as well and I think he is blending in. Turner already has said he likes red headed company in the infield 😉
    Puig seemed to pal around with Ramirez, Uribe, De Leon, Guerrero, and Ryu. Only Ryu remains. It will be interesting to watch Puig in the dugout to see if he seems to have a friend this year.

    1. Bums, I agree with you on the trade. These are how trades are drawn up and supposed to work. Both teams received a player/position of need, and hopefully both teams will get positive results. It is hard to judge on limited sample size, but Logan is having a very good ST, while JDL is struggling. Logan will cool down, and JDL should heat up. It appears that the Rays are going to give JDL every opportunity to be the #5 SP. I hope he gets it.

  2. FYI: Maybe a look in on the Spring Training Stats of the players the Dodgers recently traded:

    Jose De Leon – 2 games – 3.2 IP – 17.18 ERA
    Frankie Montas – 2 games – 4.0 IP – 2.25 ERA
    Jharel Cotton – 3 games – 7.1 IP – 3.68 ERA
    Grant Holmes – Not pitching

  3. Forsythe has made me a believer!!!
    Still scratching my head over SVS opening day 1B over the Trade… In my opinion AGon has earned/deserved the nod if not injured…

  4. Mark
    Quinn is to cute!

    I think Logan will be really good for this team, and like Mark said, the players around him, will make him even better.

    Like I said before, many scouts, think that Logan, is a better over all player then Dozier, even with Dozier’s power.

    I think Logan will complement our line up more, then Dozier would, too.

    And Grandal has had a really good spring, and I hope this gives him a better start, this year.

    I hope Grandal can raise his batting average this year, and that translates, into Grandal, making better contact, when runners, are in scoring position.

    I also think Roberts needs to give Grandal more rest this year, to keep him healthy, and to give Barnes, more major league at bats.

    1. Logan reminds me of Bryan Cranston…heck of a nice guy and surprisingly good with great instincts.

  5. I am glad Logan is having a good ST. I will wait and see is he is able to improve on his career stats. I do believe he is a winner and being on the Dodgers will get him more visibility for the things he already does to help his team win. I think he would do those things whether he is on a contending team or a rebuilding team because he is a high character guy. I think it does help that he won’t have to carry his team and can focus on a specific role. Hopefully, the Dodgers’ utility infielders will be able to give him sufficient rest so his performance doesn’t suffer as a result of fatigue or injury. These are factors I think are realistic for Logan having better stats this season.
    I did see that defensive play he made going across the 2nd base bag and making the throw while moving away from first base. That was quite a play and based on that, I’m sold that he has more range and will save more runs. He is going to be a plus for the Dodger pitching staff.
    I also think the Dodgers are planning a pipeline for when Forsythe starts to decline. I like Calhoun but he doesn’t fit the profile the Dodgers seem to have in mind. They’re not asking the middle infielders to be Ozzie Smith, but they are looking for players with above average range and can save runs. One strategy they might be using is to accumulate shortstops (Gavin Lux, Drew Jackson, Brendan Davis, etc.) and watch how they develop. If they are good enough to stay at SS then move Seager to 3b. If not, then covert them to 2b like they did with Dee Gordon.

  6. A couple posts back by Mark in which he set up opening day lineup if vs. Madres LHP…
    Probably just Mark getting his weekly AGon jab in…
    Knights27 you’re right or should be right about a future Seager 3B switch. A few in this or other posts think he should stay at SS no matthr what… If there is a need, move over…. Sounds like Wood saying he aint a BP guy… SP or nada…

    1. I really do like A-Gon (I was never against THE TRADE because of him), but last year he hit .303 against RH pitching with a .859 OPS. However, he hit .244 with a .602 OPS against LH pitching. Everybody raggs on Kike Hernandez because of how bad he was last year, but he OPS’ed .607! It’s no JAB. Face it: A-Gon is not good against LH pitchers!

      Now maybe he magically turns it around… and I guess he could, but I really doubt it. Do you want a guy out there against a LH just because he is a good guy and a has “earned” it because he was great in the past or do you want to put the guy out there who give you the best chance to win?

      A-Gon was a great player. He’s now a good player, most likely a platoon player. IF SVS is healthy (big IF) I think he gives us a much better chance against LH pitching.

      I think Corey Seager will do what is best for the team, but he is a very good SS. Justin Turner is a very good 3B, If Corey outgrows SS, then fine, move him, but I see no sign of that. Some people think because he is tall he can’t play SS. Nothing could be further from the truth.

      The Dodgers see him as their SS for the foreseeable future.

  7. Comments from the game at Glendale today: Hill looked terrible. Walks. Behind counts. Balls to the backstop. Terrible body language. B A D. Forsythe is legit. SVS looks 20 lbs lighter and hit ropes all day. Grandal is a stud. Jansen looked rusty. Puig also looks leaner and still LOOKS better than he plays. I saw Bellinger take BP. The ball never comes down. Pretty special bat speed. Pederson is now taking a shuffle step with his back foot as the pitcher releases the ball. He looked bad. How can anyone hit that way? I hope it is just a drill. Probably isn’t. Really disappointed with Hill. Only one run, but really struggling.

    1. I’m not worried about Rich Hill in Spring Training. Last year he had a 11.00+ ERA in the Spring. He’s doing great now at 7.27. He will be ready when the bell rings.

  8. Here’s Molly Knight on this year’s Dodgers:-

    “mollyknight: When I was reporting my book, Dodgers President Stan Kasten told me the goal was to make the playoffs every year because the playoffs are such a crapshoot and there’s no other way to control winning a title.

    But now it strikes me they may be turning into the ’90s Atlanta Braves. Which were also run by … Stan Kasten.”

  9. 11 years in a row of winning the division and they won the World Series at the beginning of that run. John Schuerholz was the GM. It was a good run but Schuerholz is no Friedman. Personally, I think Bobby Cox was a negative… as great as he was.

  10. I agree with you about Hill, Mark. He will be ready. Not a real good guy to interview, he seems real, real hard on himself, like an older Kershaw. I hope he doesn’t beat himself up too much. Also, Forsyth looks like the real deal. Great FAZ pick up instead of selling half the damn farm for Dozier, who I believe the Twins screwed themselves on. Wanted way too much. If Puig is hanging with JT and Kenley, that is a good thing. I really believe that Turner is going to be HUGE for the clubhouse culture this year, along with Chasey. (Sorry, I slipped on that one, my wife has a mid life crush on the Silver Fox, as do most of her middle age friends). Turner has that thing, the attitude that he really wants to be a Dodger and is proud of it. So refreshing to see. Once again, I’m all in. We are going deep into October and November this year. Roberts to me is still the best move FAZ has made. Bunch of grinders instead of Divas. Just like the Giant and Cardinal teams that have sent us home the past 5 or 6 years.

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